I lived till(:

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Zoom in.
I can remember the times M's mom called to tell her to get her ass home at 1am.
" Yes mom, I'm flagging for a cab now! "
at about 3am++ Muriz then heads home.
" Eh I think my mom is asleep "

12:41 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, March 10, 2006
The girls are coming over later on, T, Eme, M and Big hairy horny ( naughty ) gorilla.
More taupoks and more vibrators.
:) we please people, heehee.
M is staying over.

How was school?
I'm sure you are wondering how school was for me today, arent you? Arent you? ARENT YOU?
Admit it, you love me and my blog, that's why you wonder how my day was.
I type interestingly, that's why you're reading!
Well, how was school Tori?
Oh school was fine.
My actual full-time form teacher came back to school today.
With an extra layer of something around her belly and sarcasms spilling out of her mouth, she came in and changed our sitting arrangement.
Now I'm sitting in the 2nd row, besides E and Ann.
Fish is sitting beside E.
Charis? I don't think she knows yet, and I forgot to tell her, that she is sitting infront.
Oh poo, there wasn't enough space.
I spent my lunch with Tania. She is really cool with her cool high belt.
And she insults PeiQi in front of her face, so MEANNN AHHH.

" Yeah you think I like wearing this uniform? Well at least it's not as high as yours ( looks at Peiqi. ) "

Pq: Dont leave me alone!
Tania: I'm not leaving you alone, I'm leaving you with the books.

Anyway, had LD in the library. So PQ and Tania were wasting their life in the library till their log-whacking-string-thwacking-cca ends.
Charis and I acted as lesbians, I took off her coat, pressed her breasts against me and rubbed her nipples in front of 30 girls. ( I'm just kidding, but yeah, that was roughly it. )
We kissed, before the instructor's eyes as well as the student leaders.
Gayathri is the best man, she missed the kissing part. On top of that, when we editted the play and acted it out again infront of the crowd this time, we did a long and sensual scene. And she was out, talking to a teacher. HAHAHA.
Chevonne was adorable, she did her thing.
Chevonne, Amanda and Charis did a good job in acting. The rest.. well, wanted to be in debate, so drama was something they did not enjoy.
Eugenis ( spell? ) mom sent me home.
Her mother said this " Oh my! You look even smaller in your uniform you know! "
hAHAHAH, her mother is wonderful lah really.
She fetched me all the way to my house, inside the condom.
I found a small condom today!

My throat hurts and I've got 4 hours of filming to do tomorrow, OH MY GOD, how fun and tiring.

8:48 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, March 09, 2006
T, L and Eme came over just now and left.
They encourage me to use my voice more than I should.
Now my flu is irritating me.
Eme and I gave T alot of pleasure.
:) hehehe, come to us, and we will show you.
Heard there is a chinese test tomorrow, scary!
I dont like school now, because I hate datelines and tests.

Okay, I'm swallowing my mucus, goodnight!
I miss Akira. :( You asshole, if you're reading this, you better meet up w me soon!
:D And I'll treat you to lunch!
For those who booked tickets for ROMP@ZOUK from me, please pay up by saturday.

10:22 PM

You must be flawless to get into the UK trip.
I didn't get chosen, neither did E nor V.
Mine was probably because I skipped english class once, I guess that is a flaw, as well as my 20 over demerit points.
Ironic, dont you think?
Afterall, I got to go for the China trip last year carrying with me bad results and demerit points.
On top of that, E, V and I (sorta ) have top priority since we're upper sec, and we take pure literature. ( that's like top of all top priority. )
It was hard to suppress the dissapointment inside, but you know, what the hey.
I'm sure they had a tough time selecting, and the situation is such that " it is either she gets in or me. "
V claims that she sleeps too much.
And E? Chose not to join the team.
This is pretty punishing.
But I'd rather go for the trip with V as my roomie, so since she didn't get in, then there is no point appealing, since there is only places, sites and a number of friends to look forward to.
To D, R, Virulenza, Pokzz, Kelly( Wah lao so lucky. HAHA. ),I'm glad you girls got in!

The internet was being a biggo bitch just now, I couldn't use the computer for the whole morning.
The bloody cheena man called my house once again. And made me repeat " yes " 09723902 times.
Bloody pisser.
Spent my day painting.
My first piece using Arcylic paints ( spell? ).
(: I'm sure I'll get to travel during June with or without the school.
Well, I'm anticipating for Daddy's return, because he is probably going to buy for me ipod speakers!
On top of that, I can bring it to the class party on tuesday.
Eme is coming over later, hopefully, I'm bored outta my witzz.

Tarzan's soundtrack is playing.
Self absorbed, too self absorbed, now so deluded, I've became typical. Oh god.

3:12 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
I'm an angry girl right now.
I'm shit tired and there is an annoying fly/mosquito flying around my room.
This is pretty irritating.

I dragged my lazy ass off to school today.
I had a hard time sleeping ( as usual ). It takes me about, 2 more hours before I completely knock out due to exhaustion. I wake up, to find my head resting on two high pillows and my body in a weird position. I get up, feeling that my muscles are tensed and stumble to the shower to shower.
Basically, Ann got scolded becos we threw her shoe around, technically it was our fault. So I felt that we should be blamed not her.
After school, went out to town with M.
Met Cia to get Tickets.
Off to topshop, all the beautiful clothes are too big, bloody big pisser.
Went to meet Annabelle.
Passed her a buncha tickets and collected cash.
Went home.
Dressed up.
Went to the esplanade for ACJC's Muse.
Some band concert.
My brother was performing.
Watched watched, till the interval and 2 more songs then left.
Buay tahan the songs.
I had to pee in the middle of one of the songs, and man was it excruciating.
Okay goodnight, ANTM is on tv now.

