I lived till(:

Saturday, August 27, 2005
I'm a cab taking machine.
I should really stop acting as though I'm rich and start bearing with the buses and trains.

Anyway, slept at 12 and woke up at 7.30am on a saturday.
Went for CIP, painted a Muriel ( I hope I spelt it correctly. ).
Spent an hour painting, then had an hour break, talked ALOT.
I thought it was the most fun CIP ever.
During the One hour break, I ate a little bowl of noodles ( from shiyun. ) and 3 wantons and kopi.
Anyway, CIP was suppose to end at 12, but I decided after contemplating for 10 minutes to go for the SYF Gold with Honours performance, or else I'd still have to pay 10 bucks for the ticket.
So I had to rush down from Serangoon North to Victoria Concert Hall.
The catch is that it was already 11.30am and the concert starts at 12pm.
So I only had half an hour, and I almost died in the cab, anxiety attack, was panicking.
And the total cab fare was 10 bucks, so basically, I'm paying 20 bucks for the damn performance.
The first performance from dont know what school, was just bad.
No offence, but frankly speaking, the girl couldn't act and the grandma could act except she still seemed young.
The grandpa was good though.
That school got gold with honours even though they had 4 people in their cast lah.
The second performace by Anderson school was good, very damn bloody good.
Kinda reminded me of the Spook show.
Anyway, the performance was great, about hell and sadistic shit.
About a school girl who hanged herself and a mom who got an abortion or something.
REALLY sadistic, but the actors are gorgeous.
The play ended at 1.50pm.
Had to walk down to suntect convential hall.
Went for the spook show.
Nearly half of my school was there is it!
While I was outside waiting for Jenny, I saw Theresa, drool.
Then Jalore called me, it sorta made my day since I've not heard her voice for more than 5 months already.
Then went in to sit with Jenny, Muriz, Lizard, Julia, ah yah basically alot of people.
Alistair came, had to sit on Charis' lap.
Then after the concert, went to some candy place near suntect, got the Willy Wonka candy.
Then we sat the kiddy ride, as in Kelly, Charlene, Jenny, Julia, Muriz, Lizard.
Some people thought we were crazy, had fun though.
After that, went to Swensen to eat.
Su came to meet us.
Stupidaunty, sorry aunty, sue your aunty.
Yeah, that aunty.
I did not eat anything and I've not eaten anything besides a bit of candy and my breakfast.
But anyway, I got free yoghurt from Dreg since she worked there and since she did the yoghurt stall.
Kelly " She looks like a guy "
I'm aware of that, Lizards bestfriend ah!
Hahahhaa, Lizard's damn funny.
Once we spot a butch, I'd tell her " EH LIZARD YOUR BESTFRIEND! "
Yuck balls can.
Anyway, went to the fountain.
Walked around 3 times and made a wish.
Apparently, some wishes came true. ( Inside joke or fact or whatever. )
We were dancing like mad to the music?
Saw Caroline.
Then Jenny left.
We played with some little boy.
God today was so much fun.
If you've not realised, everytime, I have a good time, I won't really blog about it into details.
Anyway, we all headed to the Durian.
Then went and dance.
The lady talked to us and asked us what school we were from, I bet she is lesbian or was at least.
Muriz and I couldn't stop dancing.
After that, we all walked to citi link at 930pm.
And some guy went up to kelly and muriz and said " Yuck Lesbian. "
Muriz " Yah so?! "
Everyone were acitng so gay.
ANYWAY, took a train back with Lizard Muriz and Julie.
I went back home alone.
And just took a shower.
God, I'm not hungry.

I kept saying I'm having menopause cause I kept feeling hot flashes.
And apparently, the less I eat the more energy I've got.
Happy birthday Juliet, Julia, WUUUULIA.

11:29 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, August 26, 2005
Look who I'm inlove with. wah drool sia.

Sorry ah, I didnt want to put my gross face up with hers.

My girlfriend who is married to Poks my good ol ahpek buddy, dating blur cocks birdy tan, eyeing on eyecandy doralyn.
But yet she can flirt with me, that means she loves me the most.
look at her nick:
Spoil me, Vicky. Make me a brat. :]

I'm going to spoil you and make you wish for everything you want and not need

Goodnight i got cip at 745am and i only had 6 hrs of sleep today.

And I gave her a custome made LV bag today, in shades of purple, her favourite colour.


