I lived till(:

Saturday, November 26, 2005
I guess I over reacted, it was life traumatic and I thought I was going to the hospital. But silly me.
I never thought that I'd be so worried over myself. Everytime I thought of death, I wouldnt think it'd affect me so much, after all, death is part and parcel of life isn't it?
Anyway, god sent 3 angels down this earth and saved me from my stupidity and stupid ideas.
Even thought Vikthor is in NS ( now is weekends la ) and I've not talked to him like forever, yet a part of me did trust him. After all, he is reliable.

Thank you E and C and Vik

9:49 PM

I've got this feeling that I'm dying slowly, or maybe I'm over reacting.
I'm so angry and I feel like crawling into a hole to cry.
No, no one can save me.
Leave me be and dont ask whats wrong.

7:43 PM

I just came back from Staceys birthday party.
What can I say? It was the most ahbeng party I've been too.
Lets see, today, I woke up at about 1pm, had brunch, Bird's daddy can cook, after that I watched tv all the way to 4++. Then Bird took over the tv, and I took over her computer.
Read some cool fan fiction, with 19 chapters, Ive got a fetish for longlongg fan fiction. I dont know, each chapter just leaves me insuspense I guess.
Watched Nutty Professor 2 then took a shower and left at about 815pm.
Met R at the Mrt and Muriz too. After that, went to 711, bought stacey a present, chocolates!
Then took a bus down to downtown east.
( had to change 2 buses )
When we reached there, we met up with Charis.
Then went to the party.
Hahaha, I guess some of her friends who are beng are really funny. I dont know, but it kinda reminds me of Mark Lee, except in 3d form.
( I always see him in 2d form. )
And these people are really beng.
They accuse some other gang of staring at them.
Pretty lame if you ask me.
( After all people might be staring at you cause they're checking you out. LOL )
Anyway, I only drank a can of heinikin ( spell? ) and like a mouthful of bacardi breezer ( peach ).
Ate Bee Hoon, her friend helped me and Muriz do our chicken wings, yayzers?
Well I guess the starting was quite a turn off.. techno is just not my forte.
But after that, Muriz took over the stereos!
So Hiphop baby!
Let me see you, one two step.
Danced danced.
Met the small little dude I danced with yesterday, yeah quite embarrassing to dance with him in the club, cause he is as small as me. But belly cute lah, cause he looks like a little boy whom you wanna throw up in the air and run him over with a truck. ( Okay maybe thats just me )
Yeah a little boy with tons of tattoos and piercings. ( little monster aye )
Some sleepy beng was on the bed sleeping, his name is weilan i think.
He likes techno but everytime staceys ipod plays techno we'll change the song.
And he'll always be like " Oui stay to the song." LOL. One point in time he was on the urge of crying HE WANTED TECHNO SOOO BADLY " can you all stop playing all the yoyo song. " HAHAHA
Okay I exaggerate. :D
Anyway, danced dance. Diyanah, siewhwee, caishan, bunch of people another bunch of people came.
R left at about 12+ I think or maybe 12.
Bird Muriz and I took the Bird mobile home.
With BIRDMAN! ( aka birds daddy ) and BIRD GIRL! ( birds mommy )
Dropped by central to grab fried rice, but no fried rice, so indian food substituted that.
Bird bought prata, only 10 cents?!
I dont know lah, I think the guy miscalculated.
Anyway, got back to the place.
Tried out the indian food, after eating 3 mouthfuls, I threw the whole packet away.
It just tasted so disgusting.
So to substitute fried rice and indian food, I ate cococrunch and musli cereal.
And now I just took a bath.
And I'm chilling at the Holiday Inn.
They played Su's favourite song today.
Go ask su to sing to you lah.
Tomorrow I'm going home.
I think clubbing/partying makes me lose a ton of weight :D! And Birds house makes me lose weight too.
I usually eat 3 meals a day, I got her house, ate brunch and ate nutela sandwich as dinner. LOL! And a few biscuits and then for supper, cereal!

2:48 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 25, 2005
I woke up this morning only to realise that some guy/girl got my number and smsed me.
Hi and stuff and how he or she had fun last night.
I did not reply, infact I fell back to sleep and then received another sms from the same person, he/she was asking me for my email address.
Curious, but who gave him/her my number?
Just curious.
Apparently, a friend of mine ( I still dont know who ) gave him/her my number.
Okay I just farted, it stinks, byebye.