I'll stick pinecones on my vibrator and we will all have a merry christmas :D

10:27 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Right now, all I cant think of, besides Ann being my Nanny tomorrow, ( She's going to bring alot of ice mountains, breath mints, pipagao for me. As well as a biggo hug. ), is all the SEA countries, I practically memorised everything, only to realise that we're going to be tested on the same few countries, wth lah? And if I fail, I'll really laugh at myself because geography was considered my best subject last year.

Well, I slept till 1030 in the morning today, I got up with my throat so extremely sore and very bad breath. Stumbled out of bed and brushed my teeth.
Read a bit of the Time Traveller's wife. ( I read 1/4 of it in Jan, then I stopped. )
Had lunch, watched television.
Got changed, went for Dental, now the rubber is killing me.
I'm going to take my braces off soon, very soon.
I was in the train on my way home, when 2 old ladies came in sitting in wheel chairs.
Opposite these 2 wheelchaired ladies were 4 ladies, who were sitting on the chair before they came in.
They stared at the wheelchaired ladies, and literally stared, pointed, talked loudly about it.
-_- They stretched their necks out for goodness sake.
I found that extremely rude.
Anyway, I ran into T's mama, hehehehe.
Got home at around 5pm.
Watched television ( gee, you really don't have a life Tori. )
studied on SEA.
Now I'm going to have piano.

7:54 PM

My friend Akira asked for my opinion, on whether he should join Kavadi. The religious indian festival where people poke lamps, metal rods, umbrellas in their flesh.
Sometimes, if you're lucky, you might see an indian guy walking around with a huge metal like cage over his head which probably weighs a ton.
I said No incredulously.
On top of that, only 2 of his indian friends are participating and the rest will be busy supporting him, as he walks around with a metal rod and 81 limes hooked on his back.
It is a very crazy religious festival, it is just like what they do in Jew. Sometimes, people actually crucify themselves.
Piercing nails into their wrists and ankles, like geez man.
God made us not to suffer and we're letting ourself feel pain on purpose.
I told him I didn't want him to die and that he is an asshole if he puts himself through this whole religious cycle.
I know he is doing this for the "fun" of it, or maybe he feels good manupilating his body.
Anyway, I'm just interested in finding out if it really hurts. Then again, he felt that tongue piercing, ( and many other piercings and tattoos on his body ) did not hurt a bit.

12:27 AM

I lived till(:

Monday, March 06, 2006
Whoo, I finally learnt how to draw clouds on photoshop and I think this is a pretty good first attempt! :):) ( Okay dont burst my bubble if you think it looks like shit )

Alone with a pencil, eraser, an hour and the art of starwars book.

8:24 PM

I really did want to go to school today, since it is the last day for my current form teacher ( who is only 19 mind you. ).
On top of that, today was our potluck day, where we will celebrate Veron’s 15th birthday and of course, Ms C’s fare well.
But my disgusting throat didn’t allow me to get out of bed.
I had really horrible nightmares, probably because I was suffering from the sore throat Woman passed to me.
I joined Fear Factor and was expected to swim with jelly fishes, in a bikini, in front of the whole school, HAHAHA.
R was in my dream, and she told me it was easy peasy. HAHAHA.
They wanted to put the Jelly Fishes/ marine animals into a huge tank filled with.. milk.
Anyway, beside the very awkward dream, I woke up two times in the night. One to take a piss, I’m scared of the dark, so I really hate getting up at night.
Another time, was to scratch my feet. Mr Mozzie decided to pay my sexy( heehee) body a visit. She bit my feet, my arms, my legs. My hand was practically digging into the soul of my feet.
I woke up at 625, to message Ann and Glyn to tell them that I won’t be in school today.
Glyn didn’t reply.
But Ann was so convinced that smsing me 3 times would wake me up.
The three messages were something like “ Wake up you stupid ass.”
Anyway, I woke up at 830, because my brother came home rejoicing oh so loudly.
ACJC called him in the middle of his SRJC lecture, hhahaha, he got into SRJC man.
His appeal got through and even if it didn’t, my mother had convinced my dad to go down and appeal personally if he had to.
( that is also why my dad did not go to China today. )
Ann called me while I was at the doctors, something bloody hilarious happened.
I think they threw cake at the teachers face, she cried and now they’re all in trouble.
I think I heard Charis’ voice over the phone, that means she is in school!
Okay, sneezing is very painful as well as swallowing the phlegm down.
I’m probably not going to school tomorrow and I lost my time table . >:0(
What should I do today.. Read books? Hah.

10:40 AM

I lived till(:

Sunday, March 05, 2006
I'm pissed. I blogged, it deleted, urrhhh.
Moulin rouge was great.
Creature of the underworld.
We celebrated Bella's birthday with a cake today.
Its just hard look back to the past and smiling at it for real.
Because cheezy love songs and your undying love for someone, is just not enough for today and the future.

10:03 PM