I lived till(:

Saturday, July 02, 2005
Just got home and just came out of the shower.

Went out with Dreg just now, before you jump to any conclusions ( as I know you are probably going to tell me to stop being such a bitch and stop talking to Dreg. And as I know you are such a judgmental freak. ) I would just like to say that she is a friend and thats all. AS IN A FRIEND LAH, nothing more, nothing less, Okay maybe sort of a stranger too. She can be my grandma too, she's old.
Everything was on impulse. Decided to go out like at around 8pm, when I couldn't stand the pastor in my house, who is my uncle too. So went out with her, nearby. She's damn funny, damn quiet, damn short and she cannot stop mocking the dogs which barked.
Lets see, we walked around and talked and walked and went home. I couldn't stop talking, she just listened, like a good little girl. I think she spilled PERFUME on herself or something. Anyway, I'm off to bed I think.
YAWN. Okay. I'm beat and wasted, okay not wasted, just tired.

I blogged this cause I was bored and cause I wouldn't want people who see me with her to jump to conclusions.
Monday beach and no one from my 14 yr old circle of friends want to come.

11:21 PM

Woke up at 10.45am. More weird dreams, of the same few people, Muriz, AhLaiSha and Yogi Bearo. More and more funny dreams. Which makes me laugh, weirder and weirder, they get even more ridiculous and they always leave me lying on the bed, pondering for 15 minutes.
Had piano, forgot to watch Drake and Josh, crapballs.
Left my house at around 2pm. Went to meet Nerzz at Plaza at 230. walked around plaza sing. went to spotlight, then went to action city. Today was present shopping, so I already got Ann Na her birthday present and Hannahs one too. I still have to get Dawg, Denise, Kelly and Charlene their presents. I think Nerzz and I are gonna Kelly and Charlenes present tgt.
Anyway, went to POA, saw a top, which looks so bloody cute and dyke. So Butch and so damn cool. So lumberjack ( Is that the word? ). I'm gonna get the Yellow one and She's gonna get the orange one. went to bugis to shop somemore. My cB was splitting into half and I wanted to rip it out. The pad was being such a bitch and my mind keeps playing tricks on me, making me think/feel that I'm leaking. God, imagine how annoyed I was.
Anyway, Ahlaisha called me to tell me she saw my mom. LOL. funny. Mom and dad fetched me home.

Now some pastor is at my house, I'm getting out of here.
I'm now into Garbage ( the band which is real old. ), collared and stripey shirts, three quater pants and pins.
You will see me EXTREMELY girly on tuesday. I'll be wearing pins to school. I think it's time for me to show my feminine side. ( If there is any. )

8:27 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, July 01, 2005
Okay, I can finally blog.

AhLaiShas house was really fine today. lights were offed throughout. No one was paying attention to the pacifier ( the movie. ). In the end we offed the movie and everyone was getting emotional? How weird!
Everyone just kept quiet.
Oh yes, hannie came over too btw, but she left quite early. we only got emo after she left and while AhLaiSha was out buying some stuff. Muriz, Yogi Bearo, Pusstit (pussy tit. which is lizardo/leezoo.) were getting emo. I was just stonning.
Next thing I knew, Candy and Ahlaisha joined us. and we ALL sang or something, Muriz was hiding behind the curtains. sneezing her head off, she was so scared she would get astma. LOL.
well Pusstit was busy checking out Bearo ( SM. ) and Pusstit actually used a comb to sing, SO CLICHE really. I mean you always see this in movies, you wont really expect PUSSTIT to be doing such a thing. well everyone was acting EXTREMELY ridiculous, so funny!!! I couldnt stop laughing and I was extremely high. Apparently.
We left her place at around 8.30. took the bus with Pusstit and Muriz. went to Phoebs house, to find her. hung around, Muriz and I did some puzzle thing which Phoebs couldn't do, It was so cool. Then they came my place, Hung around, they ate. Phoebs and Murizz indulged themselves with Hokkien mee and timtams. Lol.
Okay that was my day. I've been having such weird dreams.

