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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I have sitting up on my bed, reading that book.
It's apparently, my gift to my brother for his birthday.
Mind you it is not cheap.
But it's so worth it!
The art is fantastic and that rabbit is not the typical, I want love rabbit.
Yeah, he is a very self absorbed, don't give a shit about no one, I must always look good in my silk suits kind of rabbit.

Anyway, spent my day at home.
Having tuition, then going to Plaza, getting that book and then going home.
Okay, T just came over.
Okay her head seems bigger than usual. HAWHAW.

I tell you, the school really should put me down for the UK trip.
I mean, it's not just for MEEE.
It's for all those people who are going who NEEDS ME THERE.
Such as, Rachel, Sickroom Drapes, Kelly, Nerizza.
C'mon! HAHAHA.

9:22 PM

This is ridiculous. This is probably the 4th time I'm blogging today. But I really cant help it.
Because I'm in need of telling you guys that.. I LAUGHED LIKE HELL AT MY SEC1 JOURNAL!
First, it was pretty touching because if you knew me back then, I received majority of my demerit points in sec1.
So I spent half my days in detention and the other half going out like a slut.
I was nice though but I was a slut.
I used the word I crush ( insert person name ).
Then slowly I realised that I may have loved this particular person alot before.
She was really nice to me and treated me as if I was special amongst the rest of us, and may be she did like me too. Love? Maybe, just nvr realised. Dont want to disclose too much.
Anyway! I read my journal about this "big" party I threw at some east coast chalet.
Fuck man, I got so drunk. Even writing in my journal did not bring me to my senses. I still thought John Chua was SWEET. Who am I kidding. -__-
I'm sure Vic can remember the scene very well. And no I did not say I wanted to bathe w him, I just asked him t come w me to the toilet ( Okay I'm not really helping myself am I ).
Then I read about the first boy whom I've asked the number from. His name is John too, what a coincidence man. Anyway, he's half swiss and malaysian. Surprisingly he gave it to me despite the fact that I was wearing my 6 year old dalmation shirt ( seriously it's damn old but it's super cute ) and red shorts.
He was wearing pink, HAHAHA.
I messaged him and I still can remember how boring he is.
He speaks " okiE le ba " " I guess so loh "
But I guess his looks covers up his flaws in a way..

Since I know that these guys who either have flirted w me, or pissed all over me do not read my blog, and I also know by fact that some of my girls knew me back then still read my blog, I will for the record tell you who is on my journal as an asshole:
John Chua
Timothy ( obvious reasons )
Oliver Evill ( I hope he gets pounded in the new school in New zealand. He's such a fuckhead towards LianKim. )
Joni ( not quite )
Joachim ( ok he's extremely flirty, but I smashed ice cream on his face before which ran up his nose. I'm MeAn LiKE aHlIaNnNn )

And of course, who can forget the immenesely cute angmoh Butch.
E can definitely remember her cos I was with her when we saw her.
Yes I've blogged about her before.
She talked to me, and that really made me happy for at least 2 days.
But E told me she saw her a few months ago and she doesn't look good anymore plus she was holding some girls hand, HAR!!!!

Anyway, I've realised I've fallen inlove with a couple of my girls back then. I think way too much, But I'd rather them then some slut who doesn't give a shit.

I realised, now that I'm 2 years older, that I've been incredibly blind in the past.
It's all built up imagination.
Just because I could not have this particular person, I start to think about the person and slowly I make up good points about this person that does not even exsist.
Soon I come to a conclusion that He is sweet, when he clearly is fucking not!
Of course I can remember details of my life. And looking back and yet reading from my journal that I think he is sweet, really irks me.
I was so bloody blind.
You see, I've never really been with anyone who can supply to all my needs, thats why I believe that relationships will never work.
Unless that person is emotionally stable.
But I've also realise that being together with someone changes you into someone else.
My greatest fear is to be a perfect wife or girlfriend.

That's partly why I believe that if no one can provide to my needs, I should be able to provide to my needs with no one's help!

Oh and please check out www.bryanboy.com he's a cool Queen who reminds me of Emmet from Queer as Folk.

1:22 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, May 05, 2006
Sorry, I've blogged 3 times today.
This is crazy.
Anyway, Cia just called and I'm still selling VAUNT @ MOS tickets till next saturday.

Anyway, here are some pictures for you guys to enjoy. Hhahaha R's the best.

Due to the fact that R wants to maintain her ChAo ArH LiAn MuZ Be FiErCe reputation, I cannot post up her Uzap picture. For those who managed to check my blog within the timing of 11.20-11.45, you are lucky to have seen this picture, Anyway, she flipped when she saw the picture and drew this . It looks like angry purple lines to me.

