I lived till(:

Saturday, April 08, 2006
I have spent my day in front of the television.
I woke up at 1215pm.
Plonked in front of the tv, watched countless episodes of FRIENDS.
All the way to 5pm.
Did art all the way to 8pm.
Once again, I drew Human beings.
There's something about people that I enjoy drawing.
Used the computer.
Printed out Better than Revenge.
Read all the way to 11pm.
Had my shower.
This is what I have eaten the whole day:
Brunch - fried rice, omelette+onion, mushrooms, fried rice's ingredients
a cup of milo
ate milo powder
condense milk
cereal w 2 small cups of youghurt ( ? )
one packet of cheezels
another cup of milo
dinner- rice, egg, more and more ingredients.
7 cookies
a cup of milk
And why is her tail shaking like a mad shit, worried worried worried.

And it wasn't just about the sex.

11:39 PM

Maybe I should give Viala back to Akira since it ain't eating and stuff.
I'm hell worried and I'll be shit sad if it dies.
That's why I dont usually have pets.
I'm a lazy self obsorbed owner.

A - (Age of your first kiss) - 12
B - (Band you are listening to right now) - Just the frog in the tank hopping about
C - (Crush) - uh
D - (Dad's name) - YP
E - (Easiest person to talk to) - Bob
F- (Favorite Ice Cream) - Sticky chocolate
G - (Gummy bears or gummy worms) - bears
H - (Hometown) - Ca-cheng of lorong liew lian
I - (Instruments) - piano, a bit of the bass guitar and my brains
J - (Junior High) - secondary
K - (Kids) - Hate them.
L - (Longest car ride ever) - probably 3 hours or longer?
M - (Mom's name) -KM
N - (Nicknames) - Vick, Vee, Binky, vickoo, boobie, EEEEE
O - (One wish) - to be perfect in a perfect world.
P - (Phobias) - scary movies
Q - (Quote) - Fuck you
R - (Reasons to smile) - I like this heart >>?
S - (Last song you sang) - Happy birthday to Akira, or at least in my mind
T - (Time you woke up this morning) - 1215pm
U - (Unknown facts about me) - Like I'll even say
V - (Vegetables you hate) - Spinach
W - (Worst habits) - :D
X - (X-rays) - never tried
Y - (Years since you've been to church) since I was little
Z - (Zoo animals) - Snakes and white tigers

5:05 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, April 07, 2006
I know that the last post was about how I did not want to go for camp. How camp scares the living shit out of me etc. But after experiencing Camp Rock, I have changed my perspective about camp.

