I lived till(:

Saturday, March 25, 2006
Bask in balloons and tarts.
That is who you are.

I slept at around 1am this morning.
T was amusingscaring me with scary faces.
She zoomed all the way into this particular face.
Uhh, troll.
Woke up at around 1130am.
Had brunch.
My father was annoying me with his extremely annoying electric guitar.
He played his fucken guitar at 8am.
Till god knows what time.
Then he stopped.
And started playing at 9am, till around 910am.
I told him to STFU, except it came out of my mouth nicely.
And he told me to fuck off, except it came out of this mouth nicely too.
He said that it was time to wake up ()#*!()*#!@ what the hell.
Had tuition at around 1 plus.
After tuition, rushed down to Paya Lebar’s train station.
Went for the audition, which I fucked up.
They wanted me to act as an old woman.
I’ve never played as that role before.
I tried for the maid role, except of course, Muriz fitted the role perfectly.
I was too embarrassed to dance.
So I fucked that up too.
Anyway, left with Muriz.
Took a bus to my house.
Grabbed the bunch of Sugar Rush vcds which R lent me.
Walked to her place.
Bought rojak on the way as well as freaking KFC!!
So the cheerleading practices and the exercise went to waste.
After gorging myself with Carls Jr and Kfcs fried chicken, mash potatoes and burger.
Went to M’s place.
Valerie or was it Melissa ( Fuck I’ve such bad memory ) and Hannah were there.
Spassed around till 630.
Watched Sugar Rush all the way to 915pm.
Took a cab home.
Now I’m here.
T maybe coming over later to watch more Sugar Rush.
Uhhh, it’s another gay show which consists of Olivia ( the actress from Girls in love, Nickelodeon ).
Imagine her, acting in such an innocent tv show for kids, and then acting in some Lesbian show which only shows at 12am.
Holy day is tomorrow.
My biological clock is screwed.
I think all teenagers are angry.

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I lived till(:

Friday, March 24, 2006
I should be thankful that Lee house achieved 2nd for cheerleading.
We lost to Chew house by 3 points, and they said that we lost because..
" We did not let go of our balloons "
What a shitty excuse/reason.
All they did was shout " 10 20 30 40...90!!!!! "
Uhh, we know how to count.
I thought that it would've either been dodsworth or us.
but, shit dodsworth, whose cheer and DANCE was good got 4th!!!
We couldn't realease our balloons anyway, they did not contain hellium.
I worked my butt off for this, but 2nd is good.
Yuenmei has alot of charisma.
And I was really happy because I gave it my all when we had to dance infront of the judges.

Well, I slept at around 9 plus last night.
Woke up at 6, walked to Charissa's place.
Her dad dropped us off at the stadium at around 630am.
We did make up.
We're such hypocrites man.
Last year, Yuenmei, Sha, Tania and I were sitting at the back, insulting the cheerleaders ( of our house ) who wore torn up skirts ( sluttayeee ) and Make up.
Yuenmei did her make up first, and got a little shock when she saw herself in the mirror.
It was hilarious.
I mean, the make up was well done, buttttt, this is a sports meet.
" eee act vain only! "
Yeah act chio only.
Practiced our dance a few times.
Cheered like HELL.
My voice sucks now.
T, L, Su and Yanyi came back to join the stupid parents race.
L was placed with Mrs lee, what in the world.
This years sports meet was really memorable for me.
Because I was actually, finally playing a part and contributing something to the house.
Rather then sit at the back, listen to my mp3 player, sms boys and sleep. ( That used to be the case. )
I got pretty upset when they announced that they had no more milo in the milo truck.
How can the milo truck run out of milo!!
After reading Drake's blog, then.. I understood.
I had to purchase my own milo in the end. Which was good, cause it was one full can.
Cheered our lungs out during the competition.
Well, Congrats Chew, you were very united.
Oh yes and Kye, that stupid gay was suppose to come for sports day today.
But I think she probably gt too drunk to get up.
After sports day, Charis and I snagged like 8 packets of food.
Was bloody hungry.
I didnt even check the time.
I only remembered leaving the stadium when it was almost empty, around 1pm.
Went to M's place.
Bathed, slept, Stacy came over.
Took a bus to Marina square to meet Diyanah, Livia and Co.
Ate at Carls Jr.
Bloody full now
Livia and Co left.
Spassed around so much.
Btw, today is Nana's 17th birthday.
Went to Esplanade's roof to spass about somemore.
Took so many pictures.
Headed to Suntect to meet some kid named Marcus or was it Mattew.
Kept shouting Ahlao so loudly that it scared some guy.
Bloody funny.
I've a bad sunburn on my face ):
Anyway, took a bus home alone.
An hour!!! In the gross disgusting pisai filled bus.
I hate buses.
And you know what, some one farted, HAHAHAHA.
Well I had so much time to think and somehow, this face keeps popping out and she has no link to the song whatsoever!
Okay anyway, got home at around 11pm.