T confessed her love and the sexual tension between us. HAHAHA. I'm just kidding

This is the purple boot R wants to wear to the UK trip. I think she forgot that she will be walking ALOT.

Then she started to complain about her thunderous tighs which lead to her drawing a diagram of herself. Kinda just looks like a purple blob if you ask me.

Anyway, this is editted. T found it weird when my nick changed from super long to just my name. So I've decided to share w the whole world the truth about her undying fucking love. And she did this to her nick.

Hers: Mr Pulchritudinous THINKS VICKOO IS A BIG FAT LIAR, CALL ( insert her number. of you are her stalker and if you manager to open this picture and make it bigger now u knw how to contact her ) TO VERIFY THIS AND GET TO KNOW ME BETTER :D


11:32 PM

What really made my day was to wake up and find an IM left from R saying she is gone to get her webcam and when she comes back I'll be able to see her weirdo martian face.

But then C called me crying, telling me that
Michelle, my clubbing ka kee, is leaving the country today.
In fact she have already left. and i didn't get to say goodbye, har har
It sucks so fucking much #)(&!@()#*)!@*#()!@*@!
The future is so unstable. I have to see Zoe soon.

6:23 PM

Yesterday I was talking to R. But was too lazy to webcam. I sent her this video about the product Crack Spackle! LOL, and the video is shit funny about paste( which is crack spackle ) which covers up your butt crack. And they showed this white and black guy ( crack spackle comes in different colours to suit you! hahaha, if you want the video tell me. By the way I got it from C's mom! Mad mama Ant.
That picture of tt dude, well that funny brown shit colour thing is his ass crack.-_-

Apparently I changed my msn personal msg to its snowing, i'm naked and bruised but what you said really hurt, or something along the line and she wanted to cheer me up . HAHAHA I think it's supose to be her ( the red stick person ) shouting bye snow and giving me a big red hug

Apparently, summer comes and secretly i can ee plp in bikini too!!!


Then she changed the subject to her chinese teacher saying Humpalam who laughs at her hair everytime they have lessons tgtThen she said bye and she had to go chomp chomp
Web cam with Brownsterzzzzzzz
It is not 1239pm, no I am not school. in fact I am at home sitting just like how that black specs girl is sitting in that picture. Except my sheets are brown and really comfortable. My bed sheets are like ecstasy, they make me high and they turn me on, hahahaha.

Anyway, had biology test, it was pretty okay, I am pretty sure I will pass. D and C got their marks back already and during biology Ms S let us watch this national education video about this slutty teenager ahlian who got gang raped, she kinda reminded me of someone whom I know.... I'll shut up but I'll tell you if you ask and if you are bird, glyn or Ann. Anyway, from Chemistry lesson and realising half of the things which are came out in this worksheet she issued to us I don't understand, really scared me.

With my day aside, and being alone at home, I would just like to say these are the people who are confirmed going to MOS and buying tickets from me. If I'm wrong please correct me.

1 ticket for bird, for Muriz, for Stacy, for Bean, for Charis, for Kong, for Hannah ( Muriz friend ), 8 tickets for Serhui, 3 tickets for D, 1 ticket for R ( R pls tell me if you're on guest list or not cos i cant rmb ), 2 tickets for Ann.

Okay I wanna sleep the weather is lovely

spinning; Alicia Keys- If i ain't got you

12:18 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, May 04, 2006
I've just read eme's blog and she is home too!
Anyway belly lazy to sms or go online to tell her i am home.
I realised I got my period today after a month of not getting it, please lah, i was so happy in that month.
Let the red sea flow, hahaha, shut up Tori you are disgusting
Yah i know.

Four jobs you've had in your life
1. runner for club event
2. more like CIP lah but I had to do this office job to burn off my 80 h of CIP. It was like hell mind you. This was during my suspension from school.
3. model
4. Actor who plays as a lesbian

4 movies you could watch over and over
1.American pie
2.The incredibles
3.Harry Potter
4. Moulin Rouge ( a classic )

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch
1. Futurama
2. The L word
3. Queer as folk
4. Simpsons

4 places you've lived
1. Serangoon North
2. The yellow Condom
3. Sarawak ( okay lah, half my family stays there so we visit that place and have long stays at times )
4. Sadly no where else.

