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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Annoy her

Check out Maria Akira's blog.
It's bloody cool

12:58 PM

Here is another underaged event for you! ( The young people. )
A different venue, and with solid R&B playing all night.
ROMP @ ZOUK ( Heard alot about it, and now you can finally experience it! )
For the underaged! ( Non alcoholic )
16 March.
Doors will open at 9pm, and be punctual kids, because there'll be alot of programmes on.
On top of that, you get to party it down till 4 in the morning!
$16 for pre sale tickets
$18 for door tickets
Not only that, if you love dancing, here is your time to show some movees because the dirtist dancer will be walking away with $200 in cash.
Call Vick at 93383450 for tickets before they sell out. :0)

Yes, please support this event, because I'm going to go. Not only that, many people are going to go.
Anyway, life is now pretty mundane and pointless to me. My homework is piling up and I have no heart to do any of it.
I just realised I have got tuition tomorrow, and I have to complete a chinese and lit essay by monday.
On top of that, she is now pretty caught up with her things and so am I ( Actually no, but you know, I count sleeping as work. )
I gave drama a miss today, though it may sound selfish, but there really isn't a point, is there?
No competitions coming up, I got kicked out of the only thing which I was really committed in, soI decided, not to turn up.
But I guess the only wonderful thing that happened to me today, was that I got to see Joanne and Hilary, the seniors which graduated.
Talked and walked to the bus stop with Hilary, she scored well for her prelims.
Got home at around 3 plus and fell asleep till 730pm.
Alicia and Lizard called me, it was pretty weird, because I was half asleep.
It was pretty weird, because after that, I dreamt of Lizard smsing me " OMG OPRAH WIMFREY ( spell?) IS HERE! I WANNA SHAKE HER HAND! "
Imagine, Oprah shaking a whole crowd of women hands, and L over there stretching over to get her hand shake.
I dreamt that Muriz and I fought.
I woke up, with the sound of female voices surrouding me.
I thought L and the rest were at my place, so I came out in my huge shirt, looking all stern, only to realise that it was my mother's students. Quite an embarrassment.
Not the worst part, I went to bathe and came out in my towel, because my room is only a step away from the toilet. And they were outside the toilet checking my brother and my room out.
They greeted me happy new year and offered me a hand shake, How could I refuse?
So I was busy grabbing on to my towel in one hand and shaking their hand with the other.
Dawg came over at around 8pm, then Zoe came over. She walked 5 busstops, no it is not called, I missed my stop, it is called, I am currently lost and walking 5 bus stops.
L, Brown and T came over too.
They were busy using my technology, the bloody dvd player, computer, everything.
Messing my bed, using my air con, stinking up my room.
I must have a new rule, MUST BATHE BEFORE COMING IN. HAHAHA.
Brown left first, then slowly the rest left.
Oh yes and E came over, with goodies!
Home made Almond tarts!
Finally, I was left back with Dawg.
Watched 40 year old virgin.

Things to do:
What is the next step?

1:16 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, February 02, 2006
Would you let yourself feel for someone, even though you know that you'll have to eventually let go?

School was pretty okay yet not very okay today.
The lessons were such a bore once again, the chinese teacher is very entertaining.
She is lovely, really.
She tries her best and I can tell it takes alot out of her to teach us. Having to entertain people who comes in with the mindset turned off. Especially when you talk gibberish to them. But I try to listen. Eme did not come to school, so no one to talk to during lesson.
After school, I took a bus home ( Applause. )
Took a 3 hour nap, okay I think it's considered as sleeping.
Tried to do homework, to no avail, was very distracted.
Oh yeah, I almost died when I realised I left my art supplies in class. But Anna locks the class, so i guess everything will be justt okkkaayyyyy...
=\ My art supplies are my babies.
I dropped my ipod mini 3 times for the past 3 days. It would go " SLAM " Ouch!

I came across a friends blog, and I realised there is no such thing as someone who is better than someone else. It is not called, not good enough, it is that she doesn't see what I see.
How can you be laughing at someone, while she sits there crying.
Actions speak louder than words.
I hate selfish people.

I wouldn't

11:02 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
I can't believe what just happened.

I can't worry over myself, no I can't because, she doesnt turn up and I'm held responsible.
What the fuck?

