I lived till(:

Saturday, July 23, 2005
And so the mini party went well, even though it was a party of two.

Woke up this morning, took a shower and changed into my uniform. Believe it or not, I was going to school, but at 845am.
I like going to school late, it reduces your eye bags and your stress. It makes you feel good, cause you would not have to worry about your pinafoe getting caught during assembly, or who is going to get worst or late class for the month , or worst, dirtiest class ( punishment : cleaning the toilets in our current holding school, is disgusting. )

Anyway, took a cab down with Charizza, the indian secuirity guard lady was nice enough to let us in, or rather, our form was nice enough, to take the efford to inform the secuirity guard that, Binky and Charizza, were coming in.
Took the class photo, sat beside my form, how lovely. And candid shot, my face, is right in the middle, mind you, my complextion isnt the best, and I'm right in the middle, imagine the focus on my zits, how embarrassing.
And I can't smile for nuts.
After photo taking, went home with Charizza, we talked alot. Took a bus home ( Yes I took a bus, shut up. ).
Got home, watched a bit of tv, read a chapter of my ancient book, Laughable Loves, watched an episode of Queer as folk.
Muriz called, we talked. She suggested that I should hold a mini party tonight, I smsed everyone I knew. And everyone did not turn up, except for Muriz.
There were booze, I didnt know people would turn down booze, but that doesn't matter.
It isnt the crowd that really makes it fun, it's how you make a boring party fun.
Muriz and I danced like lunatics, we watched Ms conginiality 2 ( Today was the third time I am actually watching it. ).
Jammed on the piano, she can play she will be loved, and many others.
Then headed to the kopitiam at Durian street to get Bird her dinner. The guy with Yellow finger nails, with shit bits inside, and yellow skin served us. He touched the fries.
Went over to Birds place. Cherry and her were watching Hitch 1/2 way.
Watched with them, then played x-box.
Never ever play the racing game with me, because I suck at it.
Then played some fighting game. Surprisingly, My mother did not call for me toc ome home.
And I told my mom at 10 then I'm going to send Muriz off, but I stayed at Birds place till 11.30pm. I took 1 1/2 hours to send Muriz off.
Muriz took a cab back, I walked home. I kept thinking there was a stalker behind me, and when I turned around, I almost screamed, but I realised the guy was my brother.
So anyway, reached home took a shower and now I'm here.

Butches behave like guys, this gets annoying sometimes. ( Not refering to anyone by the way. )

I miss you all..

12:05 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, July 21, 2005
I dont think I would ever want to get married.
At most maybe, I'll live with a friend, or adopt a kid, or just be a single mom.
I cant imagine myself married to a man, maybe a woman, not a man.
I sound crazy, so never mind.

Anyway, spent my day infront of that idiot box, drawing on papers using markers.
I'm going to school at 9.15am tomorrow and leaving right after the photo taking.

11:28 PM

I love this picture. Look at the fan and look at her head. :D HAHHA. damn cute! Posted by Picasa

3:38 PM

My brother is a fucker.
And he is the only guy who can piss me off within one second.

3:34 PM

I apologise for not blogging yesterday.

I am sick, for the first time, okay not first, but this is the first time this year, I'm actually having a fever.
The last time I actually really had a really bad and high fever, basically, the last time I actually felt like shit, was last december.
When I had to stay at home for 5 days, due to high fever and a very very very bad throat.

