I lived till(:

Saturday, April 29, 2006
I woke up at 9 plus today.
Watched FRIENDS.
Did a bit of math.
Had tuition, studied Social studies finish.
Sadly I've not even started on biology nor Chemistry.
Anyway, Watched the match between Man U and Chelsea.
Chelsea won, 3 to 0.
I was pretty much cheering for Man U, because all the people I know cheer for Man U too.
Besides my brother.

I dont know why, maybe it was because I watched too much tv or something.
But I felt pretty empty after that.
Hahaha, as weird as this may sound, I feel really happy for Chelsea.
C'mon, can you imagine if you don't always win and BAM YOU WON.

Here, is another random fact about all my previous relationships:
I realised that all the people I've dated or like before all do sports.
2 from soccer.
2 from Netball.
Yeah I don't know how they can date a piece of lard like me.
Christin ronaldo is it?
I think Soccer players are hot.

My name is Earl is on tv now.

The things that were said reminded me of the past.
No matter how much I hate going back, I wouldn't mind.
Love Stupidity.

Spinning; Wake me up when September ends greenday.

9:58 PM

Yesterday, N came over after her Choir.
She banged the main door shouting my name.
Then she banged my room door and shouted my name.
I had a shock and I sprung outta bed mind you.
Anyway, took an hour to get ready.
After that, went down to meet Eme etc..
The first time I saw L. Brown in probably a month, I had to sit on her lap in the front, HAHAHA.
N sat at the back on Candy. :)
Reached PLMC at around 7.10.
Ran into Joel, Sijia's cousin, a really old friend of mine.
We ( my friends/classmates, rachel, E, N, G, Sijia, Amanda, etc ) used to go to the basketball court after school to watch him and Collin ( and his twin brother ) and co play b ball.
-_- Those were the dumbass days.
Anyway, sat with L, Jenny, Brown and N.
L and Brown were really rude, they were busy playing counter strike on her lap top while the band was performing.
What the hell man.
After the concert, headed down to Grapevine for Supper with A, C,N and Ann.
Ate a burger and an oreo frappe.
Michelle Foo, Sijia, Amanda and 2 other boys were there too.
After abt half an hour L, Eme, Candy, Brown came too.
Brown was pretty upset so she left.
T came over at around 11 plus.
Ate talked, etc etc.
Took a cab home.
Talked to Brown on the phone.
Went online.
Study finish SS
Study half-1 chapter of biology
Do math homework( tuition )

And I already told you not to drink, oh well. If you can't help yourself, I dont know how I can help you.

9:58 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, April 28, 2006
Brokeback mountain, the uncensored version.
With many explicit scenes and alot of drama.
Come to my house and experience, Brokeback Mountain, uncensored, un cut, LIVE.
( Hahahha, Inside joke. )

Today, I went to school only to realise that today was gonna be a day for us with no fan nor lights.
My classroom is smaller than the normal ones, so it was stuff.
Worst than Green day or whatever shit.
Anyway, Ann brought PeaBrain ( which is not named as Peabrain Macbeth) and Jalore to school today.
They're at my place now.
We realised that Peabrain is a male.
He has balls.
On top of that, Him and Jalore sleep side by side.
They sleep like frigging lovers man.
And they lick each other, and kiss each other ( Jalore was licking Macbeth on the mouth, oh god ).
So now you know, why I was talking about BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, UNCUT, UNCENSORED, LIVE version.
Anyway, Sage is now in that ball, running around, knocking into things.
He seems to be restless these few days, so I'm glad Macbeth and Jalore are here to accompany him.
Homosexual's threesome.
After school, I went out w Ann and C to get a cage, shampoo/ spray thingie ( for the hamsters ), Bedding for the mice.
The cage looks crampped but I realised that it really isn't that cramped.
On top of that, it's only meant to entertain the mice in the morning and i'll put them back to another cage at night.
Btw, Macbeth is Ann's mouse and he's black, he's very handsome.
No wonder Jalore finds him irresitable.
He has a little white diamond on his forehead and a nice white under belly, he's gorgeous.
Alright, going for Band concert later.
I had a really weird dream of someone who sent me an sms " WHAT IS WRONG W YOU! WHY ALL YOU CAN TALK ABT IS HAIR, MY BALD DICK! " Or something.
It was so weird.