4 places you've been on vacation to
1. Sydney
2. Japan Tokyo ( whoo! )
3. China
4. New Zealand

4 places you would rather be
1. sleeping in my dream land
2. New zealand
3. Japan
4. in a happy place

4 of your favourite foods
1. Cheezels!
2. Pasta ( tomato )
3. Hello Panda
4. Rojak from the illegal uncle who drives a motorbike

4 websites you visit daily
1. Google
2. Binky in panties
3. T's blog
4. blogger ( most of the time )

1. Hannah
2. Chng
3. Tania
4. The Sickroom Drapes. :)

I wish I dont have my period >:0( stupido!!!

2:28 PM

I asked her who is that

So I told her that she SUARK
I dunno why but she started complaining to me about photoshop. She planned to photo shop her face on fiona xie's uzapped body. Look at that fugly stick blue man with his ugly blue blob of uzap HAHAI web cammed w her last night hahaha

I had a really bad tummy ache once again. Maybe it is due to the stress.
Anyway, first i had constipation and after passing out rocks, I went back to bed ( yes it was around 4 in the morning )
After 10 minutes, I realised I had to go through another round of torture.
I was shivering and I wished someone would cut open my large intestine and clean it all up. What was so annoying was that I kept thinking about ' how constipation occurs' some shit about persistalsis movement and crap.
On top of that, formulas like carbonate, hydroxides, acidic oxides kept booming in my head.
I felt like I was going through hell. And guess what, I was having diarrhoea, weird intestines. Anyway, through this torturous experience, I've decided not to get a tattoo. I don't know why, but through these kind of painful ( and disgusting ) experience I've realised that I'd feel guilty if I had a tattoo. Shit, I dont want to do 2 tests tmrw.

12:01 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just read Jills blog.
Apparently all tickets are sold out.
So those who want to get tickets from me please tell me by this week.
Yes all 4300 tickets are sold out.
This is so exciting!

8:36 PM

I really am a piece of lard.
I don't even bother taking a bus and yet I got Grace to buy for me a mian bao with yam ice cream.
Even though, i don't fancy ice crea, i still asked her to help me buy it.
So maybe I am pretty spoilt but anyway, I've decided to buy for her something too. Just that I don't know what to buy yet.
On top of that, I'll probably forget.
Just like how I keep forgetting to buy Dory, Tania and Zoe's birthday present.
Hardy harhar, I mean dory's birthday is in January and it's already May. I really should do something about this memory problem.
Or maybe it's because I think it is not important in a way and plus they don't remind me.
So now I really must put it on the top of to do list, right after the tests of course.
I had really horrible sleep last night.
I slept at around 1 plus, I was webcaming with R and Dory till 1230am.
It's addictively fun. I could not stop tossing and turning.
When I woke up this morning and plonked myself in the shower, I realised my contact lenses were still on.
Maybe subconciously, they were preventing me from sleeping.
On top of that, fucking hell, the lights and fans are not working.
Plus today it seemed even darker.
Do you have any idea how hot, dark it felt!
It was like being in a tropical rainforest, where it is so dark and humid.
Anyway the Literature test went pretty okay, I sort of figured it will be deception since D told me that Evil and Supernatural have already came out
Power Ambition has sort of.. less evidences?
Anyway, gave Chapel a miss.
And by the end of the day, my classroom, which is already so darn lousy and small, had to get another injury!
Now the two doors ( which are only one step away, so you can't really call it the front and back door actually. -_- ) are pretty much injured.
Or at least the front one it.
First the front door could hardly open from the outside, unless it is pushed by the top part.
Now we can't even open it from the inside.
We had to get our Bung Na ( the builder and the short putt (?) champion HAHAHA ) to force it open.
Anyway, bought lunched back.
Watched FRIENDS.
Typed out my English homework and I have to study Chemistry now, even though it is nap time.
I have realise that if I nap, I get very lazy after that, tsk.
Oh yah, I want to get a tattoo but no one will do it for me, so I'll probably wait till I'm 18 or something.

4:15 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Another GREEN DAY.
No fans nor lights.
We did our Social studies test in the dark.
It was horribly dark and it is not good for our eyesight, lets sue the school!
Anyway, after school.
Cool( Tania ) and I walked to the bus stop together.
Thank you for sending me to that bus stop which you weren't suppose to be in. (:
Okay I haven't been taking a bus, oh well.
Ok T wants me to help her blog

7:11 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, May 01, 2006
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7:54 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, April 30, 2006

LongKang @ MapleWood Park!
Sorry but all Premium tickets are sold out!
but there are other fantastic prizes for the winners of the various competitions! so what are you waiting for! :) call Eme for tickets now!

By the way, I'm going for this event.
There will be edible food!
Anyway, it's going to be fun because it's a party after our tests!
So exciting! And I've no idea why it is in the afternoon -__-"

4:09 PM