I lived till(:

Friday, August 05, 2005
School school and removing my books

School was fine, except no rainy weather today. I really wanted it to rain, because it was bloody hot. Pe was lame, before PE, some chinese teacher caught me and forced me to throw away my socks. So I threw away my socks and I had no money to buy new socks. The socks which were in the dustbin cost 7 bucks and the school socks cost half the price. What the hell, so damn expansive plus it was new.

However, the afterschool special was good. I auditioned for OM, getting really excited for it.
We did a skid after auditioning.
My groups skid was about a beggar girl and about her falling inlove. I was the main character, Haha. Imagine me acting sad, lost and poor.
Anyway, after LD, I went to meet my mom at plaza at around 7pm.
Went to Swensen to eat and talk, she's so funny.
Then went to POA to get 2 collared shirts which costed 100 bucks.
However, many of the clothes which I REALLY wanted were missing.
The long sleeved collared stripey shirt was missing and the checkered collared shirt was missing too.
God damn POA.
Anyway, went to Charles and Keith after that. Mom got herself a bag, and I couldnt help but occupy myself with the beautiful girl who had Rachels figure who was standing right across me.
Too old and I was in my school uniform.
Took a cab home
Now Im home

11:06 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 04, 2005
Why must all the pretty girls be veryvery straight.

11:46 PM

While talking to rachel online, about our urges in going to the braverys concert tomorrow.

Voraciously Vicky: Theresa makes all the girls and boys sweat. says:
but I got my fucking period

Voraciously Vicky: Theresa makes all the girls and boys sweat. says:
jump jump jump then pad drop

Pretty Boy says:

Pretty Boy says:

Voraciously Vicky: Theresa makes all the girls and boys sweat. says:
string sticks out

Pretty Boy says:
you'll wear undys right ?

Pretty Boy says:
so obviously the string wouldnt be out right

Pretty Boy says:

Pretty Boy says:
or you can dont wear it , and wear a short skirt

Pretty Boy says:
and pple can just pull it out , if they want to

Pretty Boy says:

Pretty Boy says:
pple like me

Voraciously Vicky: Theresa makes all the girls and boys sweat. says:
yuck ur damn gross

11:07 PM

HAHA, I just remembered Smsing MTV most wanted today.

I smsed : Hey denise, I love you. remember that a 14 yr old dyke is inlove with you.
How random, but she's still gorgeous even though she so called "flared" on chloe. ( Though it was just one sentence. )
But it appeared on the screen as " Hey denise, I love you. remember that a 14 yr old is inlove with you "
wtf, the dyke got cut out.
Anyway, I'm not even sure what a dyke means.
Some people say its the guyish side, like Shane McCutcheon.
But I do see long hair girls calling themselves dyke.
I guess its just a general term.
Anyway, I carried on smsing.
( One sms 70 cents )
sms no.2 : Denise! Where you now?
She replied to me!!! I'm the luckiest girl alive.HARHAR.
Denise : Oh me? I'm at mtv, replying you guys :)
Okay, she did not reply everyone on screen, so I'm bloody lucky.
sms no.3 : Denise, are you going to the braverys concert tomorrow?
But no reply.
Instead she said she was gonna go off already and said bye everyone.
I was an annoymous, sad sad.

I want to write in to the newspapers.

10:31 PM

Teachers just love me

Morning went fine, no more Elizabeth in cabs with me through this whole week.
Starting of the day was, back to the workshop. Only to realised that the VP and some HOD was going to observe us. I did a quick uniform check on myself only to realise I'm wearing my usual size 38. But I did not get caught.
And now, the Dnt is on my side, she absolutely loves me, no matter how naughty I maybe.
And she fell inlove with me when I helped her clean her machines without her asking. She asked a prefect to clean, but the prefect was still busy cleaning her bench. So DNT said that the prefect was bullying me.
I think puppy eyes and little girls really work on DNT dont you think.
I'll elaborate more on how much she loves me later.

