I lived till(:

Saturday, October 29, 2005
The guy who I actually do find goodlooking, the only guy infact, well it turns out that he is queer.
Hurry sob for me.
Nah, I love his looks, I cant resist it.
Shallow, I know, but that is him for you too.
He's inlove with teachers, or at least thats what I've heard.

Maybe I could've turned fully straight but then again, being straight aint fun :P
Miles is so cute lah.
M: Stop talking about him! I'm getting jealous!
( or something along that line )
M: no one wants me, I'm fat and ugly and LOL!!
V: Awww, I want you, come lets become gf and bf okay?

He was the one who broke the news to me.
Afterall brian kinney who is oh so goodlooking is also gay.
What can I expect from N.

Toad have been online since .. before 6, and I've been online since 6 till now. She's now offline.
This is probably the longest time I've ever talked to her online, guess what I lost her chinese dictionary.
And you know what, I think people are purposly doing this to me, they know I am forgetful, so they purposly make me lose it and ask me to pay back, RIGHT TOAD RIGHT?
HAHAHAHA just kidding.

11:04 PM

I went out alone today, I've been really lazy lately.
Too lazy to blog.
But I forced myself to blog today.
Went down to town alone today, too lazy to ask people out.
I dont know if this is a bad or a good habit though.
Anyway, went down to Plaza Singapura, tried to exchange them mickeymouse shoes, but to no avail, I cant do that.
So dragged my ass down to Isetan, and guess what?
They asked me to wait, after waiting for bloody 15 minutes or so, they said that I would have to come back another day.
Anyway, that was that.
So idel around Wistma abit.
Went to the new food court, and realised I forgot to bring cash.
Walked around for maybe another 45 minutes.
Headed to Taka.
Met Omar at the fountain.
He is one persistant guy and he is the type of guy I would see on Mtv's Burned.
Yes he may seem all gentlemenly, infact I wouldn't say he is fugly, his english is good, he is tall, he is 19, and I call him a paedophile.
But I guess I should stop calling him that since I do like good looking angmoh men. ( Georgie clooney. :P and the Man I saw in Sentosa with his wife and two boys )
Yeah and anyway, age never mattered.
And even though he tried hitting on me twice, or rather tried asking me out twice thrice, today ( in this whole year, he tried asking me out more than, 10 times already, and I've turned him down ten times already. )
" So there is no way I can make you stay? I know it sounds a bit weird but yeah "
Yeah, well maybe I would've stayed, but I didnt.
And then he said " So when will I see you again? in two years time? "
( that was how long it was since I last saw him, which was at this drama meeting in my house, my sister held it. Yes he is my sisters friend/classmate/whatever )
And he's going to go clubbing tonight.
And he called me horrible when I told him " I'll see you in two years time "
:D hahaha, I just cannot take ego guys, they just want a fuck and go " HAH I'VE FUCKED HER BEFORE, SEE I AM A PLAYER! "
I'm okay with players but I'm not okay, when they go around boasting about who they've fucked.
( so what if you've fucked her? so what if you've fucked him? )
It's as if they're trying to prove to other people that ' Hey I can get anyone I want "
Frankly speaking, everyone is able to get anyone they want.
Just be nice and be yourself and be smart.
I dont even think looks play a big role ( of course it's a big plus point if you're immenesely good looking ), but still, any girl at least, is able to fall for a guy who treats them nicely.
( And it's so damn easy to do that in Singapore, since all the guys in Singapore are not gentlemen. )

Oh yes and the other day, I saw Timothy. Hahaha. He grew taller and blacker, he is a nice kid, or at least I already know what his bad side is, and I've decided not to trigger his bad side.
He is also ego, but I guess it've toned down now, well that's cause I dont know him well.

Guess what, Nigel is bloody goodlooking. =D Yeah and I like honky guys.

6:41 PM

V: I dont see how someone is able to clean up shit after someone else, and yet kiss the persons ass and say it tastes like chocolate
So Breastfriend and I have been talking online, about stuff, about personal stuff, actually about other people.
It's amazing how relationships are able to last.
Afterall, love makes you blind ( sooner or later you'll see though, of the amount of stupidity which is in the whole bullshit situation ).
And partly sweet, partly horrible, partly beautiful.
It's amazing how one is able to understand.

