I lived till(:

Friday, February 17, 2006
It's amazing how song lyrics are able to express the way we feel.
And sometimes we question it, like how Alyssa did.
I'm not regretting, I'm just pissed off, hungry and pissed off.
Okay For once, I am going to think on why I'm even pissed off..
Wanted to be the only one?
Wow, how superficial Tori, how superfuckingficial.
How fucking stupid.
How fucking dumb.
Girls, girls girls.
Naughty naughty girls.
Anyway, I confessed my love today to the one I loveee, I guess that has to count for something.

And I thought you would've learnt when you got hurt not to cross the road anymore?
Or you have learnt that drivers are fuckers and should slow down when they see you crossing.
But she crossed the road and you're the fucker who knocked her down with your red car.
Her blood is everywhere and she is going going, and gone.
You have never learnt.
Never dissapointed, because nothing was expected.

Don't go thinking that what I write on my blog is meant for who, who, or her, her, or him him.
This is just very general and maybe if you are the person I am referring to, you will be able to relate to it.
But of course, go ahead, and think that it is you, then maybe you'll learn something from it.
You'll realise what a jackass you were, and you will live to regret it and hopefully, learn from it.

7:29 PM

Had Chemistry test, for once, I am quite positive I am going to pass.
Charis had 3 tests after school.
While she was taking the test, Eme companied me and I companied her till 4pm.
We walked around, and we went for her gay First aid shit.
Open ended question?
What can you infer when a girl is very exhausted from PE
Or some shit like that.
And I wrote " Heat Stroke. I will give her water to drink "
For the first half an hour, we were being taught about how to be faithfully good first aiders.
We were late, so yeah.
They taught about this short form for some thing if lets say someone faints.
Each alphabeth represented something.
R- rest
I- Ice
But I wrote Ice cream, because I didnt know.
After that went for drama training, even though I may not have liked the drama trainer's activities.
But today was pretty fun, she can really act and her voice is sexy, despite her very posh accent.
Took a bus home, applause.
Let me see, I have not taken a bus since, maybe monday.
I cannot remember.

I got home, to find my mother sticking her stubby fingers into the redpackets on Bella's table.
When I questioned what in the shit she was doing, she asked or rather forced the fact on me, that I stole from my sister.
I replied with a simple " Are you crazy. I've got all the cash I want, why would I want to steal from her lah. "
Then she pulled out 3 2 dollar notes and waved it around, insisting that this was soo little.
This was getting so bloody hilarious.
" You can't blame me for getting angpaos from stingy people right. You should scold the stingy people instead "
HAHAHAHHAA. I thought 6 dollars was pretty alright, but she is mad.

And then we had another mini arguement once again.
She was saying that the boy who acted in My girl, Chalee Trirat, very cute.
Also acted in another horror show, with black back ground and all.
First thought that ran through my mind was Ju-On because Eme was talking about it the other day.
( She or was it R who claimed that JuOn touched my legs at night, and that is why I always get unwanted bruises on my legs without myself knowing )
I went to surf the net, and we placed a $5 bet.
Apparently, she was talking about another movie, so I lost the bet.
I told her " Oh okay lorrrrr. I pay you $5"
But she did not want my money and still could say that she owed me $30, well actually it was Bella who owed me.
Anyway, I asked her to just repay me $25 but she refused.
" Just because you are my mother doesnt mean you cannnot take my money! MUST BE FAIR!! "
Oh goodness, I'm already giving money to my mother, even though I'm not working and even though she aint retired.
Okay, I think T, Muriz and Eme are coming over later.
My cousin, from New zealand, another one, Jeremy is coming to sg todaayyy..

7:12 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Can someone teach me how to operate Ebay?
I want to purchase L word vcds, thought I do not need to ( I already watched all. but its cool to have lesbian shows lying around the house).
I want to get a good 2 whole sets of the first 2 seasons, in good condition.
And at the same time I do not want to get cheated.

