I lived till(:

Friday, July 28, 2006
There is no point being angry because it's just bad for health and it doesn't make anyone else happier.

Anyway, had school and stayed back for sec 4 LD farewell till 630pm.
Imagine how shit tired I was.
Initially I did not want to go to Bugis, because it was really far.
But figured that since I've not seen M, Stacy, Nana and Siew in sucha long time that I might as well go.
Not only did I not get a cab from school.
So I chased after the bus, imagine me, Tori, chasing after the fucking bus.
Guess what I took the wrong bus and I ended up at my school's front gate which is Serangoon North.
What the...
So I got angry but thank you Jesus for Richa, because she gave me and Pris a lift home in a cab.
Oh yes and the farewell went really well!
GayaTHREE ( I dunno how to spell her name ) is really funky cool and super funny so I did a dedication for her and Jia Qi ( This really quiet girl, but she is also fucking funny. I got close to her during the China trip ).
-Oh yeah and Ann passed me little Arn-nee jr today :D Damn cool toy sheep who looks soo cheery!

Anyway I met Kerry today.
Went out mainly with Ann, C and Al.
Met Kelly for a while
Then the rest.
I was and still am quite pissed off due to the indecisiveness and the fact that I've went all the way down to Bugis cos I wanted to hang out with this one person except I only spent 15 minutes with her.
I'm always the fucking middle man for all these things, making calls and making sure that the people are meeting at the correct place and at what time.
In the end, my efforts all amount to basically, nothing much.
Thank god for Ann, C and Al.
All in all, prata at Serangoon Gardens would've been much better but Bugis was just tiringly irritatingly fine and good in a way. ( Cos I got to see Kerry after one trillion years ).
But seriously eating Ramen at a Korean restaurant for $10 was really such shit( and another reason why I went to eat there was cos Kerry wanted to eat tempura and I thought that we could all sit there and talk and stone. )

There's no point venting my anger now because it'll just make me sound like I don't even appreciate going out with those which I've went out with today.
There is also no point venting my anger as it'll just make other people angry, and throwing me honest comments like " Do something cause you want to and not cos you expect something in return " or " You should've not come in the first place "
I've managed to tangle myself into a very tough situation, making people wait for me in different mrt station for hours, so I couldn't just not turn up.
Thanks for the night though.
To add on to my foul mood, Akira punched me in my arm and implied that I had alotta fats.
( Ooh how I need to wear more long sleeves ).

I'm probably gonna delete this tomorrow so don't take this to heart and even if you do then fuck it.
I'm just so fucking tired, pissed off and tired.
And my close friend just called me telling me about something else. And I feel so mad for her now.
How can people be so INCREDIBLY FUCKING stupid!

11:59 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, July 27, 2006
I'm currently on the phone with JH, he is a very patient guy, he is able to teach me really good chinese.

Anyway I slept at one, and went to school, asked Mrs Chemistry teacher very funny questions.
Okay i gotta go already I got too much chinese I need to learn now.
Not only composition ( which I've finished. )

10:47 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Here's a very amusing story which usually only happens in primary school.
I got back my math test result today, I just passed right on the dot.
Silly me did not label my point, for that, I did not get those marks.
Well, that's not the funny or odd part.
Apparently, the teacher forgot to mark one of my classmate's answer, which is the labelling of the point and shit.
So Charlotte helped her ask for the marks and the teacher said " huh, i never give you marks?"
C: No it's jolins paper.
M.W(teacher): I'm not gonna give her the marks till she asks from me, why must u ask for her!
I know, Om*G()@!*#()@!*()@#!*!!!
She cried till the end of the lesson then the teacher approached her and said something like " Its not that I don't want to give you the marks. It's that I want you to ask from me. It's not like I'm gonna bite you and on top of that you got the question correct "
She just sat their quiet crying, like what the fuck?!
Apparently Math was the last lesson of the day so she kept crying and crying and M.W couldn't leave the classroom.
And she had to wait for Jolin to ask her for the marks, I don't know if she did in the end because I left after I packed my bag.
Please lah, I waited for C to pack her stuff and leave and so we left like 15 minutes after the lesson and she still was quiet crying.
I don't understand why people are so timid neither do I understand why they've to cry over such stupid things.
For fuck sake, she has already gotten 7/10 for her math. So even if she doesnt WANT to ask for the 2 extra marks, she still would've passed.

Other than that, I had quite an enjoyable day at school.
C threw Joelles wig to the fan which spun violently which then flew out of the window and landed on the ledge.
Had to use the gross DUSTPAN to scoop it up.
That was during Chinese when Laoshi had already left to meet a parent. It was hilarious, I'll post the video online soon.
Anyway, my form teacher sorta ticked me off by asking me to take out my stud. I don't know why but I felt so irritated, may be I'm pmsing early.
After school met Zoe at Lido.
We talked and missed part of Nacho Libre.
I couldn't wait to get out of the theater because it sucked cum and shit and all the awful things on earth.
it was such a terrible movie and I felt that sleeping would be better than that horribly lame and boring movie.
After that, headed to Wisma's topshop.
Met N, she shopped for Bikinis and guess who ended up buying things?
I ended up buying 2 long tops which cost 30 bucks each.
And N didn't even buy anything in the end.
Headed to Mackers at Lido, ate a bit then left for Dhoby.
Met Ann and headed home.

The shit is about to slide outta my ass and I'm curretnly having gastric.

Guess what I found when I first got home.
I found the only rose anyone has given me, and it's been about 6 months since I've lost that rose.
Imagine how deadly beautiful it looks now.