Can someone tell Yogi Bearo Leech Lucy Flower LaiLingalingaling SM that she isn't fat. my goodness lah, when she left Ahlaishas house, she had to go for trng and she had to run 7km?! Imagine the tiredness. Fucking hell! She is so. fitness freak. AAHHH.

11:42 PM

Hello there. I cannot really blog now for Muriz is right beside me and she is very distracting. Lol. I mean it doesnt matter, but I cant think well, with her right beside me. And plus Yogi bearo's giant head is behind me. ( Imagine what will happen if I fart ! ) LOL funny.

Okay school today, was quite fun. we had free milo. I took about 4 cups, talk about greedy, but who cares, since we were the last batch and there was HELL alot of milo left. So boo and I helped ourselves. And Boo took my claymarble and gave the bookshop aunty hell. She even said " Its FUCKING new! Why cant I refund it! " Bookshop aunty totally snapped. Well Boo and I are gonna pester the aunty from tuesday till we leave PL. Until I get my fucking 12 bucks back. Stingy but whatever.
I cant really remember what happened. Ms Weirdo contest went well, I cant believe Jillios class did not win? The girl catwalked and presented her self really well ! And the class cheered really well. Okay Jeanne was good too. Haha.
Yeah so anyway, had to guess teachers baby faces, LOL i shouted Gun and BigBird and Mr Thomson. LOL. and I shouted Charis' name, Out of point i know. Okay I cant blog well now, cos theres background music, distracting.

Lol. Leezoo and Yogi bearo are going emotional or something. Hope they dont cry.

Yeah anyway, cant be bothered to blog now lah. At Ahlaishas place. +_+ Yawn.
Such a sleepy afternoon.
Maybe will blog somemore later. TOODLES OODLES. :D Miss me, Love me, Kiss me, Dream of me!!

6:52 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, June 30, 2005
Weirdo deerdo

Todays school was fine. I could only remember recess, a bit of what i did during DNT, and my form storming out of class.