I <3 T! ( this better make you feel better, or else I've humiliated myself for nothing. :) )

4:04 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, April 27, 2006
I just watched half of I not stupid 2.
I wish I had the acting skills of Shawn ( lee? issit? ) and a body of a sex goddess.
No matter how Singaporean the film maybe, I found it really good.
Jack Neo is brilliant.
He really showed the typical Singaporean family.
Everything was brilliant.
And I guess there's something about Ghetto that turns me on.
( Okay excluding the guy with purple fringe and many many tattoos. )

School was fine.
I screwed my chinese test up, no big surprise there.
Cabbed it home with Joyce and G.
I told G that I'm her Angel today, and she went : what?
She found the note which her angel ( me ) gave her repulsive.
"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Mortals are stupid
and so are you
I'm sitting in front of you
2nd or third row, something something, I can't really remember. "
Did my Social Studies homework.
Going to do my Literature soon.
If you know me, I'm not a very study late, study last minute person, so I hope I won't fall asleep.
Took a nap.
Took out my doll house set thing, cause I thought Sage ( My mouse, with alot of spots :):) )would like to play with it.
But he doesn't.
Apparently, he is damn scared of heights, he shivers like hell.
Even if he might be on something which is 2cm above the ground, he'd be too scared to go down.
And as you know, Mice are suppose to be Agile ( ? ) .
I love Sage and I do miss Jalore.
Bung naaaaa.

There are more things I must do by monday :
Write 2 newspaper articles.
One on food.
And the other hopefully an interview of my Sister since he's sorta famous/infamous, whatever.
She met Denise Keller and other VJs yesterday.
How cool.
I like DK, I think she's hot.

I do like breasts alot. :) Small and perky ones.

8:37 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
He looks like a female

And unfortunately, he did not get his glasses.
So he kept twitching like a mouse :D

This is funny:
Mr Pulchritudinous says:
goodnight sexy wonderful gay caring lovely beautiful neighbour tanny

10:53 PM

And most of the time, I'm the third wheel.
So I won't be surprised if I'm the third wheel again.
For now it's all just a game.

I've been really busy, unable to talk to many people online.
Anyway, Jalore ( one of the mice ) bit me today, many many times.
That kinda ticked me off.
But anyway, Bung Na brought Jalore home.
I brought Sage home.
Did my Gong Han for once.
Now I'm back to the same contemplation.
The same usual contemplation I have always a day before my chinese test.
Either to study for it, or do my 2 week over due math homework.
Believe it or not, I've never passed up a single Math homework.
And tomorrow might be my first time passing up my math homework.
Bunch of things I must do by tonight :
Study chinese ( hopefully )
Do math homework
If I'm not too tired, do chemistry ( oh god oh god oh god. )

And here are a bunch of things I must get done by Monday :
Finish studying Social studies
Finish Studying Literature ( oh god oh god oh god. Macbeth is fucking boring, seriously! I've always loved lit. But now I sorta dread Lit class because it's so fucking hard to understand! )
Study half of Chemistry and Biology
Study 3/4 of Math.

With spare time : Do finish Art final Layout, photocopy and colour

Oh yes, I think the geography test went well.
Hopefully I'll do even better this CA.
Last CA, was the first time I scored above 60 for average since.. p6? or p5?
:) Yeah.

Like a plaster to cover wounds, You take it out and throw it away.
I understand.

7:33 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
There are 2 people who added me on friendster.
One of them, I viewed before because I thought he was one of the instructors from camp.
Turns out, he wasn't.
To save them from the humiliating message " Hello who are you. "
I've decided to just reject them.
Anyway, had lunch with M, Kelly, her friends, Lydia and Kiahwee.
They're really nice people.
So lunch at Cartel was great.
M, K and I took a cab home together.
(: We should do this more often K!
Anyway, I'm going to study my geography now.

Plantation Agriculture
Agriculture trends
Hi tech farming
Market sme shit.

