I lived till(:

Saturday, October 22, 2005
At 3:41am, Lizard smsed me " ARE YOU AWAKE " what the fuck.
So happen I WOKE UP and I was stretching. So damn gay lah.
I guess I'm spoilt in a way, after all, I told Daddy that my 3200 could not on.
And my mother told him to get me a new phone, a coloured new phone, something which I want.
But something not so expansive :)
Will update whether I get the phone which I want.
Except, now I've no idea what phone I want.
Browsing through motorola ( since they have got the coolest phones on earth )

You appeared so perfect in my dream. We were so perfect. But reality bit my ass real hard.
I swear I could've said I love you, but it was a dream.
After all you were too perfect to be mine and maybe you do deserve more
its okay, I've let go (:

I bought 2 packets of frogs.
Each packet had 25 little frogs.
One of the packet, I opened up and put the frogs in the same tank as the other 3 bigger frogs. The other packet, I left in my toilet for 2 days.
Apparently, there was no more oxygen.
So most of the frogs died. It was extremely gross, and I had to clear it.
I took out 2 still alive frogs, the rest I threw away.
I'm sure there are a few more alive frogs in the plastic bag, but well, they did not move when I called them to.
So too bad, they die.
:( I feel mean.
I've only got cold blooded animals living in my house.
Terrapins ( I totally hate. ), frogs ( they're cute but smelly ) and fishes & shrimps.
:) I still love my betta.
I'm planning to collect one whole set of bettas.
Anyone want to pay?
I saw many pretty bettas at heartland.
I'm gonna collect red, white, blue blahblah.

11:26 AM

Elizabethes houses

Walking to Elizabeth's house, I just woke up
Still walkin

That's what I'm talking about baby!

On the way to birds place

We sorta surprised her and bought her her raisin bread :) ( I just realised I left my cash at her house.. -_- )At the playground below Lizards house

This was around 1130pm :) We sang a birthday song to Lizard and she just stood by her bedroom window to listen. We're sweet people. Her crazy mother did not allow her to go down

Okay this thing refuses to post more pictures.

Anyway had loads of fun.


V is down with a raging fever, may god cure her, Amen :)

12:12 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, October 21, 2005
Today was suppose to be a fun day, and I've to admit, yes 50% was spent on fun and another 50% was spent on stress.
In the morning, I got up, thinking " what the hell, I'm so tired, how the hell am I suppose to act as a bubbly dog "
So anyway, many dogs came.
My favourite dog is still Abigail's 4 month old Husky, Keebah? or something.
He's handsome/ cute.
And he costed her a freaking bomb of 1000++
Yeah 1000 ++ for a dog, and plus the food, and the leash, toys etc is about 1000++
So to actually take care of a Husky you must be ready to pay a total of 3000
After assembly, went walking around the school with Ann Na.
Charis swapped her cat to Aunt Nancy's dog or something.
A very horny dog.
Ner brought Jet, her black cat.
I brought my frogs :)
There were 28 frogs in total, 3 big frogs and 25 small ones which are meant for food for the bigger ones.
Anyway, had to head down to the respective venue for Drama at 9.
So I spent my day doing drama.
But it was fun :)
Rachel and I looked SOOOO funny on the mike.
We couldn't stop playing, but we had all the time in the world I guess.
After all, we were merely burning time, waiting for our turn for make up.
Soon it was 11am, and we had our first performance.
The audience, was very slow.
After telling/acting out the joke, the audience only laughed 5 seconds after.
Then after the play, we had half an hour to roam around, yay whee.
Only half an hour, but it was spent well.
I was being leashed up and Charis was my owner, we walked around the school like that.
Pretty Kinky, huh.
At 12pm, all the actors went back for drama.
Everything was in chaos.
And there was a 15 minutes delay.
The play was suppose to start at 1220, but it started at 1235.
Muriz, Charlene, Kelly, Aunt Anne, Alyssa, Janice ( Charis' sister ), Aunt Nancy came.
Even though I expected Elizabeth, Nerizza, Ann Na to come, they didnt, well was rather dissapointed, and I guess that did lead to anger, but whatever since it is over.
They came too late and it doesnt matter.
Well after the whole drama, they expected us to clear everything up.
The people who were suppose to do the props/ clean up the place weren't there.
Half of the whole crew of actors, went off washing off their make up.
So that left 15 of us to clear everything up.
We had to move ALL the trash out, we had to move the alters (which needed about 6 people to carry) back into the respective venue, and basically, we were dog tired but we were forced to clean up the place.
So that pissed me off .
Anyway, after that went out with Charis.
(: She's really lovely.
Even though we spent about 2 hours waiting, and even though we just talked, I still had a hell load of fun.
I just want to cry, how can someone be as lovely as her
Yeah anyway, got home at about 5.
Was tired beyond tired and guess what?
I forgot to collect my 10 dollar refund
Now my bruises turned twice their size and there are 8 1-2cm bruises on my knees.
And what really made me day complete, was that my phone totally shut off on me.
Now I've no phone. And maybe I guess, I dont really give a shit.
Anyway slept fpr 3 hours
Now Murzi is here
We're going out.
Now is 925pm, out.

