I lived till(:

Friday, May 19, 2006

I've just realised why I'm sometimes so against someone being together with someone else, or even falling in love with someone.
Because I know that, for a fact relationships can change people.
And I know for a fact that sometimes, the first 2 months may be fucking awesome but the next 5 months will be like hell, and my friend would actually feel better if she does not even have that partner as a friend at all.
I know how relationships can either make or break you.
I understand that after an r/s, one may feel all emotionally drained filled with regrets and sadness etc.
But I also know who are able to get over it how quick and those who take a shit long time to get over a relationship.
I'd rather you don't get over anything at all and be happy.
Of course, I'd sorta be okay with the relationship if I know who my good friend is going out with. And I'm able to tell if he's a cheater or not.
But ultimately, at this age, love for one person is hard to last.
Sometimes, I understand how someone is able to love two people at one time, I guess it has happened to me before, but none this year I guess.
For example, if you come from a family w a mom and a dad.
And you love them both equally.
Surely if I asked you to choose one over another, you aren't able to do so right?
Oh well so bored and tired =X

My chinese teacher deleted our Mia-hee song from the school's whats brewing website. :(

5:38 PM

Hello Tokyo,

your endless buildings and clean air and honest people brings back a whole load of memories. I don't mind going back another time, cause you're so fucking wonderful :)

Anyway, just got home from Lunch with Kelly and C.
Had macs at Kovan.
It was great fun catching up with K cos she's so funny and adorable. Lol, the main fat subject was the repulsive name teacher who is named after a private area.
Anyway, I got 57 for average, low like hell. Got pulled down by Math I suppose? I only received one A1 this term but nonetheless I improved for a few subjects
=D lazy to blog, wanna sleep!

4:51 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, May 18, 2006
I'm quite pleased with my results this term.
Despite the fact that I got 3/25 for math =X! And yet I was the only one in class who passed math last term.
Oh well :D

Here are the results :
Art- 70 ( a2 ) rank - 2/10 ( Sickroom Drapes got top again and beat me by 3.3 fucking marks T_T )
Chinese- 41.3( d7 i think ) rank - 182/187 ( HAHAHAHA ) BUT! I have not told her about my gonghan which i passed so she has to edit that and I'll probably get 43 again or something.
Humanities - 67.8 ( B3 wtf, and my geography pulled everything down. But I think theres something wrong with the system becos before i handed in a piece of work I got 67/100 then when I handed it in I got 67.8. HUH!? ) Rank - 151/167
Social studies - 11/12 rank- 7/257
Geography- 11/20 ( ?! whattheshit) rank- 70/119
Combined science
Biology- 39/45 rank- 4/60
Chemistry- 29/45 rank - 5/28
There are a few more assignments added in the overall:
76.8/100 (a1 ) rank - 12/137
English : 62.2 ( B4 ) rank- 103/256
Okay I improved I guess
58/100 (C5 or C6 cant rmb. Hhahaha My lit sucks shit balls. Mrs B is pretty strict in her marking even a 15/25 or something, is alrd considered top 20%, thats pretty lowww... ) rank - 46/90
23.6/100 ( F9 =x!! worst than chinese (#*@!()#*!@()*@!() ) Rank-( 226/2257)

Only my Humanities, Literature, English improved.
The rest deproved one way or another.
But I guess I'm pretty satisfy with the results nonetheless :)
Except for Math, but then again I didn't study and am just grateful for such great Chemistry results even though I just passed by 4 marks.

Anyway, just got home from a voice over audition.
Charis told me about it so we headed to Macs at Kovan after school.
Then Chinatown, it was great fun to be someone else.
:D Its this cartoon about this boy who gets picked in school, except he is actually some kid who can minimize and fight germs or something.
Anyway, a french girl spoke to me today, she's very pretty.
Okay very tired, I'll go and sleep and its abuot 7pm already.

Math teacher and tuiter didn't really help in me math this term huh!

