I lived till(:

Saturday, January 28, 2006
Word of the day, credit Brown.
: Nokay.
It means No but in an Okay form.
Used in a sentence like :
" Dont eat the cake okay? "
Reply " Nokay "

Went to Raffles city, and I got the jacket.
I was sitting on the fence you see, I thought it was pretty cute.
Charis said it was cute, Vic said it was okay, N said it wasn't nice too businessy.
So I needed one more person's opinion.
And that person was darlingest M.
And she said it looked good.
So I bought it.
Original price was 199.
Met Hannah ( M's friend ), Melissa and Pamela ( Hannahs friends ).
Went to the Turkish restaurant to eat, at far east.
The food was awesome, I don't exactly think it was oily.
I think it's all the honey and stuff?
Whatever it may be, I still think it is aweesomee.
Met Akira, his friend and Joey.
Walked around.
Left at around 5pm.
Got homee.
Woke up.
Had reuinion dinner with my whole family, including special guests: Richard and sister.
I still have eye liner on, cause I forgot to wash it off.
Oh goodness, I'm so lazy.
Anyway, watched Godzilla and god knows what other shows on tv.
VIVA LABAM!! rocks!

11:03 PM

Yesterday was pretty fun.
The chinese new year spirit is definately in some of the classrooms, but not mine.
I told Ann that we should cheer when we see our class banner. But when it came on screen, we kept quiet and pretended as if we were not associated with the fugly plain lime green banner, which had my classname in it.
The Big Lady was torturing Lizard, Brown, T and Evon.
( She showed Muriz how high her skirt was. )
Brown was made to take our her new piercing, and god was it painful.
I pierced the top before, of my ear, and it was Painffulllll.
Plus Brown just pierced it a few days ago.
So she came to my class sobbing, and I had no idea what to do.
But her friends took care of her, I could hear her loud wails from the toilet.
It was so loud that my classmates in my class could hear. " OUCHHH!!! "
The little surprise thing was expected.
Chocolate, again.
But this time it was yummy!
After school, waited for around 45 minutes with Brown, N, Emeline and Lizard for a cab.
Bumped into YanYi and Clare.
So we all decided to walk downt o Gardens to get a drink from Macs.

Emeline, Clare, N and I were spassing around and started to paste stickers on each other.
Eme was of course, the hugest walking sticker among all of us.
When she goes insane, she will go to the end of insanity and look really insane and mad.
After drinking half of the large coke, Lizard, YanYi, Clare and Eme, took a cab to Plaza.
Whereas Brown N and I went to Raffles city.
N left after window shopping quite a bit.
Brown followed me to the dentist.
Got my braces done.
Brown left for home so did I.
Painted, 3 paintings down, 5 more to go!
Brown came over at around 830pm.
Diyanah and M came over at around 9 and Lizard and Eme came over at around 930.
Eme and I dressed up to go to T's place, she was having a party.
So we turned up at her door steps at 10pm.
Lizard was the pimp and Eme and I were linking our arms around hers.
T was laughing like a Horse ( haw haw haw ) when she saw us at her door steps.
Her reaction was " what the.... ( looks at eme and i ) HELL?! HAWHAWHAW"
Her friends were at her place, and we went in.
She claimed that we scared her friends.
After that headed to the pool, met the rest there.
Eme, M and I went swimming!
After swimming, got home to bathe.
Bummed around.
Eme's mom came to pick Lizard and Eme up.
Brown left half an hour later at around 12 plus.
M and Diyanah stayed over, it wasn't planned, but we were all too tired to think whether their parents will go nuts if they stayed over.
Woke up at around 9am.
Had breakfast, watched 2 hours of morning cartoon.
Now, I'm hereee.
Going to town then dinner at home later :0)

11:41 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, January 26, 2006
I dont want to go to school, I dont want to go to school (x5)

Anyway, today I went to school.
I missed ANTM last night, I was busy sleeping. -_- I slept at 8pm.
Currently, the only prefect in my class transferred out, so now it's the smallest class in the level, with the most fun people, with no prefect.
Lessons were a biggg boreeee.
Art was quite fun, the teacher doesn't look very straight if you ask me. You can picture her in dyke clothes, or maybe it is just me huh.
After school, I went to meet Boo and Victor.
I went to 4 MANGOs in total, and non have my size.
Do you know how fucking depressing that is.
We went to Carls Jr.
After that, went to Lido's MANGOs.
Saw Brown who was very pissy and tired.
Had dinner
Then went homeee.

9:18 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Akira wants to get the two pictures above on his arm and neck .
I don't think it is very cool.
Can you imagine if you are tim burton, you get to see your drawing being tattooed against someones arm.

Anyway, school was fine, I went home immediately to sleep and watch the korean film.
Now Brown is over and half of my bedding including the extra bed belongs to her, HAWHAW.

Okay she just left my place.
She was dead tired.

I want to help but I don't know how to. So I just do what she did when I was upset. laughter is the cure?

7:58 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, January 22, 2006
She is a rebel, she's a saint.
I guess its the thrill you get out of it right? I mean, just to see how it turns out, and the thought of it turning bad because of you yourself, is something you try to hard to push out? Sometimes you've to actually use your brain, and think about others, other than yourself.
No, your first thought shouldnt be " I might hurt myself, so I better hurt others first ".
If you truely love, then you won't hurt others.
You'll try harder, and think of others before yourself.
I can't say I'm only scared for her, because I too, am scared for you.
Everyone is a victim in this game, both will either lose, or both will win.
Don't rob her happiness away again, please don't.
I'm not judging, because I believe it takes two hands to clap.
And both play a role.
You're not selfish, you just lose your way sometimes.
Try to follow the bread crumbs this time, before the crows eat them.

11:13 PM

Today is sunday, I'm not waiting for monday.

Its a sin for me to sit beside a gorgeous little girl during church, because, all my attention is on her. Her skin is pale, she owned a pair of gorgeous eyes and she is skinny and veryvery adorable.
She is probably older, ho well.
Anyway, after church, went to fish and Co to eat.
Then got my phone serviced, I wont have a phone till tomorrow.
Dropped Justin off at cine leisure.
Got home, Bella and Bf were home.
Talked talked.
watched tv.
My whole biggo family went to the nearby coffeeshop plus Marivic.
To eat dinner.
There is a new word now, its called Marivicing, which means cleaning.
" Bella was marivicing yesterday "
Marv really reminds me of groumit.
Okay, tomorrow is school, I'm tired.

Mehrisk and Biggay. ( Say it out loud and you'll know who I'm talking about. )

9:37 PM