8:54 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, October 20, 2005
You're so gross horny, but you're too funny to hate. (:

Bird just told me I've got fans. AHHHH thank you thank you.
Eh darlingest lizarToes.
Happy sweet sixteen, I hope you like the present!
You better use it even though it ain't very user friendly ( store so little rubbish, plus cannot open the lid to take out the rubbis -__- Su suggested lah hor. )
Next year, I'll be considered an upper sec.
That means I've the liscence to flirt.
Just kidding :P

10:50 PM

I woke up at 7am, and then got back to bed and woke up at 910am.
Dragged my lazy arse down school at 10am.
Got to school, signed in, went for drama.
We worked our asses off today.
Charis is in SYF and I'm in the funny OM shit.
Anyway, come support us.
After school, met up with Jill.
My god, her mother is so pretty and her step brother's darn cute.
Anyway, after school. Met up with Mattew, passed him the tickets and went back to school.
Went for more drama til 630pm, was dog tired.
After drama, went to get them frogs, walked SO much, with darling boo of course.
Then went for dinner at nearby coffeeshop.
We then took bus 113, hoping that it'll pass by Grapevine, but it didnt, so we went back to the BACK of ahlian heaven and we had to walk AGAIN to the mrt station to take another bus.
Spent time at an ahbeng place.
Ah yah damn lazy to talk.
I got 6 bruises, :(

9:55 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Thats me.

Chinablack ticket selling was quite a success.

Anyway, today I took a cab to Pinnacle dental. Did my braces, then off to Serangoon station.
Met this guy called Mattew there, he bought 5 tickets.
And he just passed me 60 bucks, just like that, even though I was a stranger and even though I told him : I cant pass you the ticks today but can pass tmrw.
He trusted me, which is weird, cause we're strangers.
( its advisable not to trust a stranger. )
After that HOME.
I paid the rojak man a visit on the way home.
He makes me happy and he drives a motorbike.
Home, slept, talked, chat, whatever, watched tv, piano.
(: I learnt a niceniceee song today.
Ahyah, byebye lah, need to shit so badly, my fart stinks!

9:23 PM

And so you took for granteed of what you had.
And right now you want to burry yourself in your bedsheets and float to your own land.
You're running, running so fast, running to something, running away from something.
And now that everything you have, does not even matter, as you know that it is worth more than everything you've got.
And so now you chase, you chase after something hoping to be number one.
You push everything aside, you push everyone away, you know you stand a higher chance as you push everyone else's face onto the mud.
You trample over them like how you've trampled over what you had.
You took for granteed, but you know you still stand a higher chance.
As you reach your goal, you realise that you're number one in line.
And that she is number 2 in line and that I'm number 3 in line.
It may take a long time to get there, but you want it so bad, even though you may not need it.
Isnt it true, you think, maybe I do.
You either jump off the clift and hope to fly or you stay on the safe side and don't visit the other side.
You win, you're in front.

Not such a good idea to listen to Coldplay I guess

12:43 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Ain't she a beaut?
I named this file, Tanny Nanny. =D
She's very naughty
Poke :)
The place I go to every time I cut my hair. He's too edgy and now my hair is too short
Hair cut day
I think I love her very much. HAHAHA. She's a retard lah.-.-
Hello, see the lady walking in, AHLIAN

11:58 PM

I just got home.
At about 9pm, Muriz called me and told me that she was downstairs.
So, I went down, we started talking for about an hour at the poolside ( I think Muriz is in love with Tannys mother, she kept asking me if so-and-so was Tannys mom. LOL ), then I went back up, dressed up a little and walked to Phoebe's house. Except she wasn't even home.
Then went to Lizards place, and rang her door bell.
Her daddy answered the door, that bitch had FBTS for sure, and we were so daring, or rather I was so daring to even ring her doorbell and she refused to lend Muriz FBTS, she is so frigging gay.
Well, after that we went to the coffeeshop for supper.
The fucking guy couldn't stop burping, it was EXTREMELY gross.
Even though Muriz looked like a bloody colour pencil, but she blended in well with the ahpeks and ahmahs who were there in their Pjs.
Anyway, had loads of fun.
Then went home!

11:49 PM

Today, was happy day and it still is, even though the rain do make things look gloomier.
I woke up, a little late once again, but thanks to my biological clock/alarm, I could still wake up at 640am.
I dont know why, but my alarm did not ring, once again.
Anyway, got to school and did some stuff and more stuff.
Had netball match thing.
Took lots of pictures with PEWNICE, Alicia, Brown and Lizard, Muriz, Janice, Pris!, LOL, alot of people, full stop.
Even though my hair was rather awful, god I really want it to grow longer now, especially the back! I still managed to smile in the pictures.
Lizard looked bloody funny in all the pictures, she pouts like hell!
Like a widdle boiboiiii
Then went to present the china shit. I dont know why, but everyone kept laughing. -_- wth.
Well that's cause I kept stuttering I guess. Tiffany wrote the script okay!
She wrote " and ladies 18 and below "
I read it as " and Bodies 18 and below- eh?? Never mind the Gu Niangs, the young ladies, etc. "
HAHAHA, anyway, sold stuff.
Took more pictures.
Then ran to classroom to pass Gf her flowers (:
And Su had tons of presents that Bird asked " is it her birthday? "
Oh yes Poor birdie sprained her ankle :(

