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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Flow! @ MOS

8pm till late
Presale$20 & Door$25
with a free drink

there are more details on my other blog.

Email me at little_sweet_barfer@hotmail.com

or 93383450, if you're interested in parties.

11:23 AM

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Monday, November 20, 2006
Call me at 93383450 if you wanna get a hamster.

9:35 PM

After much thinking, I've decided to change my blog link, due to something which happened.
Please contact me for the new link.

7:17 PM

I dont really like this one

The were wolf which I'm working on now. Its a bit outta proportion. I'm having the most difficult time with the vampire. blahblahblahitdoesntlooklikeavampireblahblahblah shuttap


6:20 PM


Look it's flash inbetween her legs!!!
If I'm not wrong the underwear was sold in Zara, so there are many other girls with Flash the superhero above their CB.
Can this guy get any stupider?
Hahaha I dunno I found the video hilarious.
Watch it, I guarantee that you will come out feeling smarter
Haha, I guess he was just bored.

1:47 AM

Hamstress and her nipples
Hamoo the cockroach . hehehe..
Adopt me!

I'm selling the babies away for about 2 bucks each.

They're really tiny. Very adorable. Haha the big hamsters are not for sale, becos I've had them since they were young. They're family now, Hamstress ( You know Princess.. so she's female ) and Hamoo aka Tapee Springs aka Cockroach aka Sausage.
My dad took the pictures, I think that they're quite brilliant, especially since the hamsters could not stop moving. It's very clear, he's really quite amazing.
Anyway, I finally met up with my sister and mark for lunch. Yes lunch with the family once again at a really good Chicken rice stall, near Great World.
It was the bestest chicken rice I've tasted in my life.
Not only did they give us peanuts before our meal but also chocolates, fer-re-ro-roche.
I dunno how to spell it, haha.
Ann was at my place at night, we cleaned Macbeth ( her mouse, black in colour, with a white cross on his under body.) He had some sorta disease, he was probably just dirty. Cos after we bathed him he stopped scratching.
He scratched himself till he bled, behind the ears and earned a bald spot.
The hamsters are in perfect condition, so don't worry!
Went for a swim at night, T's mom was peeking outta the balcony, was quite funny.
Oh yeah I saw Raboot, Ann's rabbit. I know, what an awful name. But the rabbit is sooooo extremely cute and tiny. LOL
Raboot-tan. Rambutan.. Urm.. Okay Ann.. Okay..
I must stop delaying my art pieces and just sit down and finish them, since the paper is probably gonna rip after I rub off more unnecessary lines.
Gonna watch a Good Year with T tomorrow, she's one shy girl, I'm serious.

12:56 AM

I lived till(:

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The guy, Brennan(?) who had a problem with Miss Izzy's accent.
Just get a life, I mean if it was just a joke, then why go on tv, just apologise and say im sorry if I've hurt you.
Unless you really hate her, then go on tv and fight for it, whatever it maybe.
He's taking sucha personal attack.

Raunchy.. Hoo.. go and die.


I found this picture funny, hehe (c) http://raikochan.deviantart.com/
Ryuk is one of my favourite shinigamis, but my favourite is Gelus, even though he plays sucha small role but he looks really cute.

Spinning; Famous last words- MCR

10:13 PM

This is really really funny, T and I were just looking through our REALLY REALLY OLD blog posts.

She gave me her link to her 2003 archives posts, so she was 15?!
Something like " -CiAoZ"
and "Pengz"

So I looked through mine and guess what I found!
I found a post which had an account of the first time I actually talked to a boy who's not a church friend or a brothers friend you know. It was hilarious.
Thinking back about it, they were really such jerks.
Giving them presents which they throw away.
Or go " I dont want it, take it back or it'll go in the thrash "
( By the way I'm very serious, this actually happened. )
And when I asked why, know what kinda stupid answer he gave, he said that he was not used to getting presents from girls.
I gave the boy an Evanescence CD, how fucking hot is that. ( Wow paris hilton! )
Then he told me that he was going to give it to Timothy ( My only ex boyfriend, he's quite a nice guy now, but you know they(boys) take what, a gazillion years to mature? So yeah I'm not close to him ) and I told him not to give it to Timothy.
Then he said that he was gonna break the cd in front of him, what the fuck.

What kind of heartless soul would actually do that, tell me. Boys are really such dumbfucks sometimes you know.
Then I told him that I'd rather have the pleasure to break my own cd, cause it costed about $20 man!
And guess what stopped him from breaking the fucking new disc, which plastic wrapper was still on.
Cos Tim did him a favour that afternoon he decided to "Spare" me and keep a cd.
HAHA, Seriously.
And then there was another time when I was trying to patch things back with my ex boyfriend.
( not beg him to come back to me, it was more like " okay lets cut the crap which happened when we're younger and just be friends")
So I bought him chocolates, and he threw the whole present away in front of his neighbour.
( I passed the present to his neighbour to pass it to him. )
He said " I don't want it. " And throws it into the bin.

First with the bitching, then the kind of response I get when I do something nice.
And know what next?
He told nearly everyone in his level that I take drugs, which is really very fucking funny cos I was what. 14?! HAHAHA, next he said I smoke ( Hey smokeD and smoke is two different things, I tried it when I was 11 or 12 ) and that I drink.
And that I'm a slut.
Just becos I prance around in my knickers half naked in front of monks doesn't make me a Slut :O how dare you! Hahaha ( I don't do that, it's the monks who choose to look in when I change. Like I said before, my curtains are missing ).

I don't know how much more childish boys can get.
Yet they compare their Bitches/the girls they like together.
One said this about Tim liking R ( HAHA yes. )
" Haha Your girl is a lesbian! " ( Lesbo referring to R )
" Hur, whatever at least Mine's not a slut. She's a slut (referring to me )"
All that was coming outta my ex boy's mouth.
So tell me, just tell me, how can I ever fall in love with a boy my age ever?

Unless he's immensely good looking and eccentric.

Things happen in the past and we learn from it, and I've learnt that boys are not good news. Men on the other hand.. are still little childish but you see they've more experience, like Johnny Depp :P


At the end of the day, nothing matters but her. I notice her among everyone else. If that's a crime, then I should be severely punished. I'm quite sure this is delusion. But I've just spent half my morning searching for answers from the past, which will answer to the unknown feelings which are inside me.

What we had was so fucking beautiful that no one can rob me away from that.
How time flew pass, was just such a dream. I feel empty, a shell, I just want to know if you're stressing out tonight.

Fuck this post, becos she's driving me up the wall. Then again, anyone can. since I'm pretty much a fucking zombie now and it's 4:38 in the morning.
In about an hours time my maid will wake up and push her mattress into my room.


2:24 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 17, 2006
My tagboard is currently very lifeless, I dunno why but the tags which you guys leave really make my day most of the time, okay make that all the time.

I guess when there are too many meaningless tags, I find it quite a pain in the arse.

But when you tag a joke or a comment on my post, it assures me that you read the post and not just cos you are blog hopping.

Actually, it doesn't really matter..

Cos I'm sure after this the tagboard is either gonna be full of tags or still as dead.

I find happiness in the tagboard, becos I don't talk to anyone online besides T.

Sometimes I talk to Virulenza and M.

And sometimes Candice too, becos she's so extremely entertaining and I love her much much, muack muack.. T_T Har.

Ooh, Richa picked me up in a cab today and we headed for LD.

She told me that hehe, someone Special finds me charming, whoo charming, imagine that, me charming.

hahaha, I'm just flattering myself, it's just Virulenza taking pity on me and trying her best to promote me to other people.

So that I'll have more friends, thus more love.. Well, I'm not sure if the more friends you have the more loved you are..

Maybe just more noticed in a way.

I guess I know why people don't tag my board, becos I type such shit posts and nowadays, I've not typed any entertaining posts. I just keep on rambling about my life and what I did, blahblahblah. I should really be grateful that you guys are actually reading.

And yet sometimes, I wish that this was private, so that I can vent my anger and yet not get that particular person pissed off. But there's no such thing is there.

Anyway, LD was pretty good, we had rehersals, same thing same thing, got a buncha the scenes down. I'm a really weird character, the first scene I'm gonna come in as an inbetween being and all sadistic and dark weird thing. Then the next few scenes I'll be dressed differently, sorta finding out what I am by dressing up differently I guess.

Went to Richa's place with Pris after drama.

Watched Bring it on 3, I really liked it, sometimes teenage cliche plots leaves me quite happy. Happy ending, nothing too intense.

Watched a bit of Bend it like Beckham.

She has a really huge Husky, I've no idea how to spell his name but it kinda sounds like " Vodka".

( Once again I'm rambling about stupid pointless details. I mean what does her dogs name have to do with your life right. )


I'm pretty sure I gained quite alotta weight today, I don't normally eat Spaghetti for brunch ( well okay I do.) and then a bag of potato chips and a can of coke for tea.

Then eat about 3 waffles smeared with Nuttela at Rich's place.

And then eat another bowl of rice for dinner.

Mmm.. Well I know I won't grow fat, so whatever.

( Don't burst my bubble or I'll burst your eye. )

I'm comfortable with my weight/flabbiness/whatever the shit u call it, so don't fucking ask me to exercise and I know that it's unhealthy, but I don't want to so just shut it Yo!

I do miss my skinny body though

Yes I was that skinny, no little folds anywhere, and that was just.. what a year or 2 years ago.

The only fats I had which was pretty obvious were accumulated at my cheeks, baby fat.

