I lived till(:

Saturday, August 12, 2006
I feel just empty now

My nose is running like a tap and I know that I'm going back to bed anytime soon.
Since this early morning, I slept from 1am-6.30am.
I woke up, took a cab to school and sat for 2 consecutive tests.
One chemistry and one Pure Literature.
No, it doesn't stop there.
We had half an hour of recess, then back to Geography test.
After geography test, we had to go to our different chinese classes and sit for a chinese composition test.
Yes four tests in one day within 4 hours.
A bit mad, I guess.

Met T by the poolside in the afternoon, "studied" with her.
Ate chezels and watched the empty packet fly pass us into the pool.
After a while, we turned back to look at it, and it was already at the deep end in the pool, still floating though.
Drew a bunch of stuff, which kinda sucked.
I guess, I'm a little self concious when I'm drawing around people. That always tends to be the case.
But I still work quite fine around the art girls ( well thats because they are art girls and they are also drawing ).
Okay my stud feels cramped in my lip.

I guess I'll be heading to Planetshakers after all.

12:15 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 10, 2006
Tori Tease --

An immortal

'How" will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

9:44 PM

She spins round and round
She falls on the ground
She hurts her knee
Gets back up
Dust herself and
spins round and round

A vicious cycle
Your thorns prick
Something I must bare with
Or else, shall you show me the door?

Its not as sweet as candy
You are not everything I have ever wanted
But tell me, why am I addicted?
To something which makes me spin
You cause me pain
But is pain addictive?
I guess that's why I have always loved your thorns
The danger and uncertainty keeps me alive
You boil my blood and cause me anger
But thats why I love you so.

Ann came over at around 11am, she overslept and so did I.
So now I've to rush through Qualitative analysis asap, but why am I here, I dont know.
Filming with Mark and C was not very fun.
In fact it was very tiring and yes to the audience it may be funny but not to the actor.
It's so extremely tiring and draining, but I still have passion for drama!
Headed to Zion coffeeshop or something, ate their well known char kuay teow or something.
P picked both of us up in the cab and dropped us off at Outrum.
Headed home.
Caught Sg idol alone, sadly.
Yeah I expected company.
Anyway, I've to rush through chemistry now?

Yes now.

9:24 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
switch of the light in your room, close your eyes and scream
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
and then, miss MISTRESS,
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
you sit down and fart three times
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
V is mr bunnykins mistress. says:
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
that's it
V is mr bunnykins mistress. says:
V is mr bunnykins mistress. says:
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
it always works
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
and if it doesnt
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
then obviously you didnt have a brain for the spirits to put the picture in
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
V is mr bunnykins mistress. says:
>:0(! wah lao!
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
then happens when you're a mistress and get banged too much
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:
your brains fly outta your head
mrs bunnykins//- time steals away says:

Now you know where I get my influence from.
If you dont know where or who, go and find out who the mysterious MRS BUNNYKINS IS!
My mom is mad she said " You're very bad, you never hug me "

10:23 PM

The poet got barred by the Media Development Authority, from reciting one of his works, the poem Come On, Straight Boy

Please read it ALOUD as your rebuke to the MDA's ban..
Come On, Straight Boy
Come on, straight boy, and make gay love with me.
One night of loving will not turn you queer
if queer is not what you will bend to be.
Loving a man is but a change of gears.

Why do it with a girl, an undulating
waterbed, and stress leaks pinched too late?
Why with an oven she loves regulating,
you stick your tray of cookies in, and wait?

Men love themselves when they love other men.
Loving themselves, they know well how to give
each other head, maneuver two or ten
round the bend of straightforward relief.

What have you got to lose? Leap, acrobat!
You can still fall back on pussy cat.

By Koh Jee Leong

Yeah Singapore is trying to be less up tight about things by having a gay pride indignation but they still ban poems and photographs.
Yeah so my photo got taken down with many others, I know what the shit right. It’s not as if a high school girl doesn’t take a shit or that lesbians and basketball players don’t take a shit.

Um, oh yes happy PropagandaNational day and womens day too! ( Yeah Africa is celebrating that right now ).
I stayed at home, did my art and have not taken a shower since I woke up. I’m a smelly person and I watched a bit of the NDP except got too bored and watched Malcolm in the middle instead.
I have yet to print out more stuff for my research, ooh, I really do stink of the bed.

propaganda, oh propaganda
sunny island
in the midst of shit
propaganda oh propaganda
a home for you and me...?