Anyway, yesterday, school was pretty fine. Went for sailing, I was having a really bad stomach already, even before i boarded the bus, except I didn't know it will get worse.
It isn't the usual, stomach ache, my stomach was filled with air.
Well, when the guy was explaining the different parts of the boat, I had to rush to the toilet and had massive diarrhoea. How embarrassing and shitty.
I felt like shit, and I had to lie down because I didn't have any energy to leave the toilet.
I'm so weak, I know.
Apparently, everyone else, went to do the capsize drill, while I sat on the beach, enjoyed the breeze and talked to the Ting. She is a nice lady actually, believe it or not, I talked to her for over an hour, without feeling bored.
We talked about sports, music, geography. Since she is a geography, and what was so coincidental was that I had a geography test the next day ( which is today. ).
She is nice. Quite funny too, we talked so much that we lost track of time! And we were suppose to board the bus back at 530, apparently, we talked till 530!
Yes, so I managed to hold a conversation with a teacher. :] Whom I didn't really like before.
I love bus rides! Anyway, reached school and went to the doctors.
My stomach was going and still IS going nuts on me.
I got so pissed with the lady at the fucking counter okay.
When the doctors opened, I ran in first, so I was first in line, except some FUCKING BLOODY INDIAN LADY STOOD BESIDE ME.
And then I said " I want a number "
The lady at the counter told me to FUCKING HELL QUEUE UP, that mother fucker.
Then I said " What are you talking about, I'm first in line. "
Then the lady said " No she is first. " points at the indian lady.
I stared at her, rolled my eyes and stormed out of the fucking clinic. Well, I was very angry lah. It's like, I came first, just because some other lady STOOD beside me, that means she is firsT?!?!?!
huh?!?!?! What the mother fucking hell is going on man. So I sat outside the clinic, trying to control my anger.
Then some sweet old lady spoke to me in chinese " Hey, why you never take your number "
Me " Nah, I'll wait for the queue to shorten. "
The lady " Nono, there is no one in line now. "
So, I went to get my number. I really shouldn't show attitude, I shall try to control myself the next time.
Anyway, waited outside the clinic, Marivik came with 50 dollars.
And Birdaye came to visit. :D And she got so freaked out by some flying insect, I claimed that it was a flying cockroach. She was so fucking freaked, what a chicken.
Waited for an hour for my turn. The doctor is so cute. hahaha. And while the doctor was pressing my stomach, Muriz of ALL people called lah, SO FUCKING FUNNY.
At least if it was maybe Nerizza, it wouldn't have been that funny, but it was MURIZ!!!!
LOL, she's really funny. So embarrassing, the doctor was laughing too.
Muriz called twice. LOL.
Anyway, didnt have a fever yet.
Got home, then the fever started, felt like shit.
Tried to sleep, but couldn't.
Was covered by a thick quilt and another blanket. and the fan was on at number 1 speed.
I woke up, and vomited.
It kinda hit me while I was vomiting, that I might be doing this when I hit 60. And, this was when I realised, how much I would really give up to stay young and healthy. This is the reason why I do not like falling ill, because I would always think about the future, about how it would be like when I'm older.
Anyway, slept at around 9 and today, I woke up at 830.
Called Miles at 9. We started talking on the phone, funny guy, what an adorable son.
watched tv and went to shit again.
It was all disgusting.
And now my stomach is going nuts on me.

I feel like shit.
Come and visit Binky! :D

11:10 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Nigel looks really yummy, and he is honky, that makes him yummier. But he is too young, and he probably functions just like me, when I was 11.
And he is very very very skinny.
A pretty boy though, or at least he would grow up into one.
Got background information about him, he is childish and hyper.
HAHAHA, He can be my little brother.
Well let's just see how he will look like in 5 years time. When we are both of legal age.
And he came for Ahlaishas party. :D

10:47 PM

Feeling silly as ever.

School went pretty fine today, I did not sleep during chinese, surprise surprise.
Physics was fun, well firstly cause, I had the WHOLE bench to myself. There were 37 pupils in my class and Charis wasn't in school.
After school, it was raining cats and dogs, it was the exact weather, Birdie and I have been waiting for, since our last rain incident till today.
Except the difference this time was that, we weren't outside the Guns house, instead we were heading to Gardens for lunch. Pewnice, Ahlaisha, Cheryl, Bird, Muriz and I walked to the prata stall, from school to there. Imagine the rain and how drenched we were. Well, Pewnice was incharged of Ahlaishas bag and her own, so she was busy holding bags and a pink umbrella to shelter herself.
I think everyone thought we were mad, but it was fun. Except our shoes and socks were so soggy, Cheryl claims that it is called juicy though. And Pewnice said something about squeezing the socks and having rain oozing out, not just rain water, there is feet water too. eugh.
Anyway, had thosai, which wasn't too good. Muriz and Pewnice enjoyed it though, to me, it tasted just like pancakes and I do not enjoy pancakes. They taste plain. Well, the fucking curry stained my braces, so now I look as though I've got something stuck in my teeth. And guess what, I've to bear with this for the next month, this is veryVERY pathetic. Anyway, cabbed home. I really had to pee, and when i flung open the mrt toilet door, there was a little girl, sitting well, rather she was standing on the toilet bowl pissing.
Oh my goodness, kids nowadays.
After taking a good piss and a good walk home and a shower. I used the computer, another pleasant surprise, my Ipod mini was working. I was and am still really happy.
I used the comp for more than 4 hours today, very bad for health, I'm going off soon to sleep ( I've to fix my screwed biological clock ).
Yeah anyway, Bird came at around 6.30. and hung around till 7. She forgot to take her Zen.
Anyway, I dont know what I've been doing till now.
Just shoot me.

