I lived till(:

Saturday, August 05, 2006
Now we're a month and a day old.
We've come a long way baby even though you forgot (#!@*()*@()#*@ and forced me to remember in the begining
No matter, smuack smuack.

12:44 AM

I went to Ikea with Ann.
We spent 189 dollars, she spent 72 and 45 bucks went to this kiddish disco ball thing which shows really pretty stars moons and planets. I really want it to, so I think I'll go get it at the end of the month or something cos it's REALLY pretty.
I bought 2 new chairs( I'm sitting on one of them now), a wooden box, some clips, 3 shot glasses( Ann took the other 3), new pUrtty bedsheets, a cup which both ann and I have and I think that is it.
The chair has wheels and is plastic and white, very purtty too.

So school was tiring. No it was insanely tiring and draggy.
Had our chinese test which I've already mentally prepared for the failing mark.
The cool who likes green put her answers" 1, 3, 3, 3" because she felt the passage was too hard to read, so might as well just put 3 again!
No geography test, PFFT! Study for nothing, cause Mrs Doll curly hair woman with huge glasses decided to teach and book the IT room in the end.
After school I went home to sleep.
I had a really awful dream about Ann and the school which turned into a night club and this bomb went off and people were dying and the electrical wires were on fire and flying madly around with huge alien like war of the world's tall things.
I remembered my brother in the helicopter, he was suppose to save people but instead he took stuff and said fuck you all, I got pissed and pointed the middle finger at him.
Anyway Ann was running around helping people ( she is really very helpful) and risking her life and all, and she kept shouting atme to leave the school. She pushed and shoved me and said she'll meet me outside and she ran off finding for people and rescueing people.
And I woke up to her call. She told me she'll call me back and that her cca has ended and we could go to ikea already.
I felt like shit.
But anyway, headed for Sisters book reading.
Yes go and purchase The best of Singapore's erotica, she dressed SMish today.
:) It was great seeing her.
Then Ikea and home.

I want Ann's ball kiddish thing! IT MAKES ME HAPPY >:0( GIMMIE ITS 45 BUCKS!

Oh yea, remember:
The KRUNK Market @ Tanjong Beach Sentosa!
1st Sept : 6pm to 6am
First largest flamboyant midnight market + KRUNK RnB beach party!
Surprise performances like The Flesh Parade!
Presale $20 + 1 drink + 1 island entry!
Alc + non alc .
Age limit 15.
Tickets are already selling out well!
So grab yours now!
Contact Me at 93383450 or email/msn me at little_sweet_barfer@hotmail.com for tickets TODAY!

12:17 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 03, 2006
I'm so proud of my artwork now because it's the most expansive among the rest! ( Okay who am I kidding, Drapes' art piece if of course the most expansive but she's not selling hers so WHAT THE HECK, LEMME INDULGEN IN MY HAPPINESS AND EGO! )
Its going for 160 buckeroos, Drapes' was going at 180 but she doesnt wanna sell.
Now I have my doubts about selling it, I don't know why but the words which came out of N's mouth kicked some sense into me.
" who would want it anw, its too morbid! "
So anyway, may be I'll tell Mrs O that I won't be selling it cause it's too precious.
Plus it's really quite pretty :)

Anyway, school was uhh tiring and sleepy.
The funnies of today during CME test:
The question was where will you bring your japanese friend, and have to be cultural places and why.
First I wrote Little India and I stated to get a brizilian wax and thread eyebrows
Second I wrote Changi to see different races of transvestites ( HAHAHA, okay I had the help to E to spell that word )
Ann wrote, to geylang to see prostitutes of different races and their customers.
Another question "suggest what to do on racial harmony week"
I wrote to read other language newspaper during silent reading. ( E wrote the same HAHAHA )
Imagine a chinese reading a tamil paper. HAHAHA.
Okay cheap thrill.
Went home had tuition.
Quite tired.
Gonna watch tv now.

Jh is a very naughty white fat big shit alien.

8:34 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 02, 2006
I seriously need to take a shit!

11:07 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Drapes, go and check out the singer Suzanne Vega.

I just found out about this realllyyyy old singer yesterday. My dad bought her album and her songs are really good, some times her lyrics don't rhyme but all in all still very cool. Check out the song The queen and The soldier and Tom's Diner. Actually all her songs are really cool.

Anyway, was burning stuffs in class today.
During SS and Lit, Ann shared her great love for fire with the row behind us, which involves Bye,Vernorica (haha ), Jolin, Charlotte and Janice.
They lit candles in class and we played with wax.
They started to burn stuffs like the moth which crawled onto my bag.
Ann and Dory burnt paper during class.
During SS, we decided to irritate our SS teacher.
So Dory would go " One two three! " And all of us pull our chairs to the back and foreward.
We clicked our pens.
My started hitting our table giving this fucking retarded face ( hahahaha, only some people know what I'm talking about ).
Ann was suppose to be the "main drum beater. "
She had to give this ogre face while the rest of her "band" mates which consisted of Monkey, Dory and I, started beating the table loudly but not as loud as her. While we give the retarded, blurred face of course.
Ann kept throwing wax at Drapes, so Drapes got annoyed and stood in front of Ann's table holding this lovely rectangular blue box.
Ann asked what was inside, " what kind of bug ?"
Finally Drapes opened it and it was a really gorgeous pen, being the itchy hands which Ann has, she asked if she could see the pen.
Drapes passed her the pen and she tried to click it. Guess what she got a shock.
( It's those kind of pens which would send sudden either vibrations ( real fast ones ) or electricity.)
Ann being the biggo suckoo " OWWWW! WHAT THE HELL! " ( all during SS class. )
Then she poked D with the pen and being the two idiots that they are, they started to click the pen to shock themselves.
Ann punched D -_-
Anyway, slept for the last period of SS cause Heng-ah left class.
Or rather Monkey was sleeping cause we played the musical box.
Monkey acted like our mom, or rather Bungnoo and D's mom because she scolded Bungnoo and D for burning stuff and making alotta noise.

