I lived till(:

Saturday, November 12, 2005
Hehehe, there are so many things which Ive found on the internet or to be more specific google!
My sister is on google images.
and okay here are the more hilarious ones.

Olsen twins.

haha okay the rest are just my favourite guys.

Trent Lane from Daria, ive developed a liking for his jet black hair, and problem-with-authorities-kinda-attitude.everyone knows this is sexy jude law, i just watched Alfie at Birds place just now.

11:50 PM

Elizabeth is so funnyyyy.
Talking to her online makes me realise how wonderfully stupid she can get.
I dont know how our " Hey! :D " is able to lead to her shitting experiences.
Quite funny really.
And I told her I'll buy dinner for her if I'm nice, and she said no thanks and ended up talking about R creating some eating pizza slices game.
Anyway, she said I can buy back dinner for her Sister. hahahaa.
And she asked if I wanted anything for heartland mall aka, ahlian lane.
I said I wanted breasts, and she said " chicken, duck or mine? no cannot, mine priceless $0, i know you cannot afford, you want big birds? "
V: eee dont want, saggy one.

Hahahahaha. okay bored lah?
Anyway, i want to throw a party likethose girls in My sweet sixteen, except theyre so bitchy, and I dont want to be bitchy.

anyway, i think Im into breasts now. I keep talking about breasts.
And I like small breasts.
Right now E is offering me, ms koks breasts, big bird, mr leow.
firstly, i like small breasts, no ms kok pls, no big bird, too saggy, mr leow, no breasts at all.
V: I want nerizzas breasts.
E: Go tell her!:D
V: dont want later she kill me.
( which is true, she will, and once she reads this, she will kill me too, anw my breast same size as hers, so no need hers lah :D )
teehee ner.

small breasted, hehehehe.
gimmie some sugarr.

1:48 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 11, 2005
Miles is uber cute I tell you.
He's so funny lah.

V: I just went to Japan
M: oh when?
V: and i just came back this morning
M: you never tell me ):
V: dont worry, i only told maybe like 4 people that I went. I bought you a gift too
M: really?
V: yeah,
cos i hope tt if you go overseas, you might see this gift which i hope will be hung on your bag, and you'll remember/think of me (:
M: oh
( then we started talking about janice then... )
V: the gift looks like you
M: omg, you bought me a fat man?

He's so funny.

10:46 PM

I'm currently feeling extremely frustrated, maybe I've come to the point .
You know, the point in life when you realise that everything around you has no point and then you also realise that you yourself have no point in this whole pointless life.
I dont even see why the hell are we living when we can spend eternity with god in the begining before we were even born.
I don't technically think that this is a good feeling, infact I feel like poopy shit right now.
Maybe its the afternoon nap, maybe is the lack of Tokyos lovely air and dark night and bright lights, maybe its just the PMS talking.
But seriously, why live, when after working your bloody ass off, after getting your phd, after owning your own factory, you're just going to die.
They say life is added to our eternal life with no point, life is there just to have fun.
Its like the loop in the whole roller coaster ride that everyone have been waiting for.
But I really dont see much fun in this whole " loop in my fucking roller coaster ride ".
Wtf is so fun with studying, working?
Of course you'd say, "theres... me! " which means theres friends lah.
Okay maybe so, but friends come and they go. In the end, they all don't last.
( I just realised Im going against everything I believe in, which is believing in maintaining an unemotional blog, be emotionally stable, live life to the fullest, enjoy everything while its around even though theres possibility that it will go and it will leave for good )
I dont know if you guys have came to the point , but right now the point totally sucks.
You'll know if you reach the point, it is whereby, you wake up and realise that everything is meaningless and you're just blogging bullshit to reassure yourself that you are special and you also realise that you don't want to talk to anyone, and if you do want to talk someone, it's elizabeth, except you're too lazy to give her a call as she might be digging her nose hairs out. ( haha okay I think this whole "blogging emotionally" totally helped. ) in other words, elizabeth might be busy.
Maybe I do want to become some lonely old lady who builds her house out of bottle caps.

