I lived till(:

Thursday, September 01, 2005
And so I spent alot of money today, on the China trip.
In about 24 hours time I'd be leaving sunny Singapore for Cheena China.
Right now I'm busy updating my ipod with songs.

The day started off with me waking up realising that there were 2 ladies in my house.
They were teaching my mother how to use their dieting product, which is rather funny.
It's some sort of drink.
Anyway, ate breakfast then went to take a shower and then outing with mommy.
First, we stopped by Popular at Orchardto get books, pens, disposable underwear, pins, transparent bra straps which in the end turned out pinkish with glitter, major gross.
Then went to Fox at Wistma to get 3 shirts, 2 green and one in another colour, I kinda forgot what I bought, hahaha.
Then headed to Topshop and looked around and got myself a pair of 3 quaters, which cost a bloody bomb of 79 buckeroos.
Saw Emeline there and she is going China too.
After that went to eat lunch at some Posh fancy pants Italian restaurant, I ate but my mother watched.
She was on her diet, HAHAHA.
Okay lah, she only ate salad, poor woman had to sit infront of me and watch me tempt her with the chocolate cake.
After that, back to Fox!
Got 2 sports bra and then to Giordano to get 3 pairs of socks, black, white and orange.
Then trained it down to Dhoby Ghaut, went to get more stuff from Carefour.
Saw Jenny in the train with her mom.
Then went to watch Red Eye.
It's a thriller and it's about Airplanes, very smart Binky, to scare yourself before the flight.
Anyway, it wasn't scary, infact it was really good.
After that, called a cab and home.
And my mom calculated and I spent more than 200 today, and I already packed my lugage.
By the way, you've to get an adapter if you want to charge your phone in China.

10:01 PM

Hello Binky,
It is time to start pulling up your socks and looking like a nerd, because you really have and need to, if you want to get the results you want.
You average is lower than your ankle socks and you almost failed it.
Even though you have met your goal in getting an A1 for at least one subject but the rest of your subjects are just like crap.
Despite the 4 Bs and 3Cs and one undergraded ( you'll never be able to guess what subject that is huh. Wo de hua yu tai hao le ba. )
You've not met your targets and that is bloody bad and terrible.
And term four is coming, and you're going off to China, so within the one month of september, no more games, no more late nights and more studying.
You've to prepare yourself for the worst if you carry on partying and if you carry on neglecting your studies.
It's time you get pumped up about the exams just like how the sec4s are about their prelims.
It's time you treat your studies with some respect.
You're only 14 and you're scoring so badly, what will happen when you are 16 huh? When you've to taken your O levels.
( You won't drop into NA, because that isn't an option, because staying in this hell hole from one more year might just kill you. )
It's time you do something about your chinese, your english, your DNT, your SCIENCE especially.
It's time you start memorizing the bloody valency table and it's time to get yourself a science tuiter.
Don't be afraid to take an extra step, don't be afraid to try out for a new tuiter.
I love you very much Binky and I hope this will wake you up from your daydream.
Till the next time, this is your conscience

Binky's conscience.

10:35 AM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
And so I ate a breakfast meal as my dinner since I saw someone's yummy breakfast meals picture.
I microwaved a sunny top and chopped tomatoes, and added two sweet and toasted waffles and a bit of pasta sauce at the side ( very irrelevant. )
It looked disgusting but it filled me even though it was veryvery plain but the waffles sweetened it.
Went to the doctors once again, saw a little girl with a big head, so bloooody cute I tell you.
What happens when you tell the teacher the wrong expiry date of your passport.
I'm leaving for China in 2 days time, and yet I'm not excited.
Hannie is though, she already started packing since monday.
I've got nothing done and I'm so unenthusiastic right now.
Infact too tired to do or think but yet a part of me wants to study except I've no clue what to study for exam!

9:47 PM

Brown one
Same brown one
Black Matrix one
Brown one



They are both 23 bucks, if you want to buy it, call me before Friday!

