I lived till(:

Saturday, August 20, 2005
Ann Na :
How are you

Me :
Not too good, my cough is killing me.

Ann Na :
Is there anything I can do to help?

Me :
If you remove the haze, I'll be happy.

Ann Na :
Okay, I'll go to my ah gongs store and get the big fan to blow it away, or would you like the big bad wolf to blow it away?

Me :
Ah gong fan sounds more decent than the big bad wolf, so I guess ah gong fan.

She is so damn cute sometimes. =D

11:45 PM

" You want love, we'll make it. "
John Mayer.
I'm so hooked on his songs.
" Your body hits wonderland, your body hits wonderland ( I'll use my hands ) "

Anyway, theres this thing going on at Singapore Expo during november, not sure when. The event is called Sexpo, it's about sex.
No nudity, no obscenity and no homosexuality.
Tickets $8 for kids below 21.
And I dont know how much for adults.
They are now looking for exotic dancers, so if interested, you can go.
I'm definately going for this event, it'd be interestingly fun.
There'll be adult sex toys for ADULTS ONLY.
So you can introduce your parents to this event and get them to buy sex toys and get their sex life going.
I have to get John Mayers album.
"Back to you, I try to forget you, But it's too late, I'm over you, but I'm never over. "

9:38 PM

Muriz fan club ah!
So cute, Muriz is dancing, check out the cool Mickey Mouse shirt.
Wah Muriz grew a fin on her head
This picture quite cool, This is seriously Muriz fan club

Reflection. Muriz wants to be that indian god with 6 arms or something, Vishnu or something
Quite cool leh.
the moon is beside the traffic light, I was crossing the road when I took this. The oragen light isn't the moon!
Theres a myth which says that a shot of the moon will cost your ear, but I risked it for you. ( someone said this to me before. )

Hello Ahlians, I tied 2 little ponytails or whateverthefuckitscalled to grapey last night.

9:21 PM

I was tugging on the wrong string and it lead me to depression.

Sounds cool doesnt it.
Yesterday, I spent my day in school, then went for LD. Oh my god, first time we did training on physical theater, it was even worst than friday's netball PE session.
It requires you to stretch yourself like rubber band, stretch your hands in the air and tip toe ( as if reaching for something in the air ). Then suddenly drop by have to freeze half way.
And there must be alot of intensity, all the muscles must flex, and I felt like crap after that.
I'm fourty, please dont expect much.
Anyway, Muriz came over to my place and we went to grapevine.
We waited for Bird till 9++ and Ann Na came too.
And then went home at around 11.20, reached home at around 1130.
I was coughing like a mad woman, I laid in bed for an hour, so tired, with my muscles aching and coughing like a mad woman.
I had trouble sleeping, was pretty terrible really.

Today, I woke up at 11.
Watched a bit of tv, then went for piano, learnt a bloody difficult song.
Then watched my usual saturday shows, Drake & Josh and My Sweet Sixteen.
I've watched what they showed today at least 3 times already.
Went out at around 2, took bus 58 to Bishan.
Met Zoe there, I bought a shirt from FOX.
She helped me out in one chapter of chinese oral, this sucks, cause I still got about 5 more chapters to learn, and I can't find anyone to help me.
Met Bird at Coffee bean, then went to MOS with her at toa payoh, saw her in her bloody gay uniform.
Then took a train back and a bus back home.
Was doing lit on the way home.
I dont know why, but everytime I talk to Kris online, we'd end up talking ahlian language, so bad for health, I know.
Anyway, there are so many things I need to do and I've got so little time.
And it's already saturday night, what am I going to do!!

Things I NEED to do :
- pH indicators
2) Learn Physics
- Chapters 10 and 11.
3) Get someone to tuiter me chinese by tomorrow
4) Study for lit test.
- I've done 3 and 1/2 chapts, I still got 3 and half more chapts to go.

