I lived till(:

Saturday, March 04, 2006
I came home, tired and a bit ditsy from wine ( hahaha, I cant take my alcohol. Blush ), I clicked on my friendster page messages.
Only to realise that Chevonne replied me.
She used a really weird word on me, " scutey ".
Scary plus cute? I laughed.
She looks like Zoe, maybe she is her evil twin.

Today was pretty mundane.
I slept like a log last night, at 11pm, my eyes were about to fall out.
So I went to bed at 1130pm.
I slept like a log and when I woke up, it was pitch black and probably something soemthing AM.
Slept till 930.
Woke up, watched alot of television, mainly cartoons. ( geek. )
I flipped to kids central ( for once ) and realised they were having some shit at Ngee Ann City.
( Oh god, Milkshake is playing on my comp now. HAHAHAHA. The song reminds me of alicia and Eunice and some dumbass action. )
So that made me want to go to Town which I did in the end.
Had tuition.
I lost my wallet and that is pretty fucked up.
Because I get fucking pissed when I know the last place I put it was in my bag.
I opened my bag, and poured out it's contents and there was no wallet.
I was losing my mind and almost screamed and cried out in frustration.
No worries, Daddy fetched me to town.
Met Vic at Lido.
Walked around to find my shorts. :( to no avail, no shorts were found.
Walked from Wistma to some place where kim lives.
Went to some oohloo place, oh my god, I've to bring my friends there, because it is oh so fucking vintagely cool.
It's somewhere inbetween Sommerset and Dhoby Ghaut.
It's so old, and incredibly shittyly junky that you'll love it.
Went there for a while, wanted to eat, but no food.
Probably because they took their food liscence away.
The lady sells illegal beer at night in her little trolley cart.
Met Bella and Mark.
Ate at an italian restaurant.
Lovely food.
Pizza, Squid Ink Pasta and salad.
Then took a train home.
Music, alcohol and girls mix really well.
I feel like dancing the night away tonight.
That's why hiphop is playing. :)

9:15 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, March 03, 2006
Okay, just watched finished Futurama and the L word.
I'm so belly happy and tired.
The girls ain't coming over.
My mother is sick, that's why I decided not to go to grapevine or else she might get high blood pressure.
And Bella's number decided to delete itself away from my phone and I was meaning to say something to her since 12am, but had no idea how to.
So I'll just post it on my blog and hope she reads it, or maybe i'll just comment on her blog.


10:28 PM

I am worried over my mother.
I stepped into her room to see if it was my mom or dad who came home. Only to find her sprawled on the bed, clutching on to her belly. ( hahaha ee. )
She was wincing in pain as the pain came and left.
Currently, from what she says, I can tell that it probably was the kind of stomach pain I had the other night, except hers is lasting even longer.

Besides that, I was in a real good mood today.
Though I was busy like a bumble bee.
Ms C gave out our lit tests, I got 15/25 and apparently, that is the average of the class.
If you are lucky, you'll score 16.
She told us that the highest mark was.. 18. what the hell.
Anyway, had LD and the Lee house cheering thing.
I looked ridiculous dancing, but I really couldn't be bothered.
After drama, Ann's dad fetched us home.

:D AnnNa is bloody adorable man.

7:48 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Maybe it was just the fact that I was tired, that this affected me by so much.

I felt that being polite will mean that the other party, will have the courtesy to reply accordingly.
My eyes were half closing, and I had an assignment due, and I was waiting for a bloody reply. She decided to leave, just like that without even answering my question.
By all means, leave if you must, to attend somewhere.
But c'mon man, I waited so long for a bloody reply because you were so troubled, and you just turned me away despite the fact that I sacrificed my ice cream and everything else.
Fuck it man, next time, I don't want to help you.
Because you may sometimes be "there" when I need someone, but you can never really be where I really am to really comfort me like real friends.
Like geez man.

Troubled? Well solve it yourself, because I've dealt all my troubles without you. Stop being such a wuss.

