I lived till(:

Saturday, December 17, 2005
Today, I got awoken by my dad's wayang music, sickening shit.
It pisses me off so I came out of tthe room and offed it.
My eyes half closed and I carried on sleeping till about 1pm.
Got up, watched My Super Sweet Sixteen, aka Brattish show.
After that, had tuition with WKai.
After having tuition with that red rooster, he went tanning, he gave me a ride to Shaw House since he was going there.
I had to endure his techno music and I squeezed my handbag so hard that it turned purple, wait it was already purple.
By the way WKai ain't ahbeng, and he is from some geeky school.
We spent the same amount of time travelling there in the carpark.
He was cursing and swearing, because all the spaces were either filled or too small for his tiny white car to fit in.
Met M and Virulenza at Mango.
Shopped like hell?
Bought a pair of black pants and a purple tank top and you know what, I came home and my mother said she'll pay me back?! ( Without me even asking, infact I told her " I dont think you'd want to pay.. " She said " Oh never mind, it's christmas clothes! " )
Anyway, Brown gave me a call before she left the country.
After shopping at Mango, we headed to Mcs to eat, met Stacey there.
Went back to Mango, Virulenza spent around 100 dollars.
And then went to test out perfume, and HOMEEE.
I'm so excited, harry potter is so exciting!

Good news, mah perversed neighbour is back to hang her rainbow flag outside her house, Hahahha.

7:46 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, December 16, 2005

I have no idea why I'm blogging when I've got absolutely nothing to blog about.
Besides the fact that I slept early last night but still woke up late.
Anyway, today I spent my day watching an hour of television and spending the rest of the day on Harry Potter.
Now I'm online and have absolutely nothing to do.
I just remembered what Vikthor told me the other day when I told him I've been living a hermit crab lifestyle.
He looked at me wide eyed and said " what?! " in disbelief.
No, I wouldn't say my personality have changed. I just don't see the point in going out everyday, and I've realised that everytime I go out, I spend money.
I'm going clubbing on monday anyway, hopefully, I will have fun, I know I will.
Dancing is something which you won't want to stop when you start.
Get your funk out in FLICK @ Chinablack.

6:46 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, December 15, 2005
I woke up at 12pm today, my cousin and brother was out of the house by then.
And my brother shook me at about 11am just to tell me that I was smile when I sleep, I thought I drooled, HAHAHA.
Anyway, N came over at about 1230pm, I was still in pjs, bad breath and bed hair, bad sight.
(: But I guess it's okay.
We slacked till 130 and went to change wash up.
After Dental, went to take a look at Art Friends then headed to Far East to check out ahbengs.
Ate at bk.
Met Muriz and Gwen, Muriz' friend.
Walked around.
Bumped into Stacey and her 'grandma',Stacey's hair is bloody cool now.
And bumped into Cia and her gf.
And we saw 4 girls, dressed up in maid clothes, either that or mary poppins or some shit along that line.
I squeezed the flower muriz gave to me so hard when I saw them, it was shocking and indecent.
Walked around, more ahbengs, more minahs, more ahlians, more martttsss/muttz/matts ( haha lizardo. ).
Chilled at Gelare for very long.
Basically spent around 5 hours in Far east, i hate the place.
Got home at around 930.
Took a shower, came out with half a butt cheek showing while I was talking on my cell with my brothers tuition teacher.
Anyone wants tuition? He isn't bad looking, dress well and looks very clean. (:
I think his head is too big for his body. :P
Watched Kung fu hustle, now my cousin is sleeping quite quietly using only one bolster to support his head.
And I'm doing this.

Here's new news, only less than 5 of my close friends are going to chinablack.
but alot of unknown people bought tickets from me, weird.
I really want those shorts, I think.
It'll be fun, wheeee.

