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Saturday, December 10, 2005
Well certainly the song which is currently playing, Victor's piano solo from the Corpse Bride soundtrack, suits the part which I'm currently now reading from the book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Potter, a boy which the daily prophet claims, have gone totally insane, just realised his Father was a bully. James, bullying Snape, seeing it first hand from Snape's memory.
Anyway, I love the book, going to finish it soon and I'll soon have to leave my art pigsty ( not much of a pigsty, since I cleaned it yesterday ) and go to kino to purchase the 6th book.
I'll ask H. Kong if she took my book 4, I remember lending it to her when we were 12, but maybe she returned it to me and I lent it to someone else, my memory is really bad.
I cant wait for my brother to make for me a blogskin.
Hey V, if you're reading, see I'm even too lazy to even make my own blogskin, pfft.
I'll be going back to my book now, or maybe give Brown a call since she's all down.
Her life is pretty dramatic, I guess that's what you get when you love someone and something horrible happens.
You see, N and I on the other hand, have no love life, except for the fictional characters, Sirius Black and Draco Malfoy.
Both fictional, so even if we love them, they can never do anything horrible to us, simply cause they're fictional.
And so darn goodlooking when I picture them.

Grins, my brother claims I grin alot, and when I try to close my mouth so that I won't show my teeth, he claims I'm smirking.
-_- When all I am doing is >>> :D! or :) so that I wont burst out into a laughing fit, quite scary.
I smile alot.

8:08 PM

It was a weird feeling coming over, over and over again.
She sat there, beautifully with her strands of hair brushing against her face.
I couldn't help but smile and think to myself, how beautiful she is even though she may seem nasty.

I was talking to Joachim, a kid who've been reading my blog.
He claims that I always seem pissed off.
And what can I say?
I actually considered going to a therapist, but we'll see what happens next huh.

12:31 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, December 09, 2005
I am not quite happy today, I hate it when I come back home to realise that my room is in a mess. ( I know, it is my fault, that I do not tidy it up everyday, especially all the gross soggy newspaper probably have turned mouldy ).
Anyway, I've just cleared my room, quite pleased, but not entirely.

For those who always come to my house, I've made up rules already ( I know I go against rules, I know those who always come to my house always do that too, but please, if you respect me and respect the home I live in, you will abide by the rules. )
Firstly, no eating in the room, because I can see ants, AND I DON'T WANT COCKROACHES TO BE HERE EITHER.
So don't eat, I can see the fucking ant crawling all over my keyboard with something in its mouth, so I'm getting extremely ticked off.
Another thing, DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFF.
Well, I'm going to write a huge note " DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING " on the white board.
And another rule, Do not doodle on the ugly whiteboard.
It is always hiddeous enough and I really hate it, and it ticks me even more off when I see my " To do list " in blue scribbles.
On top of that, some people ( Muriz, brother, etc ) Have used permenant markers to write, and I know it's ble to rub off, but you see, not rubbed off completely.

Okay the biggest rule among these 3 rules, it probably the no eating policy, I don't like people to eat in my room. ( exception of me, since I'm the owner, and if I spill anything I'll be pissed at myself. I dont like to get angry over other people. )
Yeah, and you're only able to eat in my room, if I say so, or if I bring in the food myself.
But other than that, No eating in my room, my bed (especially ).
Or rub your feet on it.
( This is mainly for my brother. )

Anyway, yesterday. N, Muriz and I went grocery shopping at carefour.
Then bought some $5 school shoes, old school yo type.
We were suppose to bake the brownies, but got too lazy.
So Marivic baked them and we went to watch Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban.
( Is that the title?! )
Then watched unseen scenes of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and some interviews with JK and Tom felton ( ah drool, ah drool. ) and Dan, etc.
Then went back to my room, danced, did some shit.
Both went home.

Today, I slept at 4am, was too afraid to off the lights ( Hp and the order of the phoenix left me in suspense ).
Woke up at 1pm the following day and watched a bit of television.
And watched something on mtv about high school pranks, and scandals, etc.
The kids who strung bras around the school, stuck pornography on the principal and Vice principals window ( some got to the Jr High ) and threw tiolet paper around the trees, only got 3 days of suspension.
And what did some people who took a gay photograph got?
1 and a half months of detention.
And there was a show on Nickelodeon, My scene goes hollywood.
I almost died of regurgitation, it was extremely stupid, superficial and materialistic.
It's clearly teaching singaporean/ other country kids the wrong thing.
It was just like watching 5 bimbos talking about being EXTRAS in a movie which Lindsay Lohan stars in.

Headed to Charmaine's bbq after that, I was talking to Calista all the way.
EH, wasn't that fun, but had lots of food, my favourite.
And now V is sharing with me all the fun she had with that big o' bird.
V claims that Big bird from sesame street should be roasted!
And I can't help but agree with her.
The stupidity going around, it sickens me.

