I lived till(:

Friday, June 16, 2006
I've lost the zest for pushing tickets, which is such a pity because JH is giving great commission, and he's a really nice guy.
I've to help Kim promote her party for tomorrow ( or rather invite people but I'm so lazy and plus half the people I invite probably wont go ) and vertigo II.
Anyway, Marisse wants to use the computer and Vic's party just ended.
It was really fun, more of a socialising party.
Oh yes and I bumped into Timothy, John chua and Dennise today.
Oh yes and I wore a skirt after a very very long time.

11:22 PM

Talking to Akiko online now, she's the cutest little thing on earth.
She calls me cheese. Mmmm cheese, wallace and Groumet. Moon is made outta cheese.
Okay back to my day.

I had a wonderful day, despite the fact that I pissed my sister off.
She woke me up after 3 phone calls from my house phone. I was dead tired for some reason.
Got out of bed at around 12.20pm.
Met M at 1 at the Serangoon mrt station.
Met Kelly at Bugis then the adventure of Arab street starts.
The sun was being the biggest bitch in the world today, but no matter, I was dressed and made for these kind of harsh climates!
I'm a super woman!! Hail super Tori ( haha shut up.)
We were both very hungry, excluding Kelly cause she have already eaten. Too bad for her, because the spicy tuna sandwich was the biggest most delicious sandwich in the world. It's like getting subway, except in this really goood huge piece of bread, for only $2.50.
And it's only $4.50 in total if you buy that huge ass sandwich ( when I mean huge, I mean really huge. It fed me for both Lunch and dinner ) and this HUGE cup of juice ( when I mean huge, I mean so huge that it's about 40cm in height ( the cup dumbass ) ).
It tasted really great.
Walked around, checked out many cool shops.
We really couldn't take the sun so we sat in another cafe which sells the best cookies and cream milk shake/smoothie in the world.
It's a really tall slim glass, first we felt ripped off because it was $6 but it really tasted to good.
We talked and talked, Kelly told us all about her wonderful UK trip and how different types of clothes reminded her of both M and I. ( so we're not forgotten after all... HAHA )
Now she finds out how special she is to a few people.
Talked and talked, then headed to the super cool retro/vintage shop.
It was so cool and we even sat at the back yard to eat.
Of course we had our share of fun besides eating ( the other half of my spicy tuna sandwich ), we also sat on the.. mmm.. scooter thing? ( fck i forgot the name!! ) and posed on it.
Now we've made a pact to buy chinesey umbrellas.
Oh yes they're the most comfortable heels there too AND THEY'RE SO PRETTY AND CHEAP!!
Went to the place where they sell old records. The Old rocker dude guy let us sit in his shop for an hour because we had no where else to sit and we wanted to wait for the art exhibition to open. They're nice people.
Kelly is damn fucking stupid sometimes. She umm.. is.. very.. umm.. innocent. She asked me basic words such as.. basic words lah huh.
Headed back to the sandwich place to eat dinner again.
Split the sandwich.
Headed to the art exhibition and took so many photographs.
Then Kelly headed home.

Muriz and I took a train back to her place.
I tried to find for the missing ID except I couldn't so I should really give Omar a call.
Headed back to my place.
Grabbed my bikini and headed for Cherry Hill's jacuzzi ( haha and we don't live there ).
Swam and talked like there's no tomorrow.
Then headed home at around 9 plus.

It was a lovely day all in all.
Tomorrow, I've to go and get my stupid fucking IC done which is a big bitch also because I've to go to god knows where and get some ugly passport photo taken like some dumbass and do all these stupid bullshits when I've got the Vertigo II @ DXO and Tania's ID to worry about.

12:54 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, June 15, 2006
You are the bestest guy friend a little girl can ask for.
And I'll marry you when I'm fourty and single.
Take care old man :)


Go to hell you fool, I'm gonna murder you and inheret everything you owe ( mm.. do you have anything to start off ? )

Some fuck face added my friend on friendster and then wrote a repulsive testimonial for her. I think it's hilarious and so incredibly lame, that she should accept it.
I think picking fights with people is incredibly lame.
You scold some one, and expect the person not to retaliate, that's the worst man.
vic says:
i'm killing ants with my lighter and pretending i'm a dragon

Personally, I don't get ahlians.
And first, I think I can tolerate them and that they're not ugly. But now experiencing/finding out about their nasty foul mouthed character, really makes me see ahlian in a very bad light. It's so hilarious but yet ugly.