I realised my sister was admitted to the hospital, no wonder Marivic has to go to her place everyday from now on, to take care of her tiny body.
She maybe my sister, but I get all my information about her everyday life just like other people.
With 4 simple words, which you are probably able to relate to, I read her blog.
At least she keeps it up with witty, smart posts, rather than MINE.
" Hello. I went to school today. Ann Na made me laugh. And We are one big happy family. "
I'm sorry, I lost the zest in writting good entries. I'm lazy, studying and growing fat on valentines day candy.
Ironic, Eme's mom thinks I'm a good example to Eme.
Just because of one simple sentence " Eme lets go bake now "
Isn't it amazing, one sentence which slipped out of my mouth, has gave me a good reputation in her mother's eyes.
Just one sentence, and she was already infering all these wonderful things about me.
" You see, Emeline. You must learn from her. You see, she sets her minds to things not like you. If you can, you'll draggggg until last minute, and even better, if not expected to put in your 100%, you won't. "
Oh goodness, That is what I do too, but you know, she can think what she wants.
I've not spoke to anyone for 5 hours and 45 minutes.
My life is mundane.
I hope hope hope, that many people are going for Zouk. Shit, at least that is something I can look forward to.
I need to clean my room, do my math, do my ss soon.

Now I am unable to pull myself to listen to Death cab for Cutie, or Cold play. Just thinking about the songs, they make me very depress. You'll see a very lively, bubbly, bossa nova me. uhh, I'm going to watch tv and eat more candy.

8:05 PM

After watching America's Next Top Model yesterday, I surfed the net from 12-1am, for Kim Stolz's pictures.
Kim Stolz and Katherine Moennig be minee

Anyway, was dog tired when I arrived at school.
Had the literature test, everything was pretty much the same.
Everyone pissed at everyone else, everyone laughing at everyone else, etc.
Went for the UK talk with the girls, D, Charis, R, Kris and VR.
I am not sure if I am going yet, but most probably.
It will be fun fun fun.
Hahahah, it doesn't matter if we don't get to stay in a guy's school or whatever, because Girls rule.
Anyway, took a cab home.
I'm tired.

I didn't look into your eye
Because I knew you were going to lie.

Hello, Chemistry awaits.
I wonder why they call two people who click together as having chemistry, weird.
After all, not all chemical reactions turns out well.

4:03 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
School was okay, I got angry at one point. Sometimes I think I need help, but then again, isn't it better not to talk about it. Because it'll just make things worst.
Sometimes, when one party is angry, the other should just shut up and give in, or else, both sides will get angry and the situation will just get nasty.
I'll shut up, I'm angry, pissed off and going a bit insane.
God knows why, But I took Physical Education today.
It was fun, floor ball was very exciting.
Had the Social Studies test, I really screwed it up, all I have to do now is prayy alot.
And Mrs W did not even tell us that there was a geography test, so Yeah I took a geography test too.
When I got home, Marivic was not home, I rang the door bell a couple of times and called home, but to no avail, no one answered.
I was peering out of the window at the steps, and saw this brown lady who looked awfully like Marivic.
So I shouted " marivic! " and then swore in Tangalog ( spell? ). I shouted What the fuck.
Only to realise that, that was not Marivic.
I was homeless for 10 minutes, but T opened up her home to me for 45 minutes, what a kind soul.
Anyway, I'm home now.
I hope that he is going for Zouk, anywho, time to refrain myself from looking and things I know I'm going to be affected by.
Hello Nerdi, it's time to go back to our 12 year old school days. When we drooled over Tom Felton, or Daniel Radcliffe. They never turned us down with their charms.

Have turned me black and white
Here I come, Iron lady in hand.

3:41 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
To Muriz, Tanny and co.

In 33minutes time it's going to be 12am, no more emo shit and no more self deluded pity and no more expectations.
All will be gone in 33 minutes time.
No, in 32 minutes time.
No in 31 minutes.

11:24 PM

Happy Valerie day!