So yeah maybe I should go exercise huh..

Spinning; Plug in baby- Muse

11:44 PM

My sister
Heh, it got cut short, dunno why.

Oh man Bryan Boy is so fucking funny
quote from Bryanboy.com " But dammit, Jesse Metcalfe is so fucking hot I want him to rape my ass and give me babies.

Why oh fucking why are all the guys in this third world shithole called the Philippines SOOOO FUCKING FUGLY in comparison to Jesse Metcalfe?

God I hate this shithole. I really do. "
LOL wtf.

12:39 AM

I'm now listening to John Mayer, he is such a brilliant artist.
I was just watching his concert on Channel V.
There's something so eccentric about him that I find very attractive, just the way he gets out of control with his guitar and voice appeals to me.
Heh, he does look like a druggie, and I love his scrawney body.
At some angles, he looks like a girl.
It's very beautiful to watch someone be so passionate over something which he loves and believes in, Music.
I found the concert I watched on Tv pretty good, listening him off CD just isn't the same.
He's not as spontaneous as he was on tv, his voice goes out of control and it doesn't sound soo polished.
When he sings, he sticks his tongue out to get a kind of slur effect.
He's strange and to some people, he's fugly. ( LOL MTV rated him as one of the few fugly actors/celebrities blahblah ).
Well As long as he carries on producing such good music and maintain that eccentric personality, I'd still listen to him.
I've realised that eccentricity (?) is the only thing in a person that captivates me, it's very sexy and mysterious. Some people are scared of it whereas others find it interesting. Haha, of course the funny factor and sex appeal also captivates me. I think John Mayer fits the bill!

Oh and!
My mom agreed on taking me to Phantom of the Opera next year. ^0^

If you think John Mayer sucks and think that Hilary Duff and Brittney Spears rocks, then you suck.
There are barely any good singers in the music business now.
I mean what is up with the Cassie girl on MTV, Her song " You got a long way to go " or something like that.
I don't see what's so good.
It's not as if she's really singing in the song. T_T
I like hiphop, so don't get me wrong.
But seriously, Black people are suppose to be able to sing, and this skinny as black girl comes up on mtv, and sings this monotonous (?) song, with no "power" ( You see Beyonce can sing..) and yet she's famous.
Lol, I'm sucha hypocrite huh, especially since I've heard the song so many times and am able to sing the chorus.

Uh.. who cant "But you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go..But you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go..But you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. but you got a long way to go.. " Just teasing :)

12:18 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well.. I spent my morning at T's till 4am, caught departed, Omen and American pie band camp ( Watched it about 4 times, but I love it! ).
Anyway, after I watched CSI season 4's episode 1, and was in the process of changing the discs.
LO AND BEHOLDDD!!! My sister popped outta the tv screen on channel news asia.
I dunno.. There's the flying dutchman and some other lady.
I was laughing at the stupid dude who had a problem with her accent.
I guess the interview went great for her, becos she managed to get her point across and in the process made the guy look like a jackass.
What can I say.. sometimes Singaporean boys are just so stupid.
The guy was asking her why she has such an accent blahblah.
And said that maybe cos she's raunchy (?) that's why she has such an accent.
Fucking ridiculous so F.D (flying dutciodqwhdqw) said that he had many girlfriends before and they were raunchy and had no accent.
Ah yah, these people are so ridiculous and boliao.

They're like so "morally upright" and full of bullshit.
Sucha pity got No BlaInz..... ( BRAINZZ...)
God this post suckaaxzXsa.



3:25 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
I'm at T's again becos my internet fucked up and becos L and her borrowed buncha Dvds.
They're watching the Omen now, not very interested in such shits, I can't take horror.
If I actually do really sit down and watch such shits, I'd have to sleep with the lights on for the following 2 weeks.
Uh so I learnt how to play the guitar today.
And I started on the new Thursday Triplets drawing.
And I've started on a new project! A were wolf and vampire inlove <3<3
The werewolf is much more humanized than wolfanized..

Inspired by the latest Evanescence's video.
Amy Lee is seriously sooo cool o_o

10:19 PM

From today onwards, I can say that Stacy makes a good Dyke, she has the body and the low pants/shorts.
Infact, she'll make a very sexy one :D:D
Haha well I didn't really enjoy the Bbq that much, GREATTT food though, but was pretty boring cos I wasn't that close to anyone there.
But I guess it would've been much more fun if I stayed over.
As you can see, I didnt.
Spent 17 bucks on cab fare, please.. dont... shoott.. mee.... T_T
Oh yeah L is some japanese slang for Sex, read it off the newpaper, the actor ineath Note was quite upset when his fans called him L or somthing like that.

I'm high, she responded. ( M16, it's not the girl I showed you.)

12:31 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
You know, sometimes I do wish that silly quizzes and fortunes are true.
It sounds stupid and it is. I still don’t believe in fortune and the quizzes are just to boost my ego.
Everyone does quizzes about themselves to boost their ego or rather becos they love themselves a lot.
But sometimes, these quizzes and fortunes can be so accurate, that it feels like it's referring to only you.
That somehow you can relate to it.
"You cannot get your ex lover out of your head, and her tooth brush is still at your place. It has been 3 months and she has changed her cell phone number. When you go out for dinner, you still order the food which he loves and eat it."
Somehow, some people are able to relate to that. And you go “Wow... ", it's almost as if someone out there understands you and your situation so well. And it carries on..
“Today she will bump into you, and you will both get a cup of coffee and she'll give you her new number”
So your spirits are lifted high up and now you imagine how it'll really be like if it really happens.

Yes sometimes I really do wish fortunes are true, but I know that it's bullshit for someone to tell you how your future is gonna be like or how it should be becos that's basically what the fortune says. Your future is in your hands, and no fortune is able to rob you away from that.

We all get carried away every now and then. Right now my brain feels so numb becos I really need sleep. I feel like a Zombie. I need to go out to party...To find acceptance and to feel another body.

We all suffer from rejection daily…


Couple of things I must do today

-Keep my hands off art for a while. I dunno why but I'm having some sorta art block.
I'm pretty much getting bored of my sketches, and I keep doing such silly sketches and not completing them, very bad habit.
- Study math or chemistry and Biology.
- Clean my room, it's dirty again
- Shower the babies with lotsa love and attention.
- Read my book.
- Stop wasting time and stop watchin tv.
- Draw Victor, my character.

1:18 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 12, 2006
LOL L and T are now cooking their Chinese food.
Fucking retarded..
My cousin from NZ will be arriving in about an hours time.
I'm gonna be back at Ts tonight to finish up her leftovers.
The holidays are driving me up the wall.
And just the thought of leaving the school next year excites me.

I really want to drive..

I'm currently watching butterfly effect 2 at T's place with L.
Ate some of the leftovers.
Met my New Zealand cousin just now, who is gonna stay in my room for the night.

I don’t get the jealousy and over possessive thing, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not as if I’ve been seeing her. And what makes it funnier is that I was nothing more than a fling, so seriously… T_T
Korean drama doesn’t apply in your everyday life. That’s why it’s on tv.

There's no excuse for one to be rude.

6:16 PM

I lived till(:

Saturday, November 11, 2006
T is fumbling with the scv thing now.
I'm at her place using her computer while she fixes the thing.
Now her house phone cant work cos there's no battery and just now the internet was down too.
I will only get my internet back on monday, so life is pretty much.. boring without the internet.
The internet is my social life since I don't go out that much. ( well not as much as many of my other friends).
It's raining now.
I read finish Death Note Book 4 today, very exiciting.
Cant wait for book 8 in english to be released.
uh... shit I'm so bored... i feel like farting.
I spent my sunday sleeping, eating ALOT, watching ALOT of television ( its no good children), reading and uh.. walking in the rain to Ts place.

Lemme just say that L and her are mad.
They went to bathe in the swimming pool at 2am, with shampoo.
Then they went for prata.
After that they took a bus all the way to harbour front to visit Jenny(?).
Ate free ice cream and slept the whole of saturday's afternoon away.

There's a girl who looks like Katherine Moennig, can you believe it!

6:47 PM

So I spent my afternoon vegetating and spending lotsa time with M.
She is seriously fucking funny, even the way she cleans her room is so fucking funny.
She wanted me to paint designs on some board which she's gonna stick on her wall once she gets everything in her room in place.
She's re doing her room.
Casting demons stickered and vadalized filled cupboards, BE GONE CUPBOARD! SHOO! GO AWAY.
Yeah she literallt said that.
And throwing like a whole TON of junk away.
There was SO much junk that I had to help her carry it out.
She put all her junk in this huge Art Friend plastic bag.
Just moving it from her room to her living room, probably 3 meters, the bag received 5 holes.
Then the worst part was the main door.
It could not squeeze outta her door and we were laughing like mad, so that made it even worse cos we barely had any strength to even stand the laughter we had in our big bellies.
Had a great time.

Got home, disturbed my mom and my brother.
Just arrived at T's place at 11pm.
Drank and ate, watched television.
Yeah they, L and her threw a dinner party.
Not bad food, spaghetti and salad.
L keeps running to the balcony to fart, it's pretty funny.
Now the kitchen tv cant work cos some one tripped over the wire.
They're trying to fix it.

