I lived till(:

Saturday, February 25, 2006
I think I got her full name wrong oh well.
She's still the same.
Dress the same, smell the same, talks the same, okay must be Yogi Bearo, not an imposter.

11:43 PM

I'm very tired today.
I woke up and read Bella's sms.
She wanted me to act as a lesbian in her little video.
Anyway, met up with N.
Went to T's stall at the LIME fleamarket behind Cine.
Bought 2 shirts and one comic from her of course.
Went to Wistma and Lido.
Got home.
Now working on art projects.
I'm sure EnCi also got chosen for this particular competition.
It's some gay SYF Art competition.
The price is very yummy though. $300?

11:11 PM

I read people's blogs, and sometimes it pisses me off when they wallow in self pity and regret.
( Not that I don't do it ).
But making it seem that it was all someone else's fault, is really selfish.
Yes, I don't like selfish people.
I also do not like childish people who snatch people's toys away play with them and throw them away.

School was exhausting.
Got back my chemistry test, and somehow, I did quite alright.
Drama was interesting, I and another girl did an impromtu, I acted as a pastor etc etc.
Charis and I swore a couple of times, not like anyone cares and we only used the words "Bloody", "Ass", "Bitch".
Okay Charis did say a few Fucks a few times.
After drama, took a cab down to the audition.
Charis and I probably got it since they said " yes we will definately keep in touch with you all ".
All the better since Charis can Sing.
After that, met M at Payalebar Mrt station.
She is a jinx really. The paper bag which contained alot alot of things snapped in the middle of the road. And it tore somemore at the bus stop.
It was bad.
Went to grapevine.
Had dinner, with them and Charis' mom and sister.
Went home with Muriz.
I'm very tired.
OOOOH, Charis told my fortune, and no, I'm not inlove with anyone but myself.

I'MMM SOOO TIREEEDDDDDD so I feel like crying.

12:06 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, February 23, 2006
I have alot of things to blog about today and I have not organised it.
So I'm just going to spill everything out.

We were not late for assembly but yet our attendance was Zero, Zero and Zero.
I had art today with Agnes. I scored well for CA1, very happy, but I really wish I can draw as well as En Ci, She is fantastic.
Agnes asked me what my score was for last year's art.
I told her reluctantly, that it was 50 plus. ( Hahahhaa. )
She asked why.
I replied with two simple words, which was about the male art teacher. Mr. L.
Without being asked for a further explanation, she just nodded her head as if she really understood what I had to go through last year.
School was as usual.
E got into deep shit again with the prune.
Honestly, I do not see why teachers/ people who are older, have to shout.
It is as if they're just shouting, to try to prove to themselves that they are more superior in a self absorbing way.
And trying to get a little fact into our brain that, we are too young, too weak, too stupid to understand anything, and we must submit ourselves to them.
Half the time, when they shout, they do not make sense, on top of that, they are only making themselves look like crazy bitches.
Imagine, your teacher walks into class, and finds out that you have not done your homework.
So what? at least the rest of the class have already done it.
But she stomps around and Pmses around and starts shouting screaming till her voice cracks.
Please tell me, do you think she looks like a crazy bitch or she looks like a very respected intelligent sane teacher?
Sometimes, I do not get the school policies.
We go for morning assembly, to hear them smear propaganda all over us.
The school is right, we are sheltering you from the real world so stop being lesbian or gay! . Makes no sense to me.
And if we do not want to go for assembly or we come late, we get punished.
Don't we sound like the innocent victims of this whole twisted situation.
They're like the evil japanese people who are forcing shit on us, (Hhahahaha.)

Anyway, after chinese, Tania and I left to the canteen.
Met Diyanah, she skipped her Malay because she had to go for Hits.
At 1.45pm, Tania called Clare, they were already in the bus, so we missed the bus.
And Diyanah realised that today's hits were not for the relay, so she missed Malay by accident.
For once, I actually missed class because I genuinely forgot.
Unlike english, the teacher is cool.

T: What? Thats so sotong.

Yes that was very sotong Tanny.
Took a bus home.
Now I'm home, I should really catch up on some sleep.
Oh yes and apparently, some important indian man just died.

In a picture,
Number 24,
Her and me,
Eme and me.

2:54 PM

I'm very tired, I have no idea what to bring for art tomorrow, Agnes is going to flip.

Besides that, studying like a mad fuck for Biology really paid off.
On top of that, today is the last test!
Well one more geography test next week, on the countries.
Went home with Muriz.
Changed, then went to do some shit.
Then went to the Turkish restaurant to eat.
Met T, L and Brown there.
Ate the usual.
Met Akira Maria.
Met Zoe for a while.
Walked all the way to heeren with Akira and QR.
God. byebye.
I'm bloody tired and I just saw Angelina Jolie's ex girlfriend on America's next top model.