She peered out of the glass window, lights flashed by as she heard the laughters at the back. Everything was being harsh even the weather, it was cold and it dried her skin. Her face had lost its natural colour, her lips paled and her eyes cold and black. Her hair whipped violently against her pale face as the cold wind ate her. The driver was wreckless, she could feel her body being shifted, left, right, up down, front, back. This was going too wrong, yet she did not feel the need of wearing a seat belt. It did not matter to her if she flew out of the window and hit the cold hard ground. It did not matter if her head bleeds and her mind goes black. It did not matter, because all she wanted was to let the laughter go.
Laughter surrounded her, as she looked outside the window aimlessly. A tear fell, even though she tried so hard to hold it back. It dissapeared into her pale skin, the tear was gone, evaporated into the cold air. Her warm tear had now turned cold and joined the cruel weather.
This was wrong, the idea of wanting to die in an accident. To be dead on the side of the road, with no one she knew.
She paid the driver, and stepped out of the vehicle. She knew everything was going to be fine, after all, she did not die in no car crash. After all, she was still alive even though she sat without a seatbelt in the care of a very bad driver.
Life was going to be okay, she wanted to start a new. She had a good mind set, with butterflies and ponies. Yet a hard ball was stuck in her throat and her eyes turned hot despite the cold. She tucked her arms below her armipts to keep them warm.
A screech was heard.
Bright lights shone, she blocked the light with her blistened
It is now black, her blood is stained on the road side.
That was her wish, wasn't it?

9:21 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today was quite fun, I painted a lady in lingerie.
The day passed by lethargically ( spell? ). I was feeling very lazy and tired. Even in my nightmares, she appeared, on top of that, in my nightmares, I FELT TIRED? WTF?! I was so tired, that I fell asleep in the middle of the public.
Even though I spent so much time on art, I have not done finish the painting, plus I have to do 3 more by thursday.
L, Brown, Muriz came over at around 7. They came to bainian.
T and Eme came over soon after. Eme was in her beautiful cheong sum ( Okay my spelling sucks. ). I thought she looked hot and not ahmah !
Watched a bit or alot of television, then episode 201 of L word.
After that, we all went to the nearby coffeeshop.
Muriz wore her red boxers, red huge shirt, red chucks to the coffeeshop.
I was wearing a bloody high striper red SOCK ( singular )with SANDALS.
Eme was wearing her collared shirt inside with the Netball farewell Fbt singlet outside, WITH THE TAG.
Sent Brown near the Mrt ( I got lazy to walk her to the mrt. I'm so mean. )
Eme left after drinking 1/2 of her milo, her mother came to pick her up.
Ate banmian with M, L was busy eating her own one.
Someone said " Lets sit here " and guess what, we were sitting beside the sewage system. God did it stink.
Not only did the coffeeshop already wreeked of spit, boggers, phlem, pee, cat shit and dog shit, but also human faeces.
Read L's interesting Selfhelp book, yes it was very helpful and funny!
Got home at 11.15pm
Now blogging, gonna sleep soon.
Tim, the ex is now talking to me, he seems pretty fine still, I realised I blocked him on friendster. ( He have been trying to add me for the past 15 minutes, I was too lazy to add him. HAHAHA. I even got him to type out the friendster url for me. )


11:44 PM

I'm incredibly bored, and I know I have to stay at home to do my art.
I have to do 4 more paintings by tomorrow, I've to hand them up either thursday or tomorrow.
The art teacher expects alot from us, and I spend at least 2 hours on one painting.
This is sooo time consuiming, and I have no idea what to draw.
I took loody 2 hours plus just to draw the bloody rose.

Anyway, I need my self esteem to boost up.
So I'm going to do a quiz which I got from Eme's blog.

1. Whose picture is it that you keep in your wallet?: Muh ez link card, HAHA.

2. What time do you usually go to bed?: Usually 11-1am, depends if people are at my place or if I'm out.

3. What was the last thing you did before filling this survey?: typed what I just typed and was surfing deviant art for good photography, I need inspiration!