L " Wah lau.. so many fucking things to wash"

12:07 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 10, 2006
I'm currently at M's place, she's still sleeping and it's 2:35 in the afternoon.
I know, what the fuck right HAHAHA.
Anyway gonna paint her wall soon.
I really cannot stand ex girlfriends who are so fucking cocky.
Go and get a fucking life and stop bothering other people.
( Uh you guys don't know her so don't jump to conclusions)
Attractive but no brains... SUCH A PITY?

Lol M's aunty Emily is bloody funny. She comes outta her room with mad hair in this HUGE shirt and went " Wow. u going out. U look sexier already "

2:42 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 09, 2006
I'm currently at T's.
L and her were busy making salad for tomorrows dinner party.
It's quite funny becos they only have one carrot and ALOTTA lettuce.
Pretty gross.
I probably wont eat their food.. Lol they cough they sneeze... they cum..
Haha, okay kidding.
They're gonna paste a sign Lilly Tombers outside tomorrow.

Anyway went for lessons in the morning, outta 28 girls, only 7 girls turned up for chemistry.
The chapter which she covered was pretty difficult, hopefully others will catch up.
And hopefully she'll be our chemistry teacher next year, she told us that the admin staff won't really listen to students and teachers requests but they will listen to parents requests.
Hint hint? :D
Went for Math.
After that cabbed home and went for the exhibition at the Supreme Court.
Spent about 3 hours there, the art work was really good.
C and Al was with me.
After that went to Raffles city to get some lunch/dinner.
Then home with C.

Had an awful nightmare.
My brothers guy friends and his tuitor laughing at me with nothing on.
I was miserably crying.
LOL I think I'd probably be laughing if it ever happened, and others will probably feel so embarrassed.
And another dream about being a witch of some sort and some sorta wolf wanna eat me, very very scary.
And ANOTHER of me and C fighting, literally.

ANYWAY, it's already 11:27pm.
I wanna catch Phantom of the Opra play.
The two geeks are watching chinese shows, wtf.
They cant get any weirder..

11:26 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
This woman is an insult to Christians all around the world.
I just feel like throwing a dagger at her and digging out her eye balls which constantly pops out during the interview


Sorry I cant upload the stuff becos there's something wrong with my computer or something.
The woman is mad, she called the newscaster a BIMBO.
She held up signs like " God hates you".
The whole story is that a soldier who fought in Iraq died and he's gay *If I'm not wrong, not too sure*
And while everyone is crying over the dead brave soldier who fought for his country, she's having some dumbass protest?!
Just watch it, she's SO mad.

It is 7:35, I'm gonna go to Grapevine soon.
I seem to have some sort of art block or whatever you call it. My brain feels very.. clogged.
I feel so uncomfortable, I'll keep off DA for a day.

11:37 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Girl for sale.

I'm a girl with short jet black hair, my head currently has barely any fringe.
I enjoy My chemical Romance, Muse, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Latin lounge, Peahces and anything with a sexy voice and carnival like music.
I have a soft spot for cute twisted things and animations.
I enjoy painting especially on hot lazy afternoons with the aircon on.
I absolutely adore pretty gay boys with fragile bodies and pretty girls who dress like boys who don't believe in labels.
My eyes pop outta my head when I see Johnny Depp, Katherine Moennig, BellZ or Zui ( from suicide girls) on websites or whereever.
I love watching people getting pissed off, it makes me laugh. :D
I barely have a social life, the only person which I've been talking to for the past few days is T.
She entertains me with movies on Youtube, yes that's how I burn my morning away.
Most of the time, I think that people around me are idiots, to a certain extend it's very true.
People who questions life and everything around them, captivates me ( Haha, is that the right word?).
I absolutely love people who are mysterious. ( Not in a stalker kinda way.)
I love Deathnote and Sandman ( Omg, I almost spelt Sandwich.).
I'm not a busy person but I keep myself busy becos I can't stand being bored.
Right now I'm bored.
Right now I'm sitting on the fence about religion still a part of me believes that God is real, maybe that's becos I've been brought up that way since I was young and yet it gives me some comfort.
I like talking about how idiotic people are, More like discuss about their stupidity and how it doesn't make sense.
I don't know if that makes me more of an idiot, or maybe it makes me feel better, I dunno, not like it really matters.
Now I'm in need of a friend, a fling, a love, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a fuck, a sexyback ( pls dont ask where that came from), so call me if you're interested.
What I said above, is basically a summary of me, and I'm a very funny person yet someone who has alotta pride. If you find that attractive, please call me at 93383450.
If you look fragile and pretty, I'll talk to you, if you're ugly then there's not point unless you're able to attract me to your personality.
Like I said, a new fuck, a new toy, a new fling, something.. I'm bored.

I want an adrenaline rush.
This fling will be confidential and not be shared with any of my friends.
It's not gonna last forever!

V the bored.

11:19 PM

Here's a french boy who'll show off his pretty face and cute bare butt to you DA users.
I'm not sure if those without an account is able to view it though.

A fucking good animater with original and brilliant ideas
I really love this guys stuff. :)

Anyway, besides drawing and painting today, I went out with T to catch Flush away.
While I was waiting for her at Gelare, I bought a huge waffle with ice cream for myself, sucha waste of 6 bucks.
It tasted good, but damn I didn't know it was THAT huge.
I thought that it was the small.
I'm once again talking about stupid silly things.
Flushed away is a very good movie, the characters and jokes are so funny.
The charactershave very different personalities and I love the slugs and the white lab rat, who's burly and white :D called Pinky cos he has got Pink eyes.
The slugs were SOOO funny.
After the movie, we went to FOX to try on some clothes.
Ate at Carls JR.
So there are a couple of things T and I are gonna do next week.
Haha, hopefully we'll do them, I'll try to remember.
Just expect something obscene, that's all.


Spinning;Sleep- My Chemical Romance.

10:06 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, November 06, 2006
I'm so pissed after what I just heard.
It's not just self denial or delusion, but she has no self respect for herself at all.
If it's so obvious to people who don't know you that she's using you for her benefit, then why cant you see it.
It's not why cant you see it, more like you don't want to face the music.
If you're able to face the music then self abuse is never an option.
It's dejavu like she said, history repeating itself.
If history is gonna repeat itself for a few more times, then you can just say byebye to your self respect and basically your life.
Without self respect there's no point in living.
It's self denial, you're trying to convince yourself who she is when the facts are so fucking clear that she aint your dream woman.
She's more worried over money than the relationship.
Yah everyone thinks that she's the "bad guy", who wouldn't, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to you. Your decision is what that decides your future and who you are.
She's doesn't respect you at all, who would if you don't even respect yourself, so this is just an abusive relationship.
Only one person benefits and just make a guess who loses out T_T.
In the end, even if she leaves you for good or you leave her, you'll still be the one who loses out.
She'll just remember you as an ex and she'll be richer.

The whole situation is like this, to cut the long story short.
It's simple and it's STUPID ( there's no better word), it doesn't make any sense and you're just trying to make things fit so that you'll be able to understand it.
She's just like this brattish kid who want candy, so everyday you give this kid candy.
Soon the kid grows fat and big and now the kid wants more candy.
And more..
And more..
And more..
And the kid refuses to share.
Becos of what you've done.

It seriously doesn't make any sense.
It's not love, it's not even hate, it's just fucking stupidity.
The situation has become so complicated and stupid, that both of you can't even understand it, thus the arguements.
However, she's able to cope with it better than you, in fact she uses it to her benefit and gains.
However you lose.

Shit like " It's okay I'll give in" isn't gonna make you more like a hero, it just makes you a push over.
Such a pretty face with no self respect nor fucking common sense. ( Please prove me wrong.)
You live in self denial that maybe one day, it'll get better.
But what's the point, it's not as if she shares the same blood as you that it's so important for you to work it out.
I'd rather you work things out with your mom than with someone who only cares for your money.
Yah she may care for you, especially since she's been together with you for quite long. But just THINK about it, and I'm sure you'll get my point.

I jump to conclusions, so what, everyone does. This is just how I see the situation.
Two people bickering about what is better.
Get out of it before it's too late.
I've been there and done that, it's difficult but You know that you have to end it.
Becos it's getting outta control.

I'm so pissed with all the idiots around me. Yes I'm harsh blahblah, but I don't believe in self abuse and self pity and all those stupid Stunts. So don't expect me to pat your back and say everything is gonna be better, becos it ain't gonna be better until YOU do something about it.
People go through break ups all the time, it's just how you are able to handle it and how you see it.
If I said that you're a worthless piece of shit, would you believe me? Of course not, becos you know what you are. Just stop the madness.
We've all lost count on whether you're back together with her or not, becos we know it doesnt make a difference becos you'll still be suffering either ways.
Just leave for good and the madness will end.
People change but sometimes their bad habits will Never change.

By the way, You're paying her to have an affair, it's Stupid really.

Evanescence puts me at ease

7:39 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 05, 2006
Please watch this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ8_bIji7gQ.
The Root of All Evil, The God Delusion.
I’m not an atheist but it’s a good documentary.
Some Professors in universities are said to be Satan’s incarnate for teaching evolution.
It’s pretty silly but it’s true that religion and science can’t live together because both are opposites. Right now I’m still trying to absorb everything. Despite the fact that I’m a Christian, but the documentary makes alotta sense.
I dunno why these Christians are so afraid of atheist or get so aggressive, I mean if the religion really does make sense then why don’t they fight for it with evidence instead of just saying “ That’s that, Get off my land before I call the cops!”
All these wars always start out becos of religion. Just becos someone doesnt have the same religion as the other, hatred is being built and then a war.
LOL watch the last part, the guy with the bushy beard, he's so mad. He talks about how the Jews destroyed arab villages and muslim places and that's why they wont sit back and drink tea but get into the whole september 11. And he believes that Muslims will take over the world and to make everyone conform to their religion. Just watch the video okay.