11:55 PM

I took a total of 5 cabs today.
2 to school, another to someones house to pick the person up except her computer went crazy and she told me to get my ass out of the cab, and she took 15 minutes to come down to pass me cash.
Then went to her house, Mutu durtu's house.
Her lovely big house and lovely room.
Anyway, we then took a cab some where else, did lots of stuff then took a cab back home.
So total of 5 cabs.
I'm off to indulge myself with some fan fiction, bloody group member doesn't want to co operate!

6:34 PM

Cyber week is driving me up the wall.
I slept at 230am this morning and woke up at 830am the following day.
And I had to drag my lazy, tired and sick ass down to school.
Took a cab to school and then cabbed in back home, total cost 8 bucks.
The taxi driver was checking my maid out, what the fuck.
I think cyber week is pretty hell dumb, firstly, we're not going to do much research on the internet ( so that defeats the purpose. And thus it shouldn't be called CYBER week. )
And they want us to put up a skid talking online?
That's so ridiculous, how're you suppose to come up with a drama skid, doing it online.
This is the part when the actor goes " What the fuck, this is a great challenge, time to call my agent and ask him what the hell I'm suppose to do now. "
Pity, I don't have an agent neither do my group members.
No agents, no ideas, how are we suppose to come up with a skid in less than a week doing it online.
And the only time we get to meet is on monday for two pathetic hours. Oh please.

Bend the rules or you lose.

11:42 AM

Okay I've concluded that I've got too much time and that Liankim is a very rare name.
I've googled her up.
At first, I just typed Liankim, and okay the first few links was some guy.
And the rest were of her. :O
I saw a chatlog, and many more.
And then I typed Liankim Selby.
And I've realised her running results?
Competitive Categories Women's Open Under 17 (5.3 km. )
3rd place: Liankim Selby Timing : 29.45.
Pretty impressive. :D
Another :
Singapore Marathon 2004
Liankim Selby
Nation: US
Finish time:
Netchip Time:

10KM RUN LEH!!!!!

So many names, too much neck cramps.
Anyway yeah basically I googled her name with her sur name and all these running results came out, pretty impressive hor.

6pm November 3oth Kallang Tennis Center
Girls U12 singles

Sonia Louis
Lian Kim Selby

WAH!!! So this is what it takes to have her body, basically just work your ass off and exercise more than your dog.

1:58 AM

If you can remove these following, I'll be really happy :
Remove those hiddeous stretch lines on my tighs.
there are approximately 4 lines on each tigh, not too obvious though, thank god.
Remove the folds at my arms ( my mom claims that it is just skin, but i think not, cause my arms weren't so huge last time. )
Well toned out arms
Permenant bikini line wax.
Bigger boobs.

Its so damn late, I ought to sleep!
I've to take my meds, but too lazy and I've to eat before I can take it, wtf!
Say Mike Hunt continuously and fastly.

1:10 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 25, 2005
I feel dog tired, after doing my bloody paper cut and I've yet to do assignment one, and I really cant be bothered right now.
I hope the teacher appreciates it, not just because I've put the efford in cutting it and not just because I'm going to school tomorrow just to hand in this bloody assignment but on top of that, I'm sick and yet I'm doing all this.
( Okay, I sound like a spoilt brat. Okay I'm thankful that he even accepts my work. )
Anyway, he will, since he ain't christian ( my religion, my blog, my rules, and no offence. )
I watched 12 fat woman trying to slim down, and because of these fat ladies, there was no Joey!
Yeah, and I caught Lost.
It was pretty alright, I thought the flash back about the sister and brother thing was really touching.
You pay like what? 5 grand for the girl you love, and that isn't even the first time.
The girl is so bitchy and the actress is great.
And the guy looks yummy.
After watching lost, I'M HERE!
And I'm tired and I'm probably going to school tomorrow in home clothes ( who gives a shit lah. )
I might as well just go in boxers and singlet and be a professional ahpek.
I should really go to bed now. =D

I'm trying over and over again, but the bloody thing doesn't want to post up any pictures.

I hope I won't make a mistake, because it maybe fatal.

11:22 PM

toilety bowl
My beloved shower area

My pink ipod which refuses to work, even my story book is crying for it! The medcine which I've to take in the afternoon, I didnt take the liquids though cause I want to do work and it causes drowsiness, wait till you take a look at the pills I take at night, they're so huge!

Can you see the giant pill! My pills comes in funny wrappers

There are more pictures except the laptop refuses to post them up. FARK IT
even though I did not take the drowsy medicine but I'm still feeling drowsy, wth!