6:42 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
I am in need of shitting, but I must blog first.
School went pretty okay today, the canteen served my favourite food, which name I do not know ( ahhaha wth? ).
Ann got into trouble because calista or was it her that tugged the other one by the pinafoe. Now the rifle claims that she saw them holding hands or something.
" I should've taken a picture "
" Yeah you should've "
The Rifle is pretty lame at times, she can say shit like " you were going to the pet shop to avoid me " wth? LOL
" Dont give me such excuses "
Now it's a lesbian crime to get sawdust, so now the whole world is lesbian then. -_-
Anyway, had lunch in school. Spassed with Ann and Charis.
Charis told some teacher something funny today.
Anyway, cabbed it down with them.
C and I headed to Bugis.
Met Mad mama Ant.
Bought clothes.
Bought hamster stuff.
The hanna shop was closed, I was a little angry but was over come with tiredness mainly.
Okay have to shit, good bye!

Dwarf is grumpier >:0(

10:05 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

R is fucking funny.
Then cos u knw the picture's face kinda grew.
So I commented that I've become happier and fatter
and she said this :

Rachel says:
people who are happy
Rachel says:
are usually fatter what
Rachel says:
Rachel says:
Rachel says:
neh neh!
Rachel says:
and you = classic example grumpy dwarf so , bellly skinny
Rachel says:
wait, not belly (since u have no belly, it should be VERY )

Yeah I'm a dwarf, no not cause of my tiny body. But because Dwarfs are grumpy creatures who live in tribes and thats me!
Yes I've a tribe. :)

9:46 PM

Sun sun sun, here I come.
Here comes the sun

I've drawn half of the huge tree on the white piece of shit. ( my art board ).
You should've seen how I've actually accomplished that.
I sat on the dining room table, with my legs bent, hunching over, drawing the fucking ugly tree.
Yes it's kinda fucking ugly, but I'll be editting it soon.
It hurts my back, but I've to perservere! (? )
Can you imagine if I paint, oh godddd....
Anyway, stupid Ann's Macbeth cant stop humping Sage.
Just had piano.
My brother just received a fucking cute shirt for frederick.
It's probably the cutest dress shirt I've ever seen in my life.
It has a cute teddy bear print at the side, and no it doesn't make him look gay!

Rachel says:
and then my bio was just , WHATEVER ALREADY LOR

I brought the Ahlian out of her. You should read her blog. Adrophite.

9:35 PM

I plonked my little body into the shower today.
Washed my hair, washed whatever that had to be washed.
Wrapped myself around a comfortable yellow cotten towel.
And walked into my room still with my eyes half open.
Only to realise when I was about to put my uniform on that my left eye is swallon.
It is so swallon that I can't even open properly because the eyelids are all weirdly phat.
So I did not go to school today.
I've no idea why, but my mother got so mad, and she did not understand my situation.
I don't see why she has to emphasize on my flaws and why she cant cut me some slack, especially since I've already told her my fab SS results.
Anyway, I've not talked to her this morning, when she saw my eye she said okay and nagged some other shit over the phone to the fucking office clerk.
About my anaemia problem in december and shit, and I should only miss school once a month at most.
What the fuck?
Anyway, I'm pretty tired and pissed off cause my phat eyelid is blocking half of my vision.

For those who want to go for Club Home's Sounds Good. Please contact me.
As long as you get an ID which states that you're above 16 by the time its 8th june, then you can get in, especially if you're a girl, cause you know, girls mature faster than guys.