It was raining cats and dogs, and my back got wet while I waited for Calista to walk. I gt wet at the corridor brick area. Strong gust of wind and then I got drenched.
Anyway, lent Jill my uniform. Hehe, so ridiculous.
The whole day went well, chinese was rather fun. I love the teacher.
After school, went back to do DNT.
I drilled through the wrong side, and the DNT helped me correct it, How nice. I told you she loves me.
And she wasn't angry.
I've got to do her work by tomorrow.
Anyway, then went to the canteen at 3 to eat with Abster.
Met bird, abi left. Went home with bird.
My computer is down and my ipod is down, and I'm a very angry girl because My ipod is one of my favourite things in life, and its not working and its new and its scratched.
my beloved ipod, whats wrong my dear.

10:16 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005
I asked Miles to help me go buy Fwy Wice and then he replied.
" No But I can help you cook "
and he carried on " its OIL and one grain of rice and alot of sauces and alot of pepper. "
He really wants to kill his mother. ( Me )

School went pretty fine today. The slackest subjects today.
Tomorrow, is back to the workshop for DNT, which is pretty sad.
I dont knw what bloody work we've got, oh wait, I already handed it in.
Anyway, I can't stand the lady and I'm pretty sure the lady wants to sit on me.
I just remembered, walking pass a few teachers in the canteen and like the artificial plants in the canteen were toppeled. You see, the problem with teachers is that they always say we as students have no initiative, to pick up litter, to push in your neighbours chairs when they never, etc.
And yet they did not pick up the artificial potted plants.
1. they wont get dirty as the plants are fake
So they sorta contradict themselves.

Went for sailing today. Apparently, Rach and I were the only 8th graders. We got to sail solo, which was pretty fun except there was NO wind, which was bloody pissing, cause the boat was travelling in a grandma speed.
And before that, while we were pushing the toppers into the sea, we saw a dead cat which looked like a pig from far due to its blackish whitetish bald skin colour, at the shore.
I couldn't help but think while I was in the water " What if there is another dead animal in here "
I'm pretty sure the cat drowned, it was bloated, its skin was transgluecent ( spelling? ), its eyeballs were coming out, its blackish purplelish tongue stuck out and there were more than 10 house flies which swarmed around it.
I couldn't smell it, well thats cause I held my breath.
Jas wanted to burry it, except, I dont know who's gonna push it into the hole we dig.
Yeah, so the dead cat was there, since 3pm till the time we came back to shore at 5pm.
Got back to school, the ahbeng was there to pick up her girlfriend ah.
HAHA, no.
Bird was there to pick me up, cause she loves me alot. hahaha. Okay maybe not.
Anyway, she got grossed out by the pig lookalike.
She went off with rachel and I took a bus home
The end.

9:48 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Im hoping to see her on monday for coffee. This photo is bloody old Posted by Picasa

10:29 PM

I kissed Grace on the cheek today.
Oh my god.
It was a triple dare. ( I got really bored with truth and dare cause everyone was so boring. So I chose triple dare. )
:) I'm so loving, I even held her chin before I kissed her and I felt nauteous after that.
If you know me well, Grace isn't exactly my favourite girl in class.
Infact, she's way too sissy ( in a bad way ) for me to handle.
Well, Shamila had to go under adelines skirt and say Ooh Lala.
Which was fucking funny.
Calista made faces to the secondary 1 class beside mine while they were having their test.
And I kissed Grace without her permission.
Grace probably crushes me now, haha, well everyone crushes me anyway. :)
Whoo, I wanna kiss more people tomorrow.

10:24 PM

I think Pisca hates me.
It refuses to post Liankims photo.
Which is pretty sad.
Anyway, I hope to see her on monday for coffee.
Got to pass her present.

School was fine. It was raining, how lovely. Adel, Abi and I were looking out of our classroom window, admiring the trees swaying and stuff. It was really beautiful, and of all days, I just did not bring my camera today.
Lit did not come today.

Got home after school, I know the perfect present for Neriz already.
:] She will love it, or at least I will love it if she gives it to me.
Anyway, talking to Miles now. He's so funny and dumb and round and dumb and he is my son.