5:28 PM

Just came back from Fling, the underagedparty at Chinablack for those who dont know.
And yes I had a fabulous time, and I was sober. Not only do the people who went did make it a point to dress nicely unlike the jikopeks in the jikopek monkeys, harhar. Yeah they bothered to dress up.
On top of that, Jill got us VIP seats, and I guess the VIPs do dress even better than the rest. =D You see, when you go to chinablack you must think about what to wear, but if you go to cheekys, you slip on a shirt and a pair of jeans, and you're good to go. :D haha.
Danced alot. I DANCED WITH MILES hehehehehe, and my friends and Muriz' short little guy friend and some girl called Rebecca who is much older than me and I can't remember.
Met Miles, Dennis, Frederick, Johnathan ( freds friend ), Renee ( Zoes friend ), Jill, Muriz' friends, Clarice Loh ( and a bunch of other people, angeline etc who left damn early, like 11 or something. )
Anyway had a blast. My sister came down at around 12 plus with her Boyfriend and Einstein.
That bald dude came in his wacko arty uniform. ( The kinda uniform you'd probably see him wear on kids central. )
And since I guess, he is partly famous, people recognised him and he went on the stage to dance his retarded dance.
I danced on the stage quite a lot of times, with my sister, with Muriz, with many different people.
Talked to different people.
Oh yes, and I saw Dereck, the guy which I met in Alicias black and white party, nice guy nice guy.
The music was good, it wasn't all R&B, there were different genres.
Hahaha I saw Jills brother, Jill bullies him, alot.
Well the people who went today were, Charis Alistair, Kelly, Ann Na, Calista, Nerissa, Bird, Ner, Muriz, Alyssa, Birds sister and sis friends, Xiang Na, Nerissas friend, V and Danica.
But apparently the party sucked before 10pm.
And when the dj Jaz came in, everything changed.
(: It was fun.-.- And Charis Alistair Bird and I dont know if there're any more people, well they left at around 11, for Cheekys monkey.
Anyway, I guess it was fun to be sober and dance, you dance better I guess.
And the guys are really funny, they grind on each other cause they dont want to ask girls to dance. LOL. I thought it was hilarious.
Oh yeah and Muriz asked some dude to dance with Xiang Na, and Xiang Na ran away. LOL.
And yes my guesses were right, the dude is tyron. Aka Nerizzas brothers exclassmate. Hahaha.
Anyway we left at 3, cause the Music stopped at 3, time to closeee.
So met Elizabeth at Swensen near paragon, walked there, feet were half dead.
Took cab home.
Now chilling at her place.

4:09 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 24, 2005
Katie Leung ( Cho Chang ) is very very rich. +_+
Anyway, I'm really bored.
So I surfed the net for Tom felton pictures and okay lah, Cho Chang isnt that hiddeous. I guess she is cute in a little school girl way.
Clemence Poesy is reallly reallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Purrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeetttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

2:32 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Rules of the game:
1) Post 5 weird or random facts about yourself.
2) At the end, write the names of 5 people whom you want to do this quiz, then tag in their blog to leave them a note to tell them to see your blog.
5 random facts about myself:
1. I on the aircon when I know that the aircon would be warmer than the outside air.
2. I feel secure when the windows are closed.
3. I sleep facing the side of the wall first then turn around.
4. I read more fan fiction than story books.
5. I dont enjoy going out alot.

1. Muriz
2. Bird.
3. Ner.

Some other thing ::

1. Ner
2. bird
3 Muriz
4 su
5 tanny
6 lizard
7 pokpoon
8 rachel army camp Hahahhaa
9 Miles
10 Alyssa
11 alicia
12 jill
13 eunice
14 justin
15 bella
16 SKM
17 Bellas bf
18 zoe
19 michelle Sham
20 marivik

How did you meet 13?:
Through at outing of town, and alicias birthday party, school? I dunno

What would you do if you never met 5?
I would think that I'm the stupidest person on earth, but since now she is in my life, she has made my life totally change, and now I am 100% sure that I am 100% super smart, at least smarter than her. Hahahaha. And I wouldnt have anyone to tease the fat indian secuirity guard.

What do you honestly think of 10?: She is cool in a very different way and her art is fantastic

Have you ever liked 3?: Muriz leh.... Of course I love her.

