I lived till(:

Saturday, April 22, 2006
I woke up at 1020 today, I had greatt sleep.
On top of that, I dreamt that I was a guy with a penis and some one poked it with a mesh of wire.
So now you know how painful I felt in my dream.
On top of that, I had super powers.
There was also a mixture of camp and stuff in the dream.
Watched FRIENDS.
Had Math Tuition.
Finally I have sorted out all my different subject files.
Sadly, I have also realised that there are many worksheets which are meant to be done, but still are blank.
Okay, I am rather PMSey right now.
My period is probably arriving, kinda explains the bad complextion.
I'm easily irritated and fucking annoyed.
So if you don't want me to bite off your head, yuo should keep your fucked up comments to yourself.
And not insult me for at least the next 2 weeks or so.
Firstly, the pressure of doing well in my up coming test is sinking in.
Secondly, my fucking brother cant stop coming into my room, for what the fuck reason.
Thirdly, I have a geography test on monday or something and I forgot to bring back my text book.
I have to say this:
Fucking pissed off, irritated, angry, and foul.
I feel fat, ugly, and disgusting.
I have a fucking huge art piece which is probably gonna take at least 5 hours to complete, plus the other three fucking layouts, which is probably going to eat up ALL my time.

What the fuck, I'm just a girl, not super girl.

7:35 PM

I lived till(:

Friday, April 21, 2006
After reading Eme's blog, I'm just going to say this:
You know the picture you gave me, the one which we sent for couple competition on V day.
It was so memorable.
Especially since, the night before was the first night you stayed over.
The picture is in a photofram now ( which Ner painted actually. :) ) and it sits by my computer.
Everytime, I use my computer, I think of you.
And yes I love you too, girlfriend. ( inserts smiley here. )
Hahaha, and the fucking retarded incident of you pretending to be blind getting into the cab still remains in my head.
Walking around school and pushing each other down at the Basketball court during chinese lessons.
Spassing around.
Kissing in front of the whole world.
Yeah, Fuck, I do miss you.
Where'd you go, I miss you so, keeps running through my head for the whole entire day, so this isn't really helping.

( This is not a dedication box, but I miss a couple of other people. Mainly Chng, Poks, Ner ( pls get well ! ), etc etc )

Anyway, betcha can't believe this but I went for LD after school.
Even though it consisted of alot alot of theory, but I've learnt alot.
Anyway, after LD Abigail sent me home.
I changed bathed and rushed to E's place.
Slacked around, watched tv.
Ju the Fool called, headed to the station to meet her.
Picked Chng up.
Headed to Spring Grove.
Met Stacy and Jacq there.
Went for Zoe/Renees party.
My clubbing KA-KEEz were there!
Lesley and Michelle!!!!!
and of course ZOE!
So many people were drunk lah.
I found it quite repulsive, that's why I don't like to get drunk.
Some dumbass guy jumped off this really tall ladder and like hurt himself.
And he did so much dumbass stuff.
Then there was this girl who danced like a mad cow.Okay wait, there were many mad cow girls.
So MANY girls were drunk.
Some girl opened the door and fell down, and started crawling, what the..
E and I made this patch thing.
I had to ask for gross butch's number and she had to ask for the mad cow girl number.
But didnt in the end.
at around 11pm, my parents fetched E and I home.
It was fun to a certain extend.

11:24 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, April 20, 2006
I took my 2.4 today, I think they should excuse art students from such Physical exhaustion.
I'm sure you can tell by that sentence that I have done badly.
Even worst than sec 1 and 2.
But anyway, I passed, which is wonderful.
Kelly, Riane, Elizzzzz, BungNa, Drapes, Angela and I were running! :D Ann and I reached the finishing line together

School was pretty much the same.
If you didnt know, my school had this torture thing going on for the first 5 periods of the day, which is 2 and a half hour, WITH NO FAN NOR AIR CON.
And they complimented this teacher who walked to school today, oh god, please man, the teacher lives so fucking near. SHE SHOULD WALK TO SCHOOL IN THE FIRST PLACE AND NOT TAKE BUS.
Oh yes and I got a ride from my neighbour. :):)
After school, headed to Cartel.
Had lunch with Charis.
It was really great.
Now home and tired.

