I lived till(:

Saturday, October 08, 2005
As she stood there, so ignorant, her face hooked on with a smile, but yet behind that, you could see the sadness in her eyes, or at least in mine.
She did not want to leave, or at least I did not want to leave. I did not want to leave her, not now, when everything was going so smooth.
She was inlove, I could tell, she was inlove with someone else, I could see, but I did not want to believe.
But I knew that I could not blame her, after all I could not resist her beauty, how could anyone else?
She looked at me, her smile got wider, but my mouth still stayed in a straight line.
" She cant leave, not now " I thought to myself, as my lips quivered.
She could not leave me now, not after what she had done to me, not after she had introduced herself to me.
How could I not notice her earlier, how silly could I be to spend my time on the other prostitutes.
My eyes blurred as her face flashed through my mind, all the memories of her, I could not erase.
As I daydreamed about her, she slowly took her time and walked towards me.
Her mouth opens, her lips parted-
I knew what she was going to say, but I did not want her to speak.
I placed my icy cold fingers on her lips and tried to stop her from saying, but all I could do was to let out a soft Hush.
She looked at me, her eyes spelt so much love, she had to leave, even if she had not wanted to.
How could something so perfect, so beautiful, I thought, How could something be so ignorant, how could she not see that I was so madly inlove with her.
I pictured myself at that point in time as I looked into her eyes, all the love we could have if she did not have to leave.
But suddenly, I got snapped back to reality as she took my fingers away from her lips.
At that moment, I caught a memory picture of her, the kind of picture which would stay in my mind forever. Her face with a smile as she looked at me so lost in words.
Then she said she had to go.
I just stood there, as I watched her walking away from me.
As I watched her leaving me for the first and last time.
I could not help, but my eyes pricked, and the tears ran down my cheeks.

Vicky, I will remember you.

V is so inlove with me, she blogged that about me. :P

10:21 PM

I forgot to add that the party is non alcoholic, because You are underage.
So you can tell your mother to let you go cause it's non alcoholic but I am not going to talk to your mother to ask her to let you go. ( thats for you to do lah. )
Invite anyone you want, just contact me once you've gotten All your friends to go. :P

9:25 PM

Us on the plane.
Hi, I saw him on the plane and V just had to take him. Isn't he just cute. :)
That what I call Edgy. I cut out the tits ( I know some of you might say I'm perversed, well I am. :) )

I like this picture. Check out their piercings.
Need some gas?

This is art and not porn.

I got woken by a call, and after checking whether she was alright and after she checking me whether I was alright. We ended up talking for 2 hours.
Rainy mornings, Bossa Nova, and a call really made my day.

12:19 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, October 07, 2005
Anyway, feeling down? feeling high? feeling angry? Well you can dance all those emotions out at the up coming party, yes the up coming party for little kiddies like you and me, maybe Barney will be there. Yeah and since it's specially hosted for little kids, you should go. Cause it'll probably not be hosted again. So there you go, a once in a life time party, plus if there is ever going to be another party like this, you'll be older already.
( 18 below but its okay if you are older. As in they will let you in, no need to sneak and stuff your bras with oranges or wear clogs to make yourself look taller. )
BUY NOW AND PAY 12 BUCKS ONLY!!!! ( so cheap yes I know. )
OR GO TO THE DOOR AND PAY 15 BUCKS !! ( 3 bucks is nothing lah hor? )
Call me at 933853450 to book tickets.
( it doesnt matter if I dont know you, cos its a freaking club lah? )
Or email me at little_sweet_barfer@hotmail.com or barfer@gmail.com

My happyy pills came over today and they really made me both exhausted and very happy. :)

11:35 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, October 06, 2005
Oh my goodness, blogger is finally NORMAL on me, I'm so happy.
I'm Muriz' happy pill. (:
Literature exam was... ... let's just say, tiring?
It was the most exercise I've done in the whole month.
+_+ thats how unfit I am.
After school, got home, studied, sleep and studied.
Going to go study.
After Science, I'm going to be very happy and I'm going to be the usual me.
So expect more of Binky after tuesday alright?
Grapevine baby, here I comee.


5:11 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I just woke up from a one hour and a half napp.
Heres another tip.
Never play the piano while I'm sleeping.
My brother pissed me off with his horrandous piano playing, it was so annoying.
And he kept banging lah?
And he keeps playing the cannon on D.
+_+ grrr.
And I was already kicking my bed in frustration and Amutha called and I snapped at her.
Oh well, told him to stop playing.

Andy you're a star, in nobody's eyes but mine

6:16 PM

I can admit that I am a very emotionally stable person.
Infact I'm so stable that I did not cry after the math exam.
Yeah, I felt like a fucker who got fucked upside down by a fat lesbian who used giant dildo.
But to hell with it, life has to go on.
There was a point in time, while walking back to class that almost made me cry.
No, paper two will be easier
Yeah so that's what I thought but paper two seemed to spell to me Tamil, Malay and Chinese all mixed up together. Ailen language.
Oh well, so yeah after that paper 2, I almost died.
But it doesn't matter ( Yeah Im sure it doesnt matter. -_- )
Even though math is one of my best subjects and even though I knew I would probably pass by only 3 marks, I still did not cry.
I'm so proud of myself.

Literature and Science here I come.

1:22 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

To Little Brown

credits : to Johannas, the kid with the huge toothy grin/ huge smile.

To Elizabeth whose smile is so gay, whose pimpal is so obvious. :P

11:05 PM

fuck I want to get a marble betta and be a betta collector just like Yoko!
They're just so beautiful.
Heres a tip.
" To turn Binky on, buy her a fucking pretty Betta which will probably cost 50 bucks. "
Order for me a fucking pretty betta and I will love you.
Thats how much my love costs, a fish. :)Man the shipping is like 24 US bucks.
fish costs 5 us bucks and the fish might die on its way plus they say it may not look alike

The white and blue one in those nice tanks are Yokos.
One is called Gandalf the other Jin. ( I bet you can't guess which is gandalf huh. )

5:38 PM

school, history paper sucked, cause there wasn't enough time.
If you think not doing question is bad enough, wait till you are in my shoes.
I did not do 3 questions, I did a ten mark question only one quater.
And I fucking knew how to do the reliability, except nooo, I had to listen to what hazeline has to say, so I did section C.
Oh fuck it. :)
Tomorrow, math paper.
I've not practiced but I'm quite clear with the formulas and all but not very.
Oh well, at least Wei Kai came, imagine if he did not.
Cos JY did not come and cos he had NS.
I'd probably fail, just like last year.
+_+ I always get an A1 for my term three and get a freaking d7 for my EOY

5:07 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 03, 2005
V is a bond girl
And I'm a hushpuppy and topshop girl.
The brand doesnt matter, its the design.

6:55 PM

She has a split personality.
So who is she, really?
She scares me.
I tolerate her
She acts totally differently
She has got a special charisma
that will make you go wow.

Purely fictionous.

6:38 PM