I lived till(:

Saturday, August 13, 2005
Reads The Retards blog.
She's linked to me.
You've got to read it.
It cracked me up so bad.
It's so scary to know how lazy she is and to know how smart she is.
I was talking to her and I couldn't stop laughing.

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:
dobulechin wobbling.

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:
the next thing ure gonna say to me in ten yrs time is tt

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:
" Vick Im too lazy to go online becos my fingers are too lazy to type and move "

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:
aahaha yea probably so

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:
" Thus Im nt gonna reply you for the next 30 minutes "

Voraciously Vicky: Barbies and Kens are homosexuals. says:

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:

*High voltage Pirates of the Currybun says:
no! i''ll like, stop typing halfway or smth

Here are some quotes from her blog :
" Please remind me to blog about what i hate about my class. Thanks.( too lazy right now) "
Another " I don't know why,since I'm so annoyingly lazy, I still bother to blog.I might as well just die or something. "
I'm promoting her blog so go and read her blog, now now now.

9:49 PM

Rachel linked me under Moron, and I'm the only kid under her links who has a nick name.
Hi I'm moron.
I am gonna marry her!

3:49 PM

I've not been to school for two days.
And yesterday I almost broke down into tears because I've not listened to music for quite a while.
Last night, I decided that I shouldn't use the computer for long, and so I got off the computer after using it for an hour.
In my room, I've got two computers, two useless, lousy, dumbshit computers which are currently sick.
I turned on my sisters computer and then went back to my computer to unplug my mouse.
By the way, wires piss me off.
Well, I had to deal with wires yesterday.
( btw, my dad is playing the pastor prince cd now, so my thought can't really flow, cause it's really loud. )
So I went to the back of my cpu and unplugged my mouse and plugged it into my sisters computer.
then I plugged in my ipod mini, and the stupid thing started to reformat by itself.
( it started to reformat and start to update itself and place my sisters songs inside it. )
My sister has an ipod too and she has itunes too, and so it updated my sisters songs into my ipod.
So basically, I had no internet, no mouse, no music, my stereos were down and the wires were pissing me off.
I could've smashed my lousy, old, sick stereos last night, but I didn't want to have scar filled hands.
Never mind, I thought.
So I played the John Mayer songs in the ipod, hoping that the songs would play on the computer, but guess what?!
Surprise surprise, my sisters stereos were gone too.
And so that made my mood worst.
My ipod didnt have my songs, my ipod headphones were with Sijia so I'm only left with screwed handphones and I can't play any music cause it was updating itself!
I was down to my final straw.
I unplugged my stereos.
( It was connected to the back of my computer )
And so the wires drove me mad.
After dying through the wires for 15 minutes, and feeling sick.
I plugged the stereos into my sisters computer.
And the stereos became such a big bitch and did not play!!!!
I was so mad.
I was so mad.
I almost snapped.
But I didnt anyway.
I went to watch tv, and tried to calm myself down with MTV.
And that was when I treasured music so much.
Music never sounded any better.
Anyway, I'm pretty lonely now, come visit me.
I think I can have my mothers laptop.
She has like 4 lap tops or something, and my dad bought her one the other time, when I was 12 I think.
I'm currently using my dads laptop.
I cant think.
I've got a history test on monday.
I should be studying, and I only came to use the internet to check John Mayers latest album.
And I've not done that, instead I went to read Jill's blog.
I've to be more focused.
Come visit sick Binky.
I feel like changing my blogskin, it's annoying me.

3:35 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, August 12, 2005
I have been staying at home.
I am bored outta my wits.
Yesterday, my maid went to the doctors, only to realised that it was close for good.
So we went to the one opposite, it looks pretty run down but it's so much cheaper, as in the one I usually go to charges 25 and the so called "run down" one charges only 15?
Thats a total ten dollar different!
Quite alot, and it isn't really run down, the only difference was that it didnt have the play set, where the little kids would go and play and it didn't have a television.
We did not have to wait for long!
I hate waiting, especially in clinics.
The air con is probably filled with millions of itsy bitsy germs which is ready to attack ME!!
The doctor was pretty nice.

