I lived till(:

Saturday, July 08, 2006
My ear currently feels very blocked and is partly ringing
And yes it is due to my stupid boy influenced mind. (i'll explain more later )

Spent my day watching friends and doing my art.
I'm about to complete me tree.
Just give me an hour and I'll be able to shade it finish.
It's sitting by my sisters table and it looks very gorgeous from far.
Well if you go any closer, you can see all the flaws, like the over lapping browness onto parts which aren't suppose to be brown.
And my mistake of using a fucking permenant marker when I knew I should've used black paint.
Well, anyway, it is coming along well, I'm still very stumped on how to paint the sky though, will figure it out later on.
At 8, Ann came over, spassed around for a little bit then headed to Lor Liew Lian.
Met JH and 5 or 6 of his other friends.
( He told me only 2 of his other friends were coming. turns out they did that bacteria reproduction thing ( u know where by the cell splits itself in to half, I forgot the term for that. It's something reproduction. ) )
So the pact of not smoking anymore kinda took a toll on me.
Well, managed to get them to walk to the pasamalam with me and Arn Narz.
Bought popsicles, which tasted really good :)
One in grape and one in sarsi.
80 cents popsicles make me a happy girl.
Played the games, many many times with Ann.
Spent alot of money on crap.
Now I've got a gun which is responsible for deafening my ears.
The tip of it is covered with Marks spit, don't ask why, it's arn nars fault really.
I laughed.
Yeah, sat the stupid choo choo train with Mark at the back.
Spassed around, he spoilt the train with his fat body.
Sat around or rather ran around the void deck like some homeless ahlian.
( Yeah void decks are meant for ahlians to laze around. Unless you are not chinese then you can get away with it. But I am. )
Played with the toys.
Boys have cooties but their wrecklessness is really very amusing.
If you're around them you're bound to lose some weight one way or another.
Plucked Jh's leg hair, except I failed at doing so because he kept cringing and slapping my hand away.

Oh and here's something not new, I over heard them screaming about how they've fucked their girl friends upside down and how big their neh nehs are.
That's why I'm attracted to none of them and think that boys suck.
But if you want meaningless running and dangerous spassing, then they're the way to go.

Ann's dad fetched me home.
All in all, I had alot of fun.
And yes I banged the gun into my ear because I didnt believe that it was loud.
But guess what, I am half deaf now.

Oh and for the past 2 days I've been worrying over who might step on my badly gross looking injured toe.
And for the past 2 days, when I reach home and head for the showers, it was me who have hit it against things twice.

Well, thanks for the fun night Bungna and my big gorillaed white brother.

11:41 PM

I will upload some boatquay pictures soon, once I get my ass down to reducing the file sizes and all that shit.

I've realised that when I go out w u
u barely talk
i cant talk...but i still can show u my pretty nice good looking face
HAHAHAHA u so funny :D
(H) ( use this on msn and find out what this emoticon is )

1:23 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, July 07, 2006
I just blogged and Tannys thing fucked it up
Anyway, went to Clark Quay just now with Akira, Muriz, Zoe and Stacy.
It was fun.
Here is a video.
I'm acting like Peter.
And he's carrying my Guess bag acting like.. a gayboy.

(i dont know why but i can't seem to post it normally like other people. :( )

The lights at Boat quay was beautiful.
Did a bit of sheesha.
Walked by the huge longkang. ( the river so dirty. )


Don't be shy if you're my ex girlfriends friend, or her ex girlfriends friend, or a stranger, or a fan or a psycho.
As long as you buy she'll be happy.
And she'll give you a kizz too ^^v

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They are formally worn,of course BY ME.

But fret not,
They are good as NEW.
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I like to spend,I dont like to wear them.
Its the GSS,
All 50-70% discount ( HAHA )

Prices are on the photos,
Please click them to enlarge.
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Besides these,
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They range from yes, $2 - $15
Mostly brands like Fourskin, Levis ( you got that right ) etcSOOOOOO If you're interested,Contact me at 91170441Or msn me at westwildo@hotmail.com

( You know what, I can't seem to upload the pictures.
So please please please, get your little bottom down to www.drake_.blogspot.com
I will and she will definitely appreciate it if you at least get something off her blog. )

11:46 PM

I gave school a miss today because my bubble butt couldn't get out of bed and I was shit tired.
For someone who took an insane four hour afternoon nap yesterday, I really am a ogar.
Ogar, a monster who looks really weird, and in my case, a monster who sleeps alot too.
I still feel tired.
But sleep really chases all my troubles away.