7:44 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, April 24, 2006
I went to school late again, sorry, I can't help it.
I don't like mondays.
So headed to the doctors at around 8 plus.
The pills are in my bag and I do not dare to take them.
The doctor thinks that it is diarrhoea I think, but I don't think it is diarrhoea.
Then again, I'm not the one who has a medical degree.
( omg the mouse the cleaning his tail! )
Anyway, reached school during recess, 9 plus.
Ann passed me my mice.
I've to admit they're adorable.
Simply so fucking adorable.
I hate hamsters unless they're fat and old.
I think mice are cooler.
They've big ears and long lovely tails.
Both males and both only a week old or so.
Have yet to name them.
Ms S, my biology teacher ( a very good teacher btw. ), hates mice.
Whereas Ms A adores them, she came in, and first thing she said was : EH!~!! looks like you!
Oh yes and during chemistry, the girls and I decided to make terrace houses for them.
Now there's mice shit on the roof and they keep running on the roof lah.
Home after school.
Slept from 4-5 plus.
( hahaha they're falling off the roof. )

6:36 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Web cam fun with the little bugger and his chocolate

3:12 AM

Today is my Ex's birthday.
Right now I am talking to him.
Some remember him as the jerk/goldfish.
But I guess he isn't too bad now.
Then again, I can be mistaken.
Anyway, as random as this may sound, but I like to read Drape's blog.
Everytime I look at her, I'll think back about those p5-p6 days.
Mainly p5 of course.
She doodled alot.
She wrote alot. ( of fucking good stories. :) )
Everything that came out of her mouth, was cynical, but yet funny to a certain extend . :D hahaha.
" V, can you pls wear a bra to PE " ( HAHAHAHA)
It's weird how years have past, and friends are just being forgotten, or plainly ignored.
It is as if the bestfriends we had in the past, don't even exsist now.
I can just walk by a friend and not even say Hi.
Or pretend to look the other direction, as to not even smile.
I guess friendships are just like intimate relationships.
They can also fall apart.
Except friendships are far more reasonable than the latter.
And yeah I don't believe in having a relationship with a friend.
I've already done it before and now, she and I, aren't even really talking any more.
It is as if our intimate relationship has sucked us dry that we don't even bother to call each other, or see each other anymore.
Maybe it was due to the fact that we slowly learnt about each other SOO well.
That now we can't over look each other flaws.
Maybe just maybe.
Or maybe I have decided that since I dont love/like her more than a friend any more, that I should not talk on the phone too long.
It is as though, our friendship, which consisted of seeing each other once in two weeks, or once a week.
Have all been cramped up into seeing each other 3 times a week in one month.
Thus now I can't get to see her, because I've used up all our 'seeing' time during this intimate r/s.
Make sense? No? Never mind.
It is true I can be indecisive.
Sometimes, I go for something, I have already lost feelings for, just to please the other party.
Yeah I did have helluva time, but at the end of it all, I end up badly bruised with too much feelings inside.
During the r/s I have told myself, that it'd be worst seeing herself get hurt by me.
But I've realised that , that is not true.

For example :
You broke up with this someone because you've lost feelings for her.
So why would you give a shit if she's hurt?
Even if you do give a shit, it wouldn't be, " Oh god, I've done something so terribly wrong. "

It's true, you'll never feel the pain you've given to this particular person.
What was the feelings inside of me? I wished that she would have gone to hell and I wished she never left me so confused.
As revengeful and selfish as this may sound, but I wished she was the one who got hurt and not me.
I wished she could feel all the anger and hurt.
And when I thought I was stable, I knew that she and the other wouldnt last and still I was confused.
The talk of not going back ( out of self respect, I HOPE, after all the shit she put you through. You've gotta respect yourself so much more as not to go back. ) was bullshit.
She was a hypocrite and so are all of us. So I can't blame anyone nor her.( includes her of cos )
( but of course now, it doesnt matter. )
Now I'm emotionally stable, but still stand strong that they wont last.
And I've realised how anger starts, and hurt too maybe.
It depends on how open minded you are.
I don't get angry easily if you know me well, I only get pissed off ( hahaha like that is soooo different from anger huh. ) by irritating things :)
Okay I'm talking to T now.
Good night.
Dont mind typo errors or whatever

12:41 AM