You at my doorsteps

11:03 PM

It was a weird sensation coming over once again.
Part of me knew he was the past, and even though I've matured from what happened, somehow, I can't forget what we had.
His feelings were honest and simple. It was as simple as, I just thought of you because I was reminded of a few certain things we had.
It was not a I miss you and I wish I had done this and that, maybe it was because he had gotten over me and that was what I loved about him the most.
Realistic, simple, innocent, learning and keeping an open mind about all situations.
Sometimes, no matter how much I want to say that he was just a mere memory but I can't help but say that he taught me more than that.
And I'm probably one of the best things that happened in his life too.
I taught him and he taught me.
I matured and learnt that there are more things which are worth more in life than self absorbed people or a boyfriend.
I've learnt how to get over things and how to see things in a different perspective.
I've learnt to be more open minded to different things, like homosexuality, how people act when they're hurt, how actions speak louder than words at times, how some people don't see you as how you see them.
And I've learnt that all good things end, and most good things are just my mere imagination.
This is probably how many people get hurt, they get so deluded by a simple thing the other party does.
I pictured someone so perfect, he was close to that, but then, I realised that I cannot over look his flaws.
And that if I'd been aware of reality, I wouldn't have hurt as much as I did.
He taught me that pain isn't always bad, and sometimes, bad things happen with a good reason.
I've learnt that when something bad happens, maybe sometimes, something even better and greater happens after that.
Even though he remembered me through items, I sadly replied that I could not recall receiving anything from him, no items, from him.
And whatever I've remembered about him, seemed to be very shattered and twisted.
Most were from the journal I used to write in, but I seemed to stop, after all, I'm pretty contented with my life.
Not all good things last and most of these good things are illusions.
When you sum up all these little things a certain person does to you, you get the idea that she is great but then realising that she isn't hurt so much.

He was just a mere memory, probably an illusion.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying over him, infact I'm smiling over the fact, that he, who might've caused me pain before ( I cant remember ), made my life so much better and so much more realistic now.
I'm now more determined whenever I set my mind to do things.
Drawing is stress reliving.

1:39 AM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Today started out with a tiring yawn and a roll over the bed.
I was very tired and the night before, I thought I'll never wake up before 12pm, but surprisingly, today, I woke up at around 9am.
There was a motivation and a little guiltiness I know I will feel if I dont get there on time.
And guess what, I was early.
I went to the hellhole again to get a bunch of books for next year, believe it or not, I'm going to be 15.
It is a scary age and somehow, I feel that when you turn 15, you'll get a little more rebellious. Hopefully, I'll still remain a sweet angel.
Met Brownat around 10am at the canteen, I was early, so I just sat down, and stared at the canteen.
It was quite different, I have to say. After all, it wasn't the usual, filled with students, seniors cutting queue image.
It was quiet, no drink stall queue, all stall shutters were locked shut HOWEVER, one thing hasn't changed, and that is the birdshit-chairs and tables.
Waited waited and then POP! She was there, all tanned and small, in her tiny little green shirt, outstanding belt and dark blue jeans.
She looks the same, sounds the same, so I figured it could not possibly be an imposter and greeted her with a hey, assuming that she was Brown. ( oh my goodness, what if she ain't brown, it could be one of those poly juice potion imposters! )
We went to get them school books.
She helped to carry one bag and at the same time, she passed me the gift.
But she couldn't contain the excitement and finally told me what it was.
A pair of boxers with red lips and a tongue sticking out and the word THE STONES printed on it and with the word southpark being printed on the elastic band, which I'm currently wearing now.
We took a cab back to my place.
We lazed around for quite a bit, she was very engrossed with Harry Potter.
I was, on the other hand, doing some water painting, which turned out much better compared to the other one I did yesterday of Narcissa Malfoy ( the drawing was great, everything was great, except I outline too much and she looks like a man now, with a beard, quite gross. )
At about 12pm, I went through my wardrobe to see what's lovely to wear to Plaza Singapura.
Marivic went into a fit and threw my clothes out, my god, scary.
Headed to Plaza Singapura, first we purchased out tickets then we sat at Gelare, lovely ice cream place and ate our ice creams.
Hers costed 10 dollars, what the hell.-___-"
Went to watch Aeon Flux, I found the movie eh.. boring.
The plot was very cheesy to me?
Charlize Theron was very pretty and it all seemed very, computer gamish to me.
Maybe it is because her face was like those in the Longest journy or Final Destiny, very perfect?
After that, took a long walk down to Borders, got V her gift.
I hate walking, but she wanted to, so we ended up doing that.
And I think after today, I've firmly attached something to her mind, which is that, she should never try her mutt accent with me.
It's so, er annoying.
Sorry if she received bruises.
Had a great time, home.
Piano, now my cousin is here.
He is 24.
From New Zealand.

Thank for the Boxers, Brown.