You know how it is like, when you wake up or just before you fall asleep, you'll lie on your bed and think.
Well that was what I was doing this morning and night.
I've realised how I've not exactly found the true me.
Yeah, it sounds ridiculous.
But then, I've thought it through and realised that everytime I go out ( which is a main part of me ), I rush through so many things without thinking.
It is also as if, I'm doing this just to be socially accepted.
But aren't we all doing things to be socially accepted anyway.
I can't exactly label myself and exactly say who I really am, because I feel that I've been doing things, just for the sake of doing it.
It's not the outings with so many people that mean the most to me.
But it is those which I'm able to live in that moment and actually remember and cherrish it that really has an impact on me.
Other times, when I'm running around, passing tickets, getting money, meeting people, buying clothes, are the times when I'm actually doing things just for the sake of it.
Okay, I know that what I've just said doesn't make any sense.
And I'm not acting emo.
But yeah, it's okay if you don't understand because what I'm trying to say I really cant put to words.
And my thoughts are all jumbled.

I've also realised that it is very stupid to have a hollywood idol.
To me, those which I admire are the people who are feel very comfortable in their bodies.
It is those who are happy with themselves and their bodies, be it fat, or too skinny that are truely happy.
It's not those who buy $1000 face cream and exercise 100 times a week just to maintain the body they want to have, and yet they're still able to find a flaw in it that one should admire.
Okay My brain is kinda tired now, and I miss some people.
I also admire those who take things so slowly, and don't rush through things.
Those people who actually take note of what is going on around them and see beauty in so many things.
Right now, only one person's name pops to my mind.
No matter how much we will want to say that the media has not affected us, but we know that, that is not true.
I'm going out for dinner and some sheesha later.

Oh I've decided that today is the last time I'll smoke till.. may be next term or something.

1:29 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, July 06, 2006
I asked for you, the true you. But all I got was a kiss in return.

I just woke up from a 4 hour nap. I didn't go out in the end and for some reason I was shit tired.
The dream I had was so vivid and good.
I dreamt that my dad renovated my room and somehow, it became 6 times it size.
It wasn't very wide but it was very long and I ran through it and it felt so good.
I was very happy and there was very a conveyer(?) belt with my clothes on it to pick out what I want to wear, so cool uh.
The first thing that came to my mind after drooling over my fake room was to invite T and L over to watch the world cup on the super huge tv screen.
But after a while, I woke up and reality really sucks, especially when you wake up to your half done art work, blaring at you, insisting that you finish it, even though you can't sell it away and it looks like crap.

Today my friends and I were talking about relationships and how our exs and currents asked us to be theirs. C's story was really funny, and really, for something as funny as that, I wouldn't have expected it to turn out so long and well. But then it only hit me that only one person in my life had actually used the words " Will you be mine ". Sadly, my reply was a yes then a No in the end.
I've never been into an official relationship before but I've fallen in and out of love. And it's only these relationships which aren't official that means the most to me. I know that something so official will scare the living crap outta me, but all these, " oh we're just dating" or words like " we're just really good friends ". Are actually the relationships I cherrish the most.
Monogamy is just not my thang yeah.
But I guess even if it ain't an official relationship but the sour parts of the whole journey still sucked. The point of not making official is also to prevent myself from falling too in love and dependent on the person. But of course, that never worked.
But hey, I'm able to get over things quite fast, or at least not wallow in self pity. And that's good.
Not everything has to go your way, and you've to deal with it. Or else just be a pathetic loserish soul who takes self pity when there are starving children in africa without parents who are still a little happy with the mud they'll be able to play with.
Spare a thought for others before taking emotional pity on yourself.
Because seriously, you don't deserve self pity.
And to me, self pity is fucking stupid and self centered.
Yes it is self centered, it is only when you're taking self pity that shows how self centered you are.
And how you think you deserve so much more than what you've got.
If you don't like how the way something is, don't take self pity but instead go and do something about it.

Oh but I still love my current girl very mucho :D
It's those who say that love are for whimps that are the real ones who fear love.

8:11 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Last night someone said that I'm cute.
And after a few hours or minutes, I'm attached to someone else.
Haha and I can remember her birthday and telephone number okay ( she was making such a huge fuss. Tsk, you know how irritating girlfriends can be. (HAHA ) )
Not only that, she reminded me what the date was yesterday.
Thus now.. I've to get an anniversary present. ( mmm.. I don't mind receiving, but I hate giving cos I'm a stingy prick. )


Anyway, I heard that some schools don't have school on friday? I'm jealous, I hope the principal declares a holiday on friday. More sheesha man .
Had school today, all pretty much the same. Except that my emotionally stable friends are kinda... emotionally unstable now. Ann came to school with 2 grape like eyes, swallon like fishballs!
After school had lunch and then went to the dentist.
My teeth is white.
But I might be taking a puff later, I need to finish my art.
This time, really diedie must do lor.
Because today is the date line. And she'll hunt me down like a bloodhound on a trail, then bite my neck and thrash me around like a rag doll. And eat my brain and push my eyeballs out of their sockets.
haha okay very graphic.

