I lived till(:

Saturday, January 21, 2006
Yesterday was very fun.
I met up with so many people and I gave school a miss.
I stayed home the whole day, pondering.
I woke up at around 9am.
I used the computer, I sat on my bed to ponder, I started to draw abit, I played the piano, I watched DINOSAUR ( A very old cartoon ), I watched Things you can tell just by looking at her, ( Which is a REALLY good movie. Glenn close. Cameron Diaz. Calista Flockhart ( WHOO! ), Amy Brenneman and Holy Hunter ), slept for an hour, and changed my hamster's bedding.
Went to meet up with Stacy and Muriz after changing the bedding at around 630pm.
Went to get the doctors number.
Apparently, T was there too, with her mother.
Her number was 5.
And mine was... 19. -_-
So after that, headed to the nearby coffee shop to meet Akira and his friend ( I forgot his name ).
Stacy left before we ate.
Bumped into Jillian, she told more jokes.
Now there is a very cliche line which you can use on Jillian.
She is a walking joke book, really.
After we had our dinner, Muriz and I went back to the doctors to check the number.
I had no idea why T was still there?!
And it was around 8pm, and the number was only number.. 10?!
Yeah, so we left and sat down at some void deck ( Now, this is when you accuse me of being an ahlian ).
We sat down, I shared some real life jokes, and I farted infront of them by accident while I was laughing.
Now you understand why I say, I'm a crazy fat girl in a crazy fat world.
It was already 845, Akira and friend left.
It was only number 13-_- by then.
We went to the poolside first, and talked to T somemore till about 930. And then I went back
I waited somemore for my turn.
So in total, I waited from 7pm-945pm.
My mother went crazy.
Anyway, met up with Lizard, Eme and Brown at the nearby coffeeshop.
They all came to my place as well as T.
Spassed around, my room was giving out too much noise.
Serve the China neighbours right!
( My china neighbours give me hell with their walt disney song. Not songs but song. They play the Colour of the wind for half an hour straight, plus it's so bloody loud even when I close my window, I still can hear it. )
Eme is very strong and violent.
She is really very strong and she dances very.. funnily.
Hahahaha, she taught me her gay dance steps, and I was trying to keep up.
The rest left at around 2am.
Brown stayed over.
She was busy watching her starwars, and I only knocked off at around 4am.
She was still watching and she left my place at around 8.
She opened my bedroom door cautiously and peeped outside to see if my parents were home, before running out.
Fucking funny.
I woke up at 11am, now I'm going to have tuition at around 1pm.
Alrighty, no plans for today, maybe staying home?
i dont know.

I embarrassed myself once again, I dont know why I put myself through this
Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over?

11:48 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, January 19, 2006
I did not blog yesterday because of these few reasons :
I was tired.
I was very busy.
Art is quite tiddeous but I enjoy it very much
I took one and a half hour to paint finish one stupid drawing which only took up 1/4 of the drawing block which was given to us.

Yesterday, I went out with Boo for lunch at Cartel, then home.
Did my art, harry potter now has jaundice, because I accidently coloured his skin yellow. I've got itchy fingers.
When my art is perfect, I try to add more details.
Thus the details make the character look as if they've got too much wrinkles.
Anyway, watched America's next top model.
Today, I woke up at 530 and took a cab down to meet Brown at the bus stop.
Muriz came soon after.
Headed to Macs to eat at Gardens.
Lizard was late and Akira only woke up at 9am.
Bloody fucker.
So Brown and Lizard went to school with us, and then morning assembly came and they left.
Had art today, am now into starwars.
So most of my paintings are on starwartX.
I had chinese today.
Here is one good reason why you should never appoint Emeline and I to be chinese monitresses of the same class.
When teacher asked me to ask someone to go down to carry a whole load of books. I shouted Eme's chinese name.
So she went down with me to get the books.
And yes they were very heavy and new. They're story books which the class paid for.
Eme and I did not want to go back to class, boring, lazy, tired, whatever.
So we entertained each other.
I told her we could take our time, and say someone fell into the drain.
Then she suggested something so damn stupid and funny.
She said " Lets go walk pass the 3 basketball court and I pretend to knock you and then you drop your books and then I drop my books "
Each of us were carrying about 12 books each, they're quite thick.
So I walked infront, and I signal and said push me.
We were both laughing and she banged into me, and I dropped the books and pretended to fall.
And she fell too?!
And we laughed so hard.
We took our time picking the books up.
Then I got up again and said lets do it again!
So she got up and pushed me again.
HAHAHAHA, we were sweaty under the scotching afternoon sun and yet we're playing pushing games.
After school, met Tania.
Went for House practice.
YuenMei is incharge of cheerleading.
She is really funny.
She said infront of a teacher " I've got sex appeal oozing out of me. Not literally. Its like saying, I'm blind as a bat, but I'm not blind. You see, english is a very important language. We shall do no bad to english. "
The teacher, small, tomboyish ( the one who made Brown do pumping cause she said Chicken NehNeh ) was trying to find out when Yuen's name was.
Alright, then took a cab home with Tania.
Now home, did and painted finish a drawing.
One more to go!

