I lived till(:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today, I painted finish the rainbow and the highlights for the black tiles on my huge painting. It's going quite well, not too shabby. But I definitely can do better than this, just that the surface of this plank of wood is so darn rough.

Anyway, met up with Ann at the station, headed down to bugis.
Met Jh and co ( fucking gross bunch boys; boys suck, throw rocks at them).
Soorya was being the fucking most irritating living shit on earth for the first half an hour.
Hitting me with the fucking broucher and what not.
Outta the whole lot, Joey actually makes the most sense when he speaks.
Ate at Mosi Cafe, the usual spicy tuna and orange&apple juice.
Ann got herself a glass of juice and we split the huge sandwich.
Met up with the guys later on, didn't want to talk to them, they were loud hailers.
Announcing to the whole world the Soorya the "king" is walking on arab street.
Met up with them, and left with Ann once I realised that we could not get Sheesha after all.
Ann came over, watched My name is earl.
She just left, her dad came to pick her up.
We were both spassing on the mrt.
(: take care babe.

V: where are you
Jh: Garden lah!
V: What garden?! ( I thought he said he was at sg gardens?!?!?! )
Jh: got only one garden.
V: huh which exit?
Jh: you at control station?
V: yes
Jh: then u walk out.
(walks out )
V: yah then..
Jh: Oh i see you.
( turns out he was sitting outside Guardian.... )

( then -inserts in some, omg, tori is wearing a skirt.- Thats when it hit me, I've not worn a skirt for a really long time. )

Gonna try sheesha out tomorrow!

11:11 PM

It sucks to stand by the side and watch your friend do things which will harm themselves.
Music marathon for my class went fine, Althought we had to sing for an hour, weirdly?
Went to watch the music marathon at night.
Fagging is not really bad.
Ahyah, I'm damn lazy and tired.
My throat hurts like hell, as if someone has poured acid down my throat.

Anyway, I'm going to satisfy my hunger and craving with the fanfuckingtastic tuna sandwich at arab street. Whoo!

I really hate it when I sms people and they don't reply. I don't mind if it's some stupid message which is meant to waste your 300 or 1000 or 900 free smses. But if it's something important, please take the initiative to reply. It's only basic courtesy(?), after all, you know how much I don't enjoy smsing and I've already done something as painful as that, hoping to get a respond.
So just reply.

Because Ner did not reply my sms the other day, I figured that the opening ceremony was at 830.
So I was late for her performance and when I reached, her part has already ended.
But I guess she was busy practicing by then.

Oh yes, I saw Eunice Yogi Bearo Leech Lucifer Lai Linga linga ling SM.
( it still amazes me how I can still remember her full name )

11:40 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, June 30, 2006
" Why must Boy's cum taste like dead squid eggs? I wished it tasted like custard. "

I just got home from the music marathon. I met C and Al at around 6 plus. Headed down to Milenia walk. Saw Tannugalabah and my pet Gorilla after not seeing them for one billion weeks.
What ever happened to friday nights and talking sprees?!
Tannuuuu was wearing the shirt I gave her, hahaha.
Missed Ner's choir opening.
Anyway, saw alotta people.
Ate at long johns.
Grew phater.
Ms chan said I slimmed down.
Talked to Siewhwee, Jenny and alotta other people.
Anyway, Kelly's dad gave us a lift to Dhoby station.
Took a train back with Ju and Jenny.

I'm gonna stay over night tomorrow.
And I've to wake up at fucking 6am, just shoot me.

How am I suppose to wake up you tell me?

12:14 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, June 29, 2006
I'm currently in my grey, red stripey panties. They only cost 3RM, so cheap, so good, so gorgeous.
I think I'm going for the opening ceremony later, because I want to go out, I feel like going out and I might as well pass Akira Xmen3's dvd.
I did not go to school today.
Anyway, there is tuition tomorrow, so that'll make up for the amount of school which I've missed today.. Or may be not.
How's the painting?
Well my painting getting better, the unicorn's fur colour have came out exactly like how I've wanted it to be, which is very good.
And I've realised that my paint dries up really fast, no wonder I had so much difficulty painting it the other day.
So a droplet of water will help lubricate and make things so much easier.

Ugh I'm frustrated like hell, and I actually, come to think of it, I doubt I'll even go for the opening ceremony for the extremely lame 90th aniversary tribute to the school.
I can't contact C, so all the more I shouldn't go for it.
I've got no one to go out with and yet I want to go out.
Oh, I went swimming today.
It felt good.

I feel like clubbing.
By the way there is a mrt party sometimes in July. It's an above 16 party on the mrt itself. It'll stop for toilet breaks and stuff. And I'm selling tickets. It sounds bloody cool, doesn't it?

4:57 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Jelly belly.