Okay Tanny's blog is so depressing.
And, I'm tired. :) whee hoo

It is 10:02 pm.
Maybe this is the emo music talking, or maybe it's just this irritation that has been in me for a long time.
But I really hate people who are attached.
Who cut themselves off from their friends, and spend all their time only on this one person.
It is as if, your friends weren't there from the start.
It is as if you're waiting for something wonderful to happen, and when it has, you just leave, just like then.
Poof gone.
I don't want to be in a relationship.
I fear losing my friends, just like how I'm losing some people right now.
About 3/4 of my friends are attached.
Some do know how to spend their time wisely, and some just shower their time over one person only.
Maybe it's jealousy, maybe it's hatred, maybe it's anger, maybe I'm just foul and tired.
Or maybe it is the horrible Oyster Pasta thing I had today.
My stomach aches, I'm going for a party tomorrow.
I'm quite angry.
Sometimes, and I do believe that even though I believe in not having expectations for people.
But sometimes, I do have expectations.
And when expectations aren't met, I get rather dissapointed.
Yes it's entirely my fault.
But then again, sometimes, as friends, we do have expectations.

I break the glass of emotions
the glass cuts my hands
but yet I feel like is home.
I think BungNa is the best. :)

5:03 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You are invited, if you dance, and not stand around in parties.
Because I dont want lazy mofos to stand around and not do anything.
And I hate party poopers.
Anyway, this is Zoe and Renee's party.
Renee is finally back from Australia.
Okay here are the few people I'm planning to invite, if you're reading this, please give me a reply as to whether you're gonna be able to make it:
Bung na, Bungdy, Bunglynn, Charis, Tania, Muriz, Diyanah, Calista, Tanny&Co, Nerizza, Rachel, Pok Poon, Emeline. Okay I'll invite more tmrw.
If you're interested in the party and if you know Zoe or Renee or me, then you're invited too.
But don't be a party pooper

10:36 PM

Today, while I was sitting inside the Bird mobile.
Glyn told me about the gay boys blog, and only now, T gave me the link.
This is one of them.
Oh my lord, I think that gay men are fucking hot. Because they take really good care of their body etc etc.
But this, man, THIS?!?!
It's just so disturbing.
Lesbians dont even write darlingzzz, moi lubch chueee worxxx.
Yeah, and they're beng gays.
( okay lah, that's what I think. )
They might get bashed up.
Alright, I'm indulging myself in their pink blog now.
T and L wants to put up a pure butch blog.
Tomorrow is napfa.
=\ Art here I come.
I'm super Art Woman!!! ( DEEE DEE DUMM DUMMM! )
I shoot paint brushes out my nipples and vomit out paint from my mouth, nose and butt.
My supre powers.

9:08 PM

Bad photography.

I made Ann feel bad today.
Well, it was entirely her fault! And maybe also my weak body's fault.
Anyway, while I was having the worst stomach ache of the century, she decided to throw a fucking toilet roll over ( with no toilet paper ) and spray the fucking ah-pu-neh-neh spray under my cubicle.
It went like this " Whee! " and bam, there, right beside my right foot landed the toilet roll.
Then " pzzt pzzt pzzt pzzt pzzt " and I turned to see that the air freshner ( ugh ) was sticking out under my cubicle. " Hee hee, Nice smell!!! "
-_- She was using her act-cute-baby-voice.
So Glyn and Anna were helpful.
Anyway, school was fine.
Had lunch.
Now I am home, I'm going to try to do my SS.
I have not been listening in class, and am totally lost right now.
But I'm going to read chapter 3 thoroughly before sitting for the test, no worries.
The Rifle returned us, Bungdy, Bunglynn and I, our mp3/ babies back.
She asked Bunglynn if C had a crush on Ann, HAHAHAHAHA.
Like that has to do with anything.