Things I want to do :
1) Throw another party ( will never happen though )
2) get my bloody levis jeans with the cutting I've in mind.
3) Talk to Jalore and see how she is.
4) Loose weight ( Okay its not really a want )
5) Okay maybe not loose weight, let god remove all my fats ( okay not all. )
6) Grow taller and sleep more
7) Take care of my health

pictures from yesterday

8:37 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 18, 2005
I just took a nap from 430pm-8pm.
I had a weird dream and I woke up with blurry contact lenses.
I watched tv from 8-10.
I watched Discovery channel, I watched how some bigg ole' bridge is being built, I watched Joey on channel 2 and I watched Dolphine murder on discovery with a bit of Pimp my ride on MTV.
Now there is lost, and I watched a bit of Kate looking at dead corps underwater.
-shudders, I'm off to do something productive.
My contacts are ultra blurry and I can barely see what I'm typing.

10:15 PM

I came home straight after schools for these following reasons :

Yeah. Hahaha, Lizards hair is shorter than usual.
Anyway, school was fine after school I took a cab home, and engaged myself in a chinese conversation with the cab driver, what a nice guy.
Today, DNT was really mad, she has like some attitude problem.
One minute, she can tell us " You are my favourite class " or was it " Your class is a good class "
The next minute ( literally ) she can be telling us " You're the worst class I've taught " or was it something else, but I'm sure you get the point.
She stormed out of class for something we did not even do wrong.
She did not tell us to bring the packaging for our letter openers and then today she said " I TOLD YOU ALL TO BRING " And she stormed out.
And during lesson, no one was making any noise and no one wanted to respond to her and she got mad cause we didn't respond to her.
And she said " So I take it that you all know everything, I dont have to continue. IF YOU FAIL ITS YOUR PROBLEM, CAUSE I'VE ALREADY DONE MY JOB IN TEACHING! "
tsk, and she outside the DNT area and my whole class went out cause she called us, I think.
Then she was talking to the toilet aunty and she told the aunty " Ah yah, they dont want to learn, so I get free period lor and then they also get free period lor "
Once I heard that, I went back into the class room ( afterall she said it's free period what, so stand outside for what? Look at her engage in a conversation with the toilet aunty? Lame. )
And a few other students went back in the classroom too, but in the end we got called back.
And she told us " You class ah.. blahblahblah, go and do your work now "
And so went to the metal bench and do the rest of the stuff.
She acts like a 13 year old sometimes, and it gets annoying, afterall she is 50!
Okay maybe 49.
okay maybe 40.

I'm going to sleep now, using the lappy now.
Hahaha, it gives me a back ache.
The only thing I hate about the lappy is that the screen is so effing small.


I cant see the pictures I uploaded!

4:24 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
The following will involve Toad, Tanny, Drake, etc.
If you do not wish to read about her and if you care about her, please do not read her.
But if you hate her as much as I do, then I would kindly like to ask you to read on.

One thing I really hate about Tanny is that she lies, she lies so much that she can't remember what she lied before and she lies about things she loves.
She wrote in her blog " I hate Vicky. Vicky musterbates"
or something like that,
Correction, Tanny musterbates her cunt off and she does it with Darren.
( her first and one true love, the indian secuirity guard is just eye candy for her. )

Second thing :
She wants to be the first ever guyish porn star, which is pretty gross.
( she is such a turn off. )

She was my favourite jerk and she was my favourite asshole but right now, she is just a piece of crap who is a jackass.
She is the biggest Jackass ever.
She ought to die.
I hate her.
And now if you hate tanny, please tag on my board and support me.

10:44 PM

Something so indecent yet so funny.
This is what I saw when I lifted up my head while using the laptop

Retard in progress

Guess who, Lappy!