Moorese is a cool kid :0)

9:22 PM

I do not like holding a conversation with my Daddy for too long, because everything will end up to " I'm not good enough for him " or " I want you to do much better than this ".
I understand his situation completely, as a scholar, and a well rounded guy, I'm sure he feels that his offsprings should do as well as him, or maybe better.
He feels that combined sciences, biology and chemistry is a waste of time. ( I cant answer that, because I'm too young to understand if it really means nothing )
And he also feels that A math will play a biggo role in my life, but I beg to differ.
At most, I'll get tuition when I get into a JC, if I even get into one.

Besides, the weird conversation we had about A math. I was pretty much busy the whole day.
Running here, there, carrying heavy stuff and buying cool and pointless things.
School was pretty hectic, but I was glad that Ms Social Studies did not come today, because of her absence. Half of my classmates in my class had a wonderful one hour afternoon nap.
Ms Biology didn't come in too, because her leg caused her to go cripple and she could not even move.
Anyway, after school, Tania and I went to find Ms S.
We took her car to Bras Basa ( Spell? ), bought lots of stuff for the LEE house school thing. I'm a cheerleader. Hahahaha, you'll see me in a skirt on the day itself.
I'll show off my thunder tighs to the school.
Went to Chinatown to buy more things.
Bought the POW-POW thing, pretty pointless/useless, but nonetheless veryvery fun.
So I spent 3 hours outside school, running around and carrying heavy stuff.
Got back to school at around 5pm.
Practiced a dance. Yuenmei is really good at it.
At around 6pm, I met Eme and we walked a fifteen minute walk down to the local petshops.
We wanted to buy mudskippers because they are oh-so-cool.
But we didn't in the end, because we couldn't find any.
Fish were too boring, mealworms were a major no-no for Eme and I cannot stand furry animals.
Birds are a big no-no too.
After walking around for an hour, my back was starting to snap.
So we took a cab home.
Watched Drake and Josh.
Now there is a Lit test tomorrow, character study.
Ohkay, good night world.
I'm busy as a bumble bee and I'm happy.

I wonder what I'm going to do on friday night.
Go for LD, go for cheerleading and..? Maybe I'll just hang out with muh HOMIEEES.

8:08 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Despite the fact that I did not attend school today.
But I've heard from people, about the prank that is going to make history. ( or at least gonna be rumored for a long time ) It's high time someone actually do something so horrible and go to the extreme, just for the sake of fun. Defamation is wrong kids, dont do it though.
Sliding papers under the doors of nearly 10 classrooms with ridiculous things penned on to the papers.
I found it rather hilarious, but still defamation is wrong.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure it is dealt seriously to a certain extend.
Tomorrow morning's assembly ought to be interesting.
I bet you five bucks that they're going to say how serious and how offending this prank is.

What is written on the papers?
How the Principal's birthday is on the 1st of march and she is celebrating her 80th birthday today.
Giving out free milo and ice cream.
And the worst is probably calling the most feared teacher a homosexual.
This is a very sensitive subject and if a teacher do stumble upon my blog, they might think I'm trying to be funny so I shall drop it.

Due to the massive diarrhoea I had last night, the one which made my eyes see the past. OOHHH I SEE MUH LIFE FLASHING BEFORE ME EYES.
I stayed in.
I watched a hell lot of television.
Listened to David Usher.
Brown and T came over at around 12.
Watched the L word.
Then they left for basketball with Vivien.
Stayed home.
Watched more television, read a bit, like three pages.-_-
Watched more tv.
Used the computer more than I should.
Anyway, morning assembly should be interesting.

7:25 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I spent 7 hours doing art.
HAHAHAHA, and it doesn't look gooddddd mannn.
The paper I used was from my primary 1 drawing block, so as you can guess.
It may cost $3 last time, ( wow alot of money ) but only world 10 cents each sheet now.
The material wass soooo baddd, it could not absorb the water colours like I expected it to. But anyway, since I've started on it, I might as well end it.
from 430-1130pm.
After dinner, at around 7pm.
The left side of my tummy started to hurt really bad.
I got very scared, exactly like how I felt when blood could not stop flowing and I fainted 3 times.
I felt my life flash before my eyes as the pain got sharper.
If I can't handle a left-side-of-the-stomach-pain, how am I gonna handle having a kid in my belly.
Okay so maybe I did not spend 7 hours on my art, maybe 6 only because of dinner and that excruciating pain.
I tend to exaggerate.
Anyway, about the things which could not leave my mind.
About xoxo, about the Atlas, about taking PE and about Brokeback mountain.
It's all gone, because art really kept me occupied.
When I paint, I feel emotionaless. Maybe that is because I'm subconciously painting my feelings out without thinking.
I really basically think about nothing when I paint especially when it is quiet without the blasting sounds of tv and my parents.
Another reason why it is all gone, is because I've decided not to go to school.
Despite the fact that, tomorrow is my first ever class field trip to the NEWATER plant thing.