Anyway, today I was awoken by a thunder storm, was pretty scary, lightning and all.
I cant stand thunder, it annoys me.
But the rain acted just like free aircon to my room, and that was the only part of the whole thunderstorm, I really loved.
Woke up at 6am and was sweating and yet I was feeling cold, I think my body was dying.
I can't stand it, everytime when I'm sick, my dreams gives me a headache, so bloody annoying.
I forced myself back to bed, woke up at 8.
Went to read a crappy 8days.
Believe it or not, I read an 8 day magazine( this shows you how desperate, lonely, bored I am. ).
Talk about reading junk.
Dont mind me, I hate reading stupid magazines like 8 days.
All the scandals, lame things ( like comparing Charlie and the chocolate factory with Wayward ; I found it pretty amusing, I was laughing. ), How they can come up with things like ( insert name here. e.g: Jessica Simpson) verses ( insert another name here. E.g: Lindsay Lohan ), bitch fights, and dumb interviews with sylvester with dumb questions ( for goodness sake, they kept asking all 5 of the main actors in shooting stars what they thought of Sylvester and Maylene kissing, IT WASN'T EVEN FRENCH, SO IT AIN'T REALLY A KISS. ), all this crap, made me really laugh, and it made me feel nauseous ( it really made me want to read something smarter ).
I cant imagine, I used to collect these dumb magazines at the ending of 2002 to starting of 2003.
Thank goodness I've got an older sister, or else I'd get hooked on this dumb magazines and squander all my allowence away.
My sister taught me to read other things, like the papers, national geographic and the economist.
Frankly speaking, I've not been reading any of that, except for the papers.
( It is a bit of a need and a want to read the papers. )
Anyway, went with breakfast with a friend and her dog.
:) Very pretty with a nice pretty shirt, haha, the dog was wearing a shirt which said "addidog".
Her name is Nana Lee Princess.
Got home, watched tv, I shouldn't watch tv I know.
Then took a nap for an hour.
I love cooking shows, I dont know why, they make me hungry and to me, cooking shows are addictive.
Anyway, I'm bored.
Chinese Os are out.
Good or bad?

3:34 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who's this kid?

2:03 PM

Man, yesterday, I woke up at 130pm, walked around the house and planted my ass on to the couch and watched tv for 3 hours.
And then went to bed at 4pm!
And woke up at 915pm.
Got up and decided to take a shower, and to eat dinner.
Except my stomach could barely digest anything, so everything went haywire.
I then went to bed at 10pm.
Muriz mama then called me to ask me for Jennys number.
Oh gee.
Anyway, slept till 6am.
I had a terrible headache and I had the worst dream ever, and that did not help my headache.
I dreamt about GEARS?!
what the fuck man.
Imagine, dreaming about gears for more than 5 hours, of course it worsen my headache!
Its like having a hammer hit the insides of your head.
Went back to bed, then woke up at 11am.
And I realised I grew taller.:D
I'm going to the docs later and asking for a two day MC.

1:14 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Hello there
I am currently having a bad headache, with flu and fever.
I feel like crap and I feel unloved.
I am bloody weird.

The past few days :
On monday, I did some stuff. And I got so crazy over Naima, that I started taking pictures of the television while watching Americas Next Top Model.