Anyway, my dad scolded me this morning when he found The Black Parade beside my computer. He asked why I was listening to stuff which was labeled with a Parental Advisory. T_T All his freaking albums are labeled with Parental Advisory too, I dunno man… sometimes he just doesn’t make any sense. He’s afraid I’d grow up to be just like my sister, and I hate it when people talk about her like she’s someone who turned out bad. It’s not as if she’s a lazy sonnafabitch.
Plus my dad listens to stuff which considered “satanic” in a way, with lyrics “ We Don’t need no education!” ( LOVE that song though.).
And he asks me to say “ I love school”.

Oh MY..

HAHA I dunno but I found this video so funny, the guy video taping himself smoking pot and teaches how to smoke pot.
Lol animated bubbles and "Boom" wtf. He's good looking though, my sis said he kinda reminds her of lucifer. HAHA, yeah a little :D

9:13 PM

I lived till(:

Saturday, November 04, 2006
tee hee.

I cut my fcking hair off today becos I felt like looking like a boy.
There's barely any fringe left, I really like it becos it looks weird.
He's good; http://dasrotkappchen.deviantart.com/

Fuck long posts

6:02 PM

You know, I was just thinking about people who are anti christ and how I really dont get them.
It's sucha pity that they fall outta christianity just becos they hate their church and I really dont understand how they can love satan, after what they've learnt in church.
I can understand why people are able to lose hope in God, my sister doesn't believe that God exsists.
But I really dont get the whole " I love satan " crap.
After what you've learnt in church, that Satan is all evil and will never bring you hope but yet they can see more hope in Satan than in God.
And it's even funnier when they believe in spell books and all that crap.
I believe that serious "satanists" won't actually publisize themselves out to the world but instead hide in a dark corner and master black magic, am I right.
I find it insanely stupid, especially for people to buy something which doesnt work.
Like a spell book for instance, it's so funny when someone told me that she wanted to buy a spell book.
I dunno, I guess she really believes in it?
It's like selling merchandize man..
It's like selling coke saying that it's fizzy and cooling blahblah, and then the consumer buys it becos it's popular and becos it's cool!
You know, cos Goth is cool to some people, especially young people.
Seriously, do you think a spellbook online can actually work, I mean if you really wanna get a working spell book you've to go to the "under world" or something.
To get something outta the odinary you've to go outta the odinary to find it.

I was torn between whether to laugh or to feel sorry.
I think I'll laugh, HAHAHA.

2:41 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 03, 2006

From Z's blog.

Well, I finally went out after not going out... for.. the past... i dunno how many days.
I had auditions once again, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the part which I really want, some sort of being which is inbetween, neither an angel nor the devil.
:D its pretty cool.
Cheryl, this kid which I worked with is such an amazing actor, it's almost as if I'm acting with someone older.
She's really good with emotions and she's so tiny, really cute and funny.
I hope the other sec one girl doesn't get the main role becos she's not good at emotions.
Even though I think the script is pretty sucky but apparently the trainer which is directing our thing now, trained a school last year and they got Gold with Honours.
Only 4 actors but they could act really well, hated the script and found the play boring when I watched it though.
Anyway, after Drama, I headed down to Bugis to meet T and L.
Hung around and ate a bit while we waited for M, Ju and Z to arrive.
L is really damn fucking funny man, she's like this big mouthed cocky sonnafabitch.
We headed to the Blu cafe after everyone arrived.
When we sat down, T saw Matilda, some singapore idol bullshit woman.
L and her big mouth went " Sia lah! I thought she was fucking fat, she doesnt look so fat"
She was suppose to be only telling us but you know she speaks so loudly then she went on ' Eh actually hor She doesnt look as ugly as she was on tv. On tv she's like fucking ugly "
Damn funny.
So the food sucked but the chairs were comfy and stuff, alotta people who were older than us were there.

After that headed down to Gas house to check out some gig. Which really sucked in the end. The place smelt of dead roaches, as if someone or soemthing has died there and have been rotting for the past few months. There were so many Mutts and Minahs ( Mutts are the male version of Minahs, and Minahs are those Malay girls who wear thick eye liner and speak with gross malay accents who think they're really cool and think that being gangsta's really cool, basically pretty posuerish. But most of them are gorgeous, cos they've got really nice features. ) It was pretty disgusting. We had to wait for an hour for them to start. The first band, had twins, 2 cute geeky boys with emo specs and black rock band tees. But they sounded like fuckshit, he totally ruined the song Dance Dance by fall out boy, he could scream really well though. Anyway T and I left half way cos we seriously couldn't take the music. It was very loud and smelly sleezy blahblah.

I really like bars with vintage furniture or those re used shit, but theirs wasn't just reused, it looked gross and crummy and smelly. As if someone had pissed on it and haven't washed it off.

Went home with T, haha she just showed me a lesbo show. Anyway.. I'm gonna watch it now.

I've got My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade album and Muse- Showbiz album. Yeah I buy stuff pretty quick.. HAHA.. nawh it was my bro who bought them cos I told him to do so. <3

I've been listening to Muse on repeat since the morning I woke up and have almost finished my GayBoys.

Oh yeah L and her big mouth insulted a black guy in Gas House.. On top of being sorta a racist, she's also a butch. Wah lao.. Confirm will get bashed up one day. HAHA. She is sooo cocky and funny man.

11:42 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 02, 2006
WTMuse is fucking amazing, thank you V.
I'm gonna get my mom to get me their album this sunday as well as My Chemical Romance.
Oh yeah, you guys should check out Evanescence's music video, I cant remember the title but it's the first track of her first album.
It's pretty cool.
nOtTInG MuCh RoCkIn ObEr hErE.
Sorry just bored.
I've been talking to N lately, haha it's been a while but she's still as fun.
Haha, I just killed a cockroach and it flew onto my shirt.
Will upload new things soon.
There's drama for me tomorrow.

Queen, please watch.


11:15 PM

So my art teacher is leaving for good, without giving us a reason.
Instead of getting the best, we've been given the second best.
There are only 3 art teachers in our school.
She's wacky and critical.
She keeps wanting us to put our 100% into everything we do, but obviously we can always do a better piece.
She's very flat and straightforward.
It's bearable and she she told me that my colours are flat and boring and that my sketching skills in sec1 is much better than now.
I dunno, I just really don't like it when people point out out the obvious.
I hate my huge art piece, the paint is chipping, there's bearly any shading etc etc Even though I probably spent about 60 hours on it.
But hell, its an extremely huge piece.
That's how my two art teachers differ.
One is pretty neutral about things and talk to us about stuff frankly and praises us when we do good.
The other critisizes and tells us what we should improve on.
I'm being bias, yeah duh, but man I cant believe my art teacher is leaving school for good, I really wanted her to see us through our Os.
Ah well..

I dreamt that I was in a carnival, it was spooky and very interesting.

12:38 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
My aircon is now producing a really weird sound.
Anyway, I had to go back to school to study and that was about it.
Just talked to C about stuff, seriously our school is.. I won't say stupid but really not what a methodist school should be about.
I guess people do expect more from a methodist school, after all it's all holy and stuff and we shouldnt lie or cheat or be selfish.
It's just like being in a muslim school except they're far stricter and you've to wear that cloth thing over your head ( Too-dong? )

Was spending my afternoon photoshopping the halloween pictures and taking photos of myself for BellZ.
Yeah I'm not that good at photoshop and after spending so much time on it, I keep forgetting to save my stuff before working on it again.
So my really good photographs turned out blur and fucked up.
Was pretty pissed off, but I really didn't want to re-do the whole farking thing again.
This is a very pointless post, I'm very sorry to have you read such a boring post.
Yeah so this afternoon was pretty.. boring to share.
But it was interesting to me, becos I gotta do alotta things and my legs and arse went numb for few minutes at times.
There's alotta things that is happening now, but sadly I cannot talk about it anytime soon.

I had a really weird dream of a close friend of mine dying and me shouting at her ex lover. And when I woke it, it still felt pretty real. I was still angry.
I've been pretty angry and uphappy about things lately, critisizing people and magnifying their flaws.
It's pretty bad, so I for today, I've decided not to critisize anyone or anything ( besides the above which is the school).
Yeah I've learnt that being unhappy about things aint gonna make anyone else happier.. haha not like I even care.

Yes a little extra self centered today.

My bio teacher texted me this in the evening before i went to slumber land " Tell everyone that there wont be breakfast anymore. thank you"
She buys for us breakfast becos she's kind and she really wants to motivate us even though we're noisy and irritating.
I replied with an Okay.
After an hour or so, she replied " haha I was just kidding :)"
I found it kinda amusing coming from a teacher, maybe it's just one of her experiments. Maybe she wanted to see how I'd react to the "no breakfast part" since I'm such a foodie.
Or maybe she changed her mind on not buying for us breakfast and that I'm thinking too much about such a silly text message.

I'm gonna finish the whole of my math text book by the end of this year hopefully and I really wanna go for a musical sometime soon.

10:19 PM

Peter ( holding that weird shit), Jon, JH, Olivia at the back.

Thursday Triplets for En.