10:29 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, December 08, 2005
Pardon my numerous grammatical errors in the previous post alright, I was too lazy to edit the post.

Well this morning I woke up and I realised that I dreamt of Harry Potter and Katherine Moenning.
=\ I managed to meet Ms Moenning in person, and we talked and I saw Naima, oh my goodness, I'm going mad.
Anyway, it was a pleasant dream. And I talked to Harry potter.
Hahahaha, well I guess dreams are just reallyyy queer.
OFF TO ER.. read a book? Or draw.

11:58 AM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
There are a few things in this world that makes my blood boil, one is my mother nagging, another is my brother shouting scrooney at the top of his lungs when i feel like being alone and many more.
But one of the most recent one is the promotion of FLICK @ CHINABLACK.
I guess the easy buyers are those whom I dont know personally and those who don't ask personal question.
Everytime I invite someone whom I know, they'll usually ask the first stupidest question which is " Are you going? "
When I am clearly trying to promote it to them, but I've to keep my cool, if I want people to buy it right.
Anyway, if you're wondering, Yes I am going, so please, I beg, dont ask me another stupid question.
Example " When is it? " When I've clearly stated the fucking date and time okay?
Alright, with that aside.
I was late for 3 people today.
I was suppose to meet Fred, Cia at 3pm at Cine, but guess where I was at 3pm?
I was at home. haha.-.-
And then I was suppose to meet E at Serangoon station at 3.10, and guess where I was at 3.10pm?
At home.
So I only left my house at around 3.20 when I realised I was late ( I was too engrossed in the book ok? )
Met a E at about 330 and headed down to Cine and met the rest at around 4.
After that, went to check the movie timings, but to no avail, no movies we liked.
Tried to get N outta the house, but once again, to no avail, she did not move her ass, nonono, not one inch.
But Muriz on the other hand gladly took our invitation.
Anyway, headed to The Balcony besides heeren, for those who is a Binky In Panties regular blog viewer, you would know that I and a couple of my friends embarrassed ourselves there one time.
Well, E and I sat beside two gay men who were clearly checking each other out and who were both rather good looking.
E's sister joined us soon after, as well as Muriz.
The two Gay Men left by then, I guess it was quite interesting to sit beside them.
Especially cause the first hour, I spent it with E, and we both were not so interested of each other instead were more interested in the gay men conversation, and well, or at least I was.
Anyway, Hung out at the Balcony till 7?
Then headed down to Takashimaya to get the perfect Elizabethified salad sauce for E of course.
After that, walked around a bit, dropped by little shops.
Went to FOREVER 21, not my favouritest place in the world, but anyway, went there.
Tried on really hotass clothes.
Oh my, I think I really love those shorts.
You can buy them for me, for christmas, you know.
Except they cost around 50 plus.
And you know those really huge tops, I can wear those as dresses, sexy hot ass stuff. (:
=\ oh man oh man, stop thinking about them shorts Ms Panties.
Saw the Gotcha lady in that place, I dont know who she is, but Muriz knows who she is, so okay.
Headed to E's place, watched American Pie, Band camp.
Good, funny movie.
Headed home.
THE END, lazy to type.

Little Brown went bersurk just now.
That's why I detest work. I dont like to see people working for the sake of it ( unless you've got no choice, then okay. ) But I don't see why people work to earn money just to shop, unless shopping is really life and death to them.
I totally accept people working if they enjoy working.
Example painting something, selling it off, or sewing cool clothes? Or if you really like sizzling mcdonald fries.
You get the point.
Well I guess I'll never understand why it's soo important to shop and have a wardrobe full of new clothes.
( This is contradiction, I was drooling over a pair of shorts and now I'm against shopping. )
Okay I'm not against shopping, but I've no dying feeling when I know I clearly cant afford the pants unless I start saving now.

11:52 PM

Save me, Harry Potter.

I think I'm reliving my primary school days. N and I are obssessing over Malfoy and Potter. Lol and there's an embarrassing little secret of ours behind all this.