:0( Wish me luck for school tomorrow.
I don't dare to sleep with the lights off.

12:01 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Studying biology like a bloody mad fuck really paid off.
I started since saturday, and ofcourse I took a break, and carried on, on monday night.
I just hope for a pass, aim low, so that you'll be surprised by your results, plus it helps me to brace for the worst.
School was the same, this time we were extremely early.
Nothing much nothing much.
Took a cab home with Nerdi.
We had tuition together.
There is a math test tomorrow, I'm not prepared and to me Math is easy Peasy as long as you memorise the formulas.
But I failed my previous test, and I think that is the first warning to show me that I should study.
And think otherwise about Maths.

I'm sorry I'm rather competitive and yet I do not like competitive people.

Beware vulgarties.

6:01 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, February 20, 2006
Don't be so Tight Arsed Your Majesty
... Your kids smoke ganja and drink by the gallons, but it's London, innit...?

For a change, we had literature with nature all around us.
At the basketball court, or at least right beside it under the 3 old trees, with 3 rotting benches.
There were not enough benches to go around, so Ann, E, D and I sat on the floor and made friends with the ants.
During our lunch break, I read out the erotic story which Amu wrote.
It is called The Obssesion.
I swear, I could see my classmates face anticipating for more sex.
=D Bloody gross though.
I love my class mates alot alot alot, they are wonderful people.
-_- Sok and Anna were comparing baby photographs.
" I am cuter lorrr. "

School ended, right after Literature, I walked out of the school as usual through the back gate. ( I was too scared to go by the front ) And found myself a Merzzz cab.
The guy fetched me home, and I handed him a 5 dollar bill to get a dollar and 10 cents back.
Life is like a routine.
Drama happens, like how E and D got caught for their uniform today, and were forced to buy another one.
But besides these little dramas which my friends get into, my life is mundane.
I take a cab to school, I was late for school today.
Once again, despite the fact that we brought our ties, we were forced to stand beside the teachers/ principal.
It was scary so I took off my glasses, as to make everything seem blur towards me.
Life is mundane, I stood there, and listened, I almost died half way, when I heard my back crack.
My school bag isn't the most comfortable, but it is pretty, so that is all that matters.
Hahaha, yes that is my superficial side.
Thank goodness, for some reason or rather through Gods grace, I lived through, and my knees and back hurt like fuck afterwards.
On top of that, I really thank the lord for keeping me out of the evil clutches of Biggo Birdoo.
Besides my back and body life threatening incident, it was all the same, people getting angry over other people.
Ann offended by someone, and so on and so forth.
I got home, plonked my bag on my bed and went to the toilet.
I took a shower, got out, and went to prepare my lunch.
I sat on my couch, flipped the channels as usual, and ate.
ESPN, MTV, AXN, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Starworld.
Finally stuck to channel 32, Romeo.
After watching television, I plonked myself before the computer and started to surf the internet.
Death cab for Cutie surrounded my room, and I had to off it eventually before I start to feel extremely uncomfortable.
I'm starting to change my mind about liking emo music.
Even though, I really think Death cab for cutie and Coldplay are brilliant bands.
Anyway, it's all a routine and now I'm about to place my round bottom on the toilet seat to shit.
Goodbye and Hello Biology.

3:37 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Sue. http://homepage.eircom.net/~sebulbac/burton/sue.html
TimBurton and Neil Gaiman, You are both bloody brilliant!

The Wiggies Retards gave Singapore Idol a shot.
I heard first hand from Su what happened, Yeah it was hell funny.
Okay before Su decides to announce to the world about what an embarrassing thing I did.
I better announce it first.
I complimented the Bimbo that she doesn't pose in a gross way.
Anyway, I still think she is gross.
Brownieee ( she wants me to put that, she prefers brown compared to her own real name. ) claims that I am mean and I shouldn't do things or some shit.
Well, I have no control over the actions other people take so yeah.
Brown comes up with weird shit like, what if we become room mates.
For the UK trip of course.
:D V and I are going to be room mates.
Lesbian sex alll nighttt, I'm just kidding.
She has her eye on someone else.

9:21 PM

oh maria!!! YOUR HAIRRRR... ITS ALL.. ER..? GONE?
Hahaha, My favourite boy. Muriz disowned him because she realised he shaved his head. HAHA.
Maria you're a fucker. =D
Don't you feel like pulling his nose ring.

I gave church a miss today, so that I can study for my upcoming math and Biology test.
I know that, since I'm in a C class, and since I'm only take E math and Combine Biology with Chem, I shouldn't worry.
But part of me, feels really accomplished after I study.
But it will really piss me off, if I study and score badly.
And I do think that my SS and Lit was a no-no.
): I'm scared of failing.
No must be positive, failure means improvement!

11:34 AM