It was incredibly fun, the instructors were not only good looking but really fun too.
So day one, we had to go to school. I brought along my gay purple sleeping bag and the green shit ( bag lah ). Had usual assembly, they introduced the instructors. And I realized that I was the only girl from my class in group 16, so I’m sure you can imagine how pissed I was. Got to know our instructors, my group’s instructor was a guy named Mark. He finished his NS and he is 22 years old.
Sat around, was forced to come up with group names. ( We didn’t like the name rose quartz, the name which was given ). So since all groups were named after rocks and stuff, everyone had their turn and said rocks.
“ pebbles, stones, rocks, concrete, marble ( HAHAHA )”
Until it was Rebecca’s turn, she said “ Oxygen Tank”.
Believe it or not, her silly random idea became our new group name.
Short form : Ox-Tank!
En had a hard time, I hope she found the camp fun anw.
Sat with Shaz on the bus, went all the way down to the ooh loo place.
Had lunch.
They over fed us, but I was hungry, so it didn’t really bother me.
The food tasted so good.
After eating, we placed our stuff down in the huts.
Which are really cool!
I was placed in Hut 11.
It’s a 2 storey high thing, opened air and it was just really really nice.
Changed to damn baggy track pants, which made me look like a goon.
Did rock climbing and then jumping off the challenge pole.
We’ve to climb up to this pole. Which is maybe 2-3 storey high ( am I exaggerating? ) and jump off and try to grab the bar.
Amanda was stunned you know, she stood there, her face did not twitch AT ALL. And She stood there for an hour or so, until some one had to go up to encourage her to jump off.
Took a shower, had dinner.
It started raining cats and dogs.
Had indoor activities, singspiration.
After that, headed to Hut 5 to sleep with Charis, Bird ( who moved also ), Cal, Ann and Nana.
I had terrible insomnia. Even though everyone probably slept at 12am. I slept at 2 am, went to the toilet alone because charis was too busy scratching her big fat arse.
Woke up the earliest too.
They only allowed us to wake up at 630am, and yet they want us not to be late for assembly which is at 7am.
Anyway, woke Shaz up at Hut 11.
Headed to the showers, had a good shower.
Woke Charis up at around 640am.
Headed to the main shower area, helped her “watch guard” as she bathed.
Had assembly.
Nasi Lemak, Hahahha.
After that, had more singing shit, I was practically dozing off.
Some people did flying fox, I didn’t.
Did assailing ( ? ). I found it boring and tiring.
Kept knocking the flag against the container where they put all the helmets and harnesses.
Oh my goodness, did I say that the helmets are incredibly smelly!
( oh btw, I’m currently talking to my brother online even tho he is a few meters away from me. )
After that, spassed around.
Kayaking, the instructors thought I was angry.
-_- I got stuck with some girl who doesn’t know how to paddle.
Who doesn’t even try to paddle.
She just dips her paddle left right left right.
What the hell.
They kept splashing water.
And they asked I was alright because I did not respond to them when they talked to me.
Teachers went to find Charis, for indecency or shit? And I was involved too. Wtf?
Good food, they like to over feed us.
Taught the tribal dance shit.
Shaz did her hip hop dance.
She is so cool. <3
The group wasn’t really co-operating, but we have done our best.
Had dinner.
Camp fire.
It was so extremely fun.
Mrs C who looks a bit like a gold fish and a scare crow, looked as if she had mad chicken disease.
Had a really bad contact lens situation going on, had to go back to the hut to change.
Okay so after that, Nana, Cal, Charis and I went to bathe.
Gave Akira a call since there was nothing to do, and since it was already past 12; his birthday.
Drank Coke and stuff.
Slept like a freaking log!
Woke up at 630am, wah buay tahan I tell you, I wanted to just sleep there and not ever wake up.
It was so cold and shiok!
The frogs were hell annoying.
They croak so freaking loudly, like alarm clocks.
Hahahha, Calista shouted at them to shut up! I think she has to learn frog language first.
So last day; today.
Had great bee hoon, cake and hot milo for breakfast.
Sing somemore.
Went to clean the camp fire site.
Hahaha, some groups had to clean the toilet.
Spassed around till the end.
Even though, I thought I would not have really enjoyed the camp.
I really felt like something was being ripped from me.
That is why you should not get too emotionally involved in such things.
I’m going to miss the camp and the people.
It was almost surreal.
It was so much fun and the thing I like about this camp is that we get to know new people.
I’m serious.
Maybe it was because we all don’t know about the bad things we have done in the past.
Or that we don’t really judge each other.
That we try to co-operate.
That we ignore the problems we have in school, at home, whichever, and just concentrate on having fun in this camp.
So maybe this is what you get when you try to be happy.
Anyway, went back to school, said byes.
I don’t believe in saying Byes by the way.
Abigail fetched me home.
T came over, watched talked, spassed, talked.
Slept till 630.
Went to Serangoon central to meet M.
Then waited at the coffeeshop for Stacy.
Went back to the serangoon mrt.
Bought standard ticket to bugis.
Went to Bugis, met Akira and co.
Wished happy birthday.
They’re fucking indecisive.
Anyway, went to town.
They did their own thing and went missing.
Met vic.
Left home.
I’m so fucking fucking fucking angry.
I appreciate the fact that you want me to be at your birthday. But I don’t see my point in being there when all you want to do is talk to your male friends, and go to east coast.
Fucking hell.
The girls were fun, but I should have stayed in.
I was so frustrated I almost cried, Hahaha.
I spent like 5 dollars on fucking transport, and ¾ of that time I was either waiting or in the train.
I hate boys and I find Akira and his friends annoying.
Sometimes, I wish I was friendless.
I want to start my hibernation soon.
T and E’s birthdays are coming up


