I lived till(:

Saturday, April 01, 2006
Akira got so many new tattoos and now his tongue is just like a snake.
So cool?
Never mind, hahaha.
So young, so moronic.

Today was a lovely day.
I woke up, rushed down to the train station.
I was already half an hour late, and yet only Eme was there.
Soon M came.
Met Jenny at Raffles City.
Went to Mrs Fields to eat.
Spassed around, Tanny came.
Ate somemore.
Spassed somemore.
Left for Cine.
Ran into Nana and Janice ( her friend ).
Jenny went off to meet Evon and Jeslyn.
So we walked around.
T left for home.
Then M and I left for Topshop.
Purchased an underwear for Michelle and for myself.
Took a bus home.
And oh god, two kids ruined my day ( not really ruined lah. but now you'll know why I hate kids )
I was busy sleeping cause the ride was really long.
Death cab for cutie was playing.
The journey was pretty much comfortable because the bus wasn't crowded and it seemed relatively clean.
After half an hour or so.
Two little girls aboarded the bus.
And I dont know if it was by fate luck or whatever, but the people opposite us ( we were sitting on the seats in front, where there were two other seats which faced us ) left.
Who should sit, but the two girls.
Well at first, I didnt really care because I was sleeping.
But they giggled.
So I woke up, but my eyes were shut.
They giggled somemore, and mocked me in front of my face.
Now I feel so humiliated.
I opened my eyes.
If they were older, I would've stared at them, but I figured they didn't understand.
So they mocked me and I dont know if they were mocking Muriz for the rest of the ride.
I told Muriz I'd pay her a dollar if she stepped on the feet before we alight.
However, she refused after she saw that they only had slippers on.
How fucked man.
I hate kids.
Plus they were those irritating chinese kids, you know.
Where by their parents are probably racist and irritating.
And don't teach them proper manners.
Headed to M's place.
Watched L word.
Took a bus then a cab down to Michelle's party.
Sat on the beach.
We made a friend with this boy called Arnirul.
He has a step sister, he likes being alone sometimes, he attends Ang Moh Kio dunno what primary school. He is really matured for his age.
Somehow, I felt much better after talking to him.
M asked him if he liked his life and stuff.
And he said that he preferred it when he was a baby.
He spoke really good english.
And he's Malay.
He understood many things.
And well, I guess kids are not too bad after all.
Drank a few beers, ate, spassed around.
Akira, Jerome, Zoe, Nana, Charis, Al were there and stuff.
Took a cab home with Jerome and Akira.
Jerome sings... like a geek.
Akira................. wants to be hindi.
Okay his arm was in a cast, I hope he feels better.

Anyway, even though my mother had to call and shout ( I really felt that, that was unnecessary ) half way through the party, I still had lots of fun.
I still have no idea why my fucking brother had to tell her about the ezlink card lah, like that would solve anything.
Yeah I shouldn't have borrowed it but what the fuck does KM have to do with anything.
It's not like a tell on him. So next time I should tell on him, maybe, if I even give a shit.
He acts like a woman sometimes, Okay not a woman, a perfectionist.
Sometimes, it gets on my nerves, how he wants things to always go his way.
Nice but selfish and self centredly unreasonable.
I cant find his card now.
I'm dead shit.

