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Saturday, July 09, 2005
And so Bird told me that shes wants to go to KL by the end of this year and victor doesn't mind too. So I cant wait for the end of this year, cause we might be going overseas together. I'll try to ask a few other people. God this is going to be so fun. :))!!!! The shopping, the travelling, the long bus rides, the long train rides and then the coming back to singapore Blues.
I was hoping to go to Bangkok though, but I aint street smart, so forget it. And I dont think Victor has been to BangCOCK before.
:D I guess, if you take Budget airline and everything, it wouldn't be too much yah?
Anyway, Bird, Nerzz, Hannah and I are going overseas tgt even if we don't go for the KL thing.
We're going to china, with the school, how fun.
Bird is my roomie, hopefully they won't seperate us ( They said they would seperate us if they know we will cause problems if we sleep in the same room or if they just KNOW theres something wrong. they're trying to imply that if you are lesbian and if I'm her lesbian partner, then we cant sleep in the same room. )
They're afraid we might have a huge lesbian orgy party. Or lesbian sex.

12:28 PM

Woke up at 940am today, pretty early huh. Read my book, laughable loves.
Then went to read the papers, watched some television. By the way, did you know that the girl who acts in UNFABULOUS on Nickelodeon, is Julia Robert's Neice?! Yeah, her name is something Roberts. LOL.
YEAP. watched abit of some Green Day thing, on MTV. then used the computer, went to take a shit.
And guess what? I realised that my ass was bleeding. How embarrassing, I know. And NO, I did not have constipation. So it kinda puzzled me.
And I think it's gross too. -_- I thought I was having my period actually, but the thing is that my period just ended a week ago. HAH.
Okay, I actually blogged this whole post so that I can tell you girls/guys that my ass bled.
LOL, fucking weird aye!
I shall ask Hippo to go out with me today.

The things which I need to do :
1) Get Denise that skirt
2) Get Dawg and Hannah a present.
3) Get a three quater pants, the ones at Bugis.
4) Get that shirt from POA.
5) Go out with Denise on wednesday
6) Stop reading the crude, immature comments which are posted on SPG.
7) Get that overall from Mango, fuck, it's so fucking cute.
8) Get out of the HellHole I am in now
9) Do literature Summary which was due lastlast week.
10) Do english summary which was due lastlast week too.
11) Watch Drake and Josh later.
12) Give Jill more of Edisons chen pictures
13) Pass Muriz something.
14) Get Miles his ultra belated birthday present
15) Get 20 bucks from Daddy.
16) Get a racial harmoney costume

I want to wear a Male costume for Racial Harmony actually. And I dont think it really matters if it isn't allowed.
No idea what race though. Either that or I'll get some shitty costume.
LOL, I saw some shop which sold really nice Racial harmony costumes yesterday. Maybe I'll get those huh.
SHOPPING!! I can ask mom for money so that I can get a Racial Harmony costume. :))

11:58 AM

Jill says that I talk as though I know Wyn. Well I dont, I only read her blog sometimes. And so happen Nerzz told me about this thing and blahblahblah.

Anyway, I came to blog about something, except I've forgotten. I think it has to something to do with Muriz and smething else. nvm. bye.

12:24 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, July 08, 2005
What a boring friday night.

Guess what, there is a party at Indochin tonight, for both genders, 18 above.
AQUADISIAC is Wyns party( she booked the whole club is it? Oh god, she is $$ ), Jill is going, and Nerzz bro is going. And I'm not going, cause I'm 4 years too young. Oh fucking shit, I want to go. Jill says I'm too short and my face is too SHORT or is it small. LOL makes not sense. But anyway, underage and I look like a 10 yr old anyway. -_-

School was pretty fine today, it has been two days since Boo came to school. I miss her. Anyway, went with my LD mates, Ahlaisha, phoebs and Muriz and Siewhwee for macs at serangoon gardens. Guess what? The DVD, the GARFIELD dvd which I've borrowed was overdue by 45 dollars. I'm so fucking pissed. I've not touched my fifty dollar note the whole week ( Hoping that I could save it and I could buy something for Denise ). Guess whaT? Now I've only got five fucking dollars.
Which is fucking pathetic. I'm such a loser, I know.
Anyway, went for LD, LD was pretty fun today since there was a new trainer who looked pretty queer. His goaty ( spelling? ) made him look like a jikopek.
Anyway, everything was fun. After LD, wanted to invite Toad for dinner, but no, her ass refused to move out of the house. Then wanted to go with Dreg to chompchomp ( Since I've never been there before, I know I'm such a loser. -_- ) but she had work I think. And then I thought ' Okay maybe alicias house. '
But I dont know what happened, but anyway, I took a bus home. So I spent my friday night at home.
How fucked aye?