11:12 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Just the thought of being in a camp in some ooh-loo place, scares the hell out of me.
But I'm unable to escape this suicide which I've paid $60 for. Or rather the goverment have paid for.
I guess there is something about leaving my comfort zone that irks me alot.
I love my bed, I love my computer, I love.. Today's technology.
Although it may cause cancer or brain tumour through radiation, but I think technology is fantastic.
Maybe I will take back that when I'm 60.
Sometimes, I think of myself as versitile (? ) and sometimes not.
I'm usually able to make friends really quickly, especially if my friend knows that person or if the person is in the same class as me.
But in all the camps I've been too, I have never made any really close friends.
The first camp I went to, was the p5 camp, I had severe diarrhoea for the first day.
So that was the bad experience.
2nd camp, was the stupid super teenager camp shit, which my mom paid 2000 bucks for or something.
So expansive, and so useless.
They thought that I was some sort of anti social troubled kid.
The guy even told some other guy to search about my fucking background, or some shit.
I think I told him that I hated him.
And I was really sarcastic.
And I only made one friend.
When I'm determined in being anti social, I think I'm able to succeed in it.
Anyway, finally the last camp I've actually went to was the Drama camp.
Which ended up with 3 demerit points.
My first 3 demerits.
So, as you can see, Camps are bad. Or at least for me that is.
Nothing good ever comes out of it, or at least that's what I think.
Hopefully, I get great room mates, and if I don't I'll just try to make the best out of it.
Despite the fact that I'm using 3rd hand trackpants which I've found out that I look pretty ah-pek in them.

Whatever Tori.

Well, today was fun.
We spent the whole day on our innovation week presentation.
Mine was Cafe, Ding Dong.
I had spent 3 hours over the business proposal.
And guess what?
I FORGOT to bring it.
So the judge did not want to mark it.
Fuck, oh well.
Even thought today was considered, a "relaxing day" we still got released like 45 minutes LATE.
Bloody hell?
Headed to M's place.
Watched L word.
Ugh, Shane how could you have done that!!!!!!!!
I guess people will never change.
Cabbed it home.
Watched friends.
I'm scared to death about camp. :(
Well more time with girls!
That should make me more straight, Hahhahaha.

Mr Pulchritudinous's gonna join Amazing Race with Vivien! says:

I know. I'm gonna miss you too, and my bed. And my tv. And my music. And my life. And my home.
I brought emergency money incase I need a quick Cab to go home.

Okay I didnt check for grammar errors, so pardon any typo, stupido errors

9:05 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, April 03, 2006
I'm very happy now.
Because I've made a new friend with no legs
T's cunt doesnt want to make friends with it.

Anyway, i slept pretty early, around 1 plus.
Woke up at 9 plus, headed to Serangoon Central's macs.
Did group project till 12pm.
Headed to Akira's place.
He was still asleep and he told me where he placed his key.
So I went inside his house, despite the loud gate opening and all, he still did not wake.
-_- So now you know that you can rob him.
I poked his rib and he jolted right out of bed.
Now you also know that he is ticklish.
His friends came over.
I've never been with so many guys in my life, okay maybe not.
I was the only girl, and Joey and 2 of his other indians friends came over.
So I occupied myself with work.
They're so noisy, vulgar and Vulgar.
Cheebai this, Lampa that. Kept cursing their mothers and shit.
And if you were there today, you would know exactly why I'm more attracted to girls than boys.
So repulsive.
Akira and Joey cooked Spaghetti, which tasted okay, well I preferred Marv's spag better.
Hers was cleaner, the spag dropped into the basin and they picked it up and Do dunno what and fed it to me.
His other indian friend came over in the evening.
Watched Dick and Jane, Cheaper by a dozen 2, alot alot of Viva La bam episodes which he downloaded into his computer.
It was surprisingly fun, well that was because I was observing them.
All they talk about is, who fought with who, who is more gangster.
But it was entertaining still, I mean a bunch of boys in a empty house with no mother.
The indian dude was throwing the urine mat on Joey ( The one which Hachioo (? ) his bitch pee-ed on ).
And Hachio shitted everywhere, LITERALLY.
Fcking smelly.
And they couldnt stop smoking man.
It was just like being trapped in a fire.
Left his place at around 645.
Took a bus home.
Bumped into an LD mate, talked, walked home.
Now I'm happy and T's clit wants to be friends with my new friend.

8:01 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, April 02, 2006
Look at her, so happy. Her brownie with a candle and imaginary flame.
Yuck, you're damn disgusting lah

I just watched true files, and the person who played as the maid could act really well.

Anyway, today is holy day.
I spent a ton of time on the phone with Akira.
And he made me sleep at 330am, fucker fucker bo barker.
(: But it was fun.
Woke up at 945, churched.
Lunched with the usual.
Woke up.
Thats my life.

I dont really know much information now.
But god damn it, its so cool.
Its MOS!!!
Here are the details:
30th may
pure room 54 smooth and all the small rooms are opened for Alcoholic people only.
Pre sale 18
Door 22
I'm selling tickets, so contact me!
I'll update this thing.

10:32 PM