12:38 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
I guess maybe it was something she said the other day that ticked me off so badly.
And sometimes I question myself why the hell am I still attending that school.
And of course the obvious answer is that, hell, my friends are there and its just two more years, get over and done with.
And anyway, I want to get into a decent college and get to university as soon as possible.
It sickens me and it makes my blood boil when they keep condeming us for something we've done in the past.
They're so full of lies, and I've no idea why they've to tell us " once you're done with this, you've paid the price and we cant hold anything back from you " to give us high hopes.
It sickens me when they give us hope, hope that teachers will be extremely fair.
And what am I suppose to do even if the teachers are not fair? Go to that lady to complain when clearly she will take the teachers side.
And it pisses me off even more when they judge my friends and I.
How can they ever say such things about us when they do not know us personally, how dare they say such things when they know they'd get equally upset if such a thing happens to them.
Maybe I am jealous of N, that she is in the good books of teachers, maybe not the best of the whole level but she's obviously the best amongst us.
Sometimes, I believe that there is hope for us and that them teachers will not hold a grudge against us, but obviously, that hope is extremely deluded and bloody stupid.
I dont see how they're able to judge someone by some dumb records, telling N who to befriend ( or rather advising ).
And anyway, everyone is entitled to their actions.
Yes friends do play a big role, but its your choice to take that puff when someone offers you.
And anyway, if N didn't like us in the first place, she wouldn't be hanging out with us.
Sometimes I compare myself with the A star students and I realise how much more selfish they are than me.
But now I guess I got the picture, teachers like A star students and judge them as good examples even though they do not know them personally, same goes to me, they judge me as a rotten kid trying to lure N into corruption?
Sometimes I wonder why I'm even thinking about stupid things like this, after all in society everyone is corrupted.
I dont even know why I'm typing this very self centered post without considering how N feels and I've no idea why I'm letting these stupid things ( these people.. ) bug me so much.
When N mentioned it to me the other day, I got angry for probably only a few seconds and decided that " Hey this is actually old news, so whatever. "
I really should stop thinking about these people who're trying their best to bug me.

Now I know why Bella always says " two more years man.. everyone is just counting down the years. "
Cause it really feels like hell when you're being judged, even though it may come from a stranger.
Anyway, if they'd like to know, I think Elizabeth, Nerizza, Charis and a ton of my other friends are much more generous, loving, sweet, knowledgable, street smart ( You need this when you're going to work in the future ) compared to Michelle Lim ( an A student who is so self centered/ absorbed/ back stabbing ).
And I know her and have experienced her snoobishness for two years in my primary school life.
I'm not saying that A students are bad ( since N and R are in an A class or was or going to be, I dont know. ) but I'm just saying that these people or monsters should just know the person personally first before they judge.

What can I say, I'm feeling rather self centered today and don't take my posts into heart, cause I just speak my mind most of the time ( I may feel angry now, but I know I'll feel much better later. )

On a lighter note, I spent about 5 hours reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I think it's a wonderful book.
Read about 200 pages already, I know, I read slow.

no they're not people but monsters.

7:09 PM

I spent my monday morning napping and my afternoon figuring out my outfit and hanging out with breastie, N.
I met N at Orchard station and we headed down to that mickey mouse place to get my shoes exchanged.
They pissed me off, cause once again I couldnt change it and the sales girl said she'd give me a call.
Me " You see, that's what you said a month ago and I did not receive a call and now I'm back here after a month with no exchanged shoes. "
And yes, the sales girl was stunned and had nothing to say and I felt bad since she was young and new to this shitty job.
Anyway, I gave her my number ( highly doubt they'll ever use ) and they gave me theirs.
I'm going down with my Woman, she'll scold and shout and get all her friends to have a strike if she have to.
Anyway, we went to eat at the new food court. N was complaining about the price but besides that we were talking about dumb christmas decorations, how Singapore may have officially lost its christmas spirit and ofcourse, nd ofcourse, dumb things like, FAN FICTION!! hahahaha, how random.
Anyway, after that we went to Borders, hung out for probably an hour or so.
Then my legs almost died so we headed to starbucks at 330pm?
Started to sketch, talk shit, she told me wonderful fan fictions ( god so random ) and about her pussy of a church friend she had ( okay my personal opinion, i find her gross from what I've heard ), we talked, drew all the way till 9pm ( no joke ).
Lizard, Su and Eunice were in town too, but were job hunting and watching movie.
I dont like jobs.
Anyway, I feel accomplished, not only did I draw Ners hand and my muffin, 2 cups of coffee, a caramel frap with whip cream and one without but I also drew Starbucks interior on the huge sketch pad which is too huge to scan in and my legs sitting in a crossed position.(: I felt good going out with her after such a long time.
I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie and this is what she said or roughly what she said " Dont wanna watch, doesnt spend much quality time cos I just sit and watch the screen you see "
Hahahha, so sweet.
Anyway, went to Burger King at around 9?
Saw Zoe, ate a Chicken Sandwich, met up with Zoe and Michelle Sham.
It was nice to see that apple head and Michelle after dunno how many weeks.
Er last time I saw her was probably in BK too, when Bird and I were suppose to go to club home which is er.. 23rd!
Got home at about 10 plus.
Anyway, talked to Tanny online, she's going to US. No more tanny in Rosalia Park.
She's bloody funny, especially her version of OM.
Oh.. its nothing.. Just that she made me laugh till my face and Ears turned red.:P

2:36 AM