R says:
if it makes you happy, i was looking at the yearbook last night and i think you look gorgeous! :D

Thank you R.

I know that there are probably alot of typo errors and grammatical errors, but I'm too lazy to edit or check it or whatever you'll call it.
Sooo tired
go away; fuck off.

11:34 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, March 23, 2006
It takes so much out of me.
I understand, I see how she makes you smile.
And how you look right through me like I'm not even there.
Hello, silly things!
Happy to see me?
Because I'm ready to do silly things again, maybe for attention.

I managed to get up this morning.
Dragged my bum to art class and sit through lessons the whole day.
I am still very dizzy and exhausted.
Receiving only 10 hours of sleep within 48 hours.
Especially doing the most exercise during these 48 hours.
The chinese teacher literally, locked Eme, me and a few other girls outside class.
Because we were late for chinese lesson.
She got a little angry.
But for once I did a little assignment and I passed it (:
After school, met Tania and we had lunch.
Had cheerleading.
T, Gorilla and Su were in school again.
It was fun, but exhausting.
LOL i did the slap dance or something, and now my knee is bruised, wtf.
Took a cab home.

Now I want to crawl in a hole and cry.
I don't know who to trust and some part of me feel that you maybe telling her about me. Just like how you talk to me about her.
Beware for men hide daggers behind their smiles.
I don't dare to say who, because I'm afraid to be judged.
She's a great friend but sometimes, lying with the enemy isn't so good.
It's so hard to trust.
I want to sleep this all away
And I can't cry tonight because I've got cheerleading tomorrow.
I'm angry now cos Muriz is abusing her body.

I was just kidding, I'm fine

8:34 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Does this mean I'm changing

Alot of things have got me thinkings lately.
Or maybe it is the Deathcab for Cutie's songs that are disturbing me this much.
I'm glad that Alastair sent me the new songs, because now I can finally listen to Death cab without being reminded about the past.
I've not listened to emo music ( esp deathcab) for a long time, and today is my first day outta dont know how many days.
I was busy talking online to, Charis, Akira and R.
I hope Akira feels better.
Sometimes, it sucks feeling helpless, or at the losing end.
It's true that sometimes I do worry about my future.
And sometimes I worry for his and some of my friends futures.
Sure teen is quite fun, but we're just taking each step as it comes along and hopefully, build a successful future.
After our little talk, I've also realised how much someone can actually impact your life.
It does not even have to be your mother, or someone blood related.
This gave his life a 180 degree turn.
Don't judge him and dont listen to the whispers which you hear around you.