10:18 PM

Whee Posted by Picasa

3:11 PM

Hehehe cool flippies from the project shop Posted by Picasa

3:05 PM

And so bloody awake. After eating. Posted by Picasa

2:59 PM

So bloody late Posted by Picasa

2:59 PM

How my bed looks like with purple bed sheet at 1am Posted by Picasa

2:58 PM

I need to improve on my aiming skills, the ammount of tissue I used for my runny nose Posted by Picasa

2:58 PM

Dirty mouth Posted by Picasa

2:57 PM

My oreos, lays and milk. This is what I snacked on at 1am this morning. This is one of the reasons why I try not to stay up, I snack alot. Posted by Picasa

2:57 PM

After eating 6 oreo cookies a bit of lays chips and taking a shit, I've realised that I'm fat and that it is 1.16am and I'm probably the only 14 year old girl awake on a school night.
Oh god, I'm gonna force myself to bed!
Time to take out them irritating contact lenses.
I'm trying to upload photos but Pisca is very angry with me right now, so folks, no photos for tonight.

1:15 AM

Rachel sent me this, she wanted to help out with my foul mood. HAHAHA Posted by Picasa

12:17 AM

The Braverys concert is this friday.
Should I go?
Hmmmm, I've not gone for a single fucking concert this whole year, wtf.

12:14 AM

And so this is what you will get when you miss Americas next top model 2005 for your sleep, Binky.

I went to school again at 6pm, my mother was suppose to come with me to the talk, except she was no where to be found. Birds my roomie, how fun. ;)
Bird and I were cracking dirty jokes while we head home in the cab with her mom.
I said " Pig disease "
She heard it as " Big titsies. "
and I said " Chinese Pork "
And she asked me to think dirty, So I thought she meant ' Chinese Cock. "

Anyway, I fell asleep from 9 onwards.
What the fuck, I missed the hot Niama.
And when I woke up, my nose was bloody runny and it was fucking hot.
And I've not taken out my contact lens nor brush my teeth.
Got out of bed and turned on my monitor screen. My computer was so bloody noisy too.
So now, I'm cranky, with a runny nose, who is alivealivealive, who missed the hot Niama, so I'm even more cranky.
And I've got no one to disturb.
Got the urge of going out tonight, or rather this early morning.
control yourself, Binky.

Note to self :
Next time, get you bloody ass out of bed at 10pm on mondays, and sit infront on the tv and tune into channel 2 for your favourite show, Binky.

12:06 AM

I lived till(:

Monday, August 01, 2005
I have a fetish for cartoon characters with short hair and huge glasses.
Example : edna mode.
another example
Macie Lightfoot from As told by Ginger.
And there was another character, which I cant remember.

Here's another Did you know fact for today :
Did you know that Marilyn Manson auditioned for the part as Willie Wonka in Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Imagine Manson, with those little kids.
But Johnny Depp got the part.
It kinda explains why Marilyn Mansons latest album looks like it's for kids and it's called Smells like children.

Wah fuck man, I just went to the toilet and when I came back. My room smells like some sweaty boy. And then I saw a Acs Barker shirt on my floor. ( Duh, my brothers. )
I'm damn sure he laid on my bed and spread his BO all over my sheets.
Stupid guy.
Now my room stinks.

Anyway, school today went fine. Besides the fact that I almost died when I realised I forgot to bring a tie, but Muriz solved that problem.
The grade 7ths and 8ths were to stay back in the hall, due to some freshmen who cheered when they realised their macdonald loving teacher was being replaced by someone else.
And besides that, I had a major headache during school.
My classmates couldn't stop yakking. I got very cranky, extremely cranky. And T square did not help my mood at all.
She punished Wolf girl who sat beside me during Geography for vandalizing the table.
And she said I was encouraging her by smiling. Problem is, that I keep smiling. Well cause I was telling Wolf Girl how some Korean guy tried to check my sister out, and said something like " You very ( insert something really dumb here which doesnt make any sense. ) "
So we laughed.
And stuff.
And then she kept scolding wolf girl.
Wolf girl is really nice, so I didnt see why.
Anyway, Pe was great. I played center for netball. Imagine Me playing netball, now you may laugh.
But my team won.
I fell down once.