Once again, she did her thing, ingenious I must say. After all, if a teacher leaves the class, the only decent thing you should do is to chase after her and do what she wants you to do right? So I must say that, My dearest form is a GENIOUS. Playing the guilt card on us, and maybe feeling a tad bit sad too. So anyway, being the selfish jerk that I already am, I backed out from Ms weirdo contest, after hearing the news that I've got to stay back till 330, what shit?
There was a huge Hoo-ha and all, and I didnt really give a shit, infact I laughed it off. And if you know me well, I laugh things off, well basically cause there's no point in getting extremely upset just because my whole class hates me and because my form is angry. Plus I laugh like mad, when I'm extremely angry, of course there's the usual swearing lah, but I laugh.
So anyway, we drew lots, using register number, who evers number is being picked would have to go, no matter what. Apparently, it was number 22, ALYSSA milano. haha, kidding. Yes. So i went off to the toilet, even though Alyssa was going upset, in the end someone had to get me and she told me Alyssa was crying.
I didnt see the point in her crying, so I couldn't really give a damn. ( Selfish I know. )
I even told the whole class " You know I'm selfish, You know you should never rely on me, you know I'm selfish since the start of last year, damn it! I mean what kinda selfish person would even admit she is selfish, well that's how selfish I am. Unless you can persuade me and unless you can get Shamila to propose to me, then I will go. "
So, I felt like a king and they were all my little slaves, Okay that was mean. But I'm selfish and I couldnt care.
So anyway, I asked Alyssa whether she was crying or sleeping, she said "You think? "
In the end, I just said " Okay. It will be me then, after all, I would still have to be the speaker and after all, I would still have to stay till 330 and after all I would still have to go for sec4 farewell. "
So, Alyssa Milano then said " Okay. if I was crying my file would've been wet by now " She lifted up her head and I was like " Fuck man. you weren't even crying! "
So yeah, I became the Mushroom of the class.
I quarelled with the bookshop aunty after school, I was extremely pissed, I was hot and I did not bring my wallet.
Anyway, I guess it wasn't too bad, infact it was sort of fun. I transformed into a mushroom from 2.30-3.30
I must say, Shiyun and the group did a pretty good job. I was so funny looking, I even laughed at myself ( non stop) when i saw myself in the mirror. and everyone laughed when I went to the HALL! I was so humiliated!
Anyway, Pris tried to make me feel better by saying " Some one said you were cute " How flattering and sarcastic, but thank you.
And lizard asked " what are you suppose to be? " WTF IS WRONG WITH HER BRAINS. I'm obviously a mushroom, some said I looked so bikini bottom, WTF IS WRONG WITH THEIR BRAINS!
Yeah so catwalked, blew a kiss, smacked my own ass, and god everything was freaking funny. Thank goodness I didnt into the finals.
Anyway, after the everything, I threw away the costume and ran to the toilet, My head was painful ( Due to the ammount of newspaper on my head, probably 4 stacks of newspaper crushed tgt. ) and my hair was, flat, or at least I thought it was. Well it was quite fine really. then left school immediately.
Yogi Bearo, Ahlaisha, Phoebs picked me up in a cab, how sweet.
Then met celest at Ahlaishas block below. went to her place, I took a shower since I couldnt even stand my own stentch. So yeah, took a shower. watched THE NOTEBOOK, @#$^&* freaking nice show which you must really catch or watch or whatever.
Aw, it was so sweet I tell you. We watched from about 5.20-7.20. So sweet! I think everyone cried but me, HO WELLS. Now there are plans on monday, going to the beach with the rest I think. Not sure, But I dont want to dress up, I'm so phat pls.
Yeah, anyway, took the cab home. Dropped Yogi Bearo then Phoebs, then now I'm home! In roxy pants and a black giordano racer back. :)

off to watch super shopper. G'day fuckers. :D

8:29 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
quote " Take a look at Binky, no doubt she might not be the cream of the cake, "
another quote " And, btw, Binky is one of the few people whom I would say really smart. " ripped from Zombies blog.

Honestly speaking, no one has called me smart before ( told you I'm quite a loser ). Yeah I've been labelled funny, sarcastic, annoying, short ( which is totally AND UTTERLY untrue ) and rebellious, but never smart. Yeah, theres always the, " Wow you're so smart, you scored higher than me! "
I'm sure all of you girls/guys have gotten that before, but I've never been considered smart to a girl who is way smarter than me. ( Zombie is definately smarter lah, musically, artistically, educationally and her body looks fabulous. >:0( sometimes, I hate her for being so purfect. )
So all I can say is that, I'm truely and utterly flattered. WHOO. :D

I maybe the walking newspaper mushroom tomorrow, not confirmed yet, I wanted to be the walking sanitary pad though, but teacher said it was way too gross. ( No one said that I wanted to be a USED sanitary pad. )

For now, I'm off to bed, sleep somemore, pack my PE stuff, bring extra uniform tomorrow.

Love me,
Miss me,
Dream me,
Kiss me,

Heres a poem i wrote, its all fiction.

It is just like the story
And a play which never ends
About my life
And about that mystery man

He is the one who wanders around the house
Without a name I can call
Daddy I cannot say
For he will hit me for reminding him that
Mummy I cannot cry
When he is abusing me real bad

I still could remember
When I was five
When I spilt some juice
And deserved blood all over my eyes

Sometimes I want to kill him
I know that’s bad.
Sometimes I hate him
For the scars he leaves back
Sometimes I love him
For I’ll bleed to know I’m alive
Sometimes I wish he isn’t
That man who is my dad.

We never went to the park.
We never celebrated that day
When all my friends fathers
Will go as a family to play

Even though I never really knew him
Even though I know he is wrong
Even though he isn’t fit to be a father
But I’ll still love him anyhow.