12:47 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
I got in for SYF.
And halloween was pretty much a flop, especially since I could not take off my jacket throughout the whole night cos the bandages decided to come lose.
And for the first time, the boys actually dressed so much better than the girls, excluding Olivia.
Yeah they spent about 50 bucks on their outfit, excluding Akira since his was his school uniform and the tattoos and piercings just added on to the irony and freakishness in a way.
So went all the way to Holland V to hang around at the farking car park.
Had dinner, REALLY GOOD food.
It's not Zoe's fault becos we insisted on going.
So we've all learnt something today, which is to plan out our outing before buying expansive outfits.
Mine only costed me about 3 bucks, since the bandages were sold at 60 cents each.
Hung around the car park till 10.
Took a cab home.
I still had fun.

So I was a Mummy, Ann was a dead soldier with pins all over her body literally, Jism Dracula(r ?), Akira a school boy, Jon(?) some weird shit like some sorta construction worker uniform? but it's white with blood splatters and he had chains ( real chains) all over so tt he can chain it to Peter's shoe and walk him around and yeah he had a mask, Peter was a Grim reeper(?), Olivia a witch I think, but no hat, Muriz a retard. LOL

Watch this, for those who like guitars and like Somewhere over the rainbow, really good
Quite a boring halloween.. But Ann got me a pumpkin and that really made my day :)

10:50 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 30, 2006
fwalala. Dont shoot me, this was my first black ink and white water colour painting.There's more, I'll post them another day. I want the birthday girl to see it first of cuzzz.
Fat head, mehmeh, DOMO DOMO!!! and my wall.. ^^>
Girls in tight dresses who drive w mostaches. Inspired by Shane and Jenny from the L word.
No it's not suppose to be them. <33

Abis drawing, bloody cute, no? <33

1:54 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, October 29, 2006
I'm crazy over him.
BellZ. *o*


11:04 PM

So I've not been typing good posts lately, and I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon.
Too lazy and cant be bothered.
Yeah thats it.
Well here are a couple of things which I've finished.
I've finished my extremely beautiful art piece which will be given to a dear friend of mine.
After spending two days on it, I've finally taken a shower today!
Once again, I've exaggerated.
Umm.. I've not bathed since.. thursday night.. I think, oh shit I cant remember.
And, I've finished the whole season of Ouran High school Host Club.
I was moved by freaking Anime, yeah thats the first.
I've finished watching 3 lesbian movies, The incredibly true adventure of two girls inlove ( A VERY GOOD MOVIE WHICH YOU MUST WATCH), Robins hood ( sucks but it's a cheap production to raise funds for something something..) and Kissing Jessica Stein (?) ( It's not too bad but the first one was way better).
Tina from the L word acted in The incredibly blah blah, such a long name, the movie's really old and she looked so extremely cute in it.
And after watching a handful of lesbian shows.
I've realised something.
Sugar Rush ( a british Lesbian production), South of Nowhere ( a lousy American lesbian production which I cannot stand, the acting sucks shiatttt.. or rather the lines were really bad?), Robins Hood, The incredibly blahblah. All the the main characters of these shows are mixed couples.
One black and one white.
I'm not racist, but sheeeettt mannnn get better looking actors!!!!
Anyway, you can find the incredibly blahblah on Youtube, its really good, seriously.
There are ten parts to it on youtube and you don't really have to wait for it to load.
You open 10 windows, type down The incredibly blahblah part 1, then the next window the same thing except part 2 and so on.
And it'll slowly load as you watch the previous parts.
( yeah common sense.)
(okay thats the link to the movie which I've been talking about.)
So I've started on a new piece, 2 lesbians.
Inspired by Jenny and Shane from the L word.
( Shane/Katherine Moennig's the hot dyke in that little clip)

There are a few things which I can't stand in this world, but have to live with.
Horror movies, Cab snatchers, Stupid People, Selfish people, Children being raped and stupid racial wars.
And today a particular blog has reminded me about how much I really cannot stand people who take self pity.
It's a sign of weakness, and I'm not against people who have weaknesses, I mean all of us do.
But seriously, the whole attention thing, and I'm so pathetic so please pity me.
And the whole " I'm keeping everything inside and I gues... the world is a much better place without my emotions" and shit is so BS.
I guess the only reason why I can't understand this BS, is becos I've been there and I've done that and I've also realised that I don't need self pity to make myself seem or feel better in any sorta way.
You might say that everyone have different reactions, but I still really.. dont get it.
It's silly and stupid.
Especially people who cry over people who don't notice them.
Or people who cry over their ex girlfriends infront of their ex girlfriends and all that stupid shit to get attention, seriously, why would your ex lover want you back if you keep crying over him or her. It doesn't make any sense and I find it so repulsive.
To me, I think the ex lover would only come "running" back becos he/she feels pity for you and not becos he/she wants to be with you.
I cannot stand emo people who have good lives and still are able to feel emo about it.
Self pity.. is bullshit.
Yes everyone takes self pity at times, but overdoing it just shows you what a stupid fuck up you are.
Everyone's fucked up in a way, but you're more fucked than anyone becos you're not independant.
Is being dependant a bad thing, hell yeah its a bad thing.
Yeah we're all being guarded by our parents now and our parents are protecting us from the bad things in the world but I'm sure all of us no matter what age have some sort of "survival" thing going on if we're left on the street.
You shouldn't be too dependant especially when you're already 15 or whatever.
It's dumb, whiney and irritating.
You're whiny and dependant now and people kiss your freaking feet becos you're pathetic and you claim that you've a pathetic life.
But when you're 30 years old and you're stuck in a shit job, and still as pathetic as your were when you were 15, no one's gonna give a shit.

Seriously, some people need to get a life.
What does get a life mean?
It means, get a job, do something instead of wasting TIME.
whoo. I'm not angry, its just a personal view. Yeah I know tons of people who take self pity all the time, its just a trait which I do not find appealing. Infact it disgusts me.

1:50 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, October 27, 2006
You know I've not taken a neoprint in 2 years, yeah serious.
Okay except for the time when I went to Japan with my parents.
So one neoprint in 2 years and now I feel like taking an obscene neoprint WHOO!!!!
Yeah, I was browsing MOT and came across some guy who took his shirt off in the booth.
Mmm.... he is gross BUT the "MMM" is what I'm thinking about doing.

-- Please get your ass down to Youtube now and type "ouran high school host club episode 22"
and watch episode 23 too, its bloooooddddyyyy funny I've never laughed so hard at a cartoon ever.

10:22 PM

I did not go to school yesterday and Ann told me that she couldn't get my report book becos I've not paid the library 150 bucks. Yeah my library fine is really something... Mmm, with 150 bucks I can buy 1500 fishballs?
So had dinner at C's place, yeah she just moved.
So checked out her place and met her room mates, Dawn and Candy.
I like the name Candy, it reminds me of those really cool porno dancers, in a cool way.
Anyway, Candy's kindergarden teacher, haha I know..
Zoe, Eme, L, T and M came over to my place.
L and T were being so bloody annoying, they keep making these really weird sounds, and M kept watching Ninja some shit on Youtube and Emo rangers.
The volume was soooo louddddd that I could even hear what the ninjas were saying from the living room.
We danced like retards and screamed.
They had dinner at my place, chinese food.
Yeah and I've been spending my time drawing and painting this particular black and white piece which I'm gonna give to a good friend of mine soon.
It's still not done but I'm sooo excited to see the final product.
Its quite upsetting that I dont have steady hands or rather I dont concentrate hard enough, there are so many mistakes in the painting once again but it's not as if I can click undo and the line dissapears.
T_T So maybe it looked much better in pencil? I dunno.. it's still purtty nonetheless and I hope she likes it.
Ugh, my mom and dad apparently took the day off and are coming home right now.
There's something about my dad that I really dont understand.
Sometimes he just doesn't make any sense, T_T I can see why my sis moved out.
He asks me why I paint such "things". What in the world. T_T I painted a girl in black and white and she's not crying or anything.. he's really.. odd.
Okay I'm gonna complete this painting by today, toodles noodles!