But what is a relationship, when the main piority is quarelling and not making each other happy? ( this is not to anyone in particular )
But I guess, everyone have flaws, and if you love the person, you look pass the flaws.
Some is " I Am ShO GoNNnA sLiCe My wRiST " another is " Why are you looking at him? Why are you holding my hand less tight today? I want to break up "
But after everything, you go home, you see your lover you oh-so-hate ( the person who you wanted to break up with ), and it all dissapears, because you realise that you can't live without her/him.
But here's a good advice, put yourself in your partner shoes, lets see what you would have done..
Even though judging the person is the easiest thing to do:
Why did she stand one cm further from me today? Why is she grinding with that guy? She's clubbing now, I think she's cheating on me, is she? She got drunk last night..? He's looking at that guy in the way she looked at me the first time? Why does he always visit his grandmother in the hospital, is it the nurse?

but still an open mind would do no harm, infact it would save all the time and hassel and shouting:
I've got a flu, I cant stand too close to you
Thats my brother I'm grinding with, it's for the fun honey
I did not drink when I clubbed last night
I only drank a bottle of beer and went home straight
That's my friend, acting homosexual can be fun, it makes you cross, and you look cute when you're crossed :)
My grandmother is dying..

unintentional, stupid prank, surprise party?
And I figure that 1/3 of the breakups in the world is caused either unintentionally or just a mistake ( Let me explain!!! )


12:39 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, October 28, 2005
Even though I did not get into the choice I want to, it aint the end of the world.
So I managed to over come it, with Elizabeths help of course.
Abigail got her driver send bird and I back to birds place.
E is such a darling, she makes me happy, she makes everyone around her happy. She is the most optimistic person I've ever met in my life.
Infact, you could see her huge toothy grin from afar after receiving the report books.
And like she said " You could've done worst? "
(: R is so lucky to have her and I'm so lucky to be her friend.
Hung around her place, slacked, played the piano, watched so much tv, was half asleep, she slept here and there on the couch, till about 5 then we left.
Met Zoe in Plaza.
I'm so sick of town.
After meeting Zoe, Elizabeth soon left, then walked all the way to heeren with Hippo.
Met Jill there, her big birthday bash tonight, yayzers.
Then off to meet mom.
Ate at the usual place in Cine, today, Meatball and Tomato.
The smell of the beef was strong, but it tasted very good.
And the portion was just right, I could finish all of it and feel satisfied and not bloated.
Left the place, went to KFC.
Got Marv and Bro burgers.
Dropped by Toads place to collect cash and pass the tickets.
Then got home, took a shower.
Toad came over to collect cash from me, and she complained that my dad played the music too loud.
She could hear it clearly from downstairs and she even thought that it was coming from someone's car.
Watched an episode of Queer as folk and Daria.
Daria is a very old show, which I watched when I was p5.
:D Really funny shit.
If her brother was 3d I would go crazy over him, except he is 2d.

Good night world.
Tanny is damn gay.
Random thought " Owwuufff "
" Why you wanted to say Oww and ufff ah? "
" Yah but I kinda forgot what I felt "


11:40 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, October 27, 2005
Very lazy to blog about today
Basically, went out with muriz, dropped by tannys house twice to collect and pass back cash, went to some church, went to muriz' grandmas house, etc.

Oh was browsing through friendster, came across this ahlian on my list.
She's so freaking ahlian, and the last time I saw her ( she was my room mate and she was the prettiest girl in camp seriously, lucky me ), she was not ahlian.
So yeah, I dont see why pretty girls ( and plus smart, she is smart ) turn ahlian, quite sad.
Well I guess, that's cause she changed school, change friends, friends become ahlian, you become ahlian, everyone becomes ahlian.
But she's really gorgeous in person, skinny tall fair perfect complextion straight teeth, amazing.
And my room mate ;P

10:53 PM

Not a very nice picture.-.- Such an old picture.
You're finally 18 and one day closer to your deathbed/ menopause/ getting wrinkly/ etc.

=D You never fail to brighten my day with your cheezeeey smile and your dramatic life.
Your lifestyle never fails to amuse me. (:

I woke up at 745am.
Took a shower, changed and took a cab down to Serangoon gardens.
Met Muriz and had Macs for breakfast, this time big breakfast.
( The advert makes it seem huge, but when you open up the styrofoam container, you'd probably go " Where does the word Big fit into this breakfast meal? " )
At about 930, left, took a bus down to Serangoon MRT.
Muriz went to school.
Headed to Kino, took a good look at so many many interesting books for at least an hour, then spent another hour at art friends, bought some paint brushes, hole puncher and some corner photograph thing.
Then off to wistma's topshop, spent about another hour there and then went to the erm, Isetan okay I dont know how to spell, HAHAHA.
Got myself a pair of mickey mouse shoes ( ner if you're reading, it's the shoes which could not fit me the other time ) Well yeah, it still doesnt fit perfectly, way too small. but I still bought it.
Maybe I won't use it, BUT ITS CHEAP LAH!
28 dollars only for Mickey Mouse brand! That's bloody cheap, and they are slip ons, and they are colourful :)
And then on the way back to orchard Mrt.
Walking pass Forever 21 ( a shop which I do not exactly like ( I cant fit into the clothes ) ) , THERE SHE STOOD.
In a orange racer back, with 2 big orange ear studs, mickey mouse slippers ( not exactly slippers, I forgot what they're called ) and three quater denim pants, so tanned, not very tall, lets say about.. 1.58m?
She looked oh so yummy and she looked exactly like Nerizza.
Except tanner, and slightly taller and she's probably about 18 years old.
Yeah lah, I wanted to stalk her, but that's too mad.
The hair, the dressing! Wowzzz.
Hahaha, soooooooooooo gooooooooddddddddloooooooooooking.
Okay, Time travellers wife is a good book.
Anyway, I want to buy these vcds, help me buy them?
L word, Sex and the city, Daria, Queer as folk!
I think I'm going to watch Futurama now, even though I've watched the whole season twice already in my life time.
(: No harm watching some more!

Oh oh, I found my old album, filled with old pirated Vcds.
Hercules ( spelling? ), My little pony! ( My favourite show ) etc.
:D So cute lah.

1:20 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
At orchid garden
Ner " IS THAT FREE?! "
On the way to orchid garden
yeah hello perv.

Staying at home makes me feel so ....
On top of that, I keep sleeping, and just stoning and reading.
Goodness, time passes so slow.
Just staying at home for 24 hours feels as if 2 days have already passed by.
And guess what, I just watched an extremely depressing movie, so gloomy, so sad.
So I pretty much stopped watching half way, my mother loves it though.
The dad molested the kid, the dad is abusive, the mother killed the dad, etc.
I'm afraid I'll pick smoking up, hopefully not.
It has its Pros and Cons.

Oh yes I finally watched a new episode of queer as folk, Brian Kinney proposed to Justin. :O
OMGGG yes I know. Hhahahaha.
And now I've got a fetish for sundresses. They're so pretty. The next time I go town ( which would probably be at night ), I'll go in a cute dress yeah? =D
Ooh Ooh, I just saw a bunch of colourful gay pride bands, how funky (:

She makes me smile, and that's what I like about her.

8:56 PM

Browns brothers room. Red never gets old
Her mommy
( her room aint yellow, its green. )

(I want to upload more pictures, but blogger got some problem. *#(^)@!^*#!@&* )

So I woke up at 11am.
The first person that greeted me online asked if I PORNED my school.
Hahahaha, Yes I did Dory.
Anyway whatever, I'm probably going to read, eat, paint, do some art, play the piano, pee, wash my face, brush my teeth later on in the day.
For now I just want to sit infront of my computer, in my huge teeshirt and baby blue underpants.
Sitting, pondering, dreaming, whatever.
(: I'm just going to look at stuff which I cant afford and imagine myself with those items! :)

Not kidding, I even invited him over to my place.
T: Ayeee, i dont mind you know
V: random thought lah! Just kidding.

I know, I think the end of the world is coming.
This is something so impossible.
He have finally... matured.

I'm hungry... I havent seen V for about 5 days already, feels kinda weird.
Where's my Human Live walking stick?

Perhaps, I am scared.
I want to be the one on top this time round

11:20 AM

Your Kissing Purity Score: 60% Pure
For you, kissing isn't a casual thing
Lip to lip action makes your heart sing
Kissing Purity Test

I was bored, frankly speaking.
I dont give a shit about kissing, after all, a kiss is Just a kiss, aint it?