6:38 PM

Teachers day today, and to start off my oh-so-wonderful day, I did not bring my houseshirt.
Bird cabbed it with me today to school.
Got to school, went for the Aces day thing, was rather funny though, I couldn't stop laughing.
At the stupid actions, movements and beat and the cooling down exercise, that was the best.
It really hit the funny button, I burst out laughing when I saw Tini Wini Nini do it.
When whoever the singer is, I think it's Daniel Bedingfield ? ( spelling? okay whatever I'm not even sure whether it's him. )
Basicallythe song goes " I cant breathe easy, I cant sleep at night until you're by my side "
Or something like that.
The chorus' actions were really funny.
After that, got changed and went to the hall and watched the performance which was put up by the sec4s.
4a1 was great, well that's cause many many Ld girls are inside -wink.
Tanny looked bloody dumb, like she always does and I realised she borrowed the tie from me.
And Su ( Baboon wannabe. ) acted as a three year old kid, tsk, that was why she asked me if I had pink Pajamas, do I even look like I wear Pajamas to sleep and on top of that, do I look like I wear PINK PAJAMAS?
After the hall and all the touchy mushy crap, I saw pot.
And went to talk to Pot, she was there not to visit the teachers but collect some O level certificate, which is veryvery overdue.
Passed Form the Halo, card and flowers with Phoebe and Muriz.
Then took a cab to the primary school with Bird, Angsana and Boo.
Met Shiyun and Pris there.
And a whole bunch of people.
Shiyun, Pris and I then went to the staff room to see Ms Thio, an ex science teacher and Music Teacher of mine.
She said " Why are all your hair so short?! Is it like some kinda fashion statement or something? Must look more feminine mah. "
Me " By the way, you had short hair last time. "
Her " But I put clips. "
Then the conversation carried on.
Her " You got boyfriend? "
Me " No. "
Her " You got girlfriend? "
Me " No. I'm a swinging single. :D "
HAHAHA, she is 27 I think but she is married.
and we talked even more!
Her " Eh so how's the secondary school teachers? "
Me " Okay lah "
Her " Ms Mabel goh is pretty. "
Me " Yeah she is, I think she's the prettiest in the whole school, WHY YOU INTERESTED AH! "
Her " No lah! "
Me " Oh yah... you are married. -_- "
And somemore!
Me " Ms thio, are married people boring? "
Her " No, am I boring to you? "
Me " I dont know. "
HAHA, we talked for maybe half an hour, she is rather cool I guess.
Too bad I did not see Mrs Lee Hah, she went for a meeting and that totally sucks.
Saw Hua Lao Te ( Huang Lao shi )!
She remembers me and she still loves me. :D
Of course, since I was either the worst in chinese in the class or second from the back.
After that, took a cab to Birds house with Ann Na.
Took a shower and borrowed a shirt from her.
So I walked to central in Boxers, funny funny simpsons boxers and a huge shirt AND SCHOOL SHOES.
Fashion wreck.
Met Dory at the station then headed to Central.
Bird and Ann Na got their hair cut.
Birds one is bad, looks so beng and he kept using the razor man!
She was veryvery upset after her haircut.
And Ann Na claimed that hers look like a pao.
After that train wreck, Bird and Ann Na left and Dory and I went to the nearby coffeeshop to eat.
Was bleeding hungry, so we ate.
And we talked till 330 and we left.
I then cabbed it down to Charms house to take a look at her cool clothes.
Woman detests the clothes, well firstly cause it is long sleeve and the buttons don't match?
Anyway pictures will be posted up.
And I'll be selling for 23 dollars.
Played at her house and finally I went to watch the Fantastic 4.
After that took a nauseous bus ride home.
Then the end.
Marivik is lonely.

6:13 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Even though I had extremely good stingray and squid but I'm still very pissed.

Anyway, today went to school, did the cyber week thing and I was actually an African reporter but I decided that the nurse costume was much cooler.
Since Amuthu brought the actual one, I went around school basking like that.
And many were critisizing my skirt length.
Too bad lah, I'm those kinda old 70 year old flabby nurses, NOT HAPPY AH!
I thought the cyber week thing was pretty fun, it was like recess throughout or something.
Diyanah is a born actress, I can't believe she didn't win.
And Dionne, Oh my god, DIONNE!!!!
If you watch, you'd understand.
I remembered one part being " I'm already fourty, my husband is dead, how am i going to produce another offspring! "
I'm glad Birds class won.
After school, took a bus home with Hannie, Ner and Eunice.
Then went to Plaza Sing with Ner.
We got so hungry that we had to resort to Long John Silver.
Then after LJSing, went to Spotlight to check out teachers day gift.
Saw a really cool shop near it.
Anyway, after that we went to this ultra retro and arty farty shop, and the stickers costs 10 bucks, so yeah, whatever man. ( does the lame W, E, M thing with fingers and wriggles fingers around. )
After that, met Eunice at Action City since she could not meet her cousin.
Walked around, walkwalkwalkwalk, shopshopshopshop.
Not me, and not Ner but HER.
She got herself a F-Man shirt and then went to spotlight to get the Halo for Ms Chan.
Then took a train home.
Saw Lizard at the MRT station, and she ain't going on wednesday.
She couldn't stop insulting the nurse costume STILL.
Anyway, got home, changed bathed, then went met up with Dreg.
Wanted to go to the doctors, and no one wanted to go with me.
Okay shut up.
But the doctors was closed, holey moley.
So we headed to Chomp Chomp, first time there and the Stingray and Squid is just simply, lovely.
Got home at around 9pm, and my mother went mad.
And she said " I knew something was going on when you said you did not want to bring marv along, you are so full of shit. "
LIKE ( insert word which starts with F and ends with K. ) YOU MAN!
Anyway, I'm rather angry, cause she is in my room and she is sitting on my bed and I want to sleep already cause I got school tomorrow and sailing and doctors tomorrow.