9:09 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Someone has a very big mouth, and I'm part resopnsible for the bigness of the mouth.
But really there's too much drama, drama drama.
Hhahaha got this off Jill's blog, hilarious shit.
I really hate that show and yet I watched it for 2 hours, just hit me.
C'mon I was so bored and have already read finish my book.

Anyway, school was fun today.
Went to school late.
Ann drew on my neck today and fucking Dory was so fucking funny.
My form teacher, who is also my lit teacher was being asked this question " Would u rather your nose hair be super super long ( about a Metre) or your arm pit hair?"
My teacher gave a very raised eyebrow look, and looked rather pissed cos we weren't listening to her lesson.
Dory kept on going " Sokz said she'd choose armpit hair because can hide "
HAHAHA Then Ann replied " WAH THEN PE SHIRT LEH! "
The conversation about shaving it and trimming the imaginary one metre long armpit hair continued for five more minutes.
Can you imagine, during Lit, these girls are talking about such gross things.
Ann found a pisai ( bogger! ) on the side of my table and half way through lit she kept laughing.
After 2 minutes of laughing I've finally realised that the pisai was missing and asked her " where is the pisai "
She pointed at my pencil and on the tip of my mechanical pencil sat the fucking gross PISAI.
Oh yes, had HENG AH lesson, the news SS teacher.
She is so boring and asked me " What is that"
Referring to my lip stud.
I replied " It's a stud " Duh!
She asked me to take it out, so i just pushed it back into my mouth.
Then she said " I still can see it. " I covered my mouth and started laughing.
She asked Ann to take out her studs too, but we didn't.
Oh yes and Ann's musical box is godsent, I use to it annoy E like hell.
Making her fall asleep in class because it plays a really sweet melody.

After school, took cab home.
Watched friends, ate lunch :) then took a nap.
I had a really weird dream which consisted of Big bird.

The fun fact of today:
Someone I know saw what's under Rifle's skirt, BY ACCIDENT.
Man and when we got upstairs, the hottest teacher, M.B walked up the stairs or something, Shit.

I like to experiment and see how Boys react. -snigger.

7:18 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, July 24, 2006
I just got home from dinner/late lunching with my favourite little boy, Akira.

So school sucked today.
First they give shit about too short hair, now they're giving shit about too long hair.
If you ( GUN ) don't realise, everything you try to do turns out bad, example making Ann keep her hair long.
So please take a good look at yourself first, find that HUGE speck in your eye, clean it up, and then pick on her.
By then you'll not pick on her, because you'll realise you've just as many flaws as her, and probably more.
Judgemental shortshit.
It breaks my heart just watching her cry and shake out of frustration, we're stuck in school to study.
I love studying, I love my friends but I hate the fucking dumbass rules.
Suggestion boxes are for whimps, you think they'll even listen to your fucking suggestions? HAR.
The only way you can get through their puny heads is by protesting, except I don't want to risk expulsion, especially since I've accumelated(?) too many demerits.
As I stroked her back, up and down, up and down, I could feel her body shaking as her finger nails dug into her clenched fists.
All I want to ask is, why do you want to be so cruel? Does it make you feel any better seeing someone at their weakest state? Does it make you feel superior?
You call this a methodist school when you are so fucking revengeful.
Don't talk to us about our gracious attitudes when yours is far worst.
It's not as if we go around the school, beating up people, getting them to do our homework.
Calling hugging SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE , is just plain fucking stupid. If it's so unacceptable, then why do we see teachers hugging each other when some sort of "honourable award" is being given out on stage.
Socially unacceptable, Pfft, go piss on yourself.

Took a cab home with C.
Met Akira at around 4 at Paya Lebar station. Waited around, he told me about the new people he met yesterday. I had quite a laugh.
Met Sam and his friend soon after he took a smoke.
Cabbed it down to Tara's (?) place.
Had the photoshoot.
No, I was not paid, but I really liked his project that was why I did it in the first place.
He took pictures of us looking constipated on the toilet bowl, it was fun.
Sam's a nice guy.
Went to the bus stop and whined about how hungry I was.
Akira ain't scared of guys who stare at him, but instead, he is scared of TKGS girls who stare at him.
He didn't want to go into the cafe, cos 4 girls were staring at him.
just stare back lah
Hahaha, eventually they left and we ate.
Took a bus back home, he went off to Shane's shop.

His friends came out in yesterdays Newpaper for their extreme body modification.
Haha, and now my art is overdued and I'm having a tummy ache.

Hello Akira I know you're reading this and you looked really pretty in yr eye liner ^^v

7:03 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I think that's fucking awesome. CAR DUST, Yoko ( muh online cool mama) took these photos.
Fucking awesome aint it?
Americans are so cool.

I had church today, don't ask why or how, because I still dont know why my parent's do not know I've a pierced lip.
Funny aint it, especially since my mom sat beside me during service today, on my left of course.
They think I've some sort of mouth ulcer thing, cold something something?
Had lunch at Breeks, Marina square, the food was so-so, was not worth the 91 bucks.
Went for kopi after that then home.

I was such a well behaved kid when they were away.
And part of me really missed them.
I don't see how a child can stay so mad at his or her parents for long, unless the parent is extremely unreasonable and intolerable.
Which always tends to be the case.
I'm going to do my art now.
And gonna give Theresa the hotass an impulse kiss tomorrow or whenever I feel unsmelly and impulsive.

7:48 PM