4. Who are the people you always meet the most?: Muh friends

5. Who's the person you're gonna call if you need help?: depends what kind of help.

6. What's on your mind right now?: Death cab for cutie and what am I going to do today

7. Who's number is on your speed dials?: haha no one.

8. With whom do you wanna be to have fun?: E, I have always wondered how she spends her day.

9. What movie do you wanna watch now?: Memoirs of a Geisha, Cheaper by a dozen2 etc.

10. When was the last time you went out?: this morning, at Emes house till 12 plus.

11. Who do you hate the most for now?:No one.

12. When was the first time you slept alone?: Just today

13. What do you wanna do for now?: Paint and finish my 4 paintings.

14. What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep?: Listen to music, watch television, draw, read, let my mind go crazy for half an hour.

15. What could piss you off?:CHINESE NEW YEAR MUSIC! Aunties with their critisism and compliments.

16. Are you an animal lover?:Yeah

17. Colors that make you happy?:I dunno.

18. Most favourite thing in your room?:I love all my things, everything in my room is very valuable. That is why I dont like people touching my things.

19. What was the last thing you bought for your room?: I bought a jacket and it's someone in the room.

20. Any instruments in your room? What is it?: Sadly, no.

21. Can you cook?:scrambbled eggs.

22. Miss someone?: I miss E and alot of other people.

23. Plan to buy something?: a new chair

24. Are you satisfied with your life now?:yes

25. Do you like seafood?:(: I love seafood.

26. Breakfast or dinner?: Breakfast

27. What do you usually eat for breakfast?:depends, I just had porridge. Usually a sandwich, or cereal, or macdonalds ( Breakfast with M and co.)

28. Did you eat breakfast today?: Yeah

29. Do you recycle?:Hhaaha, =\ i dont.

30. Do you have a laptop?: Yeah

31. What's your favorite fast food?: Big and tasty w cheese, except now, THEY TOOK IT AWAY. DAMN YOU MCDONALDS! And also the yakiniku rice burger.

32. Cats or dogs?: Dogs

33. Salty or sweet?:sweet

34. City or country?: city

35. How do you prefer to spend your holiday?: Enjoying the place and taking things slow. ( I hate rushing. OH WE'VE TO CHECK THAT OUT AND THIS AND THAT. And by the end of the day, you feel so tired and realise that you have not enjoyed anything. I hate tours. )

36. Is kissing normal for your age?: Yeah

37. Are you athletic?: HAHAHAHAHA.

38. Do you swear?: Jesus, forgive me, for I've sined and swore.

39. Would you ditch your friends for a date?:No

40. Do you have your own cell phone?: Yeah

41.What do you wear to bed?: Undies and a top.

42. Ever had a crush on a teacher?: Many.

43. Coke or pepsi?:Coke.

44. Sugar or spice?:Everything nice

45. Can you use chopsticks?: Not too good at it.

46. Do you like to read for pleasure?:Yes! Love them.

47. Do you care about getting good grades?:DUH.

48. Have you ever fallen sleep in class?: I try not to.

49. Get a job or ask your parents for money?:Both, if I enjoy the job then I'll work.

50. Do your parents give you enough privacy?:Yes.

51. Do your parents trust you?: Sometimes, sometimes no.

52. Would you trade places (in life) with your best friends?: I like my life, and I'm pretty sure they like theirs.

53. Do your best friends get on your nerves?: I don't classify as bestfriends. Everyone gets on my nerves at times.

54. Do you tell your mom everything?: Nope

55. What's the first thing you do when you go into the bathroom?: Pee

Yeah you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me. I like death cab for cutie. :)

11:56 AM

Muriz picked me up at the station at around 530pm, then headed to her place.
Her mother went to church, we stayed in. I was busy watching Elvis, a good movie, a handsome actor, drool.
Then Muriz' mom picked us up in a cab and cabbed down to Bugis.
And god do they make me laugh.
Her mother is like some kind of foreigner in this country that does not even know how to tell which is the staff and which isn't.
She asked helped from a customer, HAHAHAHA.
( The years she lived in sg is more than me. )
She told me we were going to some bbq thing? It was something like, Bbq on table or some shit.
It turned out to be Seoul Garden. -_-"
So it was the first time for all three of us, it was quite good.
The chicken, the cute malay waiters.
Yeah, they increased my appetite.
They were so yummy, that I'll eat them raw and bare. ( Hahha, okay shut up. )
After that, we spent half an hour just finding a freaking toilet, and resorted to the hotel one.
Yes, very releiving.
Took a cab down to Darlingest Eme's place.
Her house is quite big.
L and Brown were already there.
So we spassed about until Brown had to leave.
She went out with L in the end, her bestie, and not her secret lover.
We still stayed on.
Ate hor fun, bloody hell. Eme is bloody mad I tell you, she uses the chocolate and coats this jelly candy sweet.
After that, she used the left over chocolate on her fingers and painted her face.
She claimed that it was " war paint " HAHAHAHA.
She owns two lovely dogs and one adorable rabbit.
We spassed somemore till about 12 plus.
Took a cab home with M.
Now I'm back and I need to shit even though i bathed already.