Yesterday, I went out with Muriz.
We went shopping.
But in the end, the only time we spent money was at 530, while we were eating at MOS burger.
There wasn't enough time to shop, tsktsk.
I already know what I want. :]
I'm into collared shirts, MIND YOU, I AM NOT BUTCH.
Apparently, MANGO does not have that jumpsuit I want.
What the fuarkkk..
HAHA, Anyway, rushed home for shooting stars.
Detoured to Bread talk to get some Mian Bao / bread.
It was only 1 buck for one bread, pretty cheap
Muriz came over to my house, and we only caught the last two minutes of Shooting Stars.
The LD instructor for my school acted as the main character in Full Circle. :D
After watching more MTV, we went into my room and did fucking funny and stupid things.
Too bad the digital camera was not lying around in my room.
Talked to Jenny too.
I slept at 4am.
Tsk and woke up at 1pm today.
I feel sick, lethargic, gross, smelly, tired etc.
I dont want to sleep, I already slept so much!!
Had the weirdest dream

2:18 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, August 08, 2005
My dad asked me " Are all your friends like that? "
Me " What you mean? "
Dad " Do they always swear like the other day ( he is pin pointing on Lizard ) "
Me " No lah, it just slipped. "
Dad " Dont follow them "

9:37 PM

I really should've brought my digital camera today.
Besides the crazy fact that we woke up at 430 just to go for prata. ( I would've taken alotta pictures.)
After prata, school, went home, slept for a while, Sj couldn't stop disturbing me. What the fuck.
Anyway, left my place at 1pm with my maid.
Marv went to meet Mom at Plaza. And my brother called me from Plaza sing to tell me he saw Muriz and Lizard and the others.
Okay, so went to Plaza with Sijia.
Met Muriz, Julia, Phoebe, Siewhwee and Lizard.
They were sitting by the queue.
Like some beggars.
Everything was pissing me off at that moment.
Everyone was so fickled minded, except for Lizard and Sijia.
At first Muriz say can watch Charlie and chocolate factory, and siewhwee and Phoebe too.
Then change mind, dont want.
In the end only Muriz, Lizard Sj and I went to watch Bewitched.
While waiting, went to get Lk ( twinnnayee. dont look a like. ) her birthday present.
HAHA, her birthday is in march.
Met her at raffles city.
Got her to come down with me to Plaza.
( This is another reason why I regret not bringing a camera, I've not seen liankim for half a yr, and when I finally did, I dont have my camera. )
She got me a wacko macko hairband, uber cool.
I got her underwear and a shirt for FOX.
Played around, then she left for home, she met the rest of the friends.
Her school is anti gay, with no lesbians.
Bloody straight girls!
Saw Diyanah and Calista and bumped into Toad, Jeslyn and Evon. And there were so many freshmen.
Went for the movie.
( Should've really brought my camera, couldve taken everyone lah. )
Then after that, Muriz's childhood friend who lives at Oxley road was having a birthday party.
We decided to tag along.
It was pretty boring, or rather it wasn't the usual party we normally have.
So we, as in Lizard and I entertained each other with her younger sisters barbie dolls, Ken dolls, Kelly dolls, etc.
We made Married barbie a homosexual married to a asian girl, and Married barbie is crazy over ken.
It was bloody gross lah.
Did alot of positions a barbie aint suppose to be doing.
Lizard played with the guys and I played with the barbies.
HAHA, Damn funny.
Anyway left after an hour, of doing nothing but sitting on the bed.
Muriz stayed though.
Lizard, Sijia and I then went home. Anyway, I thought today was fucking fun, even though I only had 3 hours of sleep. ( Same to Lizard and Hannah. )

I realised why I feel energetic this morning. Since you know, you are going to meet a friend for breakfast, all the more you would want to wake up, or rather your biological clock will wake you up automatically, and you would still feel energetic.

Or at least that is how I feel.
Just knowing that I'm going out with a bunch of friends in the morning, got me excited already.
:] Its nice to talk about everything under the sun.
Toad is a rudeshit.

9:20 PM

I dunno the lyrics, Im damn hooked on that song I dunno why.
Its like a music bug in my head!

10:42 AM


hahaha, she wants to write on her blog "Read Binkys blog" Oh well.

I know I havent been blogging for the past few days. This is due to my sick computer. Oh computer, please get well soon.

Friday, went for OM and shit, Okay, whatever, I really cant be bothered.
My fish's life is more interesting than Toads.