Anyway, spent my day having tuition.
T came over to say goodbye and to get her extremely belated birthday gift from me. XXS giordano men's sized shirts fit her by the way. No Tannugalabah for the rest of the week till next sunday.
Yes although she is going to come back on 23rd ( which is a friday ) I will have already flew off to Sarawak on the 22nd. It sucks, and I realised I'll only be back on sunday, which means I cannot celebrate Gay Pride with my lesbos.
Studied, watched tv for half an hour most. With no cartoon channel, I seem to watch less television in a way.
Headed to Grapevine at around 750pm.
Ann told me " Yah 10 more minutes then you leave your house" and guess what, she arrived at 9pm.
R met me at around 8 plus.
Talked to her.
Ann came with her other half, then M came too.
We talked and talked.
It was great catching up with R and the rest, because I've been stuck in my own holidays for god knows how long and barely asked any of them out, excluding Muriz. ( When people come up to me and see no Muriz, they'll ask where she is, and why she is not with me. It's as if she's part of my identity; It's true.)
Had a blast with them snapping photos, watching the muted Channel 5 Incredible Tales show. ( Eme, Ann and Cal were pretty engrossed in it. For M and I, we couldn't give a shit. It's a show about a possessed cock ( male chicken ). How ridiculous.)
R told us all about the UK trip, and I felt a little, sorry for a certain someone because she means so much to me. R should've said something, that piece of turd.
Anyway, I woke R up at 6pm with my phone call, she's been sleeping since last night, what the fuck?!
Headed home with M.

So we're going to the Beach on saturday, then heading to Musique after that.
I can't wait.
Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm still meeting Kerry.
Well going to Arab street tomorrow with Kelly and M, SHOPPING ( wow, I can still say that even though I'm in debt. I need to prioritise (?) )
I feel great by the way, studying keeps me.. happy, strangely.
No excessive studying stresses me.
The fact that there are 3 parties coming up, Vic's, Musique and Vertigo II really scares me because I've still this huge white board staring back at me ( I'm panicking by the way, I need to consult in some art teacher sooner rather than later ), Math tuition homework due next monday, Biology, Chinese homework and the printing of the newspaper.

So many things to do, and so little time.
Emes birthday is coming.
And I think Ann is going to celebrate her birthday in the most interesting way.
Getting high at the wrong place at the wrong time.

12:06 AM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Tannuuuuu is leaving singapore today and I don't know how I'm gonna spend my late nights.
Yeah and I saved the other post as a draft because it had too much personal shit in it and it makes me, a little, sad?
I've to go do my tuition work soon, tuition is at 2.30pm.

Coldplay coldplay coldplay coldplay
Coldplay is me.
Coldplay is reality
I'm going for the Coldplay's concert, except who is willing to go with me?

What a night. phew.

11:45 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Up coming party, to all those who came for my birthday party, you are invited.
Including Akira and the other boys, uhh, follow the dress code.

5 west cost walk, west peak condominium (the function room).
the time: 7-11.30pm ( this saturday)
the dress code: music (eg, tatu/pussycat dolls/anythingg)
Best dresser competition and may be even best dancer ( uhh everything so unsettled )
This is Kim's party

Just like faeries and mermaids,
You play with my mind
You make me believe

Just like faeries and mermaids,
You are exactly like them
Every bit as real as them

I love you Bob, you handsome guy.

11:04 PM

I slept at 4am, after realising that Akira and Soorya ( yay i learnt how to spell his channelified name ) were still at the court.
Woke up at 1pm, what the fuck.
Headed down to town at around 3, studied at starbucks.
Maria and Soorya came to meet me. They were being so childish and were busy checking girls out.
HAHA, You should see Soorya gay with Akira, it's hilarious, too bad they won't be joining me for gay parading. ( Yeah I want to do that. Even though Singapore doesn't have a gay parade ).
Walked to Lido, walked around Isetan (?), was finding something for Soorya to buy.
I don't see why he wanted to buy something so urgently when his stupid discount shit only expires in a months time.
Oh god Avril Lavingne's Tomorrow is playing on my iTunes now.
Sorta reminds me of New Zealand
Anyway, headed to Lido to get tickets for the Omen at 7:30pm.
Then went to Far East.
Bumped into Sam.
Uhh.. I've no idea why but they left burger king after sitting there for lets say.. 2 minutes.
Ridiculous, I don't get why people must get so aggitated (?) when some other person points a middle finger at them.
Uhh, yeah it is offending but I'd rather save the trouble of getting bruised and beaten up.
Headed back to Lido.
Sat with a nice lady who was going to watch the same movie, the boys went to eat their gross KFC junk food which I took 2 bites out of a zinger burger.
I'm on a no junk food diet, but it kinda got ruined after yesterday's fun.
Muriz came at around 7 plus.
They headed for their movie and I went home.
Had piano.
I've learnt the loveliest song in this month.
It's so calm, collected and passionate.
I like the piano alot, though alot of people get a shock when they realise I actually can play something as gentle as that.
Someone even commented that she only can see me whacking the piano up, geez. LOL.

I need to take a dump, byebye. :\ Vickoo is broke, but I dont care.