My brother just farted into the hamster cage.

5:03 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Someone thinks I'm cute, oh yes I am.

Haha, anyway, my throat itches like rashes.
Rashes suck.
I took drowsy medication last night, so I slept early.
Woke up today, met Ann.
Fag fag fag.
Went with Eme and her in a cab to the ICA building to make their ICs.
They're officially grown up 15 yr olds! ( haha I'm not sure about Eme.. )
Had lunch at the near by coffee shop.
Headed home.
Slept somemore, I don't know why, but I've been so tired the past few days.
Anyway, there is nothing to blog about.
My chinese homework is severely overdue.
T_T I can't say I don't care, because I really do and I really don't want to fail this term's chinese.

Santa Baby, give me an A1 for my average oh please.
Oh yes, read Miss Izzy's recent blog post.
About how weird men can be.

9:48 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sheesha, sheesha, sheesha.
If you do not know what is it, then please get your arse down to www.google.com and search for it.
It tastes like, normal air except with flavour.
Apple mint Apple mint Apple mint.

Anyway, had a long talk with T the mumbler.
Couldn't wake up for the closing ceremony so I ended up meeting up with Ann, Zoe and Eme at 2pm at PS.
Walked around, played the fucking arcade and I've came to the conlcusion that the game daytona ( Which I used to be really good at. -_- ) is not my thing any more. In fact there's nothing in the arcade which I can play well. Except for those pushing toys some shit machine, Eme and I pushed it and earned ourselves a Buzz Light year tumbler.
The lady was screaming at us cos we were rocking the whole machine.
Walked around alot, followed a bunch of prissy fat bitches, who stick their arses and boobs out, like some sort of duck.
We stalked them and in the end one of them found out, so we quickly walked away.
Sat at star bucks.
Was at the soccer tent thing.
Spassed around.
Headed to Sahara, met Jh and Peter the twit there. Eme went home
Sheesha sheesha.
Went home with Ann after that.
Met T, passed her stuff, she passed me stuff.
The poor girl is having brain pain becos of all the studying.

This is too public of a blog to type anything else.


8:39 PM

You are as handsome as my drawing.

12:50 AM

I lived till(:

Sunday, July 02, 2006
I have officially declared today a lucky day.
Not really considered "suay" because I got away with 2 things, or at least one.
( I'll elaborate more later )

Anyway, had church today and headed to Esplanades Ichi Ban Boshi (?) for sushi and good japanese food and sashimi.
Got home, painted a bit, I have to finish the humans by tonight.
In the singaporean way ' diedie must finish lor '.
Met Akira at around 7, he was eating his dinner.
Talked and he told me in detail why he went missing for two days.
Fear can really make people do stupids things after all. It's only fear that war can be brewed. It's only fear that can make people do the stupidest things. It's only fear that will make you defensive. It's fear that make you attack to make sure no harm gets to you.
Anyway, the doctors at Lor Liew lian was closed.
So headed to central's 24 hour clinic.
I've got my meds, they cost $42 mind you.
Just for a slight throat infection and muscle aches.

Ah, and now, I'll explain why it is lucky day. It is not that I'm afraid of people seeing me hanging out with Akira, it's just that I know that adults will never understand him or that we're plain friends. ( Somehow, people feel that people of the same height date you know, for some weird reason. On top of that, he was carrying a mango shopping bag. )
Well, while walking back, my form teacher, with her hubby and her baby walked towards my direction. She stared at me.
I glanced and saw her and carried on laughing, pretending I did not see her.
Once she was in a far away distance I told him. Uh his nose ring and tattoos were visible.
Moving on.
We walked back to my place, passed by the mrt and he waited outside while I got the Xmen dvd for him.

I realised that my parents were not home and that, I could've just gone for sheesha after all, because I would've been home by 9 plus.
Well my parents just got home 15 minutes ago.
My mom approached me and said " I saw you with Anna ( I think she meant Ann ). How come she can keep this kinda hair. like shave all the sides off "
She saw me walking near the mrt. Yes and she thought Akira was Ann, thats the best man.
He was wearing berms and shirt and she did not see his tats.
Hahhahaha. I found it pretty hilarious.
I'm going out with Zoe tomorrow. Cant wait!

9:43 PM