Woke up early in the morning, had piano tuition. Watched so much fucking tv that I almost got a headache. Mtv is really addictive. After watching your so called favourite show, the next show after that might also be your favourite show.
Example : Viva la bam, Punk'd, My sweet sixteen, Pimp my ride
All show at one row, this will definately keep me glued to the tv for 2 straight hours.
So long!
Imagine, you can watch tv for 2 hours but its so bloody hard to study for two hours, let alone, one hour!
Anyway, Met Lizard and Muriz and Serangoon station. Lizard was fighting the temptation of looking just like a church boy. She buttoned all of her buttons, Muriz found it an eyesore.
Met Jenny at Plaza Sing. Walked around, ate Mos burger, the burger was rather dry ( HEY! MY MEMORY IS SUPERB. I STILL CAN REMEMBER HOW THE BURGER TASTED! )
So joked around, crapped around. Saw a really pretty indian dyke who is probably 15?
I dunno. She looks cool.
Left at around 5. Got a cab and went to the indoor.
Lizard has a smart mouth.
You know we aren't suppose to cut queue, yet she shouted and ran to some of her friends with the ushers there " HEY CAN I CUT! "
What an idiot, really.
Anyway, we managed to cut. Everyones body was touching each other. Pretty gross, especially when you're short, it makes it worst.
If someone farts, you die, if you smell the tall guys sweat, you also die, and it was so hard to breathe!
My brother came to join us in the queue.
Bumped into Miles, Victor and Alistair.
Saw Candy and Sherrie too and a whole bunch of people lah.
I thought pushing in the queue was fucking fun. People were rolling eyes at us, but we couldn't care.
My brother kept pushing me, so I had to push other people. I found it fun lah, I dunno why.
There was a hord of maids, my brother told me. And Lizard was like " I TELL YOUR MAM/MOM AH!" Stupid smart mouth.
At the indoor, we managed to get seats for all of us and some others.
Lizard, Jenny, Muriz, Me, Justin, Kim, Kris, Bird and Rachel sat together.
This years concert sucked compared to last years.
Last year, you could go to the stage area and jump and you could queue inside.
Anyway, during the sermon, we went out.
And one hot dog costs 4.50! and one CUP of water costs 1.50!
So damn expansive. But we had no choice.
The lady kept chasing us around, when we are outside she ask us to keep quiet and go in, when we inside some lady asked us whether our phones were switched off and we said it wasnt our phone which rang and the same lady asked us to keep quiet again.
And we were like, what the fuck. We were replying that ladys question.
And she chased us OUT AGAIN.
Anyway, sang somemore, then took our time to leave indoor.
Before leaving, Justin took like a carton of peel fresh mixed fruit from the table where they confiscate peoples things ( not allowed to bring outside food or drink inside ). And he took 2 hotdogs which weren't touched and a bottle of milk.
Damn funny lah, we couldn't stop laughing.
Yeah, anyway, Muriz, Kris, Lizard, Justin and I took the charted bus.
=_= Some one tapped her card, which was fucking dumb cause it was clearly stated that it was charted.
So reached Kallang MRT. We took a cab to Grapevine.
We took an hour to get a fucking cab! During that hour, alot of fucking funny things happend, we were all bloody high and energetic. ( Inside Joke. )
Muriz and Lizard were in one cab and Kris bro and I were in another.
Dropped brother and Kris home.
I went to grapevine to find Muriz and Lizard.
Met them at around 12.
Lizard ate and drank and we were just there to talk and to entertain each other. I was extremely hyper cause I drank the whole carten of Peel Fresh Juice.
Talked till 1am. Then left the place.
Then suddenly some strange man came up to me and said in chinese " Little girl theres someone behind you ( xiao meimei you ren zai hou mian ) "
I turned around, there was no one. I got so fucking scared, especially since its the Hungry Ghost Festival and since it was 1am. I squeezed Muriz' thumb so hard I think it almost turned purple. HEHEHE.
Lizard got freaked too, after Muriz said something. Muriz on the other hand, could not be bothered. She was too tired to feel anything.
Anyway, got home and slept at 230am.
Next day woke up at 930.
Went for church.
Bumped into Dreg, she works at Suntect.
Talked a bit, she cant stop talking about her manager. Or rather complaining.
Went for church, after church went to taka to eat at the Italian restaurant near MOS burger.
Then went Kino then went to Art Friends.. My sister bought ALOT of art supplies, the cost was around 200.
Reached home, dropped mom and sister off.
My dad then picked Hannah, Muriz and Lizard up.
Lizard is really one smart ass you know.
Lizard " Its like, what the fuck lah <> Er.. Sorry "
And I just laughed and My dad told her not to say that word.
Anyway, we saw Mich foo and SJ and a few other people there once again.
Lizard and Muriz are nuts, they went for all 3 days.
We were somewhere at the back.
we managed to sneak pass the usher, he kinda saw us but gave up on trying to move us away after asking us to move to the back 2 times.
We had great seats, and since it was the last day it was much more fun.
Before the concert, Hannah and I went to the "free stall" and said "Eh our macdonalds" And we ate someones food.
Dont worry, it wasn't opened.
There were 3 cheese burgers and 6 pieces of chicken nuggets.
During the sermon, we went back to the free stall and took a bottle of water and Lizard went to get her Green tea.
Then went to sit on the steps to eat and drink.
We then went back AGAIN, to see what other food and drinks they've got.
I got myself a Pocky and we ate someones crackers.
Lol, it was damn nice lah.
And we renamed ourselves, Beggar one ( me ), Beggar two ( Muriz ), Beggar three ( Lizard ), Beggar 4 ( Hannah ).
Damn funny lah.
"Where is beggar three, where is beggar three" ( Inside Joke, you won't get it unless you are Muriz or any of us beggars.
We managed to jump alot that day, we went to the stage area to jump but soon we got turned away.
Some usher had major attitude problem, whatever lah.
After that, we were so fucking high.
We couldn't stop laughing at our own lame jokes. We were saying how bad our breath will smell if we dont brush our teeth tomorrow.
We wanna meet for prata.
And how The Rifle will kill us if we come to school in boxers, slippers, and singlet ( with our initials, Beggar 1/2/3/4 painted on it. )
HAHA. We really couldn't stop laughing.
I even made a note to myself that the only time when we were quiet was when we were drinking our drinks.
Which was very true.
We decided to embarrass ourselves like crazy since no one will know who we are.
Took a cab home together.
The cab driver was pissing me off.

