I lived till(:

Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm finally getting out of here.
Even though I've got a fever, and even though I've got tons of medicine in my bag, I'm finally getting out of here.

Goodnight Binky, Goodbye world.

7:30 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I slept at around 2am yesterday and I woke up at 1230pm this afternoon, geez.
And even though, I didn't feel too well I went to meet Bird.
Then met Zoe at Bugis.
Went out.
Shopshop, bird got herself a pair of new pants and when we got back, I reported a suspicious article at the steps and the man ran to the bag, tee hee.
And when we boarded the train, some kids went on it too.
The children, about 12 years of age.
And the Boy stood infront of me.
And when the train moved, he jerked backwards.
" You just landed on my breasts if you realised, " that ran through my head, except I said it out loud.
Zoe and Bird started laughing.
And from the train's door reflection, I realised the boy was not a boy but a girl. Breasts you know.
Before we left the train, Zoe said angrily " Don't you know, you're suppose to let the passengers off first! "

So I had an eventful day and I'm now running a fever.
My fridge is identicle to Alicia's one.
Open right first, then left.
I'm waiting for my honky Mee.
): I feel sick.. Pat me to sleep will you?

9:21 PM

Go to Hippo's blog and see her in her cheerleading outfit, it really made my day.
But I decided not to laugh at her since she was alrd venting all the frustration she had inside of her, provoking a very irritated Zoe may lead to a very bad and violent death.
I don't want to die young.
But seriously, she asked me : And...?? ( after I said I saw her in her cheerleading outfit )
And I told her she really made my day, now everyone say Awww Binkxxxx you're so sweet.
Cause I know I am.
And she's very very proud of her cheerleading achievement.
Well, all I can say is, I'm proud of you for being proud of yourself (:.
She and I ain't going to Cheeky Monkeys tomorrow night, Actually, the fact that I danced with perverts really grossed me out.
Next time, will someone stop me?
Guys/men are disgusting.
And I've renamed Cheeky Monkeys as Cheekopek Monkeys.
( All the people there turns me off )
But tomorrow's ladies night, maybe I'll go but 90% is probably a NO wAYYY.

Hehehe Cheekopekzzz monkeyzzz.

12:49 AM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Tanny the sicko bastard woke up at about 1230pm, She is mad!
Even I woke up at 7am today! Even though I dont have Os. TSK TANNY TSK! I'm pretty sure she drank her own breast milk and fainted on the bed.

Dragged my fart arse to school today, why oh why oh why oh WHYYY!!!!!! you may scream and ask ( I'm fucking stonned as you can see , Well! all I can scream back is that.. OH WELL......... ER.
And after that got a lift home from Ner.
Her dad really has a sense of humour :))
Anyway, Muriz came over soon.
And Charis too.
Charis made spag, and that's when I tried calling toad to get Milk, but she never answer.
what in the *&#)&#()*@!(!
Yeah and when she finally woke up she told me she does not have milk at home.
what in the (@^!)*(##_@!
And we offered lunch to her, but since she is so filial, she stayed at home with her lonely mother.
( I told her that she couldn't bring her mother to my house, that's why she didn't want to come, so sweet hor. )
Anyway, Alastair came too at about 2plus.
And they all left at 5.

I plan to fly away and not tell anyone.
I dont owe you a living, so theres no need for me to explain.

7:15 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Oh the evil clutches of Papercut, once you learn it, you'll never escape.
My dad expects me to do papercut for him, but what the hey since he is my Daddy and a little papercut wont hurt ( even though the last time I cut my toe with the #(@*!()# knife. )