9:21 PM

My sexy is on the right.  Posted by Picasa

8:43 PM

Look at the rubber in my mouth. Now I'm a metal and rubber mouth. BYE FOR NOW! the fucking curry stained my wire thing, now it looks yellow and gross. Posted by Picasa

4:45 PM

Hehehe. Posted by Picasa

4:44 PM

She loves the camera doesnt she, look at her bloody ahlian pose Posted by Picasa

4:44 PM


4:43 PM

Fucken fucker. =D Posted by Picasa

4:43 PM

Cheryl weryl Posted by Picasa

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what the God bless you, are you doing muriz! Posted by Picasa

4:41 PM

Yogi's hand ear, hair blahblahblah Posted by Picasa

4:41 PM

Vicks and Euuuuuuuuuuunarce. Posted by Picasa

4:40 PM

Little Birddiee and Ahlaisha Posted by Picasa

4:40 PM

Muriz Canbelle farker. :D Posted by Picasa

4:39 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, July 18, 2005
I'm very pissed right now.
Firstly cause, tomorrow there is school.
Secondly cause, my computer is screwing up on me, well the MSN Messenger to be more specific.
Thirdly cause, I studied earlier so that I can sleep earlier except what I'm doing right now, doesnt seem to be the case.
Well, actually I blogged this so that I can tell you all that my fucking new ipod mini is jammed. It has been on this song " Goodbye Sadness " by Astrud Gilberto since 5pm till now. And mind you, I dont even know what the fuck song is that. So that makes it even more pissing, cause that isn't even my favourite song and it made my ipod jam. So tomorrow, I won't have music with me. Which is very fucking sad I must say. I dont know how I can live without music for a day. Actually, I can. But I hate walking home alone without music. ( That always seem to be the case, cause no one lives VERYveryVERY near me, they live near me but not NEARNEARNEAR me, that kind of near. )
So, I'm going to the apple shop, asap, I'm going to tell that bitch that my ipod is screwed and that I wan a refund. And I'll purchase one of those protective cases for my very screwed and scratched up ipod mini.
My ipod is at least one month old and my sisters is at least 5 months old, and hers looks much more brand new than mine. My white earphones are turning grey, hers are too, except mine looks worst. And hers doesnt have scratches on her screen and the touch round thing, whereas mine has mini scratches all around it, well that's cause I did not purchase a protective case/cover when I bought it, or rather, when Daddy bought it.
Anyway, I'm off to bed.
Wait I'll drop by frienster first.

11:38 PM

I'm done studying History.
I was rather distracted by the Monks and Nuns and Poks.
The monks and nuns were doing wushu or something, and I took a picture of them, WITH FLASH. How smart binky, how smart.
And they turned and saw me, and they pointed at me. and two of them laughed. -_- Oh god, how smart.
And Poks couldn't stop talking to me online, well that's cause she loves me too much yeah?
Anyway, I studied from 8.45pm till 11pm.
Now my back aches. I'm so glad I've studied finish. Believe it or not, there were only 17 pages, I think.

I want to get a good looking girlfriend with money that flows out of her atm card, who can drive me around Singapore in a new car and who can give me massages anytime I want. But I can continue dreaming on. :D

And I'm too young, tsk.

11:00 PM

It is extremely gorgeous and it can camouflage if it is in a forest. Thats all the pics for now. toodles oodlles Posted by Picasa

8:24 PM

The same bug I saw, at 4.30pm. Posted by Picasa

8:23 PM

The bug I saw before I came to school Posted by Picasa

8:22 PM

EUNICE YOGI BEARO LEECH LUCYFLOWER LAILINGALINGALING SM, WHATS WRONG WITH YR FACE! HAHAHA, she looks like she is going to laugh. Check out Eunice's sexy skirt. HAHAHA. Posted by Picasa

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Awww so sweet, they look like they're going to get married. HAHAHA What's with the face Eunice?! Posted by Picasa

8:21 PM

He looks like Justin damn it Posted by Picasa

8:20 PM

Laugh. Posted by Picasa

8:20 PM

She's a darling Posted by Picasa

8:19 PM

Physics teacher looks like he is throwing a tantrum  Posted by Picasa

8:19 PM

Renu so sexy ah Posted by Picasa

8:18 PM

Dee looks really yummy. Shiyyun has a nice bod. Posted by Picasa

8:16 PM

She sits infront of me Posted by Picasa

8:16 PM