Daddy I will love you
No matter what a burden I am
I’m sorry for the juice I spilt
And the cries I made for mom.
No matter what happens
No matter who says
You will always be my dadUntil the end of the days

11:42 PM

I'm going to be a toot square nerd tomorrow, Well I'm going to be that during the contest, after that I'll be a Vikki BaBa. So brace yourself, for you will see me in a huge ass uniform, high ass belt, high shit socks ( I've to find my school socks. ), with crazy wacko hair, my nerdful glasses and a box ( SEE GOT RECYCLED ITEM WHAT! ) HAHAHA. And I'm suppose to do the -twist- two finger sign. and smile like that >> ^_^v!

Heard theres spotcheck tomorrow, Not really of a spot anymore huh, since I know, and since someone told me. But the thing is that, people have been telling me theres spotcheck this week, the next week, today, tomorrow, wednesday, friday, but at the end of the day, THERE WAS NO SPOTCHECK. what lame shit right? But this time I'm pretty sure, I think the Gan told someone.

I had the weirdest ass dream of Yogi Bearo in Highheels ( those wooden kinds for toilet auntys) She was wearing highheels cause she was too short to reach her bike. LOL. AND TOAD WAS HER MAID. OMG LAH! Hurry laugh, I was laughing like mad IN the dream and everytime I think of it.

9:32 PM

Guess what, BELLA IS BACK. hahahaha. :D Oh what a weird dream! I still cant stand it, it's so weird !

I've got about 5 bottles of freshly bought wine( i don't think all are wine though, but cant be bothered to check.) at home and a bottle of dry Gin.
I can throw a wine party, HAHA, they only costs 10 bucks ++ in the airport!
No taxes. haha.

8:43 PM

I had the weirdest weirdest weirdest dream ever. If only it was possible it would've been fun. Oh god, it was extremely weird, I think I've seen too much AhLaiSha.
But it almost seemed real, or at least it felt extremely real. It seemed almost possible too, except for some parts. Oh god, I've to tell Murizz or someone. Oh god oh god oh god. I just woke up, and I'm cranky once again. I'm off to keep my minds of things.

Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive
Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
To walk within the lines
Would make my life so boring
I want to know that
I Have been to the extreme
So knock me off my feet
Come on now give it to me
Anything to make me feel alive
Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please.
Let down your defenses
Use no common sense
If you look you will see
that this world is
A beautiful, accident, turbulent,
succulent, opulent, permanent
No way
I wanna taste it
I don't wanna waste it away
Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Is it enough?
Is it enough?
Is it enough to breathe?
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please.
Is it enough?
Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please
I'd rather be anything but ordinary please.

Quite a nice song, nice tune, I am NOT an Avril Lavinge fan, thank you very much. Okay I just shitted finish, I am quite fine already. I think it's the schools fault, school makes people go emotional! ( I can name a few who have just turned emo when school started. )

6:37 PM

This is so screwed

My class had a vote, and we all voted for the curry puff hair girl ( who looks like a boy ) to join the Ms Bimbo contest, instead, there was a re-vote, and now I'm going to join the Ms bimbo/ Ms. Congeniality/ Ms Weirdo ( according to Toads blog. ) contest. Where I am expected to cat walk, bat my eyes, blow flying kisses and do the " I LOVE YOU " sign to everyone on the audience. Funny, yes it is, BUT I guess it aint so funny now, since Ms Bimbo is going to be me. I hope I get to be a mushroom though.
Apparently, Angsana seed, Phoebs, Jillio ( I think ) will be joining that too, Oh god.