Jelly reminds me of all things transglucent and sweet. Seriously, why am I talking about Jelly in the first place. mmm, I haven't had jelly for a long time.
Anywayyyyy, today is the 3rd day of school and my brother woke me up with his bing-bang-scrooney are you awake-voice.
He shouted when he entered the house at 6am that " HEY LOOK EPIDERMIS IS BACK FROM SYDNEY!"
Received a really cute pair of wooden wombat earrings at 6 in the morning.
How lovely, how cute and even though they are partly dangly, my hair covers my ear almost all the time.
First time in a long time these pair of earrings do not make my ear hole itch.
Had school.
I was tired.
My biology teacher is such great fun.
Alot of shit happened today in school, everything being blown out of proportion by you know who. I'm not surprised. She always does this kinda thing, to make you look like the worst kid on the planet.
She has never been in any of our positions and yet she judges us.
What can I say to that?
She has major issues.
I've got a feeling that a teacher is reading my blog, so I won't say no more.
But uh, if you're reading and you know that this is a students blog then, you suck major and I hate school.
Typical 15 year old teenager, but really, whatever?
I hate school, I hate school, I hate school, I hate school.
Lessons suck most of the time, so boring, scary and irritating.
Yes I find that teachers who keep bugging their students for homework very irritating.
( I know that, that is their job. )
But a teacher told me today that actually being in school is worst than the working life, well actually I told that to her and I said, it's only for our school ( my sister even agrees and she is 20 and used to study in my current school ). She replied with a nod or some sort of gesture.
I feel that Ms Rifle is here to make our lives miserable. Why else would she pick the shit out of Ann.
You're homophobic but keep that to yourself right?
What she's done was a very personal attack.
But who am I to say what is right and wrong and also who is She to say what is right and wrong.
These are all personal believes, yes abide by the school rules. But school rules should not get too personal. When you say that girls are now not allowed to hug in school, everyone went " HUH?!" Because girls are generally touchy. And even if you are lesbian, so what?
It's like saying " Girls without a father are not allowed to study in this school " or that " You don't have a dad that's why I'm picking on you "

Ah whatever, headed to the art room after school with Lucine.
I told her about butch names and she said " Gee. what great imagination. The name (inserts typical name. example mark or shawn )"
Yeah, headed home with Ann.
She came over, bathed, ate, helped me paint.
I went to sleep and painted a bit.
She fell asleep on my floor, I told her to use the bed but she did not want to move all the art stuff.
We slept for 2 hours, HAHAHA.
She's a greato friend, really. I couldn't ask for more. :)

Watched Sg Idol just now, and like Muriz said, really buay tahan.
So... pirated looking. HAHA.
Drank fucking great ice wine from Sydney. It tasted so gooodddddd and it made me happy.
Okay I'm not going to school tomorrow, good night.

my friends mom called me today
I've another mom to add in the list of moms who hate me and think I'm a bad influence.
Whats new.

11:09 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm gonna sleep soon.
I dont know why I'm blogging but I'm just blogging.
What is the purpose when a news reporter asks you how is your school? and you reply " it sucks. i hate it "
To Ann, the purpose to to tell the truth.
She really is funny, i really miss her long hair.
Anyway, I gotta go sleep already, it is 11:40.
Ah I just remembered why I've decided to blog.

Stop jumping to conclusions

On monday, Zoe and I are going to the beach.
Please come if you know both of us and you're close to both of us.
Bird!, Ner, Muriz, Ann, Cal, Stacy, etc etc

11:41 PM

Look at his drawings, ain't he an artist. Hahaha. He loves peter's bananie.

Today, the second day of term 3.
I hate the word term 3, it scares me. It's shouting at me in my head that term 4 is approaching and that my exams are just around the corner.
But secretly, I love studying in a way.
It makes me realise what I need to clarify and helps me find out what I'm really good at.
I had to drag my ass outta bed, woke up slightly late.
Took the neighbour's car today.
I'm a very thick skinned woman. Even though I know the girls names who sit in the car, but I automatically sit in the car without being invited ( the first time and second time he invited me to sit in his car, the rest of the times, i planted my ass there without being invited).
I was really scared for art today, because for the first time, I seriously did not do my work.
Remember the times I complained about how the blank board filled with pencil markings was staring at me blankly, guess what.
I've to complete it ( painting, prep work and all ) by thursday.
Insane 2 days, surely, I cannot finish it.
I need at least 5 days.
Well, had lessons as per normal today.
Spent the whole of english lesson designing a tattoo for myself. Not only that I was busy drawing a half naked lady with nice perky boobs.
Ms Social Studies, have decided to leave the school and to become an insurance (?) agent.
She is really hot and sometimes... Okay I better stop now.
She scares me.

