I lived till(:

Saturday, March 18, 2006
I just took a shower.

I spent my day watchin 4 and a half hours of television.
Followed by math tuition, which was very productive.
I've already covered one chapter.
After that, Daddykins fetched me to Cine Leisure.
Collected my ipod mini.
Ran into Kim and Zoe.
Talked and shopped for a present for Hannah Koh.
Because of our bumping-into-each-other incident, I got invited to Hannah's birthday at Cocolatte.
Told Muriz, Nana, Stacy and Gwen.
Except only M, Nana and I went in the end.
After shopping.
Headed to the sommerset station to meet the rest.
Went to esplanade to eat at Mrs Fields.
After that, Nana, M and I took a cab down to Cocolatte.
Met up with Zoe and Kim.
Wished Hannah a happy sweet 15th birthday.
We were the first few who danced man.
The crowd sucked.
They were too tall for me, and too straight.
There were only 2 butches if I'm not wrong.
And there were so many white and black people who were about 1.7m tall!
The drinks were free, so I had a glass of orange juice and a glass of Sprite.
Saw John chua, Miles and co there, as well as Becs and co.
I invited Akira and 3 of his friends tagged along.
It was boring and almost everyone could not dance.
Some white girls went pole dancing, which was not too bad.
But I don't really enjoy the fact of you showing your fanny off, especially when you're wearing a thong or underwear.

Muriz' rocker friend was there, I swear her church friends are so cool.
Uhh, but we met someone new whom we think can dance.
We called her the " funny socks girl " or was it some other name.
Anyway, we talked to her, she's probably from SAS and her name is Rae.
Her outfit was cool.
Party ended at 11pm.
Left in a cab.
Alrighto, I'm going to fart.

Sunday; Holy day.

11:52 PM

I forgot when my dad's birthday is.
It's on 18th of feb, and I didnt even wish him happy birthday.
I feel bad.

4:36 PM

Last night, Gorilla, T, Muriz and Eme came over for the major orgy session.
Hahaha, and everyone pretty much left at around 11pm.
VC or was it CV, HAHAHA.
If you don't get that injection, you'll grow chest hair and then it'll advance up your neck to your face.
and you'll eventually get a.... BEARDDDDD
Pierce the nippal.
I slept at around 2 last night.
Shit, I've been having all these weird nightmares. I dreamt of evil rugrats and I'm one of the rugrats. It was horrible and when I wake up, I still feel tired.
Infact even more tired than before I sleep.
Whatever the cause is, I hope it stops.

Okay I'm going to spend my whole day studying and watching tv till 5pm.
Have tuition.
Then go out with the girls for dinner and for my collection of Ipod.

3 and that's what you get when you ask

10:56 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, March 17, 2006
I'm currently at M's place, for a while.
Going to school later on.
Ugh, I'm not so tired now because I've already taken a shower.
It was great, fun, exhausting, exciting, all put together.
And I'm sure everyone who went had lots of fun.
For those who didn't go, well it's your loss.
Okay I've nothing to blog.
I'm tired and I'm farting.
The holiday is almost over and I've not done any of my HW.
On top of that, I've not spent a day staying at home!

9:42 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, March 16, 2006
I had a really weird dream about a bunch of people.
Many familiar faces appeared.
And someone whom I've not been talking to appeared and demanded for my CA1 papers.
Later, I frenched a friend ( in real life ). But it was supposedly a friendly kiss, but I really think her girlfriend will kill me if I do it in reality.
How did I wake up?
I had to hit my head against the ground and force my eyes open.
Use my fingers to open my eyes.
And look around the room.
That was how I woke up.
It was a horrible nightmare, not really that horrible but anyway, it was time to get up.
-_- And I usually wake up at 8 or 9 plus for some reason.

11:09 AM

She is practically doing this to hurt you.
Sneaky little bitch.