9:25 PM

So Tori turned 15 today, nothing that big unless you're spanish.
So I started the day off with my Daddy shaking my head like a mad cow, saying " WHAT YOU ARE STILL ASLEEP"
It was his lunch break, and after half day of work, he comes back, realising his daughter is still asleep while he worked his ass off.LOL.
Met Babe T for lunch, pepper steak dunno what shit. Went to some part of Dhoby station, some part which I have never been to.
Hung aruond, went home with her.
Reached home at 3.
Read my book, stonned, listened to death cab.
Eme and V were the first ones to come to my place at around 6.
Soon everyone came, at around 7-8.
I didn't book the pit cos I am and everyone is probably too lazy to cook, clean and set up.
Hannah, Sj, Nana, Cal, Ann Na, C, Al, Muriz, Eme, V, Vic, Marko, Bella, Justin, Akira, Surya, T, Lizard, Julia, R, Zoe, Kelly, POKS!, Bird and lazy to name the rest if there are any more, I'm very stonned now.
The start of the party, Eme, V and I swam. Bird was busy watching us.
Then soon everyone started pouring in.
The start wasn't too fun cause my ipod aint that loud anyway.
Talked, played games, got high on muscle relaxation spray which is so fucking awesome everyone should try it. It makes you feel like laughing and if you breathe in too much you'd salivate alot uncontrollably.
Alot of people tried that, it was real fun.
Makes you feel so high for a minute only.
Drank Rum with Coke and Surya brought Vodka, so we mixed that with orange juice, drank wine too.
Watched desperate housewives.
The fat indian secuirity guard chased us out from the pool to the playground to out of the condo.
Akira puked cos he tried to race with zoe, which he cheated BY THE WAY!
Went to the Bball court, slacked aruond.
Went back home, Cut the cake with my family, went back to meet them.
Then they all left for some reason.
So it was just me, Muriz, Akira and Surya.
Talked to Muriz till 1230am.
Tried waking Akira up and he accidently broke Surya's vodka bottle, what the fuck.
So we left, in case he got violent or something.
LOL Surya danced and sang a song for me :D

Had a great time and now the party is over and I'm angry cos the place is a fucking mess.
Worst, everyone like swam in their clothes or got dunked in. LOL, girls only of course besides Marko.
The food and gifts were great. The Vickoos fund only raised about 20 bucks.
Sigh, have to pay for the other 80 bucks.
If you wanna donate, please contact me at 93383450 or little_sweet_barfer@hotmail.com
Akira's mom is damn cute and I loved Charis' birthday song so much.
It got me floatty!

1:21 AM

I lived till(:

Sunday, June 11, 2006
Went to church today.
The sermon is pretty much crap because the lady pastor preached, she is good sometimes. But for fucks sake she goes one big round talking and kissing ass off the other pastors then getting to the point. Basically it was barely a sermon, it was more of.. elaboration on how her life is like and time to talk crap. Or time for her to socialise, tsk poor girl.
Had lunch at the teochew restaurant beside Crystal jade, the beef, ohhh the beef, it tastes sooooo good. It was so tender, best steak ever. Yeah it was cooked exactly like black pepper steak, godddd it tastes sooo good.
Anyway, went to watch Cars with Woman and Bella.
It was quite good, the graphics was AMAZING. The reflection of the neon lights on the cars were really very well done. It was really cute and now Woman cant look at cars the same way again.
Anyway, mURIZ and Eme came over at around 9.
Watched Xmen.
Now we've robot names.
E14goingonto15, V 14 going to 15 in an hours time, M16.
Then went to the pool at 10.
Threw in the metal and wooden chairs.
Wah lao so scary, the guard might've come any moment.
T got her robot name too, T17.
Spassed around.
Yes and Eme gave me a great pair of TIGHT ASS boxers for my birthday, TSK!But she is the best anyway.
Sent M to the back gate.
Eme is now at my place, we're all bathed and we smell good :)

OH yah I'm suppose to complain about how lao ya pok eye my friends are, but I'm too lazy. And I don't mean they are lao ya, I'm just saying that, to irritate them. Cos they're too fucking lazy to reply ANY of my sms.
Not a single friend replied me about the stupid shit I'm holdingby my pool tmrw, by the way I SMSED THEM THE DETAILS.
Lazy lah huh.


you're eating your dinner outside now hahah. its your birthday in 55 mins WHOOHOO :D
hope you liked the super tight speedo boxers ;)
everything's been said in the note, love ya! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSIE.


10:53 PM

I want a girl friend now.
Like a real girl friend.
Someone whom I can buy stuff for, someone who can appreciate me, someone who can sleep over and have fun.
And I realised there are a couple of people whom I want to be my girlfriend, starting from Muriz, then Tania cos she's so gorgeous and cool and of course, emeline. There is Tanny, except her mother would probably ALSO drive me up the wall.
Anyway, T and L came over just now to watch soccer.
Turns out, I don't have channel 32, 23, 22, 24, or 27 any more.
Tsk, all my channels are gone but those which you've to subscribe for, like channel 80? Not as if MTV is not enough. More drama, more holly wood, more music.
I must keep off the television.
T's boxers are really damn cute.
There's church tomorrow.

Surprisingly, someone sorta made my day. And it was from the weirdest person. Maybe it kept my mind off things.

12:32 AM