9:19 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

James, Sirius and Peter studying for the Animagus transformation

Credit: Marta owner of artdungeon.net

That's what she considers a doodle. But somehow, I guess, this is what most people expect from a professional artist who is in her twenties.

There is nothing much to blog today, except that I've already started on my book 6 and I'm very excited. I'm going to keep my hair slightly longer, shoulder length. No, I don't think it's going to be all prissy and dolliefied. It is going to be choppy and messy hopefully. Hmmm, for now, I'll just let it grow and see how long it is able to get, any tips on how to make my hair grow faster?

Oh yes, I just remembered, I came to blog because I want to write a wishlist, N and Little Brown claims that it is a good idea and I guess it is. Please don't look at me with a raised eyebrow accussing me of being thick. I'm doing this because I want my friends to be doing it too, so that I will know what they want for christmas and hopefully, it'll be in my price range.

Please don't feel obliged to buy any of the things I'm about to type, if you don't want to buy any, I'm fine with it. Frankly speaking, all the things I want are not really the kinda things I REALLLYYYYY WANT, because I've gotten almost everything I want already, except for a few.

Okay how do I start off.... o_O Let me ask N.. I've to wait for her to blog finish.-_- Oh N does it by just starting off without saying anything, I guess I just screwed that part up, but I'll continue anyway ..

Drawing pens ( those from art friends, for mapping, for drawing, anyone, with rounded tips, one pen cost around $11-$16 )

A bottle of ink ( the pens need ink )

( I can see that there is something wrong with me spacing everytime I hit the button ENTER )

The two thin books written by JK Rowling, I can't remember the title, but they cost around $13.

Water colour paper ( I ran out of those. Maybe I'll even get them before christmas and they cost a bomb )

The markers used for interior designing layout, one box cost about $80 Hahaha.

shorts fromFOREVER 21, excpet I went there the other day and they're gone. ( Not beach shorts, No infact I hate beach shorts. The shorts are the types which are able to match with something formal )

Collared shirts

Jacket, formal.

Cool tees

Charcoal pencils

Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black :P Hehehe

Vodka Absolute

A jumper

The kinds of formal tops which girls wear with tight fitting jeans, they tend to be quite big. (: I can use them as dresses.

Well, I guess the items which I do really want ( and I can get them myself. ) is probably the art supplies, such as the pens, water colour paper, charcoal pencils, etc.

3:33 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, December 12, 2005
I woke up at around 1pm today.
Plunged myself infront of the computer and to find a nice surprise, my blogskin is done.
Thanks to my bra-der, my blog looks much better.
ThhUUuUuAnNnn kaiIiIiIiiI.
After blogging, changing the font colour and font, I went to watch 2 episodes of FRIENDS season 2.
Clearly, I was once again late.
I was suppose to meet Vic at 3pm, except I left my house at around 3.27pm, but it doesn't matter, since he left at around the same time.
I got to Kino earlier than him and browsed around.
He arrived.
We met, I bought the book.
Went to some place, I think it is TANGS.
Bought laksa and some food stuff and headed to Mc Cafe to chill.
Ate, ate, talked talked.
Checked movie timings, but none suited our time schdule, so we headed off to get christmas presents.
Bought two already.
Both we split cost. (:
And then got he followed me home, went to the nearby hair dresser to shave his head. HAHAHA, ironic since his hair is already freaking short due to NS.
And now because of that, I know his password to his POSB acount, there was this dude who was 2 person ahead of me in the queue.
He took 10 minutes to withdraw cash, I think he took even longer than that, because the lady who stood infront of me started to ask him to let others have a go first.
After his hair cut, he went off to meet the guys.
I, on the other hand, went home.

I'm excited!
And it's because of this :

And guess what! I know what N is gonna get me for christmas :D

8:39 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, December 11, 2005
I just finished the book!
Somewhat I feel accomplished and I felt extremely depressed after reading about how Harry felt after he lost his god father.
Everytime he within company he wanted to be alone and when he was alone he wanted company.
The last 20 pages almost made me cry.
In fact, the book was rather draggy and pretty depressing.
He was potrayed as a frustrated kid throughout the book, and Umbridge made things worst.
Umbrdige reminds me of someone in my school, just my opinion.
I'll go purchase book 6 tomorrow, Woman was complaining on how expansive it is, but I want it. :D

While I was online just now, browsing through the net, I saw my name on E's blog.
It's the little things that really make my day and I felt so special.
(: Thank you E, even though I am clearly not irritating.