It's just a game of love, you flirt, you break, you cry, you regret, you take for granteed, you sex and you die.

9:22 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, August 29, 2005
Every week Naima Mora marvels me with her beauty.
She is sonono, infact, too pretty, and I'm going to date her twin sister since she is too busy with modelling.

11:31 PM

There's a party this wednesday, at downtown east coasta sands resort
and it's sorta Muriz's party, but she wants to use phoebes name.
Apparently, it's their teachers day party, except the teachers are leaving by 8pm.
And there might not be any food, so bring your own food, and no alcohol, so bring your own alcohol.
There'll be only drinks.
Please dont come and tell me that you aren't close to Phoebe or whoever, because I'm just here to invite.
And it's already hard enough for me to send smses to about 20 people who are bound to reply and who are bound to ask questions about shitty things, and it's already very hard for me to reply them and try to make you come to the party.
So everything is really up to you and plus I'm already not feeling well, so I'd rather not stress myself out.
Goodnight morning, Hello Mr. Night.

Goodnight world.

8:53 PM

I've realised that there are 3 couples which I know who have the same anniversary, which is the 22nd of the month. ( whatever month they got together. )

I woke up 2 hours late today from the actual time we're suppose to meet.
Anyway had school, then did some stuff and more stuff and the end.
I thought there are going to be a party tomorrow, and I got so scared.
Dejavu, I hope that doesn't happen no matter how much I may want it to.
And I got so excited over the party for the past 40 minutes only to realise that my Lit might be staying late, so no party for Binky, boo hoo.
Well, I'm tired, so goodnight.

Hehehe, the sec4s had their prelims today.

7:57 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, August 28, 2005
Miles is so fucking funny sometimes.

I did his homework last year at around June, his book report.
And since he is the type which doesn't read and since I'm the type that has nothing better to do, we really mix well.
These are the questions he typed out for me:
Just go ahead and laugh, the book report is on Dorian Gray.


b)do u think this title good not? Give reason lah! Iyo.. (suggest alternative title if you think dat 1 given lousy 1 lo)

c) how does this story/novel thing begin? Is it an interesting way to begin dis dumb story? Give reasons oso lah..

a)how does the story develop lor? Identify key incidents/event which are important to overall storyline.

b)look more closely at any two bastards in the story e.g dorian gay! =P who are they and wat dey do in e story? Do u like or dislike dem huh? whY!!!?????

f)comment on the ending of story la.. are u satisfied not? No? whY!! I mean.. why? Or why not? this is the funniest in my opinion, and i dont know how from Question B it can jump to question f okay.

Apparently, the messenger says that I've got the wrong password, maybe someone hacked into my account.
HAHAH, yeah right I shall use the lap top.

9:32 PM

My fucking neighbour is playing Superstar really loudly.
The bloody voice is annoying me.
And I'm feeling for frustrated and FYI, I'm not going for Womad cause I've to try to calm myself down.
And try to keep my emotions and thoughts controlled.
I dont know how to ask my parents for 200 bucks to spend in china man, and I'm too lazy and tired and angry to quarel with them right now.
A bunch of things I need to do:
Go to school.
Get vitamin C
Get pads
Get panty Liner
Get 3 quats
Get some rest
Close the window
Get my auto roaming,

4:25 PM

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it totally ruined my day.
I was in such a foul mood, the whole damn day.
I went to church without saying anything to anyone and I couldn't help but find everyone around me annoying.
And I think everyone else in the family was rather pissed too.
Anyway, I dont know if I should got for Womad.

3:45 PM