2:13 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
I guess the Rifle must really think I'm mad, well who can blame her.
After today's incident, even I myself would think that I'm mad, but seriously, using the words "Mad woman" on me, just proves what a wide vocab you really have my Mushroomness (Highness..you know but mushroomness cos of her features and stoutness in a way).
And these words coming from a 40 year old lady, just makes me wanna laugh.
You see, this just proves that the phrase : Ah yah when you grow up and more MATURE (please...) you'll understand.
I guess she took it way too personal.
The christmas service which we had to attend during school hours was such a pain in the ass.
It's not only stupid to celebrate christmas but soooo annoying.
I guess the service wasn't all too bad since the old folks and blind folks were able to visit our school, it's good for them to get some fresh air and yes, did the hall reeked of Hospital/old people smell when we entered.
(They really have to change the shampoos in the hospital and use some other soap and not Detol all the time.)
C was busy reading Death Note and I was busy drawing and I really didnt see a point for us being there especially since the teachers and folks have left.
Alot of stupid shit happened. The teacher kept asking us to stand up and join in with the singing of christmas songs in FREAKING OCTOBER?!?!?! and scolded us yada yada when there were about 10 other girls sitting down a few metres away from us.
Got pretty pissed off and seriously, the christian music and horrible voices blasting from the speakers was giving me a headache and I felt like I was in Hell.
So C and I left instantly with a bunch of booklets and told the prefect that we had to place the books in class.
We had to leave after lazing around the classroom for 15 minutes waiting for a friend to finish "shitting".
So headed back to the haell.
When C saw Rifle at the door she immediately ran away.
I had to remain calm and just walked into the hall as if nothing odd has happened.
Rifle asked who that was and I shrugged with a I dunno..
She asked me to get outta the hall and see her, so I did.
She yelled at me asking why I was in the toilet for so long. My answer was simple, waiting for my friend to shit finish. She asked why I had to be in the same stall or some shit and I told her that I was in class waiting and also cos I had to put some books down.
After realising that she had no more ammo to fire at me, she yelled furiously at me, not like a question way but more like a "YOU'RE A RUDE STUDENT! DIEEEEE".
She screamed at me, asking why I did not respond when she asked me to get outta the hall to see her.
I remained a bit calm at first and told her everything that happened, from the time I shrugged to the time she asked me to get outta the hall and I did not hesitate but really did leave the hall to see her immediately.
She said I was rude and had no respect.
I told her off " You were raising your voice first" "How can I have respect for someone who doesnt even respect me. You think raising your voice will gain authority over me? You know it doesnt work. " And I started repeating the situation again. " When you asked me who that was I told you I didnt know..blahblah... And now what do you want me to do?!"
Her, smiling to herself with this evil grin, as if she's talking to a ridiculous person, "haha..haha.. why dont you carry on being a mad woman"
wth... T_T
I seriously feel sorry for her.
She asked my drama teacher, whom I personally hate, to "come here".
Obviously to me she was ganging up " Oh yeah thats right, gang up. Two against one, I guess thats right."
She said she wanted an eye witness to this situation. ( I guess it was something my mom did the last time. its a long story, another time. Something about her bursting into her office and pointing at the HODS around yelling "those are the eyewitnesses! whats your name?! I'm gonna report this to the principal" It was hilarious. Adults shouting at each other makes me laugh So extremely hard. Its like watching two kids fighting over a toy, except they're big tall and "sophisticated." Dont get me wrong, that situation just made me love my mom even more)
I changed my look into a young innocent school girl immediately.
Rifle: Why dont you carry on. Tell Mrs Horse about what you were about to tell me.
V: I was about to tell Ms Rifle.. that I'm sorry.
Mrs Horse: Why are you sorry?
V: Becos it makes me look good ( yes first mistake I know..T_T )
V: nono, I mean.. I'm humiliated, embarrassed, shy, wrong, and you're right, I've no morals, no respect for anyone, not even myself. I'm dirt. You can make me into anything you want me to be.
I really sounded very.. mad and depressed.
She was obviously busy smirking her big ass off, well not like I cared, it just made her look bad since I looked so innocent ( I'm pretty sure Horse face didnt buy it, but it doesnt matter, since I did not raise my voice at that time and used a pretty SICKLY (literally, pretty irritating too) sweet voice. And looking at her with big Fake eyes, obviously.) and she was obviously playing the big bad wolf.
I carried on saying that I'm shit and I'm nothing but a worthless piece of shit " Unlike you, you're right, you're everything, you're respectable you're GOD. "
( Ridiculous, but seriously, I was PMSing and I really needed entertainment or a challenge? I guess.. )
And I told her that she could mould me into anything she wants me to be.
She said "Just be yourself"
"How can I be myself when you keep yelling at me? And like you said, I have no morals, I've no respect and I'm bad yadayada"
She said she Yelled at me becos the door opened ( thus the horrible singing was so loud that she had to yell even louder)
And I told her " Same for me.. I had to raise my voice cos the door OPENED."
Seriously... man.... -_-
So I guess she had nothing else to say, since she started to pick on my socks and my non symetrical earrings T_T one fell out, so yeah..
I apologised for that.
Gave her this HUGE fake smile and walked off.

Mmm, wasnt that a long story, it was pretty funny and I could feel my lips trembling and my whole body shaking as my blood boiled.
She really makes me so mad sometimes.
I told my mom about it, she smirked and laughed, I guess it's a pretty smart tatic to not raise your voice and act so pathetic and depressed.
Anyway, met T headed down to Marina SQ to watch a movie.
We ate 5 packets of long johns fries, can you imagine! And she had a fish wrap too!
Watched Prestige, not a bad show, it's pretty weird..
Ate at New York New York!, not a good place, sucky desserts.
I hated it and it was a total rip off.
We've both realised something, that everything all these bad shit happens we always go through it together.
For example, being stuck in HORRIBLE traffic jams ( when I mean horrible, I mean short distances but yet the cab fare's like 15 bucks..), taking wrong buses ( this is always her fault), Watching bad movies ( Benchwarmers.. Oh goddd...), eating horrible food which is horrifically expansive.
Its pretty funny come to think of it.
And we've also both concluded that we're both a bit autistic (?). I dunno about me, but she definitely is a bit autistic ( I REALLY think I've spelt that word wrongly.).
I told her that Ann thinks that I like her and you know what, she thinks that I like Ann.
I guess people think that I like T becos I hang out with her but seriously, if I'm able to talk about them so openly then definitely, I dont like them in THAT sorta way.
Its just.. funny.
Got caught in the rain.

I hate periods.

8:31 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
I'll post the painting sometime soon, its on A3 paper, So I cant scan it it.
T_T yeah I used Ink and not photoshop, so there are many mistakes but it seriously looks sooooo good.
It's gonna be thursday soon.
This only means two things!
I'm gonna get my report book soon and I'm going to watch Prestige with T the sexy mama in about 16 hours time or so.

Anyway, after watching so much emotionally heart warming Ouran High school Host club.
I dunno why but I felt pretty moved by freaking anime characters falling inlove.
And damn do the twins look so incestrally( new word) good together!!!!!!!!! )(#&*)(#*@()
I've been thinking about you twnety four seven, do you have any idea how that feels?
No matter where I am and no matter what I do, I only see you.
You have me under your spell, you win. I feel like I'm on E everytime I'm with you, basically, I get so high that it seems all so surreal.
You're flawless and beautiful. You've no idea how your breath leaves me speachless, making me look so silly as I laugh. Your kisses, ah, that, I cant never forget.
As your lips press against mine, I blush, letting your tongue slide in. Surprisingly, you seem to be enjoying it too, making me feel so comfortable as I fall into your trap of LORV EEEEEEE
And I thoguht it'd be fun to fool you guys.. You know to think that I'm inlvoe again.
SERIOUSLY, all those posts about " I cant live without you."
"Do you have any idea how much I wanna see you?"
And all those drama mama, love posts have really got into me.
Yeah this is all for the fun. If there's anyone that I really wanna fall inlove with, thats uh... Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Moennig, Jude Law!, L ( I know that he's fictional to you guys, but he's very real to me).


This is a very random and stupid post.
Okay 3 minutes till midnight and I've to wake up at 6:25am.
T_T Oh yeah when I drew( is tt the right word) my curtains in this morning, the whole thing came crashing down, it was so funny.

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I lived till(:

Monday, October 23, 2006
^^> Kawaii! (HAHAHA, thats the ahlian sign which bird and I use while msning)

Well, there's nothing much to talk about.
Went out with V, Eme and M.
Today was suppose to be "lesson day".
Yeah at 8:00am, I learnt that Ms Giant is leaving the school.
at 8:40am, Class starts. I've learnt how to play more and more tai di.
At 10:50am, Mrs B came into class and handed out the class photos.
At 11am, I'm still playing tai di and reading Death note Vol 7.
At 12pm, there's a change, I actually went down for lunch and went back up to play more cards.
At 2:15pm, V, Eme and I leave school to Heartland aka Ahlian town for lunch and I had to purchase a lip stud.
At 2:45pm, M shows up at the chicken rice stall, Akira was absent.
Excuse? Reason? Too tired.
Could have told me first hand but yeah, I should've figured it out myself.
Spassed blahblah, I dont feel like blogging.

I heard that the Cocolatte party is gonna be big, so if you want tickets, get from me. mm hmm.
I'm off to watch more Ouran High school Host club, I'm leading a pretty meaningless life right now.
Watching Anime, reading Manga and eating chips.
Don't worry, I'll still stay sexy.
You know some people say I'm flabby, well even if I am, I don't have as much flab as Ms Ting. On top of that, I love my body and I'd rather have my petite body rather than a body builder, its.. Disgusting.
Healthy and muscular, so what, so big and when you stop exercising all thoseeee muscles will turn into flab.
Imagine that, you'd be like.. Barney?
I've never planned on dieting, it's bad for health.

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I lived till(:

Saturday, October 21, 2006
A few things that happened yesterday.
I went to the dentist.
I got my teeth cleaned.
I went to school and watched a great french film, life is beautiful.. wonderful.. I cant remember.
Played Tai-di for an hour.
Went for Ld and received the SYF script.
Cabbed it home with Reecha.
Went for Theresa's birthday party at night.
Gave her a bunch of flowers.
Ate, laughed with M, E and D.
I've never laughed that hard in my life, I swear.
We got tipsy over Lemonade for some reason, it was pretty weird..

And a few things which I did today.
I woke up in the morning and I'm pretty sure my mom saw my stud coming outta my lower lip, but chose not to say anything.
Watched television.
Read finish Deathnote vol 6 and 3/4 of Death note vol 5.
Apparently, Death Note Vol 4 is out of stock and will only be in stock in 2 weeks time, till then I should just read finish book 5 and wait for book 4 before I start on 7.
Watched 5 episodes of Ouran High School Host Club, not a fan of Manga, but the show is really funny and ridiculous.
Right now I'm waiting for my Lays potato chips and Cheezels to arrive.
Man I've a huge craving for them.