Eme stayed over, and I a tummy ache.
T came over, spassed around till 12 midnight and left.
Anyway, woke up late. Took an hour to change, went to Eme's house.
Did some stuff.
Took a cab down to park mall together, it was great.
We were both wearing blue dresses, I lent her mine, we were both wearing huge brown shades and hats.
Met V, Lizard at Fish and Co park mall.
Eme insisted on taking the couple picture, so we took.
First she asked the guy, he said we had to get seated first.
After we ordered, she asked the lady, and the lady said after our meal.
Then we asked again, and the lady said must be one guy and girl.
" What?! so lesbian cannot ah?! "
" Wait I check with the manager first "
Anyway, we were the only couple which consisted of two girls in the couple contest thing.
Eme looked bloody cute in the picture.
T and M met us at fish and co.
It was alot of fun.
After that, headed to plaza singapura.
Bought I not stupid too movie tickets, and went to play THE ARCADE.
I know, I don't like the arcade, it makes you spend money faster than shopping!
Eme and I played ddr for the fun of it, but we lost.
Played Daytona.
Watched T and Lizard play Ddr, fuck. Can you imagine, 2 butchs spassing around, they weren't even 5 minutes through the game and it said game over.
Ran into Kris, Danica, Linyi ( Who looked hot as usual ) and Glyn, we were all watching the same movie.
After the show, met up with Jenny, Su and co.
They all left to god knows where.
T, Muriz and I went to Heeren to meet Akira.
As usual, Akira was late and T had to leave.
Saw one of my sisters good friend, whom she modelled with before.
She had loads of piercings.
Ran into Derick ( Fuck my spelling sucks ). He was out with his boys, it was good to see him after er, 2 months? or 3 months.
Took a cab home with Muriz.
I'm hungry and I can feel a ball in my throat.
I want to say so many things, but as you know, I've to censor it all out, because people read this shit.
How conservative, how singaporean.
After censoring out everything, all I am left to say is that, I'm hungry and I'm not feeling too good.

I think Valentines day is a great day to rip people of money. One rose cost 5 dollars, or 6? You gotta be kidding. After censoring out everything, all I am left to say is that, I'm hungry and I'm not feeling too good.

It'll stop when my handphone states 00:00.
I'm glad to make you feel special.

8:29 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, February 13, 2006
Drawn by IzzyJizzy.

Let me share with you something, I think Su's blog is belly the emotional.
=D Hello SU ( waves! )

Anyway, school was the same, boring, but yet good because of the wonderful people in my class.
Never in my life had I received so many valentines day present.
2 from classmates of mine, one from charis, one from Muriz and the list goes on.
My classmates are wonderful, really. They really bother to go the extra mile to get each pupil in my class a v day present, when they did not have to.
I still do not really understand the meaning of Valentines day. I mean after all, you should be appreciating the ones you love around you every single day and give them nice things every single day right?
But I guess, Valentines day is when you release all your guilt.
" Oh no, I've not been too nice to her. " or " Oh no I've not been appreciating her enough " So time to whip out your money to get presents for different people.
In a way it was very sweet, but to me, most occassions or holidays are pretty pointless, except for Christmas ( pointless, but the gifts are good and the wonderful time you spend with family and friends. It's such a sane holiday in some sense ), Chinese new year ( I like red packets ) and Birthdays.

Well, all in all, it was a pretty good Valentines eve day.
But I received two tests back, one lit and one math.
I just passed my lit, it never happened to me in my life, and I'm starting to hate Macbeth sooo much.
And I failed my math, with a 3/10. I'm such an idiot.
I don't know how I could put 4+6= 11.
How ironic, I scored full marks for the previous test.
You see my girls, now you know that just because you score well for one test, doesn't mean you'll do well for the other.
Consistency must be in you!!! ( okay shut up. haha ).
After school, Charis came over.
We did some work.
And we slept for two hours.-_-" I think my house is too comfortable.

Well, tomorrow is valentines day, we've got the day off.
It's time to party for Veeee (:

8:34 PM