7:28 PM

I've decided that since I'm too young for apartments and I'm too poor to sip coffee in the morning at nice fancy cafes, I've substituded and came to a conclusion that meeting Lizard and Muriz ( Okay that woman overslept once though ) at 530am at Lizard's void deck was pretty alright.
And I've decided that since coffee bean nor starbucks open at such an ungodly hour, that the prata shop at Gardens will do just fine.
And so we cabbed it down to Gardens at 530am.
Yet again, another crazy day.
Met Jenny and Siewhwee there.
Then dropped by s11 to get some candy, the mineral water there costs double the price of our schools mineral water. tsk.
Walked to school with Muriz and Lizard, Jenny and Siewhwee still wanted to stay in the coffee shop ( they came slightly later than us ).
We were suppose to take a cab to school, but no cab in sight and we kept walking and soon we realised we were at some ooh-loo route which leads to our school.
We are such grandmas, we walked a bit and had to sit on the curb to rest.
( Too much prata ah! )
And a few teachers drove pass us, then Lizards chinese teacher stopped the car and gave us a lift, yet again.
School was pretty okay.
Had a test, open book, pretty alright.
I was falling asleep during chinese, it's not because I woke up early lah.
Anyway, I slept at 12++ am, due to America's next top model and a bad throat and block nose.
After school, went to see the Gun in the ridiculous uniform, I couldn't stop laughing at myself.
Then went out with Nerdi.
We went to Raffles place, it's so nice to go out with her.
:D We window shopped.
Thanks ah Muriz! I left my wallet with Muriz and told her to put it in her bag, and guess what, she did not bring it today. And I've not seen my wallet since last tuesday mind you.
So I only had 10 bucks with me, with no credit card, with no ezlink card.
So I had to tap with Ner in but had to buy a standard ticket back home and the only time I spent money was when we were in Burger King.
Once again, the money is blown on food.
I dont know whether to get those Mango jeans, Zoe says there will be a sale by the end of the year and the jeans go as cheap as 30 dollars.
So maybe Levis?
But I dont know how to choose, but I know what kind of design and colour I want though.
I cant fit into those black pants in giordano.
I've no butt and no hips.
I'm a walking blob of fat with no bones.
I'm so disgusting.
I couldn't stop drooling over Naima.

6:54 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, August 15, 2005
Zoe. says:
tell him you don't cyber, you do it live.

Zoe. says:
hahaha see what he says

Voraciously Vicky: Let the Nerdizza evolve and Spofs unite! says:

Voraciously Vicky: Let the Nerdizza evolve and Spofs unite! says:

Zoe. says:
quick quick i wanna know his reaction!


10:04 PM

Are boys naturally rude or what?

Anyway, today Victor came over and he went to check out my sickly computer.
Guess what, the whole thing is burnt ( Some part of it is burnt, I think it's called the processer (?) ) and I've to throw away my whole CPU and get to buy a new one.
No worries, my pictures and shit is in the harddisk and that is fine.
For now I'm sticking to my Daddy's computer and lappy.
I think having a laptop is fun, it's so portable, and it's even better since my house has wireless connection, I can even use it in the toilet, except I've to find a charger which is long enough to reach my toilet.
Victor's so funny and he is still very lame, and I'm still very lame and we're still very lame.
It's fun talking to him, he is pretty interesting and it's fun to sit beside the piano with him, cause he comes up with marvelous tunes, even though he doesn't learn much music and even though he doesn't do the keyboard ( he knows a bit, but he's wonderful at it. ).
He is a natural musician to me, he comes up with lovely tunes.
Anyway, I soon fell asleep after talking to him for almost 3 hours or 2, and playing with the small vaccumm( spelling? ) cleaner.
I think the noise drove him up the wall, but that was fun too, hehehe driving victor up the wall.
Slept from 615-8.
Good nap.
I've decided to start studying from tomorrow onwards, I've to start on my science, history, geography and CHINESE.
I really dont know what I'm going to do about my chinese, I've got chinese oral and I've not studied for it.