T_T Doesnt make any sense.

7:37 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
The scent of Hell notes burning in front of the condo still slips into my room every now and then.
So I close my windows and on my aircon, like I always do.
Everytime, I taste the joss stick scent in the air, I'll cough and feel like every bit of oxygen is being squeeze outta me.
That's how painful the 7th month; hungry ghost festival, is to me.
It pollutes the earth. Gee, it is not as if the earth needs more pollution.
Ann is probably contributing to this pollution right now, she loves burning stuff and was extremely happy when she told me she's gonna burn hell notes with her granny tonight.

School sucked penis, even though I had fun kissing Eme baby and dancing like a crazy chicken.
But man, cab drivers should really start going to TMC and pick me and Ann up!
Because we waited for half an hour for a fucking cab.
Slept a bit and headed for Charis' play, Skins.
It was very enjoyable, very funny.
Dory, Ann and I went out for the first time!
Headed to Plaza Sing's Swen'sen (?), Ann got salad and Dory got soup.
You know, when I look at them in school, I laugh like hell because Dory will disturb Ann, Ann will get irritated and do her ogre face and punch the pillar beside ehr causing a very disturbing sound, which sounds like a NUN-NERY(?).
Let me just put it this way, Ann is a gorilla with a short attention span and is in desprate need of anger management, Dory is the monkey who runs away from the gorilla and who swings from branch to branch and when she gets the chance she'll throw a fruit at the Gorilla causing the gorilla to go nuts thus this yet agains proves how much Ann needs anger management, and Monkey( E) is the little monkey who sits on top of the tree or on top of Ann's fat head, watching the fight as she eats alot and alot of bananas. Sometimes when she's mad and irritated by both, she'll start to pull Ann's hair out and throw banana skins at Dory.
(Hhahahaha! )
Okay, Dory had to leave after we left Thai express ( yeah we went there after salading and souping).
Ann and I walked around, and I irritated her like FUCK.
:) Okay I dont know what to say except that CSI is on tv.
And I've got so many ideas for artwork except I don't have to stuff to make it happen, PFFT.

Someone please tell me where to buy fabric paint?
Oh yeah and about the back piercing which I really wanna get, well Akira told me it's 40-45 bucks, so I guess I wont be getting it.
Fucking expansive especially since I want to get 6 piercings in all.
Sponser me, then I'll love you.

10:07 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, August 07, 2006
Whoo stable boy's Princess!

Tori is in trouble for writing brazilian waxing and tranny spotting as cultural activities in singapore.
Remember the previous blog post, about what I wrote under cultural activities I can bring my Japanese friend to.
So Mrs B came up to me after school and asked seriously if I really thought it was funny, and I said yes.
She said that I had a really whopped sense of humour and asked " So you wrote this for fun?" and blahblah, and carried on by saying that it's a school thing.
I told her it was funny and laughed, because it really is danm funny and I said that she is old and she'll not get the joke and stuff.
Whats wrong with taking my japanese friend to see trannies and get brazilian wax.
Anyway, she wants to talk to my mom and asked for her phone number.
I just laughed and gave it to her.
:D Ah yah, Ann also very gross what but I dunno if she's gonna get into trouble.

Some korean drama happened after school today.
E left her wallet in class so I ran to the classroom then Ann called me and I told her I was in class and asked her to hurry come down becos there's a theif in our class.
She ran all the way back to the classroom and I got the wallet.
In the end, I met E at the wrong place, so Ann had to run towards her.
Then run after the bus which I was boarding with Kelly.
( Okay confusing, its okay if you don't understand).
So we slept ( again no surprise there).
And woke up at 645pm.
Her Dad came to pick her up.
So that's about it.
I'm uh, tired... or bored. whichever.

While talking to Princess:
( this is about her CME test.)( this is the question)
The Queen <3, says:
abt my friend wanting to commit suicide cos her bf cheated on her
V says:
haha what u say
V says:
" Go and die la, always act emo. like I care"
The Queen <3, says:
The Queen <3, says:
i didnt la
The Queen <3, says:
the question was, in your sense, DAMN FUCKING STUPID.
The Queen <3, says:
Do you think your friend should commit suicide?
The Queen <3, says:
Yes, I do. She is a moron and prolly gives lousy sex so her bf cheated on her. She shld, therefore kill herself so as to not cos anymore grief to the other guys she intends to let bang her.