3:06 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
I just realised that my favourite paint brush.
The one which I carry around even though there isn't any art lessons on that day.
The one which I showed to my english class.
Well it is spoilt.
Because I used it to make Charis' birthday present.
And was too lazy to wash the glue off.
Lazy artists will have many spoilt brushes.

Anyway I am hell tired.
Had school.
Boring boring.
Bung na was no where to be seen after school.
So bei bei mian party turned out to be.. only 3 people.
Charis and me and my secret friend.
Okay good night.
I'm so worried over art lah pls. ( haha typing like ahlian . PLSPLSPLS. pls your head. )

I ate 5 ovaltine biscuits, 2 sandwiches ( hand made by yours truly and bung na ), chilli crab instant noodles and soya bean milk today.
:( goodnight.

9:54 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, April 17, 2006
Once, there was Bung na.
Now there is Bungdy, Bunglynn and Bungky!
We all sit in the same role, go and guess who is who.

School was pretty much alright today, believe it or not, Charis and I turned up for morning assembly.
After that during the change of lessons, from Biology to Chemistry.
Ann's phone ( not really hers. infact not hers. ) got stolen.
As well as Charis'.
So Bungdy, Bunglynn and I hid our mp3 players.
Ipod mini, Ipod nano and zen vision in the OHP.
Literally inside before finding for the teachers accordingly.
So Chemistry got interupted.
Bung Na was really terribly sad.
Charis cried.
Then guess what, they found our mp3 players.
So bungdy and Bunglynn cried.
Nothing really sunk into me until half an hour later.
I felt terrible, but I know that my pink baby was coming back to mommy no matter what.
I'm not going to let that Rifle keep her away from me.
Bungdy was terribly sad, her zen baby, some more only less than a month old!
So had lunch then Social Studies.
Bunglynn have realised why Ms Social Studies, who can be quite bimbotic sometimes, like " Ooh that is cute", why she hates us.
And we sorta hate hers too.
We have a bloody Love hate R/s mind you.
After school Napfa.
My group number was 8 people.
but 3 did not turn up.
So all in all, 5 people.
My group was half the size of any other normal group.
I did well and shitty, so yeah.
Okay home.
Did my biology.
I'm still behind time for SS.
I'm dead shit tomorrow.
I'm hungry.
I just woke up after a 3 hours nap.
Goodnight, im going to watch desprate hse wives.
I had a fucking weird dream!

9:56 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, April 16, 2006
The air is really cool right now.
It's only 5pm and I'm only talking to T online.
You can tell that she is bored, because she's online too early.
And I just realised that the rain is coming down all over my freaking paintings.
Alright, experimentation of 3-d art.
And it turned out really good, infact, I think it's good enough to sell.
The back aches, and 3 hours of agonising pain was worth it all.
Even though I'm not going to keep it.

Yesterday, I watched ALOT of television.
I can be like, the next Su or something.
( Su watches alot alot of tv, mainly korean dramas. )
I prefer cartoons, Friends and MTV.
Left my place at 5pm.
Headed to E's place.
Helped out with the food and stuff.
Chev was 2nd to arrive, at around 6.10pm.
Everyone started pouring in at around 7pm.
L, T, Muriz, Alicia( ! ), Julia, Charis, basically many many people.
I've finally got to see muh Boobie outside school. :)
Zoe and I passed E her present, which is a FOX man tee.
Stupid Tanny and Lizard left, they chickened out, and ran.
Ann Na was super hot, she dressed bloody well lah?
It was a GREAT party.
Good home made food ( really tasty ), drinks, xbox ( HAHAHA YOU SHOULD SEE US PLAY. WE KEPT SCREAMING. House of the dead or sme shit, so disgusting lah, the fat shitz. ), good music.
Played X box first, then got those who did not dress appropriately to do their forfeits.
Truth or Dare, dancing, then watched My name is Earl.
Reached home by 11pm.
Watched more tv.
Plaza Sing, grabbed some art stuff.
Okay that's all.
I'm going off soon, after I submit some pictures to Akira's friendster.
I'm lagging behind SS class. :(

4:51 PM