I'm spending so much time on art!

5:42 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Today, I woke up. And I did not want to go to school. But I'm glad I did.
Because once again, it was fun.
2 hours free period including Recess and Lunch.
After school, met up with Brown and Yanyi outside school.
Waited with them for nearly half an hour ( I like exaggerating ) FOR CLAREEEEEEE and Emeline.
Goodness, like aunties, walk so slowly.
I dont know how Clare could come out of the school 20 minutes later than me, when the last period was Math and she sat beside me.
Anyway, cabbed it back to my place.
Watched, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, quite amazing really.
Cooked T porridge, or rather, Marivic cooked it.
So we all ate porridge.
( What was the story about, the 3 bears and porridge? )
Watched 2 chinese boys singing/ lip singing to Bsb, oh my goodness, it was so funny.
One looked like T.
Anyway, watched About a Boy, the rest were snoring away.
I was the only one enjoying it.
T left first, she needed her rest.
Carried on watching with Brown.
Then sent her to the backgate.
Took another shower, and now I'm here.

I've decided that I've been spending way tooo much time with Brown, so I'm going to stop or rather just take a break from it.
Hahahhaa, I got the hint from Muriz, so I'll meet her soon.
And I've to do my art, and I need my sleep.
So, here are the few people I would want to go out with for Lunch soon or breakfast, finefine, I'll drag my lazy fat ass out of bed if I can.

Birdddd ( I see her in sch, after school, she flys away, AND POOF SHE IS GONE. JUST LIKE COCOCRUNCH. )

I told you I TOLD YOUUUU ( Okay maybe I told Ner only ) to tell me if I'm spending way too much time with only one person.
Please tell me next time okay.
Straight in the face, " You're spending too much time with her, Go out with me please "
And I'll go out with you.
Please dont try sarcasm on me, I find it a very big turn off, and it'll just make both parties upset.

7:54 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, January 16, 2006
School was good today.
The new class, with my old friends and ex classmates.
They're all just really nice.
School time now passes by quickly for me, cause I enjoy it.
I'm happy now, really happy.
After school, I went straight home and took a Nap.
Brown called me and woke me up.
And I met her half an hour later with Lizard and T.
T was sick, her huge head is heavy and now she isn't feeling too good.
Lizard, Brown and I cabbed it down to coffeebean.
Oh yes and Brown got me presents, really appreciated it. But please, don't.
Pink Rose and a Bumble Bee.
After that, I dropped Eme, Lizard and Brown at Serangoon station.
Headed home.
Watched television, studied.
Brown came over again.
She looked gorgeous and girlier today.
I was whiny, violent and incredibly gross today.
I would've walked out of the room if I was Brown, but you know, she is nice, so she didnt.
She gave me a bit of face and stayed till 11pm.
Sent her to the bus stop.
Okay, I feel quite bad for my Boo now.

I didnt see how uniform had to do with family problems.
How could she say, get over it, grow up!
When she wasn't one of the victim in the family problem.
At least don't take uniform, low belt, no socks, personally.
You weren't her when she was 8, you weren't her when it happened, you weren't her when something traumatic happened.
You weren't her, you can't judge.
And who are you anyway? A staff? Some administrator because you're too old to be a teacher?
Trying to be the HOD you were before?
You're old, time passed already.

11:20 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Today, I went to church.
After church, went to esplanade.
I saw Alyssa.
And I told my mom I was gonna be a butch, she flipped, I laughed at her.
There is alot of things going on now, too lazy to blog.
On the phone with Brown, she and her gay movie.
Singapore is quite fucked.
Someone is able to get beaten up in the mrt station and no ones gives a shit.
What the hell?
And the authority came down, not to check on the injured person but to check if the MRT door was working.
What the fuck?
I don't get ahbengs really.
I dont see why they beat people up.
What kind of kick do you get in beating someone up?!

11:50 PM