12:43 AM

I lived till(:

Monday, January 30, 2006
2nd day of Chinese New year.
Today is a monday and there is no school. ( Clap clap applause please. )
I woke up rather early today, started to draw the withered rose which Brown gave to me.
Pink roses are actually really pretty, especially when they're extremely dry and positively dead.
The colour is amazing, it's a mixture of blood red and velvet purple.
Lovely ain't it.
Went to Bainian and E's place at around 11am.
I received yet another red packet and I ate most of her yummy home made goodies.
She is quite a.. chef? baker?
Watched a bit of television, then went home.
In my hands were all her goodies, soooo many goodies.
Home made pine apple tarts and almond tarts. Some other funny thing which her aunty made.
And the list goes on.
Got home, and started to paint finish the rose.
My mom and brother like the painting, I thought I screwed it up with black lines.
But I guess, that is my opinion.
Laid on the bed and ponder a bit, no I did not fall asleep amazingly.
I'm very tired, even after the shower.

Happy birthday Mehrisk's momma. :) You are now, I dont know what age and you probably will not tell me what age you are anyway.
:D Anyway, she probably doesn't read my blog, but if Mehrisk reads this, she'll probably show her.
Hhahaha, Yeah Mehrisk's mom is cool.

3:44 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, January 29, 2006
Say Hello to the mother who ate her babies.

Baltito is driving me crazy, that is cause she is so annoying.
I'm kidding you know.
Fucker. ( Hahahaha )

Alright, with that Brown Bimbo aside ( she complains she is fat, the fucking piece of shit should shut up, I know I know. ).
Happy Chinese New Year to my dear blog readers, especially my regular ones.
I don't know, but I like to blog, and it's because you! My darlingest blog readers, that I blog for.
So that you know how Tori spends her Cny and maybe if you idolize me, you'll do the same, and buy the same tee shirt and pants which I wore.
I woke up at 1030 from a lovely dream.
There was a prince charming, and I think we had sex. ( Brown is on the other line and she just said fucker. I know I'm irrestibly hot and that everyone wants a piece of me, HAWHAWHAW. Just kidding. )
After walking around the house for a long time, in my hushpuppie undies I decided to take a shower.
I wore the pink shirt Vic bought for me for xmas.
It said Social Hazard, I will not conform to the pattern of this world, and it's pink.
Black Mango pants and white little kid shoes.
The shoes were a killer, I wore the fucking tight and new ones.
Went to pick Bella up first then off to grandma's place.
My uncle, who probably is gay, can draw bloody well.
It was fucking boring once again.
Yet another boring chinese new year.
I was busy stuffing my face with rice and ingredients and watchin Wallace and Groumit on repeat.
So that Aunties and Uncles would not approach me.
" Wah, look at her, She is now soooo tall! "
So bloody annoying.
My australian cousin/ family who finally came back to singapore, only gave me $4.
I'm not saying I expected more or anything, but I felt like they were rather stingy?
My mother gave each cousin $50.
Well today I collected 5 red packets, and total amount was only $68.
Are they stingy or what.
Left at around 330 ( Like finally. ), went to the Indoor stadium.
Had church.
After church, went to eat at the esplanade's Spanish restaurant.
The food was fantastic and very expansive too.
After dinner, we all went home, Bella went to her apartment of course.
I'm going to purchase the FHM magazine!

10:00 PM

Here is my big fat kiss to you. Hahaha, my art sucks huh.

I feel bad for Eme.

They make it sound as if boys are better than girls.

11:36 AM