Hahaha, after school, dropped by TMC ( church) to use the toilet.
Had fun with Ann in the kiddie toilet, with fucking small toilet bowls ( fucking cute I tell you ).
Took a bus ( after goodness knows how long. Last time I took was the trip to Night Safari. )
To the prata shop.
Ate Prata Bomb and Egg and onion with Bungnoo.
She got for herself a Prata bomb and Mee gorang.
Once I got home, T messaged me asking if I wanted to go for Prata. -_-
But I think we're going to eat Prata tomorrow.
Went home and slept.

Oh yes, remember the gay pride indignation exhibition? Well it's opening today and the photos which Sam took of Akira and I will be there.
Sadly, I can't go out today because I've got too much stuffz I needa do.
Such as my over due extremely important geography assignment, my piano tuition and the fact that I've to study for my upcoming SS test.
I want to do well, but it's hard to do so, especially since I've been slacking 10 times more compared to last term.
( I blame it on Jinghui. )

Yeah I just realised SS test is on thursday, WHAT THE ()#!@*#()*@#(@*1!

6:55 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, July 31, 2006
"building national loyalty"
Hong Jh, please step on stage and receive your prize on being the most loyal Singaporean citizen.
Yes, that is his nick name online. He puzzles me sometimes with his weird words such as "macham" and way of thinking. ( " I never reply your sms, cause I was waiting for you to come online " Not a very smart thing to do cause I tend to come online quite late )

Anyway, I just woke up and I feel like I've slept for a billion years.
I couldn't even remember if the muffins Princess Misso gave to me and my friends today happened today or yesterday.
But then it hit me, that today is monday and that she couldn't have possibly given us good blue berry muffins on a sunday.
School was very cooling today, it made me very sleepy.
I got sent out during Math class and I thought there were other people who did not do their work.
Turns out I was the only one.
After school, Ann went with me to the art room, I painted till about 3pm.
Took a cab back to my place.
Marv cooked really good fish once again :)
You know, sometimes I question myself how old Ann is, cause during Lit today she was burning stuff again ( like a five year old ).
Then I sorta waved my hands in the air, trying my best to keep the gross gases away from me.
Mrs B asked me what was going on and I said Ann farted and she got all grouchy and pissy.
Next, she started drawing on my book to get revenge. Of course I laughed lah, what else can I do.
( I bet she feels embarrassed reading this now )
And then there's another incident which happened in my house just now.
She was wondering what my pink plucking hair device does.
And I already told her it plucks hair and it's kinda scary cos it makes a very loud " ZZZZZ! " sound.
Basically it sounds as if it can slice off your flesh.
Since Ann did not have any hair on her legs or arms ( I dont know why either but I like running my hands across her arms because it's abnormally smoothe) she decided to try the pink plucking hair device on her HAIR ON HER HEAD ( hahahah!!!! )
She said " I try ah. "
V " Yah you can lah, but the longer your hair is the more painful "
After listening to that, she immediately ran the pink plucking hair device on her hair and YELPED damn loudly.
( See, stupid or something. )
She quickly switched off the device and sprawled on the bed massaging her head.
Ann: Owwww :(:( very painnnnn!!!- massage massage - ( I was at the door laughing like fuck at her because she's so fucking stupid sometimes. )
Okay I'm a great friend.
Anyway while I did some photoshop she went to sleep.
Then I went back to the room and slept.
( Half the time when she comes over we're sleeping because we're tired people. )
She left at around 6 plus.
Well I need to do my art now!

Oh yes and I burst out laughing wen Drapes told me that she thought that the end of the world was coming last week. ( for real ) She said something along the line of " when I went to school, I knew we were gonna die. I was like, we're gonna die we're gonna die "
She being paranoid is funny sometimes, no wonder she was so stressed and sick last week.
She really thought everyone was gonna die in school, HAHA.

I feel like eating durian!

9:00 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, July 30, 2006
The mice which passed away. Jalore and Sage.

First time Sheesha-ingPainting the big bad wolf.. slowly I progressed.
Now painting the tree's roots.

Then now it's almost done, either scratching the wood or painting the sky. Look Cookie tree, it's your book!!And Ann should be dumberer. Look at Monkey, her teeth so white!

Turns out my art piece ain't gonna be in an actual exhibition but it'll be put up outside my school's upcoming performance's venue.

6:47 PM