So everyone either spent their day at Alicias house or Indochin. I want to go to Indochin, why must I look so underage!
I want to have a striper for my sweet sixteen. -smiles. :D
But underage lah, cant drink, cant do anything.
Maybe when I'm 18 lah horr.
Photoshoot next tuesday, paid 100 bucks I think.

9:21 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, July 07, 2005
Doing the survey thing on Subject Combinations.
This is a point when a 14 yr old girl would have to make decisions and choices. I better make a good one. But I guess this isn't such a big deal, since it's only just a survey.
I'm stuck at the humanities part.

a) Humanities Subjects
Combined Humanities (must select one)Social Studies with

Literature Elective
Geography Elective
History Elective

ii. Pure Humanities

Literature in English

Problem is that, I enjoy literature, but I'm always too confident, that is the reason why I only score an average mark of 60+. Which is pretty hell sucky if you ask me. I want to score an A you see, I know, I'm not that smart. But I'll try.
So MAYBE maybe MAYBE I will take literature. The stupid secondary one final yr marks almost made me cry pls, and I think Boo almost cried too. I scored 58 ( I know, thats how unsmart I am. ) and Boo scored low 60+. And I think we were expected to score 70 plus. ( Well cause through out the term, I usually got 3rd in class, or second in class, Boo either gets first or second and Sharlene either gets first or second too. )
So yeah, too confident I guess.
Apparently, the Candy told me that she can do well in geog, but she doesn't enjoy it. And even though she doesn't do as well in Lit, but she has a love in it, SO SHE CHOSE LIT.
She told me to follow my heart, Oh god. My heart leh, of all things!
Anyway, this is just a survey. So here :
a) Humanities Subjects :
b) Science Subject :
d) Other Subjects :

Okay, I slept from 4-7 just now. LOL. I sleep so much.
Anyway, I might be doing a photoshoot next week, we'll see first.
And getting paid money, Oh money, money money money. :D

8:16 PM

Was pigging out on sushi just now. My maid made ALOT of californian sushi. (the small small kinds ). She made like ALOT! Wow, now I'm full. :D brap!

School was fine today, bird took a cab with mom and I. School was pretty fine today, besides the fact that I almost died in that size 36 uniform, Kim says I'm fat, well that's cause I am. it's the old size 36 one, with a rather low belt.
did the NE survey thing.
First question : Are you proud of be singaporean?
What do you not like about singapore?
No freedome of speach.
Anyway, my form found out I've not handed in the composition which was due last last month. How embarassing. Read something really funny today. I will share it soon, on my blog. But all names will be censored. Peoples reputation lah, I may let you read it if you ask me.
Anyway, cabbed it home with bird, hann and Jillian. ( too bad toady woady! )

Apparently, toad claims that no one reads my blog, for I'm too long winded. What an ass. Whatever really. :D
Anyway, talking to Pot now. I've just remembered that she is my grandmother. LOL she is really hilarious lah.

iceq in meltdownmode ( her )says:
i stay in old folks home leh

iceq in meltdownmode says:
cant u and milesy upgrade me

Voraciously Vicky: ToriTease ; Crip walking. ( Me )says:
No cannot

Voraciously Vicky: ToriTease ; Crip walking. says:

Voraciously Vicky: ToriTease ; Crip walking. says:
We like to leave you in that dump

iceq in meltdownmode writes:
She wrote " SCREW YOU KIDS " in red

vulgar grandma. That is why miles and I left her in the old folks home, so she will try to get along with other older people or she would at least entertain herself with other older people than us.

3:14 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
I've just realised that I've got friends/ friends with girlfriends, who are total psycho girlfriends.
I hope and I pray, that I wont become a psycho girlfriend if I get attached.
It's scary.
And my friend said that " people[mainly girls] change when they are attached. "
Oh god, so that's under reason why I wouldnt want to get attached, I DONT WANT TO LABELLED AS A PSYCHO GIRLFRIEND.
Being a psycho girlfriend isn't insulting, it's just a fact.
It's just so scary, I mean sometimes the person ( esp the male. ), just goes out with his friends, and in the end in the morning, the girlfriend would refuse to talk to him/her.
Oh god, I dont want to be like that. possesiveness!