Anyway, only knocked out at around 145am.
I was really tired in school.
My eye bags are getting bigger everyday that it is embarassing.
Dragged my tiny bum to school.
Had lessons.
I was rushing through holiday assignments during lesson time.
Charis was absent again, I sorta expected it after all when I went off at 1245am, she was still online.
I tied my hair in school for a while, and Muriz was like " Like alyssa! " Hahaha " I dont wanna tie.. or else I'll be called an alyssa wannabeeeeeee " ( That was incredibly retarded ).
I bumped into T in school ( wtf were you doing in sch again T?! ). She passed me her Nanyang uniform. It was brown, course and could serve as a potato sack. So ugly leh Drake!
Had cheerleading practice.
I love the dance. Yuenmei is incredibly creative.
After cheerleading, I took a cab home with Beatrice.
Hahaha, I don't talk to her all that much.
Just a hi-bye friend, but even such a small thing like taking a cab with her was enjoyable.
She enlightened me with her current life.

I got home, took a shower, plopped in the burnt cd which Eme helped me burn.
But no L word appeared.
Well there's always another day.
I tried to sleep but got interupted by my sisters phone call which eventually broke up due to the suckiness of her handphone.
I need to shit.

Where is my compo T?

7:54 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Drunk'd= Yummy

The hot girl was drunk, ditsy and couldn't remember a thing when she woke up.
And you know what, I did not make a move @()*#!!#*(!@)#@!!

11:04 PM

I've been rather moody the past few days.
Mainly because I have the " I've got nothing to do " scheduel.
Which leaves me feeling ticked off by the world, and ticked off by little objects.
The sign which Ann stole for me, is currently absent from my door.
I'm frustrated because I know that my dad took it away.
It was really weird, he came in, touched my things, laid on my bed.
Plucked out the lovely sign which was gift from Ann and told me to be a fucking good girl.
What the hell is up with that man?
Firstly, you're not setting a very good example, by walking in without knocking.
( ugh stop intruding my privacy )
Secondly, you're not setting a good example by touching my things w/o my permission.
Thirdly, do NOT take down what I like in my room.
Fourthly, if I'm not good enough for you, then so fuckin be it.
It's stressful really, living in the same house with this narrow minded man.
No doubt he loves the family and GODDD alot.
But geez man, give me room to breathe.
Let me fall down and learn from my mistakes.
He keeps taking the fucking comics from the shelves and telling me that ' nono, this is bad. '
When all the comic is talking about is anti jew and politics and stuff.
My god, this is how the world is, and you don't want me to read about it.
What the hell.
(I might as well live in a bubble and call myself Bubble girl.)
I'm using the comic to get my art ideas from and you're preventing me from doing so.
Giving me other art books to browse at.
And all those paintings I find no interest in.
Yeah they are beautiful, but I've seen them MANY times before.
And I clearly know I cannot paint like that.
And I have no interest in using their ideas.

On top of that, the new art intern teacher gave me a little scolding this morning.
So much for first impression.
It was the first time I actually talked to her and I did not bring my paintings along.
I had no idea what I wanted my final lay out to be.
I'm not sure if I can use the concept which I've used for the SYF competition since Mrs O really liked it.
Now I'm stuck because, I've to hand in a layout by thursday.
And art has been on my mind since 910am. ( Which is frustrating like hell, because I've got so many ideas except I cannot seem to draw ONE down and say " hey I want this to be my final layout " )
I gave Math class a miss with Tania and a bunch of other girls.

Anyway, I took a cab home today and guess what, I left my wallet in class.
If the class theif strikes again, then oh god, I'll be considered as one of her numerous victims.
Partly, I'm quite excited for tomorrow because Eme's going to pass me L word vcds! (:(: No need to wait for it to download!
And I did a sketch on Akira ( hahaha. )

Alrighto, I'm preparing for hell because I'm intending to show my report card to my parents today.
2A1s and the rest all Cs and one F9.
HAHAHA, best man best.( note the sarcasm )
I've to do my biology work and that's pretty hard to do, esp when all I can think about is art. Plus I have no idea what the question is.
I'm sucha moody self absorbed kid.

7:02 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, March 20, 2006
What is my mood now?
a little foul, a little tired and a little frustrated.

