I lived till(:

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Correction, the prices are all in US dollars. harhar.
Anyway, photo time, since I've got nothing to blog about except that I studied. hahaha. All the ridiculous photos of my crazy friends!
I want to upload more, except this fucking thing cant work. Good night. I only studied 3 chapts on Bio today, SO DISTRACTED!
That is Miles, I know, looks like Charis hor. HAHA. Zha bo!
I rolled off my chair laughing once I saw this picture. Her hair is so.. elvis presly.
She is such a riot
who loves to eat ahlaishas breasts
whoops, you weren't suppose to see this. HAHA.
I saw binky, and I was like, drool, my jaw dropped.
Its raining Hearts and Lols, hallelujah!
What will I do without you

Correction, the prices are all in US dollars. harhar.

Anyway, photo time, since I've got nothing to blog about except that I studied. hahaha.
All the ridiculous photos of my crazy friends!

7:59 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, September 16, 2005
Yesterday was Eunice's birthday.
Hahaha, that young lady, well actually now she is old, okay that old lady is now 70 years old.
Oh my goodness, do you know!
Ipod U2 is going for $329!
Thats like the price of my ipod mini, and did you know, that Ipod U2 is bloody hell cool.
And of course there's the ipod Nano, which is also bloody cheap, $199 and it is able to store 1000 songs!
But I'm going to wait for the price to drop.
I feel like selling my ipod mini away and getting the iPod U2!
Afterall it is so called limitted add!
( I dont like U2 but i like the colour of the iPod and plus it can store so many bloody songs! :D )
iPod shuffle is now going for $99 but it can only store 120 songs.
For now, I'll just enjoy the Pink one I've got and wait for new iPods and I'll just wait for the price to further decrease. :D
By then my mini won't be worth anything!

9:27 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Studied the whole day, watched an hour and a half of television and went to Amuthas house to collect a hamster called Vicky's clit, wth, and zuoye.
I'm bloody tired now.
Its time to study!

11:00 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
And this is when your feelings take over
And this is what will happen when you let it all slip into your life
And this is what happens
Stop before it goes too far
It's time to get myself back on track
It's time to study
It's no time to play

School was fine today.
After school, Kris, Glyn, Ner, Charis, Bird, Hannah, Charlene went to J8.
Ate at Thai express, then home.
I'm going to bed, and I'm going to feel depressed when I wake up.
Jill must be real happy today. :D -wink

Fuck this.

5:33 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, September 12, 2005
Today was not too bad for the first day of school for term four.

The day started off with me dropping my badge in the taxi, and going to school with no tie, no name tag and no badge.
And on top of that, we were made to stand throughout assembly, as for those who went for todays assembly, you would have known that Big Bird was the woman who kept talking. And her talking is just like her nagging for the next 39278139012 years.
So I felt like crap.
But that was okay, after recess and during Literature lesson, I was called down.
My sister came to pick me up.
We then cabbed it down to the studio and guess what, it is Einsteins birthday today!
The dude is now 40 years old, whoops I meant, fourteen, yeah yeah whatever.
Anyway, sister wasnt with me, but I had fun goofing around with the rest.
Marco and Eyestein are bloody funny, anyway, waited around till 12pm then started the modelling for a huge honda shirt and 2 bagpacks which look bloody hell big!
And within 15 minutes, I've earned 100 dollars.
Anyway, after that, I had to waste my life around till 2pm.
Then we went off to the van and went to pick my sister up from Holland Village.
After picking her up, OFF TO THE ZOO!
I'm not kidding, we really went to the Zoo.
Changed into a Chefts top, which I daresay is veryvery cool.
Had fun with 14 kids, even though I detest children.
We sat on the tramp, and I did not want to get filmed, so yeah.
Then went to feed the elephants. ( what really upset me, was that the trainers/keepers were beating the elephants, with things that looked like hammers, except it had pointy ends, basically, it hooks the elephant's skin. And I still can remember the sight of the elephant lying down and the crazy keeper who kept hooking it. )
Eyestein then went to teach the kids how to draw the elephant, then back to the tramp and then to the night safari's Ben and Jerry.
I had loads and loads of fun really.
Was really quite an experience.
Marco's really funny and he has a huge nose, reminds me of Daryl from Baby Blues.
After that, it was already almost, 6pm?
Then back to the studio.
And had an after party.
Everyone went mad.
Was raining like crazy, I had to shit except the lights were out, fuck.
But anyway, I got to shit at around 7 +
And my handphone batt was dying on me.
When the rain stopped at around 8++, I took a cab home.
And some ah-soh tried to lure me into her cab?!
She stopped the cab and asked me where I was going and said that she can drop me off, and all I said was " Lor Liew lian, No. "
Took a cab home, had a major traffic jam.
Reached home at around 830.
Am bloody tired.
It is time for me to make a time table.
I've to at least study 3 hours everday and on weekends 5 hours, excluding sundays, since I'm always busy and tired on sundays.

Today was a blast.

9:16 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, September 11, 2005
and so depression sinks in.
People come and people go.
And sometimes you've to do things you don't want to.
I don't want to go to school, but I still have to put aside my flu and cough and drag my tired butt to school.
I'll be doing a presentation tomorrow I think, and I hope I will last.
The blogskin is driving me up the wall.

9:22 PM

There's alot of blog about my trip to China, well firstly because I spent 8 wonderful or is it 9 wonderful days in China.
It is the best holiday I have, that is because this isn't with my family and doing things with friends is a whole loads of fun.
I've learnt much from this trip, besides bargaining, and speaking in the weird chinese accent. I've learnt to be more independant, and this trip has also made me, and I'm sure many other appreciate what we have in Singapore.
In China, there are beggars without arms ( literally ), and clean water in scarce ( I'll blog more about this tomorrow. ) and TOILETS, oh precious clean sitting Singaporean toilets. hahaha.
And Besides that, the whole trip is bound to make people, especially children much more independant as we've to take care of our own things and be more responsible.
And besides that, I've to actually, wash my clothes.
And I've never washed clothes in my life, but it was fun.
Made lots of new and weird friend, despite my loudness, I'm sure they love me even more than I love them :P.
Even though, I've left part of my heart in China but the return to Singapore was still great.
I'm inlove with the tour guide, SHE GAVE ME A KISS AND I KISSED HER BACK!!
hahaha, she's really nice, lovely lady.
But this isnt good bye, as the memory will always stay.
I want to bring her home to singapore, but that would spoil everything.
You will treasure things more when you know you have a time limit and when you cant have it with you all the time.

12:41 AM