Anyway, today is wednesday, wednesday timetable rocks my socks. It was wunderful. very very wunderful. The art did not come again! Oh my goodness, two weeks consecutive, how lucky? Anyway, after school, went to Sushi teh with Hannah, Muriz, Phoebs and Ahlaisha to eat sushi of course.
Then took a cab to Ahlaishas house, Hannie went to the gym though.
Watched house of wax, one word, gruesome. I slept on her bed, I indulge myself when Yogi Bearo aint around, SHE ALWAYS HOGS AHLAISHAS BED. It's effing annoying, Cause 5 people would have to squeeze onto one bed and Yogi would get to lie on the bed ALL BY HERSELF. selfish I must say. And if you disturb her, she'll roar at you.
anyway, watched that movie and talked till 7.10pm. left her place. took a bus with Phoebs. Got home, took a shower, used the computer and tried to crip walk TRIED, but not good at it. And somehow, I think I'm doing it wrongly. This is so fucking pissing.

to do list :
1) Learn how to crip walk properly, You're such an idiot binky.
2) Do my 2 english summaries.
3) Do something about my terrible complextion
4) Get that skirt for Denise
5) Get hannah something.
6) Get Dawg something
7) Pass shiyun her super ultra belated birthday present
8) Get Levis jeans
9) Never ever ever to smoke
10) Get my form signed.

9:23 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
You know how your parents and older people would say, dont rush into adult hood, or enjoy your innocent period of time, or enjoy school and friends.
Well, I cant help but say " I cant wait till I'm 18 or 16. "
There was 2 parties going on and I cant go to them, not just because I look like a ten year old but also because I am 14. My sister claims that I'm severely underage and there was no way she could sneak me into anywhere. Same goes to Jill, quote " You look too small lah, as in face, wait till you 16, go ask your friends to grow up!"
Yeah, so Nerzz, GROW UP!
Theres so many parties, okay well, only 2 and plus the butch hunt, that is 3. But you've to be on the guest list for the butch hunt thing I guess. Never mind lah, since all the butches aint that attractive anyway.

Today, I've heard about the news reguarding Kim, Nerissa and a bunch of ahlians. The ahlians claimed that Kim and Neris were staring at them, well, I mean, you cant help it right? After all they were wearing black lipstick and they were all goth. IF YOU DRESS DIFFERENT ( it is not a bad thing ) THEN EXPECT STARES LAH. And staring doesn't mean it's insulting, sometimes you stare cause someone is obviously pretty. Is that a crime? Wel those dimwits ( referring to the lians. ) found it disturbing and then organised a little get together with Kim and Neris. Basically, they wanted to settle everything. It is pretty scary I must say, after watching all those gang fights the school provides, it kinda gives me the creeps.
But I planned to go anyway. But in the end the whole thing got called off, and now Kim and Neris cannot go to compass tomorrow and if they go to compass tomorrow they mustnt make any noise. What the fuck? Well really, whatever. Since I dont go there myself.

Shot it through my fragile smile / Im busy studying. ( KIM )says:
so like even though i hardly go. still, they make it sound as if that whole place is their school's or smthg.

Voraciously Vikki-baba: Stop being such a Pussy, Tanny. ( ME )says:
they're fucking ahlians for goodness sake, dont expect much from them lah

Isn't it true. they just want to find trouble. The whole thing is fucking lame, and I know if they do read this they would probably tell me " Count yourself lucky ah!! " Okay, so I do count myself lucky. After all, I'm not going to get into any gang fight with a bunch of ahlians who have a problem with Ners and Kim staring at them. By the way, Ners and Kim stares alot, so just try to live with that alright? Dont try to change them, we're not trying to change you either. Leave them alone for fuck sake.

Anyway, school was quite fine today. I almost fell asleep during history, infact I almost drooled. Hilarious. My physics teacher was hell funny, what a nice guy, really. After school, went out with Ahlaisha, Bird ( It has been a long time my friend. ) and Dory to heartland.
Ate at Heartland mall's Thai Express, bumped into Shiyun and Hannie. Ate some fried shit which is really bad for health. left the place at around 4. Saw a bit of Miles, My goodness, he stays at bukit timah and he was at Heartland mall. What the hell.
Took a bus home. did a bit of math work.
Okay tomorrow I've to complete my english homework. Shit balls. I can do it now though, infact I shall do it now since theres nothing to do online.

I think the mosquitoes just love my face leh, I've got bitten about 3 times in the face. No it aint pimpals, I know whats a pimpal when I see one, unlike Leezoo. -_-
Off to do work. G'day and G'night.
Miss me. Love me, Kiss me, Dream of me!

10:20 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, July 04, 2005
Happy youth day for the youth out there!
P.s : To all the young people, when you grow up, please fix the society okay?