:3 Please take note that Nic's sweet 16 is on the 23rd not 21st.

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I lived till(:

Thursday, October 19, 2006
School was a bloody waste of time today, we played tai di from 8am all the way to 1:45pm.
I felt like those old woman who sit at the void deck the whole day playing cards or gossiping.
We played SO much tai di that it became so tiring and my brain hurt!
Met T after school, it's always fun going out with her becos she's really a bundle of joy.
She's so horny and funny man.
Ate and watched the biggest dissapointment for now, Death Note.
The characters were all wrong, the actors were ugly, Only Watari, Nisa(?) ( Who is suppose to be American right?) and Ryuk looked like those in the book.
Light doesnt even have a girlfriend in the first place, on top of that, Naomi aint suppose to die in an Art gallery.
And okay yeah maybe they didnt wanna follow the storyline but man, dude, Please at least get good looking actors?!?!?!
There are so MANY good looking actors in Japan and they choose the ugliest or the oldest, okay he aintt that ugly but so OLD.
It was very dry, and people actually stood up to stretch their BACKS?!?!! What in the world.. o_o
So many things were wrong, and of course I've expected more from the movie.
The advert was pretty exciting and all but the movie was pretty draggy.
It's just a personal comment.

We made fun of people as usual.

Got home and went to the dentist.
I've scared the dentist off and have lost my sanity for an hour.

Sometimes, I don't even understand myself and there's only one person I'd like to question now.
Lemme warn you first, I'm very unstable now so on top of having haze and a horrible cough, PLEASE, don't contribute to the hatred I'm feeling right now, I might scare you off just like what I've done with the dentist.
Its pretty hilarious thinking back about it.

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I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
23rd OF NOV
SHOW OFF YOUR DANCE MOVES AND GET HIGH ON E! (haha I'm kidding. not E. just get..high)
$17- presale ticket, includ Mocktail or Cocktail.
Call Vick at 93383450 TODAY

Who is Nic?
I've no idea, just some girl.
Why should I go for this event if its a birthday party for a girl which I dont even know?
This is just another club event for you people who aren't 18 yet, so these kinda clubbing chances don't come easily, so seize the moment and Go get your ticket now.
On top of that the hotel is right beside the club, so it's easy to find a place to stay if you've alotta money and wanna get laid.
Can I get a discount?
It depends, call me first.
Whats the deadline of this presale ticket selling thing?
All I can say, is the sooner the better. I really hate it when I've to rush to get you tickets on the date itself, On top of that, you're putting yourself at risk as there might not be any more tickets left if you give me your ticket number on the day itself or the day before etc etc.
Where is Cocolatte?
At the Gallery hotel, Boat Quay or Clark Quay ( Not very sure.)

Okay with that aside, I still have one more event I've to promote for soon, the MOS event in december.
I watched Tallegeda(?) Nights with T just now, the show is not too bad, extremely funny.
She has a stubble by the way, feel her face one day, especially the "beard" area. LOL.
School was a fucking waste of time, anyway i've managed to finish Death Note Vol 3 and slept for an hour while everyone else was dancing infront of me.

I know that I don't type properly and Am really too lazy to check for any grammatical or whatever shit errors, bear with me, just like how I've to bear with my terrible english at times.

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I lived till(:

Monday, October 16, 2006
Seriously, I've no idea why but I feel like killing him.
It screams murder but to me, it's payback.
Die bitch, Die.

I didn't go to school today and I'm gonna complete the character with 3 eyes.

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I lived till(:

Saturday, October 14, 2006
I'm feeling quite pissed and was really angry just 10 seconds ago but my anger has died down, becos I've managed to see this whole situation in a thirds person view.
But seriously, is it that hard to return a call or to give a call.
Yeah you were sleeping and emotional, I mean the least you can do is to call us when you realise that we've given you dunno how many missed calls.
Everyone oversleeps and miss out on stuff, but at least return the call.
We didnt have to give you gazillion missed calls but we did anyway and don't come up with crap that " I never ask you to what.."
Its just being polite you know, informing a friend about the time to meet etc etc.
It just sucks, cause I havent seen you in such a long time and then when I can finally talk to you in person rather than MSN and see your new piercings and tattoos in 3d, you fall sick,which I dont blame you for its just rotten luck, and decide that you're too sick to return a call to Muriz or I.
It's so rude.
Anyway, I hope You get well soon.

With that piece of shit essay aside, I'll like to add that I've finally spent time with Muriz and Jism Head (more like rooster head, he has red orange and yellow hair, not streaks though)
Bummed around with Muriz.
Bummed around with Jism and Muriz.
Spent 10 bucks on a cab fare which took us back to Muriz place in the end cos Farrer Park's irritating inconsiderate traffic jammed depavali-ed streets were pissing all of us off, especially me since Sam had already finished his presentation at some underground thing.
Didn't get to see my photo, but I guess it didn't really matter, really looked forward to it though.
Akira's lucky that he overslept or else he'd have to chip in at least 2 bucks to the fucking expansive cab fare which I paid half for, so did Jism in the end.
I saw some indian/bungla man scratching his balls at the side of the road and his fucking sarong was slipping off and coming undone, it was horrifying.
Went back to M's place with JH to chill in the haze filled room with a fucking stupid dvd, forgot the title.
I'll tell you about the title soon, so that you won't make a mistake by watching the stupid show.
The haze is slowly killing me and I've been coughing like crazy.
I'm coughing, my eyes are shrivelling and the Psi is bloody high for sure.

I played a tune and she listened.

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I lived till(:

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Oh, I received my results today.
( I wanted to type out the specific score of each of my subjects, but i've decided not to.)
I've got 2 As, science and art. 2 Bs, Humans and English, D7 for Chinese and an unexpected yet still expected F9 for Math.
The subjects which gave me a huge surprise were both chem and biology, Geography and chinese.
And another one which gave me a big surprise too, in a not so good way is my math.
Moving on to more important things!

I've read finished my first death note comic, volume 1.
And watched Episode one on Youtube too!
It's so exciting.
I used to hate anime.
( I think hate is a very strong word.. but that was what I felt.. i guess..)
But there's only one person I've to thank for introducing the comic to me.

Oh yeah I'm still having a fever and bad flu, and threw up this morning.
So I'm not gonna go to school tomorrow.
And after sleeping and dreaming about Shinigamis flying around with L and Light, i woke up and guess who I ran into while walking to the toilet.
Some lady who looks like a Shinigami, who was about to go to the toilet.
She stared at me for a while and I stared at her for a while ( C'mon man, I just woke up, so I'm entitled to stare at her but she's not entitled to stare at me! ) and she quickly apologised and gave me this really scared look.
Lol, After pissing, I went to look at myself in the mirror, yeah I look pretty scary too.
I've no idea why that lady was about to use my toilet and why she's still in my house.
She really looks like Ryuk though, Lol.. imagine that, a woman who looks like a death god.

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I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Lazy to talk about my day.
So umm, I got back english and chinese results, not too bad.
Went to Bugis to check out Theodore's tattoo/piercing shop, mm, i've no idea how to spell his name.
Was out with Siewhwee ( Lol I thought she was meiying at first. HAWHAW ), Cal, Ann, C, Al and my imaginary friend
Met mom, bought The first volume of Deathnote.
I'm running a slight temperature and there's a cup of Manuka (?) honey mixed with water sitting right beside my food ( which is on the table beside the keyboard)

Bye world and hello Death note!

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I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I am so tired!
Do you have any idea how tired I am?
I'm so tired that I'm not gonna type anything after this.
I'm kind well.. that's not the word, more like, I'd really love to share my experience with T and Sexy Gorilla with you guys today!

Oh yeah lemme start off by saying that I slept at 12am and woke up at 3am.
Sat infront of the computer, watched one episode of queer as folk.
Read half of the Virgin Suicides, I LOVE THE BOOK.
Took a long hot shower before heading to school.
Bullied the fucking prefects again, cos it's really our job to toughen them up or you know, make them quit!
Ogre prefect(my class prefect) at 7:15am " Please go down now. "
Me " No."
7:16am Ogre " Please wear your name tag"
Me "No."
7:20am at assembly grounds " Please wear your name tag "
Me " No"
Then the fucking ANNOYING stick shithead who is 'taking care ( More like go fuck yr mother )" of Kongs class then came up to me while I was talking to The Cool about Wade Robson and his concert thingie.
Stick shit " Can you please wear yr name tag" ( Plants her skinny ass body inbetween The cool and I )
Me " Wtf is your problem. Can you not see I'm having a conversation and you're damn rude"
The unmovable stick still stands there.
Me " What is wrong with you ?!"
Stickshit " where is your name tag "
Me" Of course it's not with me right, I mean if it's with me I would've wore it BUT I'm not wearing it. "
Then the stick says somemore bullshit about buying a name tag.
She then moved her twig legs out of my sight.
During Silent reading she approached me and asked me to purchase a name tag .
Stick ' Please go and buy a name tag now."
Me " No."
Stick stands there for a while as I carry on reading and Ann budges in and says " She already have a name tag, it's in class lah. like wtf is wrong w you. "
Stick " Oh she never tell me. Why u never tell me."
Me " Tell you for what."

I mean, some of you might not understand why my friends and I find it highly entertaining just by bullying them little shittwits. Well.. it's simple. If they can't cope with us Sec3s then they should not be a prefect in the first place. And Stickshit should just remain as a tree beside the Bald tree of Pussy Lickers.