11:42 PM

=\ 20 more pages and I'm done with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Oh my, Harry has got my sympathy, poor boy, though he is completely fictional.
I can't wait to get my fingers on book 6 and start reading again, heard it's even more dramatic, especially since Dumbledore dies and Malfoy gets into some sort of delima.
Drama drama, quite sadistic.
If he was real, he must be really twisted.
Not only have he lost his parents, his godfather dies and then dumbledore dies.

Well christmas is coming, and I think my family will not be spending christmas together this time, quite weird.
I met my sister and her M today with my parents.
It was quite fun, though half the time I have got no idea what they are talking about.
( They talk about book writers, and some famous people which I do not know of. This is a sign, I must go get my hands on better literature than Harry Potter. )
We ate lunch then went for tea and got home pretty late, around 6?
I've got a feeling it'll be a quiet christmas, guess I'll spend it with N, that is if she is okay with it.
( I hope she says yes, and not stay at home on the 25th of december with her eyes fixated on her computer screen as she reads her fan fiction. )
I would buy her a black puppy if I could, but since she have got so many cats, I dont think it's a very good idea.
(: She likes Sirius, hahaha.
I think V has nothing to do on Christmas either.
I have already made a list of people who I'm going to buy presents for, some are being starred as they're closer.
And I've decided that this christmas, I'm not going to buy presents for the sake of it, but because I really want to.
And I'm going to think through carefully before buying.
I don't like to feel obliged to get a gift.
Though it'll be pretty embarrassing if I receive a gift from some one whom I didnt buy a present for.

"Suffering like this proves you are still a man!This is part of being human -"
He roared, and seized the delicate silver instrument from the spindle-legged table beside him and flung it across the room; it shattered into a hundred tiny pieces against the wall.

7:54 PM

100 more pages or so and I'm done with the Order of the Phoenix, and I didnt call Brown after all.
I guess I was too engrossed in the book.
And now that I'm online, she just told me she was about to go off.

While I was reading my book ( and N was reading book 4, tee hee, she msged me. ), the what I used to call " Paedophile " smsed me. Lets just call him Bas.
Just caused I asked him to go to FLICK @ CHINABLACK, he got worked up telling me how he did not want to go if it was non alcoholic, only dumb boys will go ( or something along that line ) and he said something about if he goes, I'll think he is a paedophile.
It's not like if he doesnt go, it'll change any of that.
And anyway, Einstein who went was twice his age.
And even thought I was extremely offended and replied him crudely using two messages, something along the line that if he did not want to go then he should just say so and why he should even give a shit what I thought about him.
But I can't help but feel partly responsible on how he feels, after all I'm the one who accidently smsed him that I thought he was a paedophile, and it was quite the embarrassment of the life time.
I felt nasty and mean, but maybe that is how girls work after all?
Or at least that's how I work.
I'm a selfish prick at times, and I treat people who I think are full of themselves ( big headed assholes; people like Bas ( it's no good to judge, but when I was 12 he was already trying to ask me out. I was innocent, he was trying to corrupt me, but at least now, I'm smarter. And if you need to know, I've never gone out with him, only quite recently or rather 2 months back, after he've waited for 2 years, I finally sort of bumped into him at orchard and we chatted for maybe 10 minutes ) ).
Or maybe I just plainly, do not like guys.
After all, Bas is pretty gentlemenly, I wouldn't say he is hiddeous, he speaks good english, he is smart, he is old ( Hehehe, I like old guys, but nt him. ), but after what Bella have said, he is, what she says, full of himself and very blur on what's going on around him, or what the girl is trying to tell him.
To me, frankly speaking, he is the kind of guy, a stud some may say, the kind of guy you'll see on MTV'S BURNED.

And I can't seem to sleep! growls.
My eyes are wide open and I don't feel tired, not a bit.
Maybe some what excited, cause my mind keeps drifting off to Harry Potter.
But the thing is that, I don't want to finish my book just yet, because I want to be able to finish book 5 and then realising that I've got book 6 in hand already, so that I can carry on reading.
So I'll go buy book 6 on monday, that means I've to move my fat lazy bottom out of my house, or maybe I'll buy tomorrow.
We'll see.
Shall I call Brown?

Pardon me if there is any grammatical errors or whatever, it sickens me to read my post finding errors, but I'm too lazy to edit.

12:51 AM