I slept at around 1am.
I woke up at 430am, Lizard called to make sure I was awake.
I'm incharge of Hannahs waking up and Lizard was incharge of Muriz' waking up ( the hardest person on earth to wake up. ).
I managed to get Hannah up but Lizard failed to get Muriz up.
Muriz = No technology, telephone, handphone, everything either cant work or dont have or something wrong.
Met at Lizards void deck at 5.
All three of us went to find for Muriz.
I only had like 3 hours of sleep, felt like afternoon nap.
I was rather awake lah.
Anyway, three of us left without Muriz after waiting for 25 minutes.
Cabbed down to Serangoon Garden.
They've not opened the prata stall.
All of us got a Teh Chino.
Very addicted to it.
Ordered pratas, ate.
Then Muriz called.
Muriz cabbed it down.
It was around 6 when she reached.
We ate and talked.
Was quite fun, I dont mind doing this every school day.
After all, if I still have energy after FOP I'm sure I'll have enough energy after school.
We talked so much that we lost track of time!
It was already 640 when we left.
Went to s11 then walked to school.
Had National Day Celebration.
Which was rather lame.
Especially for the lower sec.
Cause we've only need to stay for an hour or something?
And I was talking to my Form most of the time.
She has a really interesting life
Anyway, went home with SJ.
I might be meeting her later.


9:53 AM