I lived till(:

Thursday, January 05, 2006
I woke up earlier than my brother today. Irony of it all? My brother goes to a school far far away, and mine is only 15 minutes away. Went to meet Akira in the WHEEEEE hours of the morning. Hahahhaa. He got a new piercing.
And today he did not wear a jacket.
Met Kong, Glyn and E, waited for half an hour, no bloody cab.
So bloody frustrating, so we were late.
Had school, no I'm unable to say that it was fun. Because it really wasn't. Chinese was quite enjoyable but deep down inside. I'm not very contented.

Problems with the wig once again. Little darling E was erm, well she seemed quite okay when I saw her after school.

After school, went to Stacy's place with M and C. I finally got to see the White Dyke. And guess what? She isn't dyke and she was carrying a horrible red bag. Anyway, I just expected too much. I guess too much L word and I've been watching too much America's Next Top Model where Kim is featured in it. I just expected more, even though she is from the top class of her level. Maybe she is as cool as N you know! But then again, maybe not.

Wasted my life at Stacy's place. Then left for Cine Leisure. Took a cab down. Ate at KFC. Oogled over some Japanese boys from acs international.

Watched ElizabethTown.
If you enjoyed Before sunrise or after sunset ( I can't remember the names. ) You'll enjoy this movie alot.
Kristen Dunst was extremely cute in the movie. And Orlando did a great job.

M and I went to take pictures at the bloody photobooth. We went with Akira to take our pictures there before. And we looked so bad. And this time, we looked just as bad.
Anyway, I'm exhausted.

I'm a substitude, not meant for no one. Less pressure? How about you?

8:03 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
I heard that teachers read my blog, and you know what, I'm glad I changed my blogskin. Now its much better looking, people will appreciate it even more. HAHAHA.

Anyway, school was quite a bitch. I'm in the same class as Charis for both English and Chinese.
Emeline sits beside me in Chinese class and now I'm the SS, Chinese and English Monitress for my respective class.
Didn't do much studying today because there was alot of introduction etc.
My chinese teacher seems pretty cool and nice.
Joke for today: E was caught for long hair, she went to get it checked, they said it was fine and sent her back. Chinese teacher came and started being anal and now she is wearing the wig. When initially she got caught for long hair.
Is this bullshit or what?
I pity her really and the wig is probably bloody dirty. I doubt it has been washed before.
After school, went out with Muriz and two of her buddies and Charis.
Ate at Macs.
Met Alicia for a while, she is still the same. Lost weight.
Got home, wasted my life away, talked on the phone, slept.
Akira wants to come on saturday and I'm very scared he'll actually do that.
Well mainly because he has nothing to do but then again, I doubt he can wake up.
But! He might not even sleep throughout the night, since his biological clock is pretty screwed.
I'm hoping to transfer class. :)
When I get my scanner to work, I'll post up some doodles I have done.

And the white dyke is fact not fiction, I saw her name, havent seen her though.

8:43 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
I am extremely sad and I feel like screaming out in frustration " Dont make me go back.. no not there, not back to school.. please "
Because that is really how I feel right now.
First day of school, I came late and skipped the bullshit talk.
Went for Mcs first with M.
I know who my form teacher is and we have a sort of love/hate relationship.
Was her favourite pupil, then bam, I did something horrible and made her cry and then now she is my form teacher.
People say she is bitchy some say she has a nice voice, to me? She is just a very bubbly and lovely lady.
I don't really like my class and I've had this crazy idea of appealing to E's class.
But 2 years, I hope I am able to survive.
My class mates are normal, none whom I'm close to.
Yes that means no more Charis.
Partly, I guess I'm quite sad.
And my goal is to be a loner.
After school, saw Lizard and Brown.
They were back in school at around 230pm in outside clothes and dyed hair.
And soon after, the OM chased them out.
Saying they cannot be in school because they weren't properly attired.
Frankly speaking, I think it is bloody dumb. After all, what would you think if you see them with pink hair in school uniform.
Dumb..? I dont know. Har.
Well they weren't the only ones who got chased out of school today, Akira tried to appeal but somehow it ended up badly. With the police etc.
My buddy in class is Valerie; Vivien's sister.
And I guess, Stacy, Calista and Diyanah stares to Dali is quite funny.

Met Lizard, Brown and Jenny @ coffee Bean in Gardens.
Hung around then took a cab down to Kovan.
Jenny went home.
Lizard and Brown went to sit with YanYi and Co. at the 24hr Hk cafe.
Muriz and I ate there and her mom was giving her hell.
We went to Popular and she was so angry that she could not even wait for the queue.
So now I'm home.

Dont make me go back. ):
What have I done?