Okay, I woke up and then headed to the television, my throat was being a big bitch, it was annoying me.
I've taken some medicine already and my throat somehow got used to the medicine and refuse to recover.
Annoying, I know.
After watching an hour of tv, or an hour and half I plonked myself on the floor and started to set up the lap top for use.
I signed in, and some guy from the superteens camp which I went to last year.
( My parents were hoping that it would change my attitude towards studying, I felt brainwashed, it was one of the most terrible experiences ever, cause I met snoobish people, I had only 3 hours of sleep everyday for 5 straight days or maybe 7, we were forced to study, I didnt know anyone there ( like thats a problem ) and my room mate was the prettiest girl but too bad I wasn't gay then, OH YES, and they confiscated our handphones. It felt to me, like some kind of prison or some kind of concentration camp ( hitler, yah know. ), I kept showing my black face to the guy and the guy clearly knows I hate him, well cause he told me to smile, I gave him a bloody sarcastic smile for 1 second and frowned again and he told me " I know you dont really like me very much " and he also said at the end of the camp " I know my english isn't very good, even children, like Binky told me that she cannot stand people with bad english, so I'm sorry lor "
Hahaha, I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, basically it was brainwash camp, but I told my friends ( as in Nerdi and all ) to get me unbrainwash, and they did, they reminded me how I was like, so thank goodness I did not change... for the better. HAHA, OR ELSE I'D BE SO BORING THAT I WOULDN'T BE TALKING TO MURIZ NOW! )
Anyway, at that camp, we had to play lame games and one of the games involved alot of team work ( almost all the games needed that ) and so I had to hold some guys hand, his name is Darren and he is a year younger than me.
Thus that makes him 12 when I was 13.
He had the sweatiest palms, he isn't good looking, he doesn't talk, he is boring, he is lame in a bad way.
Anyway, he added me online, after the camp, and he said " I crush you ". Hahaha, OF COURSE I KNEW IT WAS SOME DUMB JOKE RIGHT.
So I said " okay whatever " then he said " Hahaha I'm just kidding ".
Not even funny. -_-
It'll be funny if you're Nerizza or something, BUT FACE THE FACT THAT YOU'RE NOT SO DONT COME AND LAUGH AND SAY IT'S FUNNY.
Anyway, I deleted him off after a month. ( I clear my msn list after a month, cause I love to delete people. )
Then recently he emailed me.
He is now 13 and I am now 14.
He said in the email : Hi do you still remember me, by the way do you cyber ?
I replied : Cyber?
He replied : ( word for word. ) yup..means like if u hav a web cam, den u masturbate urself and i masturbate myself..so we can see wad each person doing..i know its perv but do u??cuz i wanna find someone to do cyber with.....

Apparently, I've not read the email yet when I came online.
So he talked to me first .
First thing he say wasn't even hello it was " So do You? "
Me " Cyber? If you mean cyber sex, then no and go get a life "
And he didn't reply, that was when I realised he was talking about cyber sex.
And it was disgusting, firstly, he is underage, HE ISNT MY BOYFRIEND, he is so horny it makes me want to puke, this is the first thing he can think of when he have not talked to me for 38921738972 months and I'm gay( thus hearing about all this, and especially all this cyber sex from a guy makes it worst. ).

I hope this doesn't embarrass him. But anyway, none of you will know who this Darren is, after all, I've never mentioned about him to anyone ever.
( This shows how insignificant some people are to me, I'm not being mean, I'm being factual. )
I don't know what's wrong with him, it is as if he can't read peoples emotions, or feelings, or what they are thinking.
( I know I'm bad at that but I can tell when someone is upset, especially if the person is crying. )
I mean we've not even established any sort of friendship status, it's quite funny though.
I told Muriz and Muriz was very what the fuck about everything.
Oh my god my ass is so sore.
Boys are so rude and he is one fine example.
Why are Singaporean boys so rude sometimes.

9:31 PM

Blogs are so interesting to read, especially if they are well written.
( Kinda explains why my blog is boring. )

Anyway, had school today.
Bird and Rachel were no where to be found.
1st thought : definately did this together.
2nd thought : Maybe they pon school together
3rd thought : or maybe not.
4th thought : Definately pon school together.
The Lit did not come again. And there's gonna be a Lit test soon and guess what?
The last chapter I remembered learning is chapter 2 and today someone wrote on the board " Please study chapter 7, requested by our Lit teacher ".
Wtf? We're at chapter 7 already!
Anyway, after school, went home.
Yes so now I'm home.
and I'm bored.

Someone got watermelon eyes.
Victor is coming over soon, I haven't seen him in AGESSSS!

3:22 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, August 14, 2005
I am so happy, I went to church today.
And I saw Dreg in the morning once again, for maybe like 5 seconds.
She and her problems.
Anyway, todays speaker was really bloody funny.
He reminds me of a teddy bear
After church, went for lunch at Raffles City.
I hate it when there is a tension at the lunch table, my dad and I had a little quarel.
I was frank, and told him not to judge people.
He keeps saying vulgar people are stupid and he has something against Muriz.
Frankly, I don't care what he thinks, but when he starts talking about Muriz and starts getting all pissy when he doesn't know her, that's when I get very mad.
How can you judge someone when you dont know the person.
He became nicer, and went on some shopping outing or something.
I got a mango singlet, mickey mouse tee and X&Y album.
I'm happy.
And I just met Birdy for grapevine.
I was dying to get out of the house.
So I'm pretty happy.
I better go to bed.
I cant find my wallet leh!


11:04 PM