4:35 PM

Today I woke up at 630am and then remembered that I'm able to sleep even longer, since mom didn't mind.
And since I need tons of sleep, I might as well take this opportunity to sleep, thank goodness I did.
Went to school at 940am.
Then had recess and then had the rest of the lessons.
I really hate it when my form gets totally worked up about teaching, it is pretty upsetting since she is more like a friend than a teacher.
And she just seems to frustrated.
I wish she would just quit ( after I graduate of course. =P )
Anyway, had art.
The man started scolding me cause I said I didnt have powerpoint
Me and my smart mouth, and then I realised I was suppose to do finish the thing on powerpoint OR PHOTOSHOP ( I wanted to ask whether I could use photoshop mah. ) like 2 weeks ago, ho-hum.
So I think I better go do my papercut soon.
Anyway, after school, went for the china breifing then went to eat lunch.
And guess what!
I saw Pewnice Yogi Bearo Leech Lucy Flower Lailingalingaling SM this afternoon.
After 3 weeks of not seeing her I finally saw her, or rather bumped into her in the canteen.
Its queer especially since we're studying in the same school but yet there are still possibilities whereby you won't bump into the person.
I've not seen her since, national day, I think it's BEFORE national day actually.
Then cabbed it home.
I took 2 cabs today, one is back home and one is to school, tsk so much money but I just can't stand buses.

I'm going to upload some pictures.

4:30 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Frankly speaking, I have spend half my life day waiting.
That is very bad.
Firstly, I spent my day waiting for Charis to finish her science test ( Its okay, cause I had my tv. ).
Then I had to wait for a cab.
Then I had to file my ass off that letter opener and wait for the Rose to come and help.
Then I had to wait for a bus.
Then I had to wait at the doctors.
My number was 11 and it was number 1 only!
And 15 minutes passed and it was still NUMBER ONE!
So I went back home at 730 after waiting for half an hour and only realising it was still stuck at number one.
Then went home and did dnt, I had to wait for Kris to send me some stuff ( Once again, I'm not complaining. )
Then I went back.
And it was number 12 and it was already 845pm, the doctors will close at 9.
I had to wait till 910 for my turn, more waiting!
I went into the room, and there was no doctor.
So I had to wait somemore.
And apparently, the doctors were filled with people from my condom condo.
And apparently, I only had 26 dollars and the bloody meds cost a bomb of 31 bucks!
So I had to call my brother, thank goodness his tuition was okay with it, his tuition teacher is probably only 20, quite good looking and a funny guy.
He drove my brother to the doctor, once again, I had to wait for more money to come.
Then I paid and he sent us home.
Hahaha, I saw woman walking home, she seemed like she was rushing.
Justins teacher " I think I saw your mom, she was like rushing or something? "
Bro and I " Definately woman, she always seems like she is hurrying. "
Nex thing we saw was WOMAN HERSELF!
Yeah you're lame binky.
Anyway, reached home and dug into my Big and tasy with cheese burger and nuggets, my brother stole my shroom burger but nevermind.
I have not ate anything since 11am so I was terribly hungry.
After that, talked to my mom and stuff, she is pretty funny.
Someones panties are enormous.
Then I took my meds, and god, do they NOT taste like heaven.
They're so bloody bitter.
I've got different sized tablets.
From HUGE ones to BLOODYYY tiny ones ( I'm serious when I say tiny. )
Anyway, I've not sand my letter opener, how?
I'm still contemplating on whether to go to school tomorrow.