Anyway last night was pretty fun even though it is sort of considered a pretty bad disaster.
Left my house yesterday at7pm, in blue chucks, blue mango dress and a Guess handbag.
Met Alicia at the Mrt and we ( Muriz her and I ) took the Mrt down to town.
We were bloody early, so we waited till about 9pm, then finally, Bird came, like finally she came, with brown hair.
Well, Zoe, Michelle and Lesley ( i dont know how to spell her name ) sure did look bloody old.
Eye liner does wonders, it made me look a year older at least.
But at the end of all the hassel and getting everyone together and everything and waiting for 3 hours, the organiser said we looked way too young.
And the only people who could go in were Muriz and Zoe.
Well everyone has to agree that Muriz is tall and she does look pretty mature, and plus she is mixed blood so, you'd tend to blend in with them 18 year old Angmoh girls.
Anyway, we waited somemore, basically we waited till 11, and we still could not get ids, so fuck that all, and we all went to 711 to get some food and water.
And we decided, to go to Pasir Ris beach. But Michelle and especially Lesley wanted to go clubbing real badly, so they headed down to cheeky monkeys despite the fact that someone said there were police around.
And guess what! They got in.
So we took a cab down to MS and we saw a freaking huge gang fight.
People beating each other up at about 1230am.
We only had to pay 15 bucks to get in.
Even though it was a really small club, filled with people who are tanner than me, and perverts who are eyeing you every move but I still had fun.
And plus the drinks there were so cheap.
There were shots which were served in syringes, 5 BUCKS ONLY!!
Danced quite alot, with strange men and a girl who was apparently grinding on another guy.
Frankly speaking, there was probably only 2 guys who seemed decent.
( Besides the fact that they are chinese and did not have the perv look )
Well, I'm too small lah, I couldnt even see their faces.
But there was this one guy, in a sweat shirt, all he could do was stand infront of me , spread his legs apart, bend his knees and have his arms open wide up, ready to hug me anytime.
The disgusting guy!
And plus, he tried grinding on me, and he started getting touchy.
Which is fucking disgusting, cos he is very fucking disgusting!
And when I placed his hands behind his back, because he tried getting touchy .
And when he tried grinding I almost burst out laughing.
You know people would slowly grind like down or something, he just SQUATTED.
Okay that's not the funniest part, the funniest part was when he tried grinding up, EXCEPT HE ALMOST FELL BACKWARDS.
But Muriz and I left the dance floor and said we had to get a drink.
Oh yes and there was a guy who danced with both of us, and his sweat got onto Muriz' arm and muriz shouted YUCK super loudly and the guy got so embarrassed, extremely funny stuff.
(: Well there were a bunch of nice people who sat beside us, they refilled our jug nonstop.

( Btw, I'm looking at Winter the hamster now, I seperated the two of them cos autum kept squeaking and she only squeaks when she gets orgasms. I placed Winter in the top and blocked the passage way which leads down and he is getting extremely restless, he even thinks he can open the lid up. HAHA. )

Anyway, left at about 230am.
Had loads of fun and spent loads of money.
Self note : Muriz owes me 16 and Bird owes me 10.
I'm usually not very anal about cash, except my wallet only has 8 bucks for the rest of the week. How you tell me, How?
Anyway slept overnight at Muriz'.
Anyway, wore Muriz clothes to town, then went to meet Victor and Charis.
Watched Domino, So bloody cool.
What a good movie.
Action and loads of plot twists.
After that went home.
And now my face is red and hot, I've no idea why.

Alcohol has hijacked my brain, I'm extremely foul now.

8:26 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 31, 2005
I work in a porno movie

The birthdaygirl is right at the back
There were more.

I'm turning into one of those kids who just stays at home, stares at the ceiling and goes out at night for a burger.
Lets see, I watched 2 hours of daria today, and I stared at the ceiling for about 3 hours then an hour of tv, more sleep more sleep and now Muriz is sleeping on my bed.
Later, it's indochine.
My tummy feels weird, I feel lethargic and I dont feel like dancing and I'm wearing a blue Mango dress.

6:43 PM

Listening to Corpse Bride soundtrack now, thanks V (:
Anyway last night or rather this early morning at about 12, Muriz and I went out to get coffee.
And there was a mad indian guy who kept staring at us.
After coffee, Muriz was doing some shit so I decided to walk infront and guess what, the mad indian guy who was apparently drunk ( You could tell by the way he was walking, it was all curvey wurvey ), looked at me, and I looked back at him, and so I walked slightly backwards and got to Muriz, except Muriz got freaked out too.
So we decided to walk one huge round instead of the usual way.
While walking this was what happened :
M: What if we see the indian guy!
V: Hahahaha
And the next thing we saw was the Indian guy appearing somewhat 10m away from us, still with his cold eyes fixed on us.
( Actually he was staring at Muriz cause she was wearing some halter Neck top. )
And we immediately fled the other way!
But thank god for the chinese couple.
We followed behind them.
A girl who is probably about 18 with her guy friend.
We walked behind them :D
Anyway, Muriz came over at 1am. HAHA.
And watched like Daria till 3am.
Her mother called and she and she had to take a cab home. -.-

I woke up at about 430am this morning and my mother was awake too and said " Omg you havent sleep! "
Yeah, but went back to sleep till 1130am Muriz called.
And My mother dragged me out of bed.
And guess what early in the morning, when I woke them hamsters up.
They still looked pretty dazed, but then they started having sex on the food bowl.
Winter is pretty horny.
I dont know if I should go tonight, my darling baby face is unable to get by the bouncers.

12:14 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, October 30, 2005
Pretty lazy to blog about today.
Well this is what i've watched today, 2 episodes of daria yeah... and a bit of simpsons.
I'm currently talking to Collin, one of them goodlooking twins, the older one.
Was close to him last year, but kinda fell out after a year.
Heard bad news about them, but I'm sure he's still as sweet as he always is.
( its very hard to type, there are 2 mosquito bites on my fingers. AHHH! FUCK LAH )
Anyway, he doesn't know what is Indochin. Hahahaha.

9:04 PM