1:53 AM

Even though today did not go according to plan ( plays background music, according to plan from Corpse Bride sound track )
I still had lots of fun with my girls.
I met Nezerizza at Harbour front at about 1130am.
Then took the bus to Sentosa, took about another hour to reach Orchid Garden.
Well half the time was spent on travelling to the place and the other half is spent on contemplating on where to go.
I guess we're just short in cash.
We refused to pay 19 bucks to enter underwater world, HAHAHA.
Anyway, photography was great (:
Then Bird came.
So basically it was only three of us.
After that we went to Fountain park or something like that.
It was rather hot, but it drizzled a bit, here and there.
But...-.- it rained, so no bird show..-.-
I tell you, ( My mother who is looking at what I'm blogging just said " HAHA WHAT A LOSER " -_- thanks for the encouragement. )
Anyway, Bird named today, Gloomy depressing day.
Anyway after that, we headed to my house .
Reached home at about 4pm.
We were suppose to watch some comedy movie, except, bird and I ended up sleeping on my bed and Nerz was busy reading and surfing the net.
After Bird and I woke up, Ner went to sleep.
Left my place at about 730pm.
Nerz crazy mother asked her to go home, talk about mad. Just kidding.
Bird and I headed to grapevine, met Ann Na and Muriz there.
Had fun.
Left at about 10.
Muriz and I walked to the playground near Lizard's house, except she did not answer her phone, so we went to the void deck, except there were too many roaches, so our last resort, MRT station.
Asked each other random question.
Example: If you had to bring 5 friends to a deserted island who will you bring?
Which 5 friends will you date out?

=D Hahaha.

I love my girls!

By the way, does anyone know what the hell Baltito have been up to

My tutors friend " Contradiction, CK "

12:27 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Muriz stayed over :D
We watched tutors friend till 1++
Then went to bed
all these weird plp have been adding me on friendster and all these ahbengs, from where?
... monfort...-____________-"
And from buying chinablack tickets, it lead to " how old are you "
And yes, I did NOT tell them how old I am.
Im gonna have a picnic later with kris, bird, ner, ann na! :))

10:29 AM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 24, 2005
I want to run out of this house now.
There's nothing i'll lose.
And I've got many places to stay.
But I've no idea what is stopping me.
Okay So I was pissed off for the past 5 minutes, and now I'm able to store all the anger inside.
Fuck this and fuck that.
They're still go anyways, afterall I've got everything which I want.
A good phone, a good computer, a pretty tv.
Yeah you get my point.
Okay i shall stop blogging before I start cursing and swearing again.

Some people are just so stupidly blind.

7:06 PM

FUCK THAT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right now I'm fucking pissed cause Im not allowed out.( WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! I STAYED HOME THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY THAT MOTHER FUCKER SHOULD GO AND FUCKING DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
Like what the fuck?
First, the ban me from seeing my sister.


6:58 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, October 23, 2005
Oh oh
Here's a random post.
A few things that made me smile today

(on the phone)
Me: What's Sus address
Lizard: How would I know, er I think its serangoon north ave 1
Me: Huh, oh i thought su stayed at AMK
Lizard: I'm reading school books mah.

And also the time Muriz started insulting her, Oh my goodness, funny like hell :D

Su: I play at that drain when it rains ! ( points at the drain. )
Me and Muriz : ...-.-


Me: Wassup?
V: Finding for my spice girls cd? THEY ROCK MAN!
V: hahahha some of their songs are nice
Me: LOl! like what?
Viva forever, who do you think you are, holler
They rock man!
Me: LOL you're a real girl band groupie (:

Silly dillies

11:57 PM

I've been staying home the pass few days.
And if I do go out, it's usually at night, I dont know why.
Anyway, today was spent on church.
In the afternoon went to Heeren to have lunch with family and Bella.
Then home.
Then went to the bus stop with Muriz.
We cabbed it down to little brown's house and gave her a surprise.
We help her paint her room etc.
Her brothers room is now bloody red, quite hot though ( red is hot :P )
And Brown's room turned from Lavender to sort of a mile lime green.
=D Her family is really nice.
Her mother is exceptionally friendly (:
Stayed for probably 2 hours.
Then left.
She's sick, that was why we visited her in the first place.
On top of that, we bought for her something.
Toothpaste and Toothbrush!
=) You know fever? Yeah toothpaste is cooling!
haahhaa, Muriz' idea lah.
After that, took a really bad bus ride to Grapevine.
I hate buses, now Muriz, say Amen.
Got off the bus, went to Muriz church for like 15 minutes.
Then walked to grapevine.
Met Ann Na there.
Played 2 games of pool
Cabbed it down to sisters apartment ( Finally, like finally now I know how it looks like )
It's bloody cool.
(: I know Jill and Alyssa will love it.
They had the sort of chairs from Billy Bommers, loads of lanterns, the tiles are old and Yeah veryvery vintage.
(: Pretty cool and arty farty.
(: Seeing my drunk sister really made my day complete.
( She and her Boyfriend got out of the cab barely dressed. Lets see, her Bf was half naked and she was in a spag top which said " Barely Legal " and her bikini bottom. )
Left her place at about 1030pm
Cabbed it home.
Now I'm home.

God bless her and may she change her ways and my plots of killing her.
I'm in a foul mood. (: And I'm not going to school.

11:14 PM