School today, was pretty fine, after all, i had the most relaxing subjects today. IT, ART, ENGLISH, CME, CHAPEL. Recess, was enjoyable, since it was after chapel and since Angsana, Nerzz, Rach, Jillio and AhLaiSha and friends were having the recess the same time as mine. Well, I've just realised on what a Loser I am, Looner too. When Angsana wanted to leave the canteen, I had to leave too, since I did not have anyone else to go with recess. ( What a Loser, I know. ) But thank goodness, for the Nerd came to the rescue! Anyway, I'm a Loner, I know. Oh god, I am such a Loser, loserloser loser. HAHAHA. Very fascinated by that word.
Yeah, anyway, I've learnt after my english lesson, that my form is a very sadistic teacher, who loves to bleech cockroaches and drown ants and pull out grasshoppers legs. And also that, America is a much more handicap friendly place.
Oh yes, and so today, the art did not come. No one to yell at us, I count myself lucky, esp since I did not bring the assigned toilet rolls. HAHAHA. So spent the two free periods, talking, chilling, and yelling. Form got so angry. and she stormed into the class and everyone shut up.
quote " It's at times like this that I wish I could change form class. "
Talk about angry.
Anyway, communicated to Murizz through shouting from the 3rd level to the 1st. She's real funny. I thought her nose was bleeding at first, so I did not say anything, in the end I realised it was red ink. -_- Oh god, the humiliation towards her must've been great.
Anyway, just sat around, while I waited for Nerzz and Poks ( she held my phone apparently. ). So sat with Murizz and Phoebs, watching Lizardo and friends play ball.
Yogi Bearo fell down, and now her, right or is it left knee, is bruised, red with a wound. That's the reason why I don't play ball, I've already got too many many god awful scars on my leg. One of the most godawful one is caused by Bird. I should really kill her though.
Yeah, they were waiting for their english oral. So anyway, at about 3, I left. And Nerzz actually already left without me. I think I swore alot, well mainly cause I was extremely pissed ( Okay, I dont get that angry, But i just swear for the sake of swearing. ). So yeah, had to walk home, take bus home, everything home, Myself. all by myself, what a Loner.
dropped by the bookstore to get CLAYMARBLE ( $12 ), only to realise that the claymarble which is at home, WAS FOUND, oh my goodness, I'm such a Loser. wasted 12 bucks, and now i need to learn my chinese, and I've got no shouce. REALLLL LOSER BINKY. tsktsk. I'm irritated, annoyed and tired like hell.
Off to bed, or off to read Laughable Loves.
By the way, I know that I've got alot of grammar error in my blog, like I might type " so I in to eat lunch. " Well, That's cause my brains aint functioning so well, and I think you should be smart enough to know that it's an error anw.

toodles oodles.
Boo didnt come to school today, she must be in her school mode already.

4:21 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
2nd day of school.