6:11 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Day 5 in Tokyo
for those who have been missing me, this must feel just like christmas eve to you guys, cause Binky is coming back to Sunny Singapore tomorrow.
Part of me think yes it is time to go back, afterall, this was getting all a bit too lonely and the language barrier is just really bad.
Though I will miss the customer service, the good looking business men, the cute little grandmothers and the bright advertisments which makes it all the more futuristic, but I know that deep down, I miss many more things in Singapore than here.
Anyway, today I spent my morning at home, whereas my parents headed down to one of the biggest Fish Markets in the world. But to no avail, the fish market was closed so they ended up at starbucks having coffee.
Got out of bed at 10am, got changed and then headed down to Tokyo towers.
Its something like an eifle ( spell?? ) tower, or pearl tower in Shanghai. Except this is Tokyo tower. You could see every inch of Tokyo, pretty magnificent. It kinda reminded me of the SIMS, pretty good stuff. ( it also shows how serverely populated this country is. Every inch is building, building and more buildings ).
We took a couple of neoprints there, but due to my parents tooo careful decision making habit, we ended up chosing only ONE picture, so the machine printed out only ONE picture. Whothe hell takes neoprint like that? Well my parents.-.-
After Tokyo tower, we headed to Tokyos biggest shopping center, Ruppongi center or something. Walked a bit, ate curry for lunch then off to the train station again. Headed down to the emperial palace, its a park/ ( really big ) garden actually.
walked walked, freaking camera batt died out of me again.
Then it soon turned dark ( and it was only 5pm. but it seemed more like 9pm ), all the bright lights were being switched on.
We headed to the forum, did you know that smoking is banned in the Central areas ( the whole of town basically, but everyone still smokes so it doesnt matter really )
After that, we headed to one of the biggest Sony or some electronic store.
Got a few gadgets.
Then off for coffee!
After coffee, we went to a building which only sold music and vcds.
They had stuff ranging from Vcds, dvds, to guitars, french horns and more dstuff.
Then walked back to the hotel.
Now Im here anticipating to watch FRIENDS.
Woman bought the first season.
I have no idea if I should go for OM training tomorrow.
Its the first OM training, if I dont go theyre going to say Im not fcking committed
And that pisses me off cause sooner or later I might not be committed due to the freaking brainwash theyve always been puutting me through telling me that Im oh so not fucking committed
But heres the situation, my plane is only going to touch down at 1am tomorrow morning and Ive got OM training at 9am the following day.
Can someone help me tell that Johannah Pan or issit Pang that I maybe late, thank you.
( Muriz/Bird/Ner/whoever is reading this pls help me inform Johanna )

I should really change my mind about things

7:13 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Day 4 of Tokyo

Today we went to the Museum/ art gallery to look at some type of art, which Ive no idea how to spell. Chuscugo or some shit.
Woman and Man went ahead to another Museum whereas I stayed at the park, and I made a lady bug friend which then I dropped on the train.
waited and waited for them for at least 1 and a half hour, plus I had no cash so I couldnt buy anything and I was just sitting there freezing my ass off. Then had lunch and back to the hotel at 3.
Bought some FRIENDS vcds, watched 4 episodes when my parents left for more Museums.
I couldnt follow cause I wasnt feeling too well. Well I was not well since I arrived at Tokyo. And now Ive got a flu which keeps running back my throat and Ive got my period! Grrrrrrr.....
Tomorrow some world famous Fish Market.
( it gets kinda lonely over here when Im alone. Kinda know how My Dad feels when he goes overseas. Pfft )

I miss everyone btw

7:45 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, November 07, 2005
Day 3 of Tokyo
Its currently 22:27 over here in Tokyo. Temperature, probably around 10 degrees below.
From over here, the view is magnificent, thank my daddy for the good hotel situated right in the middle of town area. Not only does it show all the pretty little night lights and huge advertisment, its also very convinient to travel whereever, the train station is just below (:

Today, we took the train to some train station, changed train, took another train for more than fourty minutes, got off, took some other weird looking train which was going at the speed of Ahmah, got off took the cable car ( view was incredible, you could see all the mountains. If youre the type of photographer who enjoys taking scenery, this is the place youll absolutely love ). Then took some nice boat thing, there was so much details on the boat, looks a bit disneyfied due to the dumbass statue pirates which look incredibly obscene ( they were wearing tight pants, and their fake cocks were buldging out. HAHAHA ) Saw many mountains, one of them is mt Fuji, except I wasnt paying attention and plus all the mountains looked the same and I could not tell which is the highest ( Mt fuji ) so I did not see Mt Fuji, or at least maybe I did see it, except I didnt know it was mount Fuji. Got off the boat, took a long ass bus ride, got off. walked around some small town. Very cute, simple, a little run down, but very clean. Ate at some Cafe, then back to the train station took the same long ass train ride back to town. Walked around town.
The lights are just so very pretty and everywhere is advertisment, its like starwars, their adverts will actually go to the extreme. Its extremely huge!
Pictures will be up once I get back to sg.
Anyway, in total, I spent sitting on my lazy fat arse for at least 4 hours today or more. ;D hah.
Hope the O levels went well kiddos.

Oh yes and today was the first time in my life that Ive actually seen SOOOO many Old people! LITERALLY A WHOLE CLAN.
Quite cute lah, cos they are all old, and small and frail. And like the old ladies will go together and stop at the station which has a spa. And the old men will stick together. Theres no thing such as a mixture of both old Women and Men. Isnt it cute? I mean growing old and still going to spas with your girlfriends and stuff. Hahaha.

By the way, the time in Tokyo is one hour ahead of Sg. This trip would be more fun if I had all my friends with me.
And for those who are interested, all the boys here are pretty goodlooking. Ive not seen an ugly guy yet. goodlooking. Ive not seen an ugly guy yet. Yeah sure, there are the normal looking geeks, but theyre not HIDDEOUS or anything. And apparently its some kinda trend to dress as an ahlian. Shimmery shoes, Shimmery bags, Shimmery clothes, high boots, heavy make up, fair face, brown hair. Gross lah. But the girls are alright looking themselves.
And everyone here makes it a point to dress up. Okay my fingers are feeling extremely cold now.
Blog tomorrow!
Off to eat Japanese store bought pudding... MMM caramel.

9:26 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 06, 2005
currently in tokyo. paying 500 dollars per night at this ?otel called ?hiodome, and of course it comes with internet ?D
I guess its quite cool, cause all the words in blogger is in japanese.
Well, visited loads of places already. saw a few of the buildings which Daddy contributed in. And over here, its like aircon everywhere. Anyway, it rained just now, really cold. Anyway, it rained just now, really cold. Went to town just now, lots of advertisment like starwars :D and i had my first japanese advertisment like starwars :D and i had my first japanese Mcdonald ebi burger. :D
Okay ive to stop typing now cause the keyboard is very difficult to use, on top of that, i dont know why my words are being underlined in dots.
My throat hurts like mad, and im actually enjoying myself over here very much. Oh yes actually enjoying myself over here very much. Oh yes, went enjoying myself over here very much. Oh yes, went to the park this morning, some huge ass park, extremely clean ( japan is extremely huge ass park, extremely clean ( japan is extremely clean, you:ll never find litter around ), fresh air everywhere, etc. And there were Japanese girls and boys who are in the teens who dressed extremely goth. Since my mom and dad came here before, they told me they always go to the usual place ( which is outside the train station next to the park ) in extremely goth clothes and heavyy makeup. Singapores goth in comparison with this is Nothing. Theirs is really hard core. they even wear those net stuff on their face, cut holes here and there, make up super thick and heavy. Goodness. So far Ive not seen any gays. Well maybe i did see two dykes. seen any gays. Well maybe i did see two dykes. :D
Anyway, they dressed up cause they wanted too, and they do dressed up cause they wanted too, and they do it every sunday.
Im turning Jap! My cheeks seem so red now. And japanese kids are extremely cute and sushi is just lovely. Everything here is so expansive. 100 yuan = 1 US dollar

I dont mind immigrating here, except the language barrier, and all the girls over here, wear high glittery boots, its like some ahlian heaven, except you cant call these girls ahlians cause they really are japanese. Surprisingly, there are little smokers over here and everyone here is extremely polite. If youve got a flu youd have to wear those extremely polite. If youve got a flu youd have to wear those SARS masks things, they would actually bother to do it!
And so my dad bought me one, so that I can wear it bought me one, so that I can wear it - me one, so that I can wear it -.-

Thats all folks, tv sucks here, everything is in Jap on top of that, the only english channels are Bbc and some other news channel. Pfft. And handphones dont work here.
I visited a 3 storey high disney shop today ((:

8:24 PM