12:27 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, May 15, 2006
I slept at 2am this early morning, was tossing and turning for 2 fucking hours cos I did not bathe and I felt so sticky.
Well I caught up with Little Brown last night, she cracks more lame jokes now and she's still just as corny.
But I thank god for pulling me out of bed anyway.
Because school was great.
My favouritest BungNa got her hair cut and she was really pissed cos she felt that it was too short.
But nonetheless I still love her alot alot, cos she's so cute.
Charis kicked her twat today, she had to sit with her legs open throughout the whole day.
But serves her right, who ask her keep playing so rough.
Anyway, took the mice back home today and left my school bag in school, HAHAHA.
T came over after school.
Watched Skyhigh, the graphics was like poopy shit and the whole plot was so cliche.
You know, it's like the boy who is suppose to live up to his fathers name, he cant. But then he found out what his powers are when he fight evil. And the girl next door ;best friend, actually has a crush on him. But the popular bitch is dating him, turns out the popular bitch is indeed a bitch who wants to take over the world. That is when his true friends come into the picture and shit.
Anyway, slept like a log for 3 hours or so.
By the way, Sage is pregnant.
So he turns out to be a SHE after all.
Oh yes T told me something damn funny that made me run into my room wall today. Not only that, I laughed so hard till my stomach almost fell out and my brain hurt so badly!


Anyway, I'm fucking angry now. I'd rather be oblivious to everything around me then to know so much. I'm not a messenger, I'm not a punching bag and I'm not a information counter. Fuck, I'm so fucking fucking fucking FUCKING pissed off right now.

9:22 PM

Okay mainly its my belly bad english, i dont give a shit

She looked at her, as the tears fell. She felt like a piece of lard and wished she would lose some weight. But yet, she can’t manage to put that burger down. As she took a huge bite of her burger, the tomato sauce leaked out at the other end which landed on her shirt. She was fat, she knew it, but she could not stop herself from eating. Despite the nasty comments which boys throw at her. She thought that this was going to be her life forever. Not until she met this one little boy, who was 1/3 her size. He goes by the name of Akira.
Akira have deep feelings for this fat girl, in fact he was so in love with her that he would cut himself until she finally talks to her. Soon their relationship grew, and it became more fond, more passionate, more devoted, more of everything good and wonderful.
Akira however, had doubt about this relationship as, this fat girl does not know his deepest darkest secret.
Which is a wish to be just like Abraham Lincoln.
on top of that, he did not tell the girl that he is actually an alien butterfly with feelers

when he was alone at night, she didn’t know that he twirled his feelers because it turned him on. When the clock strikes 12, his buttefly wings will sprout out and cabbages will shoot out of his nose. Shit will fly out of his ass. That is why he keeps declining staying over at her house and that is also why he does not like her coming over to his place. That is because, his whole house will turn into a funland, rainbow, colourful candy forest by 12 in the morning till 6 in the morning. That is when his furnitures will turn into unicorns and weird alienated butterflies just like himself. wheee

im so friendly I like YOU!!

1:52 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Oh yes, Happy mothers day.
I love my mother alot, even though I call her by her first name.
But today, as a present, I called her mommy more than usual.
She really is the blurest, funniest, lovingest (?) prettiest mom in the world to me.

Oh yes, Happy mothers day to Madmama ant, Mad mama Mehrisk's Mom and Yoko.

8:36 PM

I slept at an ungodly hour, once again; 2am.
Was online only talking to one person and surfing the net like there's no tomorrow.
Youtube is very fun :).
Anyway, for some reason, last night must've drained alot outta me, so this morning, despite the fact that I've at least received 8 hours of sleep but my body was aching.
I was extremely grumpy and couldn't stop my sleepy tears from flowing.
Went to the indoor stadium for church.
The pastor received so many gifts.
A song specially written for him, 10 000 people singing for him happy birthday.
Somehow it did seem wrong, as if the people treated him like god. Oh well.
After church, headed to Bras Basar (? ) to eat dinner.
Total cost was probably below 20 cos each of us bought our own food.
The hot plate onion and beef rice tasted superb!
So now you know what to order when you go to Bras Basar's food court.
Went home after that.
Watched an episode of Futurama.
Then slept for 2 hours or so.
It improved my mood.
Had dinner at home.
Watched tv.
Now I'm here.

I know that it has been very recent, but I still feel like I'm losing a friend and yet I'm standing by the side, not knowing what to do to help this friendship.

8:23 PM