After school, hung out with Zombie, Kris, Nerd, Kim and Hannah. Ate lunch in school then took a bus home with Hannah and Kim.
Had to walk home alone.
I realised that the front or back gate doesnt make a difference for me.

If I go by the front gate, I have to walk a long distance by myself and then I would alight at the bus stop damn near my house.
If I go by the back gate, I've to walk a short distance to the bus stop but I would have to alight at a bus stop damn far away from my house, and I would have to walk home all alone.
I'm lonely.

Anyhoooooo, I'm going to bed now. And going to school later.

3:28 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, July 31, 2005
I have came to the conclusion just 5 seconds ago, that I want ALOT of things in life.

I want to look good
I want to smell good
I want new shoes
I want to get out this school
I want to get a nose job
I want to grow talltalltall
I want new pants
I want levis jeans
I want three quater pants
I want them collared shirts
I want so many bloody shoes
I want money
I want to be a lazy ass and earn money
I want to move into my own apartment
I want to drive
I want a lovely car
and the list can go on, and on, and on, and on, and on....
Okay you get the point.

I want so many shoes, that I printed the pictures out to show my dad. So that he can get me the 10 dollar kinds from China.
:] Who cares what brand, so long they fit me and they look exactly like what I want.

I have to get that Mango overall asap, before it gets sold out.
( I cant find it in many Mango branches already!!! Diediedie. )
I have to save 50 dollars this week.

Guess what, fox is having a 50% sale. Hahaha, I'm bloody aunty.
Never mind, I'm not gonna shop.
I shouldn't shop.
Because everytime I go out, my money will be spent on food and not clothes. -_-

11:49 PM

It lags like some grandma who has difficulties in walking.
It suddenly breaks down and gets disconnected.
And when I click shut down and restart, sometimes, nothing happens and it doesn't respond.

Anyway, went for church today, sister and the angmoh joined us during church.
After church, went for lunch.
They started drawing mind maps, and the arrows were replaced by tiny doodling of cocks.
My Dad started to grumble, so bloody funny.
Anyway, took a nap when I got home.
Then now, Daddy is going to china, and I want to get even more shoes.
Nike high dunks, Nike Low dunks, Vans slip ons, converse, all the pirated things.
I'll be such a pirate with one of a kind shoes. HAHAHA.

7:06 PM

Why, of all places, the neck?
Them mosquitos bit my neck and now my neck is having some reaction and the front part looks gross.
I just gave out a major yawn.
Friendster is a fucking bitch, so bloody laggy!

2:21 AM

Theresa says she got triple chin and she looks like some fatty. Tell me darl, where are your phats?? Ms green shirt fats are obvious and very embarrassing indeed Posted by Picasa

1:17 AM

daze Posted by Picasa

1:16 AM

Hot girl and little boy. You can see those idiots trying to budge into the photo. But can only see their teeth lah Posted by Picasa

1:15 AM

Binky: GIRLFRIEND HOT RIGHT GIRLFRIEND HOT RIGHT GIRLFRIEND HOT RIGHT!! I know you all are jealous. Fuck she's hot Posted by Picasa

1:14 AM

BREAST FRIENDS! -_- stupid bloody kelly! Posted by Picasa

1:13 AM

Ner looks nicer with her eyes closed Posted by Picasa

1:13 AM

-____- pink shirt changed to green! Posted by Picasa

1:12 AM

Beautiful people Posted by Picasa

1:12 AM

My beautiful 6th graders who turned up on friday Posted by Picasa

1:11 AM

charlene you got choco on yr mouth Posted by Picasa

1:10 AM

ACHAR CHEN SIJIA! Posted by Picasa

1:10 AM

Candid and very lovely Posted by Picasa

1:09 AM

Crazy act cool people Posted by Picasa

1:09 AM

Why is mr Ahbeng in this picture, she ruins everything. :) But I still love her Posted by Picasa

1:09 AM

i <3 this pic. so blur ms rightboob! Posted by Picasa

1:08 AM