Anyway, I read this from Jill's blog.
The celebs who are going for ROMP @ ZOUK
shann wee, jamie yeo,hendrick and shane from seventeen summer hunks, shawn from i not stupid too.

11:52 PM

I'm selling presale tickets for ROMP @ ZOUK till 13th march not 14th.

School school school.
I had a lovely afternoon nap in school today, using Ann's pillow and my own.
Got back math test results, at least I passed.
After school, a few of my classmates and I went to Cookery room 1, to bake cookies for the teachers.
It is suppose to be our class kind act thing, but the only reason why I was there, was to eat the cookies.
We were only suppose to try one, but I ate about 7 cookies in total and then took my leave before the rest of the trays were baked finished.
Took a cab home as usual.
Let me see, there are a few things which keeps invading my mind, once in a while. Or rather most of the time. ( Before I sleep, during class time, after school, when I wake up, when I'm alone, when I'm reading, when I'm painting, sometimes when I'm out with my friends, when I'm shitting, when I'm bathing, when I'm changing and when I'm blogging )
One, is the show Brokeback mountain, another is this certain someone.
Who keeps coming into my head ever so often, which will leave my heart so low, that if I get even more depressed, it might sink lower than it should and hit hell. Maybe it is just a very abusive and sick hobby of mine, to day dream about xoxo. ( Insert a word which starts with a G and ends with a S. 5 alphabeths. )
Another thing, I'm still thinking on how I'm going to pull off an art piece which will win me $300.
And another, I must try to remember to study the Atlas for tomorrow's geography test.
And anotherrrr, I wonder whether I should take PE tomorrow, considering that we'll be going to the NEWATER field trip tomorrow. ( I hate going out of school smelly, sticky, etc. )

I hate to admit it but, half the time, I don't talk to you and the other half is spent thinking about you. ( Ugh that's so gross sappy and gross. )

By the way, En, please leave your blog address on my tagboard or something! :0)

A hickey on the lips.

4:15 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, February 27, 2006
I'm expected to come up with an object that best represents me.
I'm also expected to hand in an art piece by tomorrow for my final layout and I've left my art at Eme's place.

Ignorance is a bliss, I chose not to care.
When thoughts run wild,
I always get a booming voice in my head which will repeat itself
" You're clinging on to the past and not looking forward to the future "
I'll drop the ice cream which has long melted
And pick up my brushes to paint
Each stroke, I accomplish something, I'm building my future, without knowing.
It is embarrassing really, to be so stuck in the past.
This is what I called, delusion.

