I lived till(:

Saturday, December 24, 2005
My mother woke me up with her nagging this morning, and I could not sleep after that.
So I spent my morning reading Harry Potter book 1 from 8-11.
And went back to bed till 2pm.
Got up, and started getting busy with my turtles, setted up a big ass tank for them.
=\ I think the smaller one has a disease and even though they're cold blooded, BUT IT'S SO YOUNG!
Anyway, T came over for a while to watch Queer as folk.
Then I went off to meet M at around 5pm.
Took a cab to her grandma's place then headed to town.
Bummed around.
I was veryvery tired and I still am.
From town we went to Suntect's Candy Empire.
Bumped into Dreg who was working.
After Candy Empireing, we headed to Charis' party.
We reached her place at around 8plus?
Ate, chat, not much music?
But it was fun.
Vic, Lesley, Mich, Zoe, Bird ( dropped by for like 10 minutes, SHE LOST ALOTTTT OF WEIGHT, HER WRIST IS SMALLER THAN MINE. #()!@*#()@!!! ), Victor, Bunch of acs I guys, Bunch of ahbengs, aunty anne, Janice, Muriz, Ann Na, Hannah, Aiden, and a few other people I'm lazy to mention.
Kerry came down with her boyfriend, good looking guy, from a heavy metal band.
And there were 2 other band mates.
They're very stonned.

Okay, Good night.

1:20 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, December 22, 2005
Met N today for two hours.
Went Art Friending.
I hate town, I hate the crowd, I HATE CROWDS.
My goodness, old people think that just because they are old means they can act all nasty and get away with it.
I better shut up now.
Had tuition.
Christmas is in 2 days time and I'm very lazy to shop already.
I'll have to make my lazy ass buy something for Bird, Vic, Justin and my parents.

I dont wait for anyone, so don't think you're an exception.
I'm here, grab me, before I walk away.

11:46 PM

M and I got bored, so she drew the pretty lady and I editted parts of it.

2:47 AM

Cheer for her, because she is the untouchable goddess who deceives.

I slept at around 430am, I swear I heard my maid's alarm clock ringing, in other words, she was waking up and I've not even slept!
So I woke up at around 230pm, and went to meet Zoe.
Walked around a bit, called Bella, she was lonely and missed me.
Now say " Awww. "
She's such a lovable sister, really. (:
Headed to starbucks, sat there from 530 till 7pm.
Was writing and drawing bullshit in my note book.
Watched the gay shit Wallace and Groumet play at Plaza Singapura.
I couldn't help but smirk when I saw the carrot in the rabbits hands.
Went back to starbucks, sat down somemore.
Went to meet M at around 730pm. We headed to far east's Gelare.
I did a rough drawing of her face, quite cool, of course it doesnt look like her. HAHA.
Met Lizard and Eme at Shaw Centre.
Walked around, went to The Balcony to eat.
My parents were giving me hell over the phone.
May and Choy were there too.
Took a cab home, Muriz is here drawing.

The joke wasn't so funny when it hurt.

12:18 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
For those who went to Flick @ Chinablack, thank you for supporting.
For those who didnt, your lost.

Yesterday, I got out of the house at about 730, walked with T to the Mrt station, she was going out to have dinner.
Met Muriz at the station, took the train down.
We reached orchard at around 8pm, so early.
Sold tickets to loads of unknown people.
I was extremely angry, because I lost $14 dollars, what the fuck lah.
But I guess everything brightened up after I realised I got my very own VIP table with my own name on it. (:
I felt so special but yet I got angry over little things, such as Muriz's friends who sat with us.
At around 1030, the music started, danced on the podium, tried to keep away from the dance floor, I went in the crowd once or twice but that was it.
It was filled with sweat and I remembered the feeling of someone rubbing their sweaty armpit against my shoulder or arm.
Met a couple of cool dancers with Muriz.
They were standing somewhere at the side, creep walking and doing their moves.
Shaun ( spell? ) who Is 17, another guy who got a shock when I told him my age, he is 18 and his two female cousins, around the same age.
Veryvery fun people.
Had loads of fun, people watching.
R, Kelly, Charlene and Beatrice came too.
We left the place at around 3am, went to eat at Macs.
Saw Hayden, an old acquaintance.
Took a cab back to M’s place.
Slept at around 5am, woke up at 12pm, watched television till 5pm.
Went down to eat Macs somemore.
Got back up, danced, spassed around and then home.
Had loads of fun to sum it all up.

Oh yeah and I danced with Derek too, a friend whom I don’t really know well.

I feel very agitated right now, by Miles. It’s not the fact that he did not reply, I don’t know, but I’m very angry and ticked off. Don’t ask me for favours. And please appreciate the fact that I fucking got you a present, so be decent and call me. Since you don’t fucking answer your phone.

9:22 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Even though there are many christmas parties coming up, but many my friends aren't able to attend, due to carolling, work or whatever.
Sometimes, I wish that my Dad brought us back to sarawak for christmas.
Because right now, many loved ones are either too broke, dont want to go out or have their reasons why they cannot or do not want to go out.
I did get quite angry over the fact that many of my friends aren't going to Chinablack, but hey, I guess I'll still have fun one way or another.
And I feel even shittier when a friend says she is able to go and turns out, she isn't able to go.
More of dissapointment I guess.
There are unnecessary emotions inside of me right now.
On the brighter side, my lovely cousin gave me a $30 HMV gift voucher.
Tomorrow is his birthday, and he have already gotten what he wants so I've no idea what I'm going to give him, maybe something handmade.

Woke up with my body aching, went to church with cousin and family.
Met Bella after church.
Went to eat, went to drink coffee, it was quite fun talking about the shithole I'm currently in.
Very amusing.
And my racist brother claims that he hates the shithole as much as he hates X.
Good news, I got more buyers for tomorrows event.
Infact I already sold more than 25 tickets already.
Anyway, watched loads of television today.
I couldn't stand legally blonde but my sister loves the show, I dont know why.
I just find the show very, humiliating for the particular pink barbie doll look alike actress.

Oh and more good news, I've got one more party coming up, I guess that'll be fun.
Thank you Zoe.

10:35 PM

Maybe it is true that I will never understand how it feels to love someone so much and knowing that the certain someone will never understand you.
Taking an extra step is like taking a risk of getting hurt but then again, it could boost your happiness level.
Letting go is not going to be the last thing, it'll just mean he is going to become a memory not a reality.
You can choose whether he is going to be a happy or sad memory.
It takes two hands to clap.

Could've stopped loving him, could've stopped telling him you loved him, could've not gone deeper, could've changed your personality to his dream girl.
Could have, but chose not to, reasons are behind everything we all do and these reasons tend to be good and reasonable.

If he doesnt love me for who I am, then I should stop trying being Jessica Alba.

12:09 AM