I'm currently, suffering from amesia. So yeah, the forgetfulness has finally kicked in, I have finally, sort of, well I think I have, finally, got into the school mode. ( Okay, technically no. )
Physics was fun, the guy is adorable as ever, with his giant pen and he humour alot.
Chinese, was fine, though I thought it would've been hell. Lao shi is pretty funny, she let me read a sentence from the text book. I did not know how to read a bizillion words and Laoshi told Boo " You can just read one sentence " In chinese.
Saw the Gun after school, waited for her for 20 minutes, and she only told me 2 sentences " When are you gonna ( smiles.)? "
Me " Yah, I'll do it by sept "
Gun " Okay good. " Walks away.
So I've waited to hear her say two sentences. LOL. Oh yes and Candy was finding for me, all around the school. How sweet. I love CANDY.
Anyway, walked to the prata stall at Serangoon Gardens with Murizz, Siewhwee, Phoebs, Cheryl Foo, AhLaiSha and Nerzz. Nerzz didn't join us for lunch though, she was tired, once again. ( Who could've guessed.. )
Ordered something which tasted nice, but it burnt my stomach and lips and throat. Saw Yogi Bearo and Lizardo ( LeeZoo. wtf. ).
Went to coffee bean, bought a Pure choc. Sat around for 45 minutes? or less.
The two assholes ( Bearo and Leezoo) were laughing at my chinese compo. I ought to smack them. But never mind.
In the end, Murizz, LeeZoo, Yogi Bearo and Ahlaisha took a cab to AhLaiShas place. Whereas Cheryl, Phoebs, Siewhwee and I took the cab, dropped Siewhwee off to home then went to AhLaiShas place. My goodness, my bladder was giving me hell. I couldn't stop peeing or something. ( I dont know why. )
Her place is real nice to sleep in. The ammount of pillows!
Lets see, we were all slacking? LeeZoo was busy singing, AhLaiSha was watching Monster in law and using the comp, Yogi Bearo was sleeping ( haha. ), and the rest of us were watching monster in law. I was falling asleep though. Read the papers, played around, watched Guiness records Prime Time.
We were all so fascinated by the guy and his fake nose. Yogi Bearo is totally into SM and couldnt help but touch the screen everytime the guy with the fake nose comes on. She's really.. Eccentric. And Phoebs doesnt even know what SM means, So never mind. Sex maniac, sex maniac lahh. whatever. :D
Murizz disturbed Bearo and in the end they were both fighting, Violent.
Left at about 6.40, after listening to some gay ass song ( Sorry, I cant really appreciated B2K. ).
Took a bus alone, oh lonely. Then had tuition with Angsana seed. Apparently, words travel like bush fire or something. It's just so weird.
Anyway, I'm off to do work. Shit, I've got so much bleeding homework.

9:53 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, June 27, 2005
The first day of school.

The first day of school, and I wore sandals to school. My sandals which looked like Jesus sandals, my timberland sandals, my sandals which Lizard used to throw in the pool during my birthday party, yes those sandals.
Birds first day of school, and she woke up at seven, and she was suppose to reach my house by 7am. Talk about MAJOR over sleeping. What a pig. Yeah and guess what? I left my school shoes at her house, what luck. Never mind. Met Ann Na, Nerzz, Hannah and Boo. They were tsking away when they saw me in sandals, I'm not rebelling, I just did not have shoes. And BEHOLD! my SCV controller sat on my classroom table, I was extremely happy. God, you wouldn't imagine how bright my eyes litted up ( even though you can barely see my eyes in the morning. ). Yeah anyway, Bird reached school, changed to my shoes. then went to the hall.
It felt just like term 2, Bird was pushing me and grabbing me and using me as an arm rest like always as we walked to the hall, she was being so, BIRD.
Besides the unlucky sandal incident, the whole school was made to sing the national anthem 5 times and the school anthem 5 times. ( maybe it was less than that, but I'm sure you can tell how crazy the principal is right? ).
Irony of it all, the principal did not even sing the anthem herself, rather, she was watching us singing. Or watching some of us singing, the rest just had our mouths closed. ( everyone so tired in the morning, tell me how we're going to sing when all our voices sound so froggish in the morning. Croak* )
And then the principal said that she would cut out a bulk of what she was going to talk about during assembly. Even though she so called "cut out most of what she was going to talk about that assembly", She was still as long winded as ever. She still stood infront of all us girls, talking for 40 minutes ( Okay maybe I'm exaggerating ) nonstop. Can you imagine if she DID NOT CUT OUT THE BULK? imagine, us girls, sitting there, for 3 hours? Hearing her preach. Lol. Having our asses turn like baboons after the 3 hours. Hilarious.

( I've just realised, I've typed so much, and I've not even talked about half the day yet! ).

