I lived till(:

Friday, April 14, 2006
Tania is retarded.
And if you think she is fat, you've gotta be blind, just like her.

The start of the day was awkward, but it all turned out well.
Even though I am a big fan of drama, and quarels ( as long as they're not in 9 o clock chinese shows ), I was rather upset and felt that any feeling would be better than what I felt.
But everything turned out fine, and HuGgIeZ.
Met Jenny and like half of the PL population at the bus stop opposite Cherry Hill at 11am.
Went to Jenny's church.
Julia, M, Eme, Jenny and I took the same bus.
Met Kelly and Charlene there.
And the whole church event, which is some sort of cell group event thing, well they were either current or ex girls from my current school.
Imagine that.
I don't remember seeing a guy.
Spent 3 hours at church, wow.
I have not attended a cell group for lets say 4-5 years.
Maybe I have issues opening up to christians.
Lizard came.
L, M, Ju and Eme took a cab down to Wisma.
Charlene, Kelly, Jenny and I took a cab down to the same place, seperately.
Kelly looked really good.
She has the whole package man.
So sporty, so pretty, so nice, dress well, so smart, I think now, you are fit to be my girlfriend.
Hahaha, joking joking.. ITS JUST A JOKEEEE.
Alrighty, headed to Topman.
Walked around.
Bought a top from Project shop.
Tania claimed that she saw me there, but did not dare to say " Ahlao biggay "
( whoops I just burped ).
Headed to Zara and spent an hour plus there.
Eme and L were busy sitting down.
the rest of us, Muriz, Ju, Jenny, Kelly, Charlene and I.
Took about 4-5 pieces of clothing each and joined the super long queue.
( SUPER SUPER LONG ) and hogged the changing rooms for quite some time.
Met Alicia. :):):)
Walked around somemore.
Headed to the basement's supermarket area to get food.
While waiting for them to get food.
Eme and I decided to go on stage to try out the igallop thing.
SO #()@!&*()#*@ FUNNY.
And I didnt feel horny after that, it was too painful and tiring( I'm serious! ) to feel horny.
But L told me that some guy behind me who was trying it too, had his zip down or smething.
Okay after exercising for lets say 10 minutes.
We went to buy doughnuts, then grabbed E's present.
Train home with Jenny, Kelly and Charlene.
It was soooo funnnnn.
I need to shit.
? < can you see this heart. test test.

9:46 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Hello, today, I watched take the lead.
Movie with Tricia and M
Met Brown and Emo
Churched and dinnered with Akira, Akiras plump indian friend, Stacy and her friend and M.
Good night, I took an 1/2 an hr walk home.
Okay I've decided to edit the post, because it's very bad to be angry.
And Tania is unfortunately not my girlfriend.
Su, Tanny and Lizard are invited to Elizabeth's birthday party this coming saturday night.
Please give me a reply soon.
Akira likes bowls and I am his queen.
Mama Stacy.
Mama Mehrizk.
and Bung na, hurhurhur.
It was all in all, an awkward and fun day.

I'm sorry for everything that is going on.

9:45 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
I laid on my bed, contemplating on whether I should go to school or not.
And I've decided to go, because I don't have paints and all the art materials at home.
And I'd probably waste my morning away if I did stay at home.
So I dragged my bum out of bed with much difficulty.
Gobbled down 2 waffles an a sunny top egg and headed to school.
Took a cab.
Had lessons.
The old geography teacher almost confiscated E's Zen vision.
Her zen, is her new born baby.
So you can guess how she looked like when the lady gave her back her Zen/baby.
Had chinese, Tania, the cool girl, whom I'm madly in love with and begging for her to be my girl.
She showed me that she could twirl her tongue to look like a twat.
I got a shock when she did it to me.
First huge word that boomed into my mind was VAGINA!
Okay, so I breathed really loudly during chinese lesson for 2 minutes or so.
And now I'm trying to learn it.
Took the bus home with her, See, first step in getting her to be my girl.
I bet she is reading this.
I lubch euu worxxx.
Ate, read National geographic, slept, woke up.
Had tuition till now.
So my life is mundane, and I see that John chua have just signed in with a new display picture.
There's PE tomorrow, prepare to see Dead Tori.

9:58 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Akira, if you want more pictures and videos, come to my place. hahaha.

- all taken by Muriz.

Today was so extremely fun.
School was quite alright, since the weather was being real good girl today.
It was sort of going to rain, but didn't really rain.
Plus we had one hour free period, Valerie Teh was not in school today.
After school, we walked around.
Waited for Charis, Stacy, Ann, Cal and Muriz.
Headed to S house.
Saw her new puppy, Valentino.
Beautiful rotweiler( ?).
After hanging around, longer than we should.
We headed to KFC.
Met Hannah there
Some shit happened with Mu.
Stacy, Hannah, C, Muriz and I headed to Akira's thing.
Left, took a bus, dropped off at some stop, took another bus, dropped off at Yishun interchange, took another bus to the indian place.
By the time we reached there, it was 6pm.
We were 2 hours late.
It was so bloody interesting.
There's something about traditional and religious things that really catch my attention.
I felt that the music, drum beats, and all were beautifully done.
So it took us nearly half an hour before we found Akira's tiny little half naked body.
Being covered in 81 limes and some huge picture of some gods, with some sort of rod poked through both cheeks.
It seemed scary, and I just hope he really had fun.
Yeah, even though we spent probably an hour there and 2 hours of travelling time ( there and back ) it was totally worth it.
It was enjoyable.
And uh, it wasn't smelly if that is what you were thinking.
Had piano.
Gave T a surprise visit with Soya milk.

Okay i hope Akira is okay now. (:

10:24 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, April 10, 2006
Happy birthday T, in advance.
Once I get the cash, I'll get you all those items.
1st- a vibrator in your favourite colour.
Vibrate your feelings away
2nd a chocolate muffin from starbucks
3rd- tissue, just incase you fall into stupidity and sob for Pms sake.
4th- ralph lauren perfume

Anyway, went to school late.
Did stuff.
Ann, Charis and D were busy playing in the rain, like a buncha kids.
Talked about gender discrimination during English.
Finally received my very own National Geographic magazine.
After school.
C and I headed to Kovan mrt.
Ran into Tanny Nanny.
Headed to PS.
Ate some omelette and rice thing, which tasted damn good.
Went to spotlight.
Took some stuff.
Ran into Jillian and my pet gorilla!

I've done something that will shock everyone tomorrow. Or at least, I think it will.

9:40 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, April 09, 2006
I'm gonna release the snake, probably tomorrow or something.
It needs its freedom.
Byebye Viala, nice knowing you for a week or so.
Even though half the time I was out at camp.

Had church, home.
Daddy was angry, for some reason.
Anyway, so many things on my mind.
Once I got them all organised, I'll type them all out.

Well part of me is glad that I am single, no more drama.
And I can be as self obsorbed as I want to be!
Okay my eye hurts like hell.
And I'm gonna pray for akira/my snake.
= I really hope she doesn't die.
I guess she won't since she's wild and should be able to take care of herself.

9:18 PM