If 1 died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would like to do?: Oh man... I dont know what life is gonna be like and I dont want to know what life is gonna be like and I dont wanna find out how I'm going to react. ITS HER LEH!!

Would 2 and 11 make a good couple?: Crazy, one is attached.

Do you think 12 is hot?: Yeah, why not.

Would 1 and 17 make a lovely couple?: I'll laugh thats all, HER and THAT DUDE, MANNNN.. that's just twisted. :D And i'm sure bella will laugh too

Do you know any of 3's family members?: Yeah quite well infact.

On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 14?: Justin, I'm gonna say.. 10 lah, since he is related :D

What would you do if 4 just professed their undying love for you: I would laugh and say I love her too. HAHAHA.

What language does 19 speak?: English, never heard her spoke chinese before.

Who is 8 going out with?: With someone on this numbered list. I dont really think they would want me to announce it in any way.

Would 18 and 5 make a good couple?: No it's twisted.

When was the last time you talked to 6?: Belly long ago

What is 18's favorite band?: I never knew zoe listened to music, I guess the SIMS2 background music lah hor? HAHA.

Does 4 have any siblings?: 2 siblings.

Would you ever date 1?: Nah, it'll just screw the whole friendship up.

Would you ever date 7?: POK POON, MY AHPEK BUDDY? HOHOHO.

Is 15 single?: I dont know how she considers it, but i guess sorta seeing someone.

What is 19's last name?: I wrote Michelle SHAM right.

What is 3's middle name?: Pls ah, her name is so long I dont even know it. It's like Muriz canbelle fucker. HAHAHA. I dunno lah. Its something like, Muriz caine isabel some shit! DONT CONFUSE ME... AHHH!!! WHY MURIZ! WHY!!!! IS YOUR NAME SO LONG!!!

What is 10's fantasy?: I'm dont know. But I prosume it has something to do with art or her japanese actors.

Would 14 and 19 make a good couple?: one word, twisted...

What school does 16 go to?: She teaches at ITE.

What school does 1 go to?: My school

Where does 9 live?: Bukit Timah

Would you make out with 13?: One word, twisted..

Are 5 and 6 best friends?: They're in the lamo, BROTHER HOOD i guess. Hahaha. They're gay and twisted.

Is 20 older than you?: Go marivik, it's your burf day, we're gonna partyyy like its yurr burfday. yeah she is older

Is 4 the sexiest bitch prettiest girl alive?: I've not seen her naked, so no she is not the sexiest bitch prettiest girl alive.

Is 17 your ex?: That's just twisted, my sis' bf is my EX?!?!?! do you have any idea how old he is.

Do you ever see yourself with 12 and 18?: Naw, they're good friends of mine.

How is 2?: gay, I just came back from her place like 40 min ago.


With that aside, Elizabeth and I decided not to go to Club Home afterall. After waiting for 4 hours or so, we kinda gave up.
Well we first met at ser station at about 330, then headed down to Suntect.
Got my handphone, explored Suntect.
Walked around Toys r us, bought cookies :), got free candy floss.
Ate at crystal jade, costed a bomb.
Then we went to Orchard, visited Zoe at her work place, that was around 7 already.
Then sat down, thought through, decided not to go to club HOME.
Off to Ser station, Met her sis.
Got cash, went to buy durians.
Slacked at her house.
Watched part two of the Silence of the Lamb, I never watched the silence of the lamb. Anyway this movie was called, The carnival. But it was part 2 of silence of the lam.
Anyway it was damn sick.
The dude cut the other dudes head, he opened his skull.
You could see his fucken brain.
He dug out one part of his brain, COOKED IT and gave the guy WITH THE BRAIN EXPOSED TO EAT LAH.
Anyway, watched abit of CSI, then left her place at about 11 for my house.
Tomorrow is chinablack, aren't you excited? :P

11:40 PM

I'm such a geek.
Anyway, after I'm done reading finish that Fan Fiction, I'm going to draw something if I've got time, then I'll give a call to Elizabeth.
The fanfiction is so exciting.
There are 17 chapters in total and I spent 3-4 hours reading 14 chapters.
+_+ My eyes almost got fried by the computer screen and half the time I'm rubbing them while the read the fan fiction.
Oh exciting.