Anyway, this term, it is totally different, I did not suffer from amesia. Surprisingly. ( if you were a regular, Binky In Panties blog reader, you would've realised that last term, I kept saying that I forgot what I did in school. )
Well anyway, has recess at 9.10am. Apparently, time table changed and the whole class didnt know. Because the new time table was only published at 1am, and only Grace knew the new time table ( Dont ask me what she was doing up that late. I slept even earlier than her. ).
Oh yes I forgot to say that, seeing Murizz in uniform, just seems very weird. ( I've not seen any of them in a school uniform for a long time, so it's just really weird and new to me. )
Anyway, met out new Physics teacher. He seems like a pretty nice man, compared to the bitch of an art teacher. Even though I was really frank by saying " I heard you are bias " and stuff like that, I still absolutely adore him, and I'm sure he adores me too. After all, I was so responsive. ( I'm always responsive, esp among my dead classmates. ) I even had the guts to get blind folded! Super funny. His blind fold stank like hell and the moisturizer he put on my hand, smelt even worst. ( He was trying to teach us about friction, and that moisturizer can be used as a lubricant. )

My form, went to New York during the holidays and saw Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise. ( I think she almost melt when she saw Tom cruise. ) And she stood beside the sewer pipe. LOL! ) . There was also Gay Pride a week ago in the states. And she was totally UNINTERESTED in it, compared to her parents. So funny. She told us she saw two guys frenching in public. I wish we had Gay Pride in singapore. I wouldn't mind marching for it. But then again, Singapore look down on Gays. What the pfft. ( My country is extremely different. )

Anyway, after school, took a bus with Banana and Bird. Hannie Buonanie had the bestest belated birthday ever, she told me about how she celebrated it. Her sister brought her to Mandrine hotel, 38th or 36th level restaurant and the band played THE REASON for her. She almost cried, she was extremely touched. Anyway, waited with Bird in the MRT for her Mom. Bought food to eat. Saw Charlene and Kelly. waited for 20 minutes, her mom still have not come, so decided to leave for home.
Spent my day eating ( like a fucking pig, please dont mind the language), watching half an hour of television, doing my newspaper article on a gay teacher who got fired cause he was gay. ( Even though they did not want to admit that they fired him because he was gay, but i can read inbetween the lines. )

Here is my reflection, My reflection is getting deeper and deeper apparently.
This article proves to me on how selfish people really are and how prejudice too. I did not find it right, for the school to fire a teacher, just because he is gay. He is gay, but he does not have AIDS, and yet the principle fired him just because he is queer. I did not find that fair, especially to the teacher. This proves how selfish, homophobic and prejudice people are. Mothers even requested for the school to change everything Mr. Fernandez touched. They made Mr. Fernandez look wrong and turn everything against him, just because he is not straight/ not up to their NORMAL standards.
And even though, parents clearly know that AIDS cannot be passed through objects he touch and even though he does not have AIDS, that still does not change the fact that he got fired. To me, I feel that they have fired Mr. Fernandez just because he is queer, which is totally unfair ( just because you prefer the same gender does not make you any stupider, smarter, etc. ). Frankly speaking, the people who should be fired/ kicked out/ looked down upon, should not be Mr. Fernandez but the parents who look down on gays. And though, some parents might say that they are looking out for the best for their children, but in actual fact, they are just being extremely prejudice and unjust. After all, Mr. Fernandez does not have AIDS, and yet he got fired. Though the principle might say that, she did not fire Mr. Fernandez just because he is gay, but the facts are just so clear, after all, how can you fire someone without AIDS? Doesn’t that mean that teachers who are straight can be fired too? Just because he did not follow a few guidelines, he gets fired. ( what a weak reason to fire someone. )The whole hoo-ha of Mr. Fernandez getting fired is extremely unnecessary and unjust, they do not even have a reason of firing him. And I do not find it right to fire someone just because he or she might be gay.

This article has also proven on how prejudice Singapore is and how narrow minded it is. After all, Singapore do not approve of gay parties. And gays are also being looked down upon and being discriminated by society. The people who should be discriminated should be the Normies ( the straight homophobic people. )

This article has also made me realize on how much I dislike the straight and homophobic people.

Someone really has to fix this whole society up.

I just woke up from my sleep, believe it or not, I'm not cranky! I MiZz mURiZzzZz. lol!