This morning, I gave school a miss, due to cancer stomach flu.
I woke up at 11 in the morning, still feeling tired.
I dragged myself out of bed and plonked my little body infront of the television.
Ate my brunch and watched Marivic get ready to go Bella's house.
At around 1230pm.
I gave Akira's home phone a ring, twice infact, except he did not wake up.
I figured that, there was no point in trying somemore, because he is a pretty heavy sleeper.
So much for meeting someone within 48 hours. ( or so I thought )
I felt tired at around 1pm, and slept somemore, all the way to 330pm.
Su called twice or somethin, to tell me that she and L were in school.
And invited me to Macs at Gardens.
I dragged my lazy ass off my bed once again, and plonked myself infront of the television and watched Ryan's show.
Then I dragged my ass finally into the shower and took a cab down to Macs to meet Lizard,T and Su.
They insisted on going to school, ( of course to me, that was pointless. )
But I figured that, since I just spent 4 fucking dollars on cab and only spent 15 minutes in macs that I might as well go, to make my 4 fucking dollars seem well spent.
Took another cab down to school.
Sat on the floor and watched the netball girls play their shit.
I had no idea why I was there, and I was clearly out of place ( hahaha, me exercise? HAHAHA. ).
After shitting around for half an hour or so.
T and I took another cab back.
So now I'm rather pissed off because I've spent around 8 dollars on cab, and it wasn't worth the hassel, at all.
But hey, at least I got to go out within the 48 hours and see an actual human being which is not blood related ( okay besides Marivic).
So I guess going out was, good in a way, in a way, in a way, in a wayyyyyy........
I'm exhausted, my uterus feels like it's going to die of bleeding and I don't want to go to school tomorrow.
Guess what, I heard from Dory that today was our class field trip.
Once again, I missed it.
The second class field trip of this year, and I bloody hell missed it.
It's okay, it's alright, because my ipod setup seems to be Downloading! Yay.
Uhh.. Okay.
I'm going to watch more tv now.

T's skirt is incredibly short.

5:41 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, March 19, 2006
This is what T said : lazy people + more lazy people = VICK'S HSE
And to her moving is boring.

I forgot to explain myself on thrusday night.
I only got 20 over smses at 5am.
Sorry the phone fucked up.
Thats why I didn't reply most of you all.
Esp those who smsed me after 11pm.

I got quite a shock when I realised how he types.
It was so different from who he is in person.
I should never judge.

10:15 PM

On Msn

V: Why you never invite me to your house, why you nvr cook for me, why you nvr love me enough, why dont you like the girl on my dp?
( I asked everything in one sentence. )

Akira Maria: i nv invited you cause i wasnt ready to,i didnt cook cause i think its still not good enough for you,and are you sure i didnt love my litlle biggay,AND I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN LOOK AT THE GIRL ON YOUR DP
( I put some girl's face as my dp. And she looked horrid. )

I threaten to lezzzz with his little sisters.
His sisters are adorable man, so damn tiny.
Anyway, I did not go to church today.
And last night/ this early morning, I suffered from horrible stomach aches thing.
I threw up my tuna sandwich and managed to sleep after an hour of tossing and turning.
I eventually got tired, you know.
This morning, I watched television ( again, gee ).
Season 3 of FRIENDS once again.
Marivic called and told me to rush down to the doctors.
I took a quick shower and changed.
The doctors called again and asked if i was coming down, and i said yes.
So I rushed down, without wearing contacts and w/o specs as I forgot to bring it down.
And in the end, they said I missed the doctors.
Like what the fuck, if I knew earlier on, I wouldn't have rushed down like som mad ass lunatic.
I swore in front of the lady, and I felt really bad after that.
I am now diagnosed with.. cancer.
I was speachless when I heard it.
I bet you're speachless now.
Okay well fuck it.

Okay I just remembered the incident that when L's mom saw Akira, she started praying on the spot. Hhaha.

I was just kidding, I've got stomach flu.

2:52 PM