5:05 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, January 02, 2006
I never knew that this will come, and now that it is here, I hope it just isn't for me.
I am stumped unable to speak, not knowing what to say.
This always happens and I always knew what to say but this time it is different. Because I hope I'm just not that person.
No, I don't know what I should do now especially from a quiet sod.
No I don't want it, you can have my position.
If he wasn't who he is, I wouldn't give a shit, but clearly he isn't just another person whom I don't give a shit if he suffers, because yes I do give a shit.
And I want to help but yet I don't know how to help.
It isn't a very pleasent thing to feel sad.

12:50 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, January 01, 2006
I talked to Brown early this morning and only headed to bed at around 4 in the morning.
Woke up at around 10 am, body aching all over and headed down to suntect for church.
After church, met Bella and Richard for lunch at Paragon.
At around 330, went to meet Brown.
I ordered a Caramel Frap, sat at starbucks and talked.
But she had to leave, too soon infact.
Her mother came to pick her up in the little car.
Whereas, I walked to the station and took the train to Hougang.
Akira only stopped playing Lan when I reached the station.
He has bloody thick skin, he went home to bloody bathe and change.
So I waited and waited and waited, and I had to pee so urgently except I did not dare to step into Hougang Mall.
But in the end, I did because that was where I met him.
Went to Popular, then took a bus to some coffeeshop, met his friend.
He was wearing a jacket and a beanie, and I was feeling very hot. I've concluded, he is a bit mad.
Had Dinner with his family.
His sisters are very pretty and tiny too.
After dinner, walked a longggg walk to the bus stop, took a bus down to my place.
Sat around the swimming pool for a while.
Then he left at around 9pm.
And I went home.
Took a shower and now I'm here.
I've to start on my homework!
I mean my essay to be specific.
What to write about? Oh, I know who's going to be my form teacher next yr :D

9:36 PM

The Log Cake sister bought for christmas, probably costed her a bomb.

New Year, New begining?
It has got to mean something right?
It has got to be better right?

Woke up pretty late today, spent my day at home till about 7.
Went to meet M and headed to Stacy's place.
She was still bloody sleeping, so we woke her up and she felt embarrassed. Hahahhaa, probably blushing under her pale face, okay don't hit me.
I slept on her bed till aruond 9 plus, then Pizza man came.
And we 3 started to stuff our face with Pizza.
At around 10, Akira and Co. came
Can't really remember all their names, Jerome? ( He can't dance for nuts! And he got pushed into the swimming pool ), Joey, Jism Head and I can't remember.
E, AnnNa and R came over at around 10 plus.
Danced around, talked alot, ate alot.
Was quite fun really.
Especially watching Stacy and Jerome getting dragged to the pool.
Soon, Mr. Repulsive came along, he goes by the name of Peter.
I heard he wasn't wanted.
M can be standing 2 metres away from him and pointing a finger at Peter saying really loudly " Oh that is Peter, I find him repulsive! "
Akira " FUCKING BITCH!!! "
And the rest of the guys were splashing water at him. No not the kind of " play " splash but the kind of " I want to see you wet and laugh at you " kind of splash.
And I rejected him on friendster.
Okay it is time I stop critisizing people, especially people whom I don't know personally.
For all I may not know, he maybe very very cool and nice.
But still, why wear GOLD CHAIN, isn't that, extremely outdated?
12am soon came, and we forgot.
but Stacy's grandfather clock reminded us.
So " Happy New Year.. fuck we forgot to count down ".
I gave E and Muriz a kiss on the cheek.
No, I didnt kiss R ( I would've you know, on the lips even. ) cause I thought I was going to kiss someone else, but turns out, I am not.
E left at around 12 plus and R left at aruond 12 plus too.
Neighbour complained, Stacy was angry.
Akira's body is exactly like a girls, for fuck sake, he was wearing my school's PE shorts lah.
Too bad the front of his body is heavily tattooed.
Eventually, Peter went swimming with the rest.
In what? JEANS AND TEE SHIRT? Who the hell swims in jeans.
Oh yes, him.
Okay, I dont want to get beaten up.
Anyway, he took off his shirt eventually.
Akira and Co. are probably at another party right now, they and 10 other people plan to push Peter into the Pond at Punggol.
I took a cab home with Darlingest Ann Na.
Got home, still with no kiss.
( I remembered R saying " GO MAKE OUT WITH YR TOES. NOW.. NOW.. NOW!! " )

No I'm not Tori nor am I binky, I'm iron lady.

Talked to Brown over the phone for 2 hours.

New year only means a few things for me :
Firstly, I'm going to be 15.
Secondly, I need to do my homework urgently.
Thirdly, I'm going to see if the angmoh dyke is over rated or not.
Fourthly, " did I mature ? " " Am I going to change this year? " " Am I going to be able to have time to do my art? " " am I going to have time to do anything I want to? " " Am I going to get expelled? " " Am I going to get into trouble for nuts? "

So many questions about the future, but yet, fortune telling is something I don't believe in.

3:20 AM