And I do not love Toad Pls. -_- I'm gonna take her to Neverland, through my ass. HEHHEHEHE. Are there any interesting blogs to read?

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I lived till(:

Sunday, June 26, 2005
The last day of the holidays

This is extremely depressing, the fact that school is starting tomorrow, just makes me want to cry. But to some of you, I'm sure you're extremely excited. Or at least Toad is ( she is weird. ).

The last day of the holidays and I spent the early morning talking to Yogi Bearo online, from 12-4.20am. My goodness. Had the urge to sneak out of the house and knock on her door, but then again, she might not open the door. And I might just fall asleep while riding the bike.
Woke up at 10am. took a shower, changed, went to church with parents and brother. Had church, then went to Taka, brother went off to meet his friends ( at least his last day of the holidays was spent pretty well. ) Whereas, I followed my parents to some teochew restaurant. Something like Crystal Jade, but it ain't Crystal Jade.
Anyway, after eating, went home. I love lazy sunday afternoons, but sometimes they can be really depressing, especially since there are reminders pasted on my table telling me to do my undone homework.
I've not done finish all my homework. OH pfft.
Yeah, so I spent my lazy sunday afternoon, thinking and drawing and doing a bit of math.
Slept for an hour, from 6-7. woke up. Went to take a crap, my stomach was hurting like mad. Then went to watch spider man.

I thought that the Black and White party would get me partied out, but guess what? I still have the urge to party. Apparently, I want to go clubbing. Except i look like a 10 year old.

I'm off to watch spider man, maybe later I' will blog somemore.

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Talking to Yogi bearo now. She's the only one who did not over react, and she is pretty much open minded. Infact, I dont even think she found it a big deal, which is good. These sort of open minded people, are hard to find, at least hard to find in THIS country.

I've just realised that I've always been making friends with people who are going to graduate, just like last year, made friends with Jalore Mcbridge, Pot, Lixian. I think I almost died when Jalore had to leave. No matter how much i hate the school I'm in, the people/student in it, are the bestest. The best I can find at least. And most people in my school, is pretty much open minded ( maybe not all, and maybe not VERY opened minded, but still open minded. ) I'm sure if I am in MGS, I would probably die, and reputation matters SO much in their school . Or at least, that's what i heard from my MG friend. Most of them actually try to be someone else, with the hope that they can fit into the so called IN crowd.
I don't really give a shit about fame, and for a start, I'm not popular. =D I dont know why fame is all that important anyway.
Yeah, so anyway, I dont know what I'm going to do when, Toad ( believe it or not, I might actually miss, Toad's, idiotic, unentertaining company. ), Jillio, AhLaiSha, Yogi Bearo and basically when all the sec4s which i know leave. But then again, I dont really talk to them during school hours. Infact I barely talk to them during school hours. How weird.

What I've realised this june hols is that I've not been hanging out with the people i normally hang out from my level, Angsana seed, Michael jackson, Pok Poon. I've been hanging out with MURIZZZ LEHZZZ! Believe it or not, I used to not like her and she used to not like me. See, that was how fast I judge people last time, and maybe i still do. So I guess, everyone is a potential friend and yet a potential topic in a gossip.

This is pretty off pissing, Denise Keller is dissing Chloe. Funny thing is that I'm inlove with Denise Keller. So now I dont know whether to look up to her as my idol or to look down at her as a judgmental freakazoid.
But she is nonetheless, still very, extremely, hot.

School is in 1 days time. I feel like crying, and I'm still in a bitter mood. I feel like dying, believe it or not, I think I'm going to cry. For so apparent reason. I know all the emotional songs ain't gonna help. But I'm damn sure, tomorrow, I'll be fine. (: and I'm pretty sure once i read this post tomorrow, I would just laugh about it. For now I just want to jump down the building. WHERE'S TOAD, I WANT TO BULLY- whoops not bully, LAUGH AT HER.


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