8:07 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, August 06, 2006
The queen looked at him with an arrogant eye
You will not understand
and you may as well not try

Km is being damn irritating. Just cause I bought the anual chairs and stuff. C'mon man the fucking chair already has dried up menses blood on it.
Like what the fuck right, no wonder none of my friends want to sit on it!
So anyway, had church and I hate my cramps.
Had the usual lunch with Richard and my family.
Sister came back home and left to meet Chris the gangster.
Zoe and Ann came over to my place.
We stoned around my room, while we poked 3 of the baby hamsters, we should keep them as class pet!!
This is what Ann thinks about the class pet situation, she'd rather put her black mouse, Macbeth.

we should put macbeth
his dying anyway
super mean

Went to Central to get fish, sea weed and some mackers ( for them).
Headed home, I tell you why I hate going home to my mom.
It's because she's extremely unbearable, she nags like a broken tape recorder about the 140 which I'm asking from her.
Then she gets mad when she losts my bank book and keeps asking if I had taken it.
Man, my parents don't even allow me to keep my bank book, Ic, Birth cert and Passport, so WHY would I have my smiley squirell bank book.
Well, I'm gonna watch Miami ink later on in the night, even though I'm hell tired.
Oh well!, just suffer in school.

I must study harder than ever because I've not really been paying attention in class.
Oh yeah Akira called me up after one million years while trance was blasting through his speakers.
No sorry, Doctor Akira.

9:28 PM

Boys are big fucktards and sometimes you just don't know that you're getting into one.
Once a jerk always a jerk.
When boys are around other boys they talk about girls and their big titties and who they've made out with and how tua her breasts are.
So I warn you not to fall in love or get together with a boy unless you're an alpha female and doesn't give two shits about what is said.

Anyway I woke up at 9 plus, went to school at 10 plus.
Met up with Drapes and Prissie.
Some clumsy nut broke part of her 3d art piece, I helped her with the limitted amount of beads later while preparing for the exhibition.
Met Clare at Sg conference hall, set up the place.
One of the crazy art teachers, which wears crazy stockings with crazy clothes was being such an irritating perfectionist.
But anyway, had lunch and guess what! I went out with Pat the starfish in the afternoon! ( I think only Bird knows who he is )
I was suppose to go out with him sometime during the weekday but found out there was SS test the following day so I rang him up today.
And even though his parent and teacher school meeting starts at 230pm, he came to meet me at 2 and we bought too fast too furious, Tokyo Drift tickets at Plaza.
Walked around, talked.
He told me about his "gangster" stories which is quite funny.
"Yah then I call my acs barker gang "
Lol, I dunno may be it's cause I feel I know people who are much more gangster.
Caught the movie, then he sent me to the mrt and waited, talked a bit more.
He's still kinda tiny, just a bit taller than me.
Oh yes and the movie was great, but half the time I was thinking about " I NEED TO PEE! ".
Even though, I can't really remember the first 2 fast 2 furious but I feel that THAT was much better than this.
The story line yah know. But Tokyo, the big city, with underground gangster parties, loud music, skinny japanese ahlians with micro mini skirts and fucking gorgeous cool gangster rides with huge blings as wheels is pretty interesting.
Ann came to my place at around 7, we left for durian at around 8 plus.
While walking towards the durian place, Ann said that I couldnt flick my shoe up, so I did.
Then we carried on walking and she insulted me, so I flicked my foot up hoping that the shoe would land on her hand, instead it went into the bushes.
Ann helped me take my shoe and hid it in her pants so that I wouldn't find it, but I found it cos it was sticking out at her ass area.
She shoved leaves inside and all.
Met her Daddy first, had durian, really good.
Highland center over there.
Jh and co. came at around 10 plus, they got lost.
Talked abit then my parents came to fetch me at around 11.
Now I've got $44 worth of durian in my fridge.

Okay I'm EXHAUSTED, goodnight! CRAMPS! Yes red is finally back.

12:28 AM