11:29 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, March 31, 2006
Eme just left my place.
It was great having her over, since it has been a billion light years since I've seen and actually talked-talked to her.
Never mind, girl talk.
Today, I went to school, and I noticed once again, how beautiful the sky was.
My emotionally stable friends, make my day worth while, and make me emotionally stabl too.
We had a talk in the hall, I was busy talking to E.
About life, and about when we are suppose to meet when we're 20 yrs old.
my birthday, add with her birthday divide by two, there you get the day then divide it again by two, there you get the month.
Anyway, discussed till about 930.
Then left the school with Ann at around 10 plus.
Had to tell our form that C was in school.
Met C at Coffeebean ( Gardens). Drank my very own pure chocolate, made by yours truly.
Met Cal, Stacy at the pet shop.
Ann and C were busy seducing the puppies, which I really wanted to take home.
Partly, I'm a little scared of dogs sometimes, but yet sometimes I'm not.
Hahaha, Ann said that. She has a really old dog. Which doggy turd I picked up during animal day, And his diarrhoea got onto my thumb.
Ugh, i looked like that > >:0(
After that, I went to Ann's place to change and bathe.
We spent a long time deciding on what I should wear since most of her clothes couldn't fit me.
And we stuck to the idea of a black tank top ( L size, mind you ), black fbts and my rotten school shoes. ( Hhaha, rotten as ever )
Left her place for Cartel at J8.
Met up with Cal and Stacy again.
They've decided to survey themselves, FUNNY AH FUNNY.
No I'm not kidding, I laughed.
And Something terrible happened.
Ann's kitchen, which we were in an hour ago caught on fire!
Now her stove is melted and her AhMah is traumatized (? ).
It was terrible and it wasn't funny.
Cabbed it home.
Slept for 3-4 hours again.
Woke up.
Watched Queer as folk
Met Woman in town at around 7 plus.
Watched Ice Age 2.
I loved this one more than the previous, the animation is bloody hell good, the art and EVERYTHING.
Met Eme after that at Cartel.
Bought coffee from Starbucks, then took a train home.

I realised that the friends you hang out w really do influence you.
I don't need sympathy.

11:44 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, March 30, 2006

And the sky only gets more beautiful every assembly
I wuv u too candy
Hello the same few crows

It reads: This canteen chair is terrible and yet i sat on it today during recess.

School was pretty much the same today.
Gave PE and Math a miss.
Ate pizza, cabbed it homeee.
I'm bored and sleepy. Tomorrow, we are expected to go to school, put in thought about our fake business shit we're suppose to put up and then go home.

4:43 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
We crucified ( ?) a beetle during Lit class. BungNa was busy spreading beetle blood all over my uniform. >:0(
And it all seemed like a beautiful day. I love my brothers camera
Even the crows appealed to me.

I feel a little like the helpless friend.
Standing by the side while you start popping pills.
I have no idea what to do, and I know that my words are incapable of saving you from this major stupidity.
Its only a 50% amount of chance that we'll even get our hands on that product.
I know it may have seem that I wanted to take it because of her.
But it wasn't because of her, and I still do want to try it.
Except of course, not over do it and get addicted to it.
Well, here is what I think of the situation besides stupid of course.
You're special, lovely and beautiful.
You're the special person which I go to which will give me a hug when I'm down. You're so incredibly talented and smart that even I know I cant play the piano as well as you. Every morning I see you, and even a simple high pitched greeting will make my day so fulfilling. Sometimes I do find it a need to see you, because life is just so empty without you. You're special and caring, you sacrifice so much for others. Sometimes people dont do the same for you and you get angry, but that only makes you more human. You have taught me so many things in life, like not to judge people.
Okay, I've got about 3 friends who are into SM in an unhealthy way.
You know who you 3 are.
And you know, it makes me really fuckeduply helpless to see you doing this to yourself.
Dont fuck your life up.
Don't say no one cares or loves you or whatever the fuck, because you know that I do.

Had school.
Took a cab home.
Watched L word.
Slept from 5 to 9pm.
Okay too much sleep.

9:18 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, March 27, 2006
Waiting for many years, and all you can talk about is You, and I respect that.
I never expect anything.

Hello, I went to school at 830am.
Had lessons.
Pretty shit up.
Ms A couldn't stop going on about " pop the cherry " .
I had to see M.
Went over to her place.
I love balloons and tarts.
Black words were painted all over her wall.
We are the Beautiful people.
Headed to Akira's place.
I want to take his sister home.
Watched American Pie's band camp.
Cabbed it home.
Pretty fulfilling yet meaningless day.

One day you'll have to crack, but not today.

8:08 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, March 26, 2006
My puppet, I'll use you.
Hahahha, having difficulty finding your gspot, go to Tanny.

I'm webcaming with Brown now.
She is retarding around.
And she refuse to show me her fucken face... because she claims that she is ugly.
Anyway, I had church today because today is Holy Day.
Had lunch with Richard and Bella.
Headed to Great world for coffee with Bella and Richard.
Met Karys .
Headed to Bell's place.
Filmed till 8.
Wanna sleep
Feel like dying.
School tomorrow.

9:23 PM