I lived till(:

Saturday, November 19, 2005
I'm quite pissed off.
Not only do I feel the fats in my tighs building up, but while I was looking through my sent item at 2 this morning ( I check my phone before I sleep, usually. ), it suddenly blacked out, twice mind you.
Next morning or rather afternoon, I realised that it was still jammed, stuck at the stupid sent items.
Oh yes, and I've realised that my blogskin is very unattractive, but you know I'm very lazy to change it.
+_+ Frankly speaking, I dont think Nerz blog skin looks very nice, but I'm pretty sure she's too lazy to do anything too :D
I want to help V do her Xanga skin, except I forgot her user/password, anyway, my phone is jammed, so I cant see the messaged she sent to me which included her pw and user.
( I think I deleted that msg anw. hurhur. )
I need to go out and feel happy.
There's a new club at MS, called club HOME.
Ugh, I dont like MS clubs, so small, so cramp, so gross, full of pervs.
maybe I should wear a gown there. HAHAHA, no one will dare to touch a mad lady in a gown.

2:50 PM

It was just like any odinary day which she had to go through. Boring school, boring homework, stupid classmates and teachers who tried so hard, and teachers who did not bother at all.
"so you're going to be alright?" asked her boyfriend with concern. Even though their relationship was not based on kissing, holding hands, passing roses around, feeding each other soup when one falls ill, but deep down, both of them knew that they had a little bit of concern for each other.
Her boyfriend, T, liked to express his love more forwardly, and showered her with his concern, but she liked to do the opposite.
"Yeah, I'd probably even forget you were gone" she said nonchalantly as her eyes fixed on the television screen, showing no interest in his leaving.
"I'm worried, I dont think you're able to last without me for a week" he blurted as he looked at her with the same set of eyes which she has brought to him the first time they met, it was the same connection, except now, she was busy with television. But he knew, even though she seemed busy with television, school work, the creation of sadistic stories and the planning of evil plots against her materialistic sister, he knew she cared, except she was too lazy to even express it.
"No, you should worry that once I remember what its like not having you around cramping my style, I might make it permenant" this time it was a little different, she did turn and glanced at him for a short time span of one second.
It was like a secret smirk, at least he saw it that way.
And sarcasm was her forte, all he could do was to laugh it off.
"Romantic" he smiled.

- Daria.
Hahahha, there's more.
And I cried over 2 cartoons today and almost over Harry Potter when cedric died. Hahaha.
Hit me will you.

just misunderstood.

12:51 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 18, 2005
I think I bumped into many people today.
Besides bumping into an Ex, my son, I also saw Alicia's Mother and Jill's brother, the one which is older, the one who ain't a baby lah.
And Bird saw Jill's brother with his girlfriend today.
I think he is popular, because of his sister. HAHAHAHA.
( if you know Jill, she publisize about him on her blog, he is not technically famous on her blog, more of infamous if you ask me. ( the stuff she blogs about him, is bloody funny. :D:D ) )

10:02 PM

This is weird, my Father is outside, jamming on his guitar, as usual.
And I'm singing along, my goodness.
To Beatles!
Hahahha, I love that band, infact I love oldies. =X
Anyway, I caught Harry Potter today.
I hate to say this but.. Cho Chang is not very hot. On top of that, I heard that her parents bribed the directors to let her act in it.
Anyway whatever, and apparently, the director for this movie has changed, harhar.
It gets me really green everytime I watch such good kid flims.
For those who know me personally, I love to act, and I think I'd do anything to be in their shoes.
I wonder how lucky they are.
Anyway, whatever, self deluded pity might be coming out of me anytime soon if I don't stop talking about Harry Potter.
Fleur is very hot anyway, and Moaning Martle have seen Harrys little Willie in the movie, hahhahaha.
For those who have already watched the movie, I think the scariest part would be the maze thing, so creepily quiet and I almost cried when the dad saw Cedric( spell? )'s dead body.
Anyway, saw Timothy and Miles today.
For those who're wondering, Timothy is now darker, his voice is low which is pretty weird, he has brown hair, and he looks pretty much the same.
And I spent my whole day with V.
We ate at macs, then harry potter, then Isetan at Lido ( it was raining, little places to go ), then off to Apple shop and some other shops in Wheel Lock.
Then off to Wistma! She wanted to eat some chocolate shit, except they did not sell it.
Anyway, went to Taka, got ice cream at Macs.
Then sat down and told her all the funny stories about my Mother.
The one about the Rifle, my mother swinging open the door and the tape recorder.
anyway, off to talk on the phone.
V loves me so much!

8:47 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 17, 2005
I dont think this is good, I'm currently having the thought of killing my upstairs neighbour aka the screaming/sobbing/depressed kid.
Its annoying me like hell.
Anyway, going for Muriz' mothers gig tonight, went for OM this morning, and now I'm currently, doing nothing.
I just fed the hamsters a grape and milk, quite yummy.
Infact this is sort of very exciting for them, after all grapes and milk is totally different from the usual NUTS.
Its like eating rice for the rest of your life, poor little guys.
I named them after my parents, hahaha, or at least the names of my parents are their erm, chinese name?
Anyway, I wanted to blog about something important today, something which is worth both yours and my time, something which will help you.
But I figured, that if I keep blogging, I'll just be simply wasting my life away.
Oh please do something to this mundane life of mine.
No dont ask me to go out, thats cause I'm going out tomorrow, with V, we're going to catch Harry Potter and the G.O.F.
I think its every kids dream to act in Harry Potter.
): I wish I could act in it.
I guess Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, and I forgot whats the name of the actor who plays as Ron Weasely, Anyway, I'm sure it's pretty fun to work with such young people.
:D But for now, I'll try not to think about their young, rich, famous lifestyle.
It gets me green.