2:17 PM

OHHH i just read my journal.
I was playing coldplay clocks and scientist to bird actually.
The date was 9/7/04.
Wow, so it wasn't the begining of the year, on top of that we wanted to watch a movie.
Quote" Later we got red balloons -_-" mine defleated and so we went 2 see if got any movie to watch but the timings were so late, so we went down to yamaha, I played coldplay clocks and the scientist on the piano for birdy to hear. There were 3 CHIJ girls and this bung. so they were like looking @ me play. "
Okay rest is too embarrassing.
Oh and this is what she actually said
Her: lift up the paddle
then i lifted up the paddle
Her: Play a song laa.
Okay and then i started to describe her face on my journal. geez.
Like perfect smile, rosy cheeks, perfect complextion, american born chinese.
I'm full of bs.
Anyway I made a geek outta myself and played.. THE C SCALE. HAHAHA goddd..
Me: Play then play laa. =P
Her: No no. play a song laa. cold play or something.
So I played clocks.
and after playing.
Anyway, I wrote in my journal what exactly happened ( that was because I remember everything she said clearly on the day itself. )
Anyway, fuck this, bird and I thought she was good looking.
I'm such a geek.
And I carried on reading my journal.
You wouldnt believe what I wrote lah!!!!
Me: We ate takopachi. Bird and I then spotted ellena with a acs i or b boy.
I've no idea who is ellena now.
And we went to gelare, ate ice cream whereas i drank... water
Yeah then we left.
And I heard the postman pat song.
hurhur, So i created a song.
Ms T pad ( x2 )
ms Ts pad and her black and white *toot*
early in the morning, ms T changes her panties
Ms T changes her pad everyday...
( what I just blogged, 70% is quoted from the actual journal. ) HAHAHAHA.

1:11 AM

It was just the same night, indulging myself with Fan fiction but I decided to call Elizabeth to clarify some stuff about tomorrow events.
And guess who she bumped into today, at the orchard Mrt station, a station which I could've been at except did not see the point on why I should've gone there.
The angmoh Butch.
The butch which we both saw a YEAR ago, infact more than a year.
We saw her last year, sometime in feb or something. But here's the downside, Elizabeth said that she did not look angmoh ( but I guess she's still gorgeous ) and she was holding the hand of another lass.
A girl who was taller, her girlfriend.
And apparently the angmoh Butch decided to grow her hair longer and tie it up.
For those who cannot recall her, well I still can remember the incident as if it was just yesterday...
( if you're dumb, this is a flashback )
Elizabeth darling and I decided to go to Plaza Singapura after school as usual. Today we went to Yamaha and checked out the pianos. Being the whole piano fanatic in the past, I decided to try the piano out and played a few pieces which I remembered.
Then walked in her, and her other IJ friends, she was not in the school uniform though.
( Like it even mattered to us that another group of girls walked in )
So we minded our own business and I carried on trying out the piano.
And what caught Her attention was the song Clocks by Coldplay and The Scientist by Coldplay too.
And I watched her play for like a mere 5 seconds or so, she played pop I guess.
( She did not play a classical piece. )
It was more of a bouncy and springy tune, somewhat like The entertainer ( I forgot whats that title of that piece, it sounds like a circus tune. )
But it wasn't that song.
Anyway, after watching Her for a mere 5 seconds or so, I walked and placed my bum on the comfortable black seat of a 10 000 dollar piano.
It was the sort of piano that was modern.
It had headphones plugged to them, you could choose whether to play and wear the headphones ( the music then will not come out of the piano ) or you could to choose to play without the headphones and the music will come out of the piano.
Anyway, I sat there, and was contemplating on what tune to play, or I was busy reading the description of the piano.
And then She stood beside me and undid the padle for me.
( So that the headphone mode would off ( thus music will come out of the piano ) )
And I just sat there, doing nothing, still thinking on what to play.
It was quite embarrassing, if I'm not wrong, the IJ girls started to flock around the freaking piano, and I dont like it when that happens.
And so she spoke : Play a song.
Me: Hahaha ( like a geek ) What song?
She : Haha anything, coldplay?
Me: Oh..
So anyway, I played clocks, and I only played it cause I figured the rest wanted to hear it.
While I was playing, I could see the reflection of her face and her huge toothy grin. That was when I snapped a mental picture of her.
No I do not command my mind and say : MIND TAKE A MENTAL PICTURE, NOW!!!
No, it just happens. I think it's one of the best mental pictures ever. The reflection of her radiant face being reflected on the piano's black surface.
She's now in my mind, permenantly. Trapped there.
Yeah Basically, I can remember her smile, cause it really made me melt.
And I sound corny, so just shoot me.
After playing, I think she said it was good or something, I can't really remember.
( I jotted this incident down in my journal, except I'm too lazy to take out my journal to refresh my memory, maybe later. )
And so she left the shop with her other friends.
And that was the last time I saw her.