I went for drama, we rewrote the script AGAIN.
My god, I'm still the blood hound, no worries.
It was quite fun though, drama girls are just so funny and dramatic.
And we do the craziest shit. We took 3 hours to come up with a 5 minute act, when our act is suppose to last for 15 minutes!
(: Frankly speaking, drama really copes me up and I guess it pushes all the horrid emotions that they are leaving.
(: I want to be married to my job, to a job which I really love :)
Anyway, drama ended at 5, and I took a cab home and waited in the rain.

Well, I guess it was rather sad that the a sum of my friends were leaving the school. But I'm still glad for them, you girls are finally going to leave this ( insert word ) hole place .
And the gifts I gave, were not Goodbye presents, they're halloween presents.
This is not goodbye, this is just a seeyou in a months time darling

Off to eat er, lunch?

Seeyou in a month :)

5:26 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 17, 2005
" EEEE FLASH! " ( clicks on some camera button to see the previous picture ) " AHH IM SO BLACK ! "
LOL, Brown said that. HAHAHAHA.

V: Did I tell you I cut my hair today?
T: no
V: ok
I cut my hair today!
T: ok! LOL so hows it?
V: a little mushroom but i like it :P

John: So big deal! Hahahaha I saw Py Sj and amanda the other day
John: Yah not big deal
V: It's only a big deal if you see super star V
John: Yeah i'll go blind

I feel so bored lah, That's why im posting all these things.

10:01 PM

Johnathan : Stop calling me dear. gross

Sorry, I'm mushy.
Lets see, I call everyone either honey, darling, babe, baby, dear or horny.
Ain't that lovely.

9:47 PM


Anyway, today I spent my day giving out 5 pumpkins in total, and 15 lolipops. Tomorrow, I'm going to become santa too.
Today was quite fun but tiring!
I only had 2 hours of sleep, I dont know why, but I couldn't sleep.
Had sexuality talk, but I came half an hour late for class, it doesn't matter does it.
And everyone, okay not everyone, four people came up to me and asked me what the hell petting was.
Yogi said " it's OKAY what! " And I called her a horny shit and she still said it was okay, yeah to me it is, whatever. HAHAHAHHA anyway that really made my day lah, so funny. :D )
And today was the first time I played b ball in this whole year.
After school, went for a talk on Animal day, which I'm going to perform in.
After that, Nerz and I went out.
Went to Heartland mall, god the ahlian place, damn disgusting I tell you.
In desperate times, desperate measures and morals would have to be broken, thus I broke my " no going to ahlian places " moral. I was extremely hungry and I almost fainted in class at 12pm today.
Anyway, had sushi.
After that, we quickly left !
Then headed to Raffles place, had my hair cut, quite cool, quite awesome, quite dyke, I love it.
Then off to Raffles City with Nerz, we went to G2000, the clothes were quite boring, but dress shirts were pretty cool.
Went to MANGO and embarrassed ourselves.
Then later, went to Bossini somwhere near cine, then Taka, a few shops, Zara, Mango and others.
Then went to U2 at Wistma, then went to this Mickey mouse and got bread talk.
Anyway, I found really funky Mickey mouse slip-ons. I was swearing when the lady said there wasn't my size

Tanny very funny sometimes.
V still thinks I'm the PRO at sexuality, maybe that's cause she's so unsexual lor.
Anyway, I bought roses for some one very special.
(: Costed a bomb, but it is all worth it.

8:56 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, October 16, 2005
Vi: I'm not as weird as you
V: I conclude that Vicky is weird and i support this cause the evidence dont lie!
Vi: What edvidence? You bloody asked me about porn, that's like bloody weird.
V: My friend asked me about it.
So I felt curious, and decided to ask you . cause you're like the expert
Vi: wtf?!?!?!!?!?!!

Su's bloody funny.

11:29 PM

This is nice
The rest of its friends!CAN YOU SPOT THE SHRIMPS!?
Yay, the other smaller turtle thingie, FLYING HIGH!
One of them deadly sins, Gluttony. YEAH, THAT'S AUTUMN. Bloody fat. Photoshop does wonders. I like the reflection
My betta (:
Leafy, Amuthu's turtle. I know, I love this shot too, I photoshopped it

I spent my night at home.
Quite cold today.
Anyway, I'm so lazy to give the presents tomorrow.
I think it's kinda dumb anyway.
Guess what?
An acs i guy is actually co organising chinablack party, so yeah. HAHAHA

10:31 PM

Went to church today, Met Bella and her boyfriend after church.
My brother : Eh I saw your friend
And he said that my friend is a cross breed between Charis and Glynnis lah, wth.
I still dont know who!
I've got things to give out tomorrow (:

5:26 PM