It's great, just great, but not as great as baby.
( Hahaha, okay I'm sure some of you all have read that line before )
Well, the dykes have just left my place.
Tanny and Gorilla/ big hairy horny monkey thing/ small ears.
Lol, Eme inspired me to hug T's head before she left my place.
And she inspired me to call myself " Queen " at home.

12:04 AM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Anyway, I spent my morning filming with Charis and Bella.
It was like hell.
I helped to film and act too.
House flies were everywhere, and you can smell dog poo except you can't see it.
The grass cutters were out to torment us today.
It was excruciatingly annoyingly painfuly itchy.
But nonetheless fun.
After that, Dad brought Bella to school and he wanted me to tag along.
So I did.
Headed to Far East. The denim skirts from TOSS made my ass look big or maybe it was because I was wearing girl's boxers.
But the colour was too light anw.
Ate at Ya Kun toast and Cheese hotdog with Mashpotatoes ( I love it. ).
Headed to borders and bumped into my ex lover.
I haven't seen him in a year, he changed soo much.
His arm was in a cast.
He is now really tall.
His voice was lower, ughhhh, his girly voice was so much better really.
But his teeth was still as white and straight.
(: He liked my hair and he said I looked much better, well thank you.
Amazing how we've not talked to each other in a year but yet I can still remember his phone number.
Anyway, after Borders, Dad and I headed to ACJC to pick my brother up.
Then headed to Tiong Bahru ( spell? ) to eat.
Then home.
I've spent 1/4 of my day in his Muzzzzzdaaaarrrr 6.

8:01 PM

So needy, so icky, so lesbian.
I adore girls, but not to that extent.

Today I woke up at 10am. Watched L word 303, ooh Shane shane shane, carmen carmen carmen! jenny jenny jenny.
( Okay charis is staring at me right now. she is staying over night. )
After that, headed to Harbour Front.
Met Drus, Veron and Jolin.
Headed to Siloso beach.
Met Charis.
idle around the beach.
Got a Tan.
Read my book.
Bird came, and Drus and the rest left.
Spassed around the in front of the camera.
She has a fcking Creative vision ( or whatever it is called ), BLOODY COOL I TELL YOU.
You can totally watch l word on it! :)
the two D's came.
D threw sand into my clothes and I was going to cocolatte. GEE.
Took a tram back at around 7 plus.
Everyone went their seperate ways.
I had lots and lots of fun by the way.
:) Thanks for the class outing everyone, esp Drus. :) You're really sweet.
After that, met M and Nana at the Gallery Hotel.
We all headed to the Book Cafe.
Met up with sis and her bf.
Talked about the script.
Left for Cocolatte.
Reached there and realised it was cancelled. HAHAHA Cia warned us already.
Tried to get into sleezy ass club called PHUNK.
Secretly ( I guess this isn't so secretive anymore ) I was glad that we did not get in.
We cabbed it to Grapevine.
Along the 20 min ride. We rolled down the windows and shouted like hell.
The wind was so strong, that it blew the cab driver's feather duster from the back to the front.
Grapevined then went home.
It was so fun.
Charis is staying over night
Filming starts at 8am.
:) I feel like a movie star, teehee. ( haha, Okay this is for a personal project not big shot movie or tv show ok! If it's good, it'll be exhibited. Which it probably will. )
I cant wait for thursday :)
I'm going to see Taniaa!

12:47 AM

I lived till(:

Monday, March 13, 2006
I am very happy now, as the L word is downloading, like finally.
Anyway, the start of the day wasn't so pleasant.
I woke up at 730am, got ready for the school excursion.
Ate stale 3 day old sandwiches, which probably aggravated my stomach.
Which lead to diarrhea later in the day.
Anyway, cabbed it to school with Glyn.
Met all the F&N girls there, there were barely any art girls.
Believe it or not, Clare came. :O
First stop, the Goat farm.
First stop, diarrhea time for me!
I took a shit, and got separated from the group.
Thank god for that though, because I didn’t want to touch any damn Nanny Goat.
After that, went to the Aerophonics farm.
Looked at vegetables, was bloody boring and hot.
We were given free stuff again, one bottle of vegetable juice which some people enjoyed.
Eventually, I gave mine to Akira later in the day.
After looking at vegetables, and gossiping.
Went back to the bus.
Listened to Clare’s handphone/mp3.
Headed to Little India.
Had quite good food there.
-_- the teacher was walking around checking that we didn’t take more than 2 potatoes, what the hell.
But I took 2 potatoes.
We were allowed to roam around Little India and meet back at 215.
Except Clare and I headed to PS, to hang around.
We reached back late and the teacher was angry as she wanted me to get pants during our free time.
I was wearing T’s Fbts.
They said the FBTs were too indecent despite the fact that it was L sized.
After the scolding. The art girls headed to the Art Museum.
Lovely cubism.
So abstract and beautiful. If I had the energy, I would stand in front of the paintings for the whole day.
But I was very tired, so I sat and did nothing much.
Left back to school.
Then took a cab to the station with Clare, Candy and Glyn.
Carol was over there waiting for her friend, so I waited with her as I had to meet up with Tania’s friend and Eme.
Met the following people.
Left for Bugis to meet Akira and Muriz.
I told Akira many many jokes J
Moral of the story : one stone can’t kill 2 birds!
Muriz was late with Hannah.
After that, left for cine.
Went for waxing.
Got my ipod mini repaired.
Left for Far East.
Met Cia, Akira, Joey and Lizard ( with her fam ) there.

Ran into a bunch of assholes who couldn’t stop talking to M and I.
Lizard’s daddy fetched us home.
So I’m very tired.

Pitiful really.

9:50 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hello, I've adopted a new baby from the IT show. :):)
What a beauty.

D, you're funny.

When I'm bored, Horny entertains me with the funnies
Pokemon, gotta catch em all!
Emo boys gone wild over Pokemon.

10:19 PM

Yesterday, blogger was very effed up.
So I was unable to blog.

Yesterday was really hectic.
Alot of things to do, and so many places to go.
Woke up, watched cartoons. Muriz went to swim.
Then we left to meet Akira and Mattew ( He was angry, and I felt that he had no right to be angry when I was fucking going down to the fucking stadium to meet him for his sake. But whatever ).
Met the losers, took Akira's ezlink card.
I used it later in the day.
Bella came to pick me up in a cab with Charis.
Went to her place and acted like gays with Charis.
It was really hot, but filming was very fun.
(: hehe kissie pussie. Just kidding.
Went to the Book Cafe to film even more.
Took a cab down to not-so-Great World.
Got paid.
Took a bus to PS.
Took a train to Serangoon.
Walked to M's house since she was pretty pissed off.
Watched L word, ahh Katherine Moennig!
Spassed around in my underwear and converse shirt.
Her mom walked in looking like " :O ".
But I don't think she cared.
Spassed on the piano with Muriz and sang like drunk'ds.
Left her place at around 10pm.
Went to KFC.
Bought 2 piece chicken meal thing.
We threw chicken fats and skin at our new buddy, Meow (x2) ( use tranny's voice when you're saying meow meow ).
I threw that cold-dunno what shit vegetable crap to her except it landed on the floor.
M threw Mashpotatoes.
We ran away before anyone could catch us litering.
the last supper for MeowMeow
Took a cab down to E's place.
Cherry was celebrating her 18th birthday!
Legal age to drink, have sex and practically, do everything.
Had food.
Left for home with M AGAIN.
Reached hom at 11.30pm.
Bathed, used the computer, talked shit.
She went home.
I went to bed.

Today I had church.
Okay goodnight.
Things I need to do:
Meet Tania
Buy Ipod Speakers
Hopefully get a new ipod :D:D:D
Do autobiography due tomorrow
sleep early
Remember to wake up at 745am tomorrow for Arts trail.
Meet Cia.
Go for waxing with Muriz
Get Money from Muriz' Hannah
Get money from Eme and Julia.
Get money from Cherlene
Get money from Muriz
Meet Akira

3:23 PM