I'm not entirely sure if what I just said is absolutely true.
Dont blame me for my fuzzy memory cause this happened at least a year ago.

12:35 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
I spent my night/morning reading fan fiction till about 330 in the morning.
Then I headed to bed at around 4am.
Woke up and it was raining, how peachy.
Just peachy.
How lovely.
=D made me feel very comfortable, so I slept till 12 as usual.
And I left the house at around 130pm, went to get my teeth done.
After dentaling, met Joachim and his friend Charissa or Clarissa at the Raffles Place Mrt Station at about 330pm.
We walked around a bit, here and there.
Well we were walking around Blindly lah, cause half the time we were just more focused on our conversations.
Oh who here can remember Joachim? My little flirtatious friend, the one from Barker, That kid who tries to hit on everybody and the kid who two times.
(: He's pretty infamous for that I guess. Bird and I think he's adorable, looks like Patrick the starfish.
( here's something : he used to like Elizabeth ) Now you may laugh.
( and he used to like her when she already had short hair. (: So yah, I've to agreee BIrd is pretty. )
Anyway, we headed to City Hall, ate at Gelare.
His friend is nice, and he couldn't stop batting his eyes at both of us.
Lets see, I think she is immune to it, or she likes it.
But she seems really nice :).
She's in Zoe's school too!
Anyway, I saw him feed her gelare ice cream, only one mouth full thats all.
I thank god for being so good to me today, for not letting him try to feed me.
X) hahahahha.
Oh OH!!!! HIS LOOKS, still the same. But some parts of him have changed.
Example, he has BLUE FRINGE, gakk. I award him 1st prize for trying to act like an ahbeng.
Well, he doesnt speak like one, infact he claims he doesnt even use the word "LAH" So I thank god for that too.
And he wore blue contacts today, to be more specific, MOONLIGHT contacts.
Hahaha, VERY pretty :)
Anyway, first time Joachim paid, so all was good.
Then they cabbed it home, she is sorta his neighbour.
Like she lives a few blocks away from him only.
Anyway, she's leaving sg today, for some holiday. Quite cool, nice girl.
I headed down to Plaza Sing after that, got some hamster feed and bedding.
Fucking bedding, so fucking heavy. fucking shit.
Okay byebye friends starting!

7:18 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, November 21, 2005
We're going to club HOME afterall, 3 of us, the two love birds and me.
I'm going to dress like a guy on that day, so that Mr paedophile will look at me and go : GOD SHE IS SO UNATTRACTIVE I CANT BELIEVE I LIKED A BUTCH!
No offence to you butches. My point is that, it'll be weird for him to like a butch lah hor?