Okay anyway basically I had 3 hours of sleep and WASTED MY FUCKING TIME IN SCHOOL FOR 6 HOURS.

Well.. I wouldn't say my day is that bad becos I met T and L at Ser station around 2 plus?
Headed down to the new mall at Harbour front, Vivo or something.
Here are my comments about the mall.
It's not well planned out AT ALL, I wouldn't say it's very well structured, there are WAY too many shops compared to restaurants, GV's screen is WAY too big for your beady eyes to capture. ( You know if it's such a big screen all the more your seats have to be considerably far away in a way), It has a very nice roof garden and out door thingie going on, there are Alot of famous clothing brands.
It takes My Daddies and I half an hour to reach from one end of Vivo to the other end.
Seriously, it's so NOT well planned out.
Example, Taka, Basement is where all the food is and yet there's also Crystal jade and like small cafes here and there right.
Vivo's is HORRIBLE.
There's a HUGE CHUNK of clothing shops and what shitz and after walking for 20 minutes, then you finally find a restaurant.
Seriously damn suckoo.
Lol I'm damn lazy to elaborate on my day.
Watched You me and Dupree, they checked for IDS but as long as L and T had their Ids I could go in.
Quite funny I guess, not really my type?
Yeah My daddies and I keep wanting to take family photos T_T oh my goodness, my daddies are shit funny.
And they're more childish then me.
I was the one who suggested to go into Toys R us and you know who were the ones who got so high and left gasping for air and sweating?
Yeah my daddies.
Becos they were playing fucking foam swords shit with a 5 year old kid for 20 minutes, running here running there.
And then admiring their hair ever so often.

First, before the movie started, we went hunting for food, but to no avail, the food all sucked.
So went back to GV, ( basically walked around for 40 minutes and ended up at the same place) and got popcorn and icecream and a drink.
After the movie, we had Sushi teh.
After Sushi teh and spassing around and before we went home, we went to Hagen Diaz to eat ice cream.
Bumped into E and her sister, heh.

Refer to Drake's blog for pictures and all the details.

My gay daddies are seriously, Fucking gay, I never knew that they were THAT gay until today.
:D And I understand the Anime Death Note, thanks to Lucine M of course. :) Yes the death note advert was very VERY exciting and I'm already so excited for Al or whatever that guys name is.

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I lived till(:

Monday, October 09, 2006
Now how can anyone hate John Mayers music, he produces such good music and I love his drug addict face.
I guess he kinda makes me happy.
Yeah, I guess for the first time I actually feel like an ogre inside and for my face ..well that's for you to judge, and I really don't care.
I spent my day with my family, it felt like sunday once again.
It's really nice to spend time with Daddy especially since he's usually in another country.
Pity that we have nothing in common, or rather, I've really got nothing to talk to him about.
But there's still a rope of love that binds both of us together, in a quiet sort of way.
I bumped into Kelly and Alicia in town.
So yeah I was in town.
Watched too much television today, and in about 8 minutes time, ANTM will be on Channel 5 and you'll see me sitting on the couch once again.

I don't know how to explain it, but it's the people which I have not talked to for a really long time that gives me a sense of comfort.
As if we speak the same language, I mean yeah we all speak english but as in.. never mind.
I've no idea why I feel so fucked up when I this is supposedly my happy period of time.
Maybe one can't find or understand happiness unless one experiences great sadness?
I feel happy studying and I actually love the pressure.. I think.
And maybe it's becos I had something to look forward to which is the "after exam feeling" that really brought me happiness.
But now I've sorta reached the ultimate happiness, which is basically my goal, but yet I feel like I've reached a dead end.
Ironic ainnit?
You can't understand happiness unless you feel sad or whatever.
Now I've no idea how I feel, maybe it's this "boring" feeling which I'm getting, some sort of emptiness, something like depression but not so much so, and alot of hatred and anger but to no one in particular.. maybe to everyone. So I'm feeling sadness or whatever but yet how come I'm left with no happiness or joy or whatever shit fuck.
Could it be PMS? Mmm...

Dear Jesus, I take back those words about falling inlove, because now you've reminded me why I don't fall inlove.
Because I cant handle it and I'm too much of a coward.
Ah.. Please..

9:54 PM

Can someone please get me out of here, I'm having feelings which don't belong.

I hate everyone.
Fuck off (x 1000)

1:23 AM

I was looking at my blog a few minutes ago, and realised what bad posts I've been posting for the past couple of days.
So here is a post.. which is just as bad but hopefully with better grammar.
Oh yeah I sat beside Jacintha from Singapore Idol during church today.
I found it quite funny becos when she first sat down beside me, I thought ' Man wtf. Fucking strong perfume lah.'
And of course got further annoyed ( C probably knows what kinda ogreish face I'd be giving ) when she started to sing really loudly.
After 10 minutes, I realised that she could sing really well, so it wasn't that bad.
Then when I sat down to pass the Bread and Grape juice down the row, I looked at her and thought " Mmm.. is that Jacintha from Sg Idol.. Nah cant be "
She looks much thinner in person, she has wrinkly hands and has huge scars on her legs which you wont be able to see in SG idol since there's a huge table blocking all them scars.
Anyway, after passing the stuff to her and after she had smiled at me, I realised it was really her.
You know, she has this kinda weird smile, like she pauses, then Smiles really wide.
Yeah so I was 30cm away from a celebrity but still acted like a child with my brother, disturbing my mom.
T_T Only Kris and anyone who has attended church with me and my family will understand how childish we can be.
What is even funnier is how my Daddy always insults her on tv.
No, not the kind of really demoralising insults.
More like " She so fat.. " Or " What kinda stupid comment is that." Okay.. maybe that's kinda demoralising..
Anyway, had lunch with Mark the fart and Bella.
Bought new shoes and a grey coloured singlet.
Uh, I really didn't do much, so yeah...

Just watched finished Miami Ink, lol, Darren ( I'm not sure if that's even his name) looks like a teddy bear. Heh heh.
Guess what, I lost Ms Ang on my msn list once again. -_-!!!

So now, I'll end my post, it's 12:12am.
There's no school today.
I'm tired, wearing my specs, a shirt which says Active lifestyle with freshly stained Toothpaste and a pair of grey and red striped knickers and Am about to go to bed!

12:07 AM

I lived till(:

Saturday, October 07, 2006
In the afternoon, Paddy told me that the PSI was 128.
Now it's 9pm and it's PSI143.
I'm not sure if they're trying to burn down the trees or trying to kill us..
Well, I took care of the mess in my room.
Yeah it's been MONTHS since I've cleaned my room, so I had 2 huge bags of garbage.
So yeah that was about it, and um yeah I slept at around 5am.
Sometimes, I really hate my imagination, too much of it leaves me sleepless and tired.
I've got a feeling we wouldn't have to go to school on tuesday.
Mmm.. I guess when I'm not occupied, I feel depressed and bored.
So school does help ALOT with those emotions.

Oh yeah you guys have to read about Ravi who got charged into Mental hospital man.
I really hope that you guys will read it, pass the word around, tsk the goverment.

9:12 PM

I must stop watching CSI at night, it scares me and now it's 4am, I'm suffering from insomnia and am alone.
Gee, what a nice cup of tea.
My nose is driving me up the wall #)(*#()@*#@(*@()#*@

3:56 AM

The exam was very easy today.
The haze is thick as cum man.
Anyway, I had the most horrible dream in the world this afternoon and I could not wake up for some reason.
And when I did, I felt lonely and depressed.
It was only 2:30 in the afternoon and I felt depressed, what a time to feel depressed.
I guess, the feelings of accomplishing everything in life, which is in my case during this period is to get over my exams, and once I'm done with it, it's almost like I've got no one in my life I can share my free time with, or basically, I've no life at all besides studying for exams.
I guess art takes up alot of my time, but I guess it'd be really nice to fall inlove again.
I doubt that'll happen anytime soon for I'm surrounded by stupid people.
And all the smart people are my friends.
It was a horrible feeling and its just the realization that suddenly occured that really .. shocked me?
Well whatever, becos I went out in the afternoon to meet T.
I missed her like Fck.
So we walked around in the horrible haze, I really hope they'll call it a holiday for the next 2 weeks ! :D
Fat hope really.
We went to watch little Miss Sunshine, beautiful show.
5 stars out of 5 stars.
I got in anyway, and there was no porno or whatever, just explicit language by the grandfather ( yeah of all people, the GRAND FATHER )
Bumped into M and the rest, said hello.
Ate, walked around, took a bus to Esplanade.
Esplanade's lantern walk festival is THE BEST man.
Seriously, there was this 5 metre long banner hung up high which said " Welcome to Sg's 2006 Lantern festival.This is your starting point for your lantern walk " ( Okay something like that )
And guess what, it was just this not even that Large piece of rectangular land, WITH NO LANTERNS.
Best you know. -_-
Took a bus home with her.
I swore like hell over the phone to Ann, telling her no cab would stop for me.
Bloody hell, I was never so pissed in the past couple of days.
Celebrated Lantern festival at her place.
Hanging lanterns, burning them, contributing to the haze, placing "pow pow"s on the road, laughing like hell at cars running over the pow-pows.
It was fun, drank a bit, then home.
Watched CSI.
Uh, I'm so tired (#*@!()#*@)(#*).

Oh yea I realise that I fall for the weirdest people on earth, or basically highly unlikely person I'd actually fall for.


12:34 AM