11:03 PM

I've announced today as a Binky holiday, thus I did not go to school.
Well okay the truth is, I slept at 12am or rather I tried to sleep, I was fucking tired but I kept tossing and turning around, this side and that side, and I probably took 2 hours to sleep due to my very bitchy cough.
I woke up at 630 realising that I've got arms cramps, finger cramps and a very bad back.
And plus I was very tired, I need alot of sleep unlike Bird who is really powerful who can drag her tired ass down to school even though she slept at 3am the night before.
Anyway, mother was home.
I spent my day watching tv, eating chocolates ( I dont know why there's an overflow of chocolate in my house, my maid claims that it's my mom, and I wasn't surprised. ) ranging from chocolate waffles to a toffee lollipop which is covered with chocolate, it tastes like heaven but it's going to rot the metal off my teeth ( it is bloody sticky ), reading the latest babyblue scrapbook and watching tv ( TRL, POP, Basically, Mtv. )
I took a shower at 1pm and then waited for Boo to finish her science test, left the house at 230 and took a cab down.
( I'll elaborate more on why I hate taking buses. )
Met boo in class, we then went for DNT.
I've never filed so much in my life, well anyway, filed from 3-5!
Oh my goodness.
I'm glad Charis got most of hers done.
We were already dog tired after dnt, so we went to grab and drink and then reminded ourselves that we have to walk through the front gate to the nearest bus stop ( but the bus stops are really far anyway. )
But lo and behold, there she was, while we were walking out of school, in a car, she was waving to us, then she stopped the car and rolled down her automatic window asking us where we were going.
She was none other than my Tudong ( ?? ) wearing Literature teacher!
She asked us to hop on, and oh may god bless her.
She has a little kid I guess, since her car was messy and looked more like a play ground than a car, and there was of course the baby seat.
( I like baby seats as they make me feel tall. )
Yeah she dropped me off at the bus stop and sent Charis to heartland since she was heading there herself.
Okay, now I shall elaborate why I hate buses.
Firstly, the chairs at the bus stops are made out of metal and apparently, while the sun was setting, it faced the bus stop, thus the seat expanded and it turned bloody hot.
And it almost fried my tighs and butt.
Secondly, it takes so bloody long for a bus to arrive ( but mrts are different. ) and bus stops are so bloody far from the bloody school.
( In my case, if I take the backgate I would have to walk a short distance to the bus stop but when I alight I would have to walk bloody long back home. And if I take from the front gate, I would have to walk bloody long to the bus stop ( both bus stops have my bus so it doesn't really matter. But! the one with the overhead bridge only has 76 and it takes bloody long and the one without which is bloooooooooddddddyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! far has 3 buses which reach my house ) but when I alight, it'd be at my backgate. )
Thirdly, buses are crowded and disgusting, someone may pinch your ass during pick hour and you wouldn't know who.
Fourthly, buses jerk approximately 10 times before it finally stops ( be it traffic light or at the bus stop, it jerks like fuck. )
Fifthly, bus seats are uncomfortable.
Sixthly, the bus makes me nauseous.
Seventhly, the tv mobile stalls.
Eightly, it's badly vandalised.
Ninethly, it is public!!!
Tenthly, I do not have my ezlink card.
Okay fuck it. There's nothing I can do now.
I shall go eat now, or erm, do something lah.
I only ate one meal today, and I'm hungry, going to the doctors veryvery soon!

6:07 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
This morning I woke up at 5.50am, knowing that I'm suppose to meet Muriz and Lizard for breakfast, but my ass wouldn't move, so fuck it.
I skipped the thought of having breakfast and told them I couldn't make it, due to a lazy ass.
Daddy fetched me to school again and that really makes my day, because this means that I wouldn't have to cab it to school nor worry whether I'm going to be late.
The prefect pestered for my appeal letter, like what the fuck lah, my form teacher isn't even making any noise and you're so unhappy for what, but I guess they've got to do, what they've got to do??
Had chinese oral today, was rather nerve wrecking and it turned out like a train wreck anyway.
But she gave me a 10/20.
That really made my day too, because i ought to fail and she told me I ought to fail too, oh well.
And she told me that some of my han yu pin yin which Tanny have carefully written were wrong.
And one of the wrong words was di1di1 but Tanny wrote it as sheng1 sheng1 if I'm not wrong.
And I told my teacher in chinese " But my secondary 4 friend told me it's pronunced like that and it is like that, and somemore she got oral distinction "
Like what the @##%^&@*!(#&*)!
Had Science test, the Lime said it was going to be effing hard, it turned out the opposite.
And Chemistry gave us alot of time to complete.
After school, I was suppose to do DNT but I got carried away and in the end I hung out with Angsana, Bird, Spof and Muriz in the canteen till 3.15pm, Kelly joined us too.
Then they all left except for Muriz.
Muriz and I then joined Su and Lizard and were annoying them with the banging of newspapers, quite funny lah, cause they were so annoyed.
Left the school at around 4.40-5, Daddy came to fetch.
Oh yes and while I was in school my mother smsed me " Dad bought you a new pc "
Haha, and I screamed oh my god for 2 seconds and then the excitement slowly faded away.
My mom claims that it is 1000++?
But I think it comes with the flat screen lah, my dad bought bro a new flat screen too.
Anyway, fetched Muriz and Lizard home.
Got home, used the laptop, I think Jills blog is damn interesting, I was reading her archives.
Anyway now got shooting stars.
toodles, my throat is so dry that I can feel it crack.

8:27 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, August 22, 2005
I've had the weirdest dream, of this gorgeous girl, except she is bloody straight.
Ho wells.
Anyway, my friend told me something " If you make someone unstraight, you must bear the responsibility and make her straight after you are done with her . "
haha, I can't believe it, but yeah.
It's time for me to turn straight... Yeahhhhhh... rightt. ( In PokPoons case " wrongg. " )

Naima is sizzling and she made me less stress, time for my beauty sleep.
ATM really motivates me to keep a nice body, once I get well lah.