Anyway, today I woke up at 12pm. And so I painted, and now am working on a sketch. Sketching a sketchin on another sketch. HAHAA, you get that?
At about 330pm, V came over, she took a shower, we watched daria and beavis and butthead, V like the beavis and butthead. I think it's just dumb and rather boring.
Daria makes more sense, really.
Anyway, left the house at around 5.
Took a train down with Bird.
Met R, Ner and Kris at Macs.
Hannah and Muriz soon came.
And I bought macs.
We watched HP and the GOF. ( hahaha all the short forms )
After that, Hannah and Kris left.
I showed them a cool snowman :)).
Anyway, off to Fish and Co.
I feel happy. It's like finally, the girls night out. (: Its been ages since we went out as a whole group.
So funnn, like some girls clan.
Anyway, V left half way.
At around 9pm she left.
Her brother, veryvery concerned brother was nagging nonstop, saying she is a girl and everyone wants to molest her at what? 9pm in the middle of orchard road.
Oh well, maybe the walk back home for her is dangerous, i dunno.
Anyway, left the place, then walked to The Balcony at Heeren.
Bumped into Stacey, so she came along.
The stupid lady at the balcony right.
Okay here was the incident, we thought there was no age limit, we just ate.
Lady: You're here for food or drinks?
Me: eh girls, we just ate right? err... drinks.
Lady: ( looks at another guy beside her ) er okay come with me.
So she directed us upstairs, we went upstairs to realise that everyone there were working people, angmohs and stuff.
Quite cool though, got a hottub!! and like REALLLY nice seats. looks like beds lah.
Anyway we couldnt find a seat, you know how inconsiderate singaporeans are right.
They sit at this longggg bar table facing buildings and like so lets say there's two people sitting then there'll be an empty seat beside them then another two people, empty seat then another 3 people and empty seat.
Basically there were enough seats, but they were scattered.
So we went into this room, with a bar ( there were two bars, one outside and one inside ), the floor was carpeted and there were really nice couches.
Only to realise that both tables were reserved.
Another lady came up to us : How old are you all?
Muriz: 15...
Me: huhhh..
Lady: You know you'll have to be 18 to be here, there's an age limit.
Me: Oh we didnt know..
So we left, and someone else came up to us and said the same thing.
#*(&@!*#(&@! pisser .
Like the lady in the begining could've just told us, hey may i check your IDs or something.
So embarrassing la.
Like when we went in, everyone was staring and then we got kicked out.
I mean, not only did i look young, but I dressed young too.
I was wearing fox KIDS!!! three quats and some stripey collared top and was playing with this bouncy thing which i just bought.
( which apparently snapped later on, while I was walkinghome along. KNN!! COST 3.50 OKAY! But there's light inside, damn cool. )
anyway, walked to PS then mrted home.
The end.
I'm quite contented.
Anyway, recently I talked to Nathan and currently I am talking to him on Messenger.
He's my 12 yr old friend, he claims that we knew each other since we were 11, but I doubt that lah.
I can't remember.
Anyway, he's still the same, funny as hell.
:D And nice as ever.
I hope he is still chubby and cute.
He plays maple story, basketball and loves anime, eeee...

11:49 PM

Have you heard the really cool band, 311!
Yeah, that's the bands name, anyway, I think they're really cool.
Listen to Amber or Love song, its shiok. The rest of their songs are really cool too.
Yesterday, I spent my day with my family and sisters bf.
She told me to do a sketch everyday, so that I will improve, so I sketched yesterday, I wouldn't say it's terrible, but like she said, the first time it won't be good but you'll improve.
So I'm going to work on my art.
Later V is coming over to take a shower at my house then we're going out to meet the rest.
Kris, Ner, Bird, Muriz, Hannah and Rachel.
I'm not really sure who is going. We're going to catch Harry Potter and the GOF.

Sister : yeah, so now you're living life like a hermit crab huh? Good.
Hahahaha, cause I told her I've not gone out in AGES. ( or I've not gone out as much as usual. )
Last year, I went to town EVERYDAY without fail, which is pretty scary.
It's like EVERYDAY, even during exams/tests/ whatever. Quite scary lah. I mean even before History EOYs, I was out at harbour front trying to study. But you know, I'm the kinda person who can't study among friends.
And I can actually count how many times I went home straight after school, probably only 10 days at most lah.
I dont know how I did it, but I did. I went to town every single day.
One time, I went to cine leisure the WHOLE week. INSANE. So that's what we ( probably bird and a few others ) did when Jalore, Lixian were around. And John chua too.

I think snort looks weird..
Ive been eating too much meji chocolates, but they taste sooooo gooodddddd.

Spinning: 311- All Mixed up

12:42 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Hello, my phone is gone, its now at the phone hospital, in other words, its in the Nokia servicing center at suntect city.
Sisters bf claims that I'm dead. He said something like, if you're a singaporean without a handphone, it's like being dead!
Anyway, yesterday was R's birthday.
anyway, this is dumb.
Going to watch GOF tomorrow again.
Probably going to watch it 3 times.
I've decided to persue my dream of being a part time artist and draw a sketch everyday.
It may not look fantastic, but it sure will improve, slowly slowly slowly.
Eh, i alrd got R's birthday present.

7:49 PM

Who caught I am Sam on Channel 2 ( for those who've got scv ) or channel 5 just now?
Yeah, I watched it before, and it was the first ever movie which made me cry ( as in not today, I watched it before. )
Who knew love could be so strong.
Go watch it. ( i dont really think guys would enjoy it though ), but for you ladies, go watch it.
What a sadistic story, but realistic. Love is something which you can have without an education. Love is not only between perfect people, it's all among us.
Even between a mentally disabled dad and his little daughter.

The real world will just eat you alive.

1:13 AM