After school, headed to the canteen to eat, cabbed it home with Ann nee bernaenieee.
did my art at home, fuck, i spent 2 hours painting and i only paint 1/10 of it.
Oh yes and I opened the mice cage just now, only to realise that all (8 ) of my baby mice are missing.
They've already got fur and are able to move about, eyes not opened yet.
And the last time I touched them was 2 weeks ago, if the parents wanted to eat them, shouldn't they have eaten them long ago?
Or may be the cockroach ate them, oh gee.

" This is your phone speaking. Your testicles are taking up most of the space, and your erection is pushing me outta your pocket. Please remove me immediately ".

7:58 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, June 26, 2006

His smilie face is so funny

The first day of school, and I signed in late.
The reason being that I met up with C, Muriz, Jh and Mark at Macs to eat.
Surprisingly, JH could wake up and even though he decided not to go to school he still turned up and claimed that " since I'm awake just go lor "
He stays in Alljunied, yes fucking far, but if he's awake, then go lor.
We were all late, except for C, she was half an hour early.
Hung around, talked, laughed, ate, grew phat.
Jerome came slightly later, yes they influenced Mark not to go to school. Boys will be boys, reckless.
The girls and I got some juice then cabbed it down to school.
We had not a single lesson the whole of school, the teacher was busy speaking to each of us individually.
Well today is BungNa's birthday, so we had a little fun ourselves, getting high on oxygen and other stuff.
Playing truth or dare, and truth can really be interesting especially if you ask interesting question and if you don't lie.
Anyway, after school, M and I headed to Small boy's house.
Slept, talked, showered, watched tv, helped him pack his room ( packing his room is good, cause you get to see all his 5 year old pictures. Very hilariously cute ).
Played around with Akiko, she's adorable.
Headed home in the evening, used the computer, did a bit of art. I'm dead.. and C has done all she has to do, makes me even more dead. I'll sms clare now.

wrap your hand then
say you inured it ytd
actually thats a damn good reason
yeah,if in anycase say you fell at akira house then plus akira gave you a beating
then you injure your hand
and if they ask " who is akira to u " what am i gonna say
my tutor!

He cracks me up so bad

9:23 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, June 25, 2006
I'm back, yes finally.
I was not able to blog for the past 2 days or so, due to the fact that Angel ( My cousin;Ah Ying ) unplugged the wire and did alot of shit to her own computer.
What can I say about Sarawak?
When I was younger, I used to be really sad when I had to leave, after a 10 day stay, or even after Aunty Ruby's wedding. I guess the fact that, my Ahmah have died, have sorta.. "broken" up the family.
Everyone is immigrating.
I won't be surprised, if the newly weds actually flew to KL to work.
After all, Sarawak, is sucha jungle, and it confines you into a little pond, not using your talents and all you've learnt to full use.

I got to stay at my Uncles huge house, he has a basement and all, except now it is all under construction.
It is pretty big for a private house, but I've been to bigger houses, like Lionels. ( His house is too huge. )
The bed room which I stayed in was literally a bedroom.
A queen sized bed in a room, with nothing else but a toilet beside it and a side table which 2 telephones live on.
The first night, on friday, my sister and I stayed there.
My uncle brought us out, he's a very different uncle. He isn't the usual " Oh lets bring my neices out! " It's more like " Let me show you what is open at this hour. "
He brought us around town, which is still pretty foresty, and showed us all these 24 hour coffeeshops.
We only went back at around 1 plus-2.
The next morning was the wedding in some church.
Frankly speaking, I don't like church weddings, they're so cheesy.
With lines as such : You ( Speaking to the wife ) are the flesh of your husband. You are subjected to him
and all that feminist shit.
It was all bullshit.
But you know, they're simple folk, who like simple cheesy stuff. For example, they paid 6k for this wedding photographs and all. And all the poses were so cheesy, but you know, I'm sure they did what they wanted to.
Bridgette, the Groom's little sister;my cousin who is a year younger, is now very very sexy.
She's thin, tall and has the perfect boob shape.
After that, headed to the Groom's place for lunch.
After eating, headed back to Ahmah's place to sleep till 630.
Headed for the dinner at some local Church center.
It was very typical young newly weds kinda enviroment.
It's not shabby, but you can tell they didn't spend a huge bomb on the wedding either. ( As you know, young newly weds do not have as much money as lets say some 30 something newly weds )
After the wedding, with musicians and all, went back to Lormings place. ( my uncles place ).
Read the sex book whch my uncle lent my sister, HAHAHA. GET IT ON!
Now I know how to give good finger fucks.
Anyway, today;Sunday;Last day of depression and the disability to contact others in Singapore, I woke up, had this huge lunch thing at my uncles place. After that, went back to the shopping center to get more stupid stuffs, then headed to Ahmah and Ahgongs tomb stone.
Despite the heavy rain we still went, and I'm pretty sure it was important to my dad.
Ate at this damn disgusting place. Then headed back to Ahmahs place, packed and left for the airport.
Touched down around 10 plus.

Sigh school tomorrow.


11:39 PM