8:37 PM

I woke up at an amazing 5.50am. I didn’t know I was capable of such a thing, but yeah, today I’ve really proved to myself that I can wake up early.
Charissa gave me a ride to school.
I left my school shoes in school, so I walked in with favourite timberland sandals/ Jesus sandals/ ( in Muriz’ version ) Moses sandals.
School was the same, I was very tired though. ( Duh, I woke up at an amazing 5.50 am right. )
Not only did I prove to myself that I am capable of waking up early. But today, I’ve also proved to myself that I’m able to walk to Serangoon Gardens, without nice shady clouds or getting my ass into a cab half way.
Walked to Cartel with Charis.
We had a Salmon sandwich, banana chocolate shake thingie and a bowl of soup.
Pok Poon and R were there, doing their homework. Or rather, Poks was doing her work and R was busy.. sewing. Apparently, it is said to calm you down, or distress you. But judging at the rate she was going, she was gonna complete that piece in a years time.
After that, I couldn’t stand public transport so took a Merzzzzz ( I like that wordd. Merzzzz…. Merzzzzz. ) to Eme’s place.
YY, Clare, Lizard were at her place too. Watching BrokeBack Mountain.
I had a shower, and man, her parent’s room’s toilet seat is priceless.
I’ve never seen such a pretty toilet seat in my life. It had dolphins, seashells and plastic stickered on waves.
Eme lent me her clothes and a pair of Winnie the pooh Knickers.
My mother claims that it is unhygienic, but then again, I don’t see what’s so unhygienic about it. It is not as if her knickers are sprouting out mushrooms.
( Anyway, I’m not such a clean person, and I hang out with people who talks a lot about their boggers. ( Hahahha, you know who you are! ) ).
Watched Brokeback mountain. Tanny came over too. YY and Clare left soon after.
It was an amazing and heartfelt film. 5 stars, highly recommended. It maybe about two homosexual men, but I swear, I could feel my heart breaking when he realized Jack Twist died.

In the old days, there were so little gay men around. That people actually beat the people they think are gay till they die. They tied some guys dick and dragged him until it fell out or something.

Anyway, after watching Brokeback mountain. We watched the Tammy video. There was no sound and just looking at it, made me more lesbian by the minute. Dicks are so disgusting looking, its looks soo… oddddd and somewhat gross and hard.
After watching that sex video, which I was so very turned off by.
Tanny and I went to get her dinner/ chicken rice for her family and we headed home, in a bus ( Insert Applause ).
And the bus smelttt… like rotting socks. It wasn’t just a tint of rotting socks or hongkong feet, it was as if the feet were placed in front of you!
Now I’ve proven myself, that I can take a 5 minute bus ride, or 3 minute bus ride in a bus which smelt sooooo badly of Hong Kong feet.
That is why I hate public transport.
Beside the gross and smelly people, I’ve to also take in the previous batch of gross and smelly people’s odor.
I got home and my mom knocked my door and waited for me to say come in ( for once ).
She greeted me with a “ I feel lonely.” And a “ I miss you”.
It was scarily touching. So I gave her a hug. She stayed home, because of some ear infection ( ugh. )

Confrontation today, it went pretty well. No one was hurt, thank god.

(: Okay. For those who think V is too skinny, I personally think her body will be the next big thing. Tall and skinny fits well for me. Be afraid, the cool geek is going to be the next America’s next top model. I’ll be her manager. :D

8:27 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, February 26, 2006
If god gave each person a talent to flaunt, I really wonder what is mine.
I can't draw for nuts, and all the drawings and ideas I've done, someone else have already done and thought of something much better.
I need an idea so original and unkiddish.
I draw surrealism like a kid who is 4.
Sometimes I wonder, what my talent is.
I cant exercise ( hahaha ), I'm too short, I'm not pretty, I cant draw and paint as well as other artists in my school, I cant play the piano well, my studies isn't that fantastic.
If the devil asked me if I could give up a talent, I wouldn't even know what talent I actually have in the first place.
I'm just extremely frustrated right now over this dumbass art competition.
My parents are pissing the fuck out of me, by coming into my room, drawing on my fucked up whiteboard, and then asking me to rub away what my friends wrote on it.
Like what the fuck, get out of my fucking room fucking fuckers.
Fuck fuck fuck.
I'm so tired and there's some fucking house meeting at fucking 7am tomorrow.

God, if I've a talent, show it to me now.
Do I even have a talent.
I feel like a big joke.
Where's my bossanova

10:34 PM

I hope you all caught Su's blog in her worst state, carebears.
She was pissed off by carebears...

Anyway, with that aside.
I had church today.
Went to eat lunch.
Got home.
Slacked around.
Picked Charis up from the MRT station.
Started to film in the coffeeshop.
For something so short, we had to take it a million times, it was good experience though.
Okay I'm very tired.
And I've got the next 4 hours to whip up an art piece which will earn me $300.
I hate school.
And if I win the money, I'm not going to donate a cent. Because I'm going to use it for the upcoming UK trip.

7:29 PM