2:16 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Their on set names: Charley, Dodger, Twist.

I just came back from a 9 pm movie with my Woman.
Can someone tell me who acted as oliver twist?
Anyway, I think Artful dodger, real name, Harry Eden acts really well on top of that
he is bloody charming.
He has currently filled the space of, erm the guy who acts as peter pan, Jeremy Sumpter.
Oh yeah, and Harry acted in Peter Pan too!
Oh Harry! Hahaha.
For a low down bag of bones, he is really goodlooking.
I guess the bad boy image works for all girls, or at least it works for me.
You see, not only does he wear a fancy top hat, dress in those long coats, have a cute face, but he pick pockets in the movie and he smokes.
HEHE, smoking isnt good.
And he is born in the yr 1990, so its illegal to smoke, but anywho, he did smoke in the film.
I wonder how it is like, being them, being famous young and good looking.
Must be both amazing and a nuisence ( spell? )

Tomorrows OM!

11:53 PM

I guess a part of me wants a private blog, but then again, I dont want to lose Binky in Panties. Plus its easier to reply people when they ask whats up.
The answer is just so simple, just say " go visit my blog, binky-in-panties.blogspot.com "
Rather than, Oh i woke up today, brushed my teeth ate beehoon for breakfast, and ate the same bee hoon for lunch, played sims2 and currently, I'm wasting my life away.
I guess it all comes crashing down.
I think one day, Im going to wake up and realise that I've been sleeping my life away.
Oh well, goodnight.
): I'm not feeling very happy today.

BY the way, HELLO V if you are reading this.
I only see pink on your xanga and I dont see any posts.
Hahaha, nice user though, cooler than Jem. HEHEHE.
( you're so ego to actually call yourself cooler than Jeremy! )

4:12 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Ive just blogged, but at someone else's blog.
Anyway, I was just thinking..
Hmm, what the hell does Mufti Day mean?
As in what does Mufti mean?
I went to dictionary.com it, and this was the result : A Muslim scholar who interprets the shari’a
what the..
And, I realised that I should have done something extremely funky, and wore a scandalous bunny suit.
OH wait, there were rules, that was why.

I heard from someone somethin.
You know I heard of a list, to define who the cool people are and who arent, frankly speaking, I dont think it's technically very cool to write a list like that.
I mean firstly, what makes you think that you are cool.
No doubt that my name is probably on that all cool list, but I dont think it's exactly really cool to write your own name down on that list.
Okay so maybe this ain't exactly called a COOL list, but it sure did give me the impression that it meant that.
And you should not call something that, when clearly, you did not invite the whole lot.
You only invited the cool people.
So why call it a class outing when only half the class it invited?
It should be called a friend outing from the begining.
Anyway, I dont think I deserve to be on that secret list, after all I'm a geek.
kids nowadays, are being taught who is cool and who is Not.
And what is IN and what is not.
I mean, since when was this world so cruel?
Last time, things used to be much simpler.
everyone ran butt naked, playing in the mud with boys with pimples, girls withonly a mother who only earns peanuts every month, but now everything is all superficial ( spell? ), and everyone is so materialistic.
And now, magazines, movies, tv, is teaching us kids, who is popular, who is not.
And now people are rating who are allowed to be their friends.
that's quite wrong if you ask me.

12:44 AM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 13, 2005
The weirdest thing just happened to me just now, a girl which I recently met/saw/talked to for like 5 seconds, just popped back into my mind.
And man, is she gorgeous or what!
Okay, I shant reveal her name her, well that's cause I can't remember her name.
God is she hot.
I hope she goes for Chinablack, so maybe I'll go talk to her. Or maybe not, cause I'm binky the whimp.
And I believe that, someone like me, is not up to standard.
And I believe that all girls are bisexual, so you maybe telling me she is straight, but I'd like to think otherwise.
With the gorgeous 14 year old girl aside, and her oh so yummy body, beautiful face, okay shutup.
Yeah I've decided to keep my hair longer, cause short hair kinda sucks after a while.
Not too long of a hair, not too short, just perfect length.
Something, short yet sweet.
I'm keeping slightly longer fringe I guess.
Anyway, I'm happy with my pretty pretty face right now ( I'm trying to feel special okay. ).
Despite its blemishes, my fat tighs, biggo stomach, giant arms, fat calves, double chin.
I'm still doing well.
Let me go check my weight!
Currently the scale says i'm 38kg if I close my right eye but if i close my left eye and leave my right eye open, i'm 39.
So lets just say I'm 38.5.
For a little lady like me, that weight is unacceptable.
): I wish I was as tall as V, and as skinny.
I want her tall skinny body.
( though some people may think she is severely underweight, I'd like to think of it as, severely hard to grow fat, always slim and hot. :D )

Okay, I've to try to get that 14 yr old girl out of my mind.

gee, what a devil. heee.

11:20 PM

Lol, Tanny is currently talking to me, and she just told me something fucking funny.
Marriages are stupid and dumb, unlike Daria.
I want to be a Brain just like Daria.
Eh by the way, for those who want them chinablack ticks still, please go and contact Jill!

6:24 PM