I'm old and forty, so don't look at me.
Youth day was quite fun really, esp since it's a holiday. But yet Nerz had to wake up at 645am, goodness. She reached my place at around 9. baked the cake thing, Okay the truth is, we didnt really baked it, marivik baked it, that was why it tasted so good, but if Nerz and I did really bake the WHOLE thing together, it would've tasted much better. :D
We were suppose to meet at the Serangoon Mrt at 9.15am. Called Yogi Bearo ( SM. ) at around 9. SHE WAS STILL AT HOME. her excuse/reason was " The sun not yet out what. " -_- My goodness, Harbour front is at the other end of Singapore. I mean it might be raining in Orchard and it might be shining in Serangoon right!
Get what I mean? Well she didn't. So never mind, all the more, Nerzz and I had more time for the cake to bake. And we were watching MTV in the morning. -_- How healthy, yes I know, I thought so too.
Met the rest, Yogi Bearo, Charlene, Muriz, Ann Na, at the Station. Ahlaisha came slightly later, followed by Candy and Kelly.
I was whining away, I wanted my Macs breakfast meal, but once we reached Harbour front, it was already 11plus. So forget it. Elane joined us too.
Went to coldstorage to get some stuff. Charlene and I got sushi, the rest got water, and some other stuff. Nerzz and a few others got Macs.
Went to the beach, played soccer with Kelly, Charlene, PEWNICE, Nerzz and Ann Na. Guess what? NERZZ, CHAR AND I WERE ON THE SAME TEAM. by the way, we were all the same height and all of us don't play soccer. LOL. Charlene couldn't stop screaming, and she would suddenly tumble and fall with Kelly on the sand, and they would start giggling nonstop. Quite scary really.
But she made a fine goalkeeper, even though she screamed nonstop.
Muriz then brought us to the back of the Siloso beach. God it was so perfect or something. Carpet grass and bench and everything. So picnic like and so romantic ! HAHHA. Couldn't get enough of the camera, esp the two little girls ( Kelly and Char ). Muriz couldn't stop using my Ipod Mini ( she couldnt stop making her ear deafer and deafer. ) She put it full blast, CRAZY LEH. i stand far far away still can hear ! #$%&*(. Nerzz coulnd't get enough of the sun and Ann Na kept doing handstands. LOL.
Ahlaisha and Candy left the place quite early. She had to meet her Dad or something.
Oh yes and Sam and Celest joined us half way.
Anyway, we all went to the shower place at around 2. Pewnice, Celest and Elane took a bath. Whereas the rest of us waited outside the toilet and kept talking. Lol. I've noticed one thing, CHARLENE is damn bloody blur and damn bloody short. ( Ahhh, shortness. )
She's real funny lah, so bloody blur. $%^&*() annoyingly funny.
She couldn't stop whining how thirsty she was. Okay amazingly today, Muriz did not talk much but everytime Muriz talks, she makes me laugh like no one else. I dont know why, but Muriz makes me laugh like HELL.
So anyway, Nerzz took the bus home. I took the cab with Angsana seed to Plaza. Kelly, Char and Muriz took the cab to Plaza.
our cabs were side by side while they drove. Kept pointing middle fingers and doing the I LOVE YOU sign to each other. I wanted to hurl. Anyway, Met Ahlaisha and Candy at plaza sing. Met Miles too, my beloved son whom I absolutely hate. :D I gave him a piece of my cake, I hope he ate it, or I would slap him. Miles was with his little boy friends, Calvin, Timon and some other people.
Anyway, went down to some store to eat. And then i shouted " HEY LOOK ITS TOAD! "
So yeah, it was Toad and Jes and a little girl. Toad was unbelievably ahpekish. She was in FBTS and a shirt lah, LIKE WHATS HER PROBLEM, GO TOWN ALSO DUNNO HOW TO DRESS OR SOMETHING. I must smack her.
Stupid bitch lah, I forgot to give her the cake. She said " What kinda shit flavour. " I'll use my machine gun and shoot her down.
Anyway, I know she was extremely happy to see me. ( Well I'm damn sure everyone is happy to see me too! :D )
Oh yes I saw an old friend, Loo Yee or something, the one from my primary school. Didnt say Hi cos I didnt want to.
ANYWAY! we took a cab to AhLaiShas place.
AhLaiSha, Muriz, Kelly, Charlene and I squeezed into one cab. Pewnice, Sam, Celest and Elane into another cab. Angsana and Candy went home.
Chilled at Cias place,watched Just Married ( is that the title? ). Ashton Kutcher is a hottie, I must admit. And the show was quite good. :))
Kelly left at around 8pm. The rest of us stayed for Pizza.
Then Home. It was quite fun. But too bad the fun can't last, tomorrow is school, how depressing.
Ive got ten billion homework I've not completed.
I've got tons of math questions, I know I'm quite good in math ( comparison to my other subjects ) and I know that I can do math, but I'm just pretty hell lazy.
Which is quite bad. I'm going straight home after school tomorrow to do all my homework which I'm suppose to hand in last week!

oh fuck me, I've just realised theres english compre.

11:06 PM

Frederick emailed xiaxue about the Chloe thing. God it's so funny and it's all getting out of hand. HAHA. I found it soooo hilarious. Fred is such a funny dude. Shall go disturb him soon. :D Posted by Picasa

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