11:38 PM

I dont know why I'm called Vickoo and I think it's because it Vickoo sounds obscene.
I know what is CHAO JI DAN OK!

10:07 PM

Today was a rough day for me.

Firstly, I slept at one am and woke up at 625 and waited for mom only to realise that she ain't going for work today, but no harm done, since Daddy fetched me to school.
I was literally sleeping during assembly, my head kept bobbing up and down.
And I couldn't stop coughing throughout the whole day, that is why my throat is so bloody painful now.
After school, took a bus to Kovan, then took a train down to Raffles place.
Went to Polar indulge myself with a Sardine Puff and a Chicken puff.
Both are really yummy.
The fact that the filling is still nice and hot while you eat it and that it is still crisp while you dig in, that is what makes Polar puffs good.
After that I went for my Dental appointment, the dentist placed more stuff in my mouth.
I'm rubber and metal mouth from today onwards.
After that, went to Future Hair Studio to get my hair cut.
Robbin wanted to leave the length of my hair and let it grow, so he just trimmed it and changed a bit of the style.
I then went home after that knowing that I've got Chinese oral tomorrow and Science test.
I'm dead for science test, well firstly, cause I feel that I've not studied enough even though I'm done with the text book but The Lime said that the Physics section is going to be veryveryvery difficult, this is to see if you're suitable for next year's pure science.
( I'm definately not suitable. )
I dont know lah, so many tests plus the chinese oral thing which I've already given up on. Cause I know eventually I'll get laughed at and eventually I'll get the lowest mark in the whole class, so fuck it, and I should just stop moping around and I should stop blogging and get on with life.
I'll blog and tell you guys how many marks I get for chinese oral, the teacher is bound to sigh, what to do?! I'm just very bad at chinese!
And I'm going to China, the irony of it all.
Anyway, there's one more chapter I've to learn, that is pH indicators, but I can't find my secondary 1 tb.
I hope Naima will chase my monday blues away... No wait what am I talking about. She WILL chase my monday blues away.
28 more minutes till America's Next Top Model!

10:02 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Tanny just left my place, frankly speaking, I think she came my house to use my computer, electricity and to eat my junk food.
Okay, but thank you Tanny for tuitering me in chinese ( it's very brave of her, cause my chinese is ... ( insert word which is opposite of HOPE ) ).
Even though most of the time is spent on my laptop, talking to Jeslyn, surfing the net and eating, I'm still very grateful.
But I'm still not done, I've still got 2 more chapters to study, and I dont know what I'm going to do.
And I've still got one more chapter of lit to study, what am I going to do!?!

Plus on Tuesday, I got a Science test and tomorrow I've got dental appointment at 3.50pm, this reminds me, I've got to cut my hair tomorrow, so if anyone wants tag along and see Robbin, just tell me, cause I've no one to go with anyway.
I dont know whether to cut my hair before dental or after, because if I cut my hair before, Robbin is bound to wax it up and it's bound to flatten if I sit on the dental chair ( Which I would have to. ).
I dont know what to do, time is so limited.
So many things to do with so little time, and yet I'm here blogging even though I know I've got billion tests coming up.
Plus there is the PE test tomorrow, some fucking dumb shit, about netball and all.
I'm sick, but I guess it's better if I get over it.

I'm hoping to cut the back of hair and leave the fridge slightly longer.
Oh wells, my nose is running now, and the mucus is spilling out, so I think it's best if I go get tissue.

10:47 PM

I am currently using the laptop in the living room.
It is already 8.55pm and I've not studied finish my literature, and there is a lit test tomorrow.
I'm starting to panick cause I don't want to sleep late and I've got chinese recital tomorrow, it is chinese oral.
We're given about 6 chapters to learn and only one passage from one of these 7 chapters will be tested.
I am probably going to flunk it, oh well, but I'm still going to study for it.
Anyway, today went to church, then lunch at taka, then kino, then down to the Levis shop to get a pair of levis jeans, so now I've got my very first Levis jeans.
Got home, started studying, now there is the rally speech.
Lee Hsien Long is talking about ITE and normal Acad and more stuff.
Anyway, I'm suppose to study!
Toad is suppose to tuiter me, hurhur, how nice.

8:52 PM


For all you'll foodies out there, this is the blog to read.
Its well written and its by youngsters.
freaking hell theres a fly in my room.

12:20 AM