I lived till(:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I guess my mom felt really bad for the hell she has been giving me.
So she brought me and my sister out for dinner.
Followed by the movie, Sophie Scholl.

The movie was emotional, what I really liked about it was that it talked about the truth, the past, and the extend people will go just to broadcast their ideas.
Sophie Scholl died when she was 21? she died for her idea and opening people's eyes up.

"Hitler gases mentally ill jewish children.
He sends buses to their institution and get people to get them on the bus.
When they asked where they are going..
The nurse replies " You're going to heaven"
They get excited and started to sing as they got on to the bus"

Seriously Hitler is a sick sonnafabitch.
You really have to watch this film, it's so good.

12:22 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Dumbshit doesnt even know she's lesbian.

I haven't bloggec cause there's nothing to blog about.
The woman who gave birth to me is driving me insane.
Why the hell would I want to stay home, and see her face when she nags and shouts ( I swear I'm controlling my anger pretty well) so much.

10:38 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Why are you posting so early, Tori?

1. My mom is making my blood boil.
2. Please close this window now if you do not want to see me bitch about my loving mother.
3. you've been warned, so shut the fck up if you have a different set of morals.
4. I don't give a shit about what you've to say, but if I'm angry enough, I'll make a dent on your pretty face.

My form teacher called my mother, I know she might be reading this, but I really don't give two crap about whether she reads this or not.
In the past, when my mom was not a ITE hod ( yeah wth, she is a HOD or DM whatever lah. ), she used to not give so much crap on whether I go to school or not. It's not like I skip school on a daily basis, I just don't go to school when I feel way too tired or when I know there'll be nothing to study.
For goodness sake, why would I wanna spend 8 hours in school, wasting time, when I can be at home doing something more productive. ( Yes my mom thinks I'm this flabby skinny girl who sits in front of the tv ( just like her) and uses the computer to 1 in the morning. What, so I'm a deviant art addict and I can't help it if I'm in love with BellZ's work. At least I'm not wasting time on neopets or just chatting like crazy (well, sometimes that happens on friday or saturday night with T.) )
She has this theory that " If all the students like you so lazy then the school will only have teachers"
Wah lao, teachers don't have so many students to teach, they should be happy right.
On top of that, it's not like I'm getting shit grades.
I get really happy when I improve in a subject, so happily I'll tell her what results I got.
She will reply with either "thats good" or burst my fucking bubble ( which always tends to be the case) by saying " Huh, so you get top in class not like you're the best in the whole level. "
For fuck sake man, I just improved and you've to say I've not tried hard enough.
It's these kinda things that make my blood boil, like they can't even see how hard I'm trying.
No matter what you can never put your one hundred percent effort in everything you do.
You just can try your best.
Can you imagined if I said I put my one hundred percent effort in my test which I scored 39/45, then that means I can never get above 39 marks.
Which is ridiculous, no matter what I can improve and I know that.
But it's the fact that at least I improved from a failure to a passing mark that really makes me happy, I know I can improve somemore, but can't you cut me some slack?
Well no.
For fuck sake, I'm 15.
What's the point in scoring 100 upon 100 when you look like crap, with horrible health and not a single bit of happiness.
There's of course a sense of accomplishment, but what's the point in doing something when you're not gonna be happy.
It's like saying " I know if I study really hard, I'll get a good job, then I'll have to work even harder to become the boss and once I become the boss I'll get all the money in the world."
No amount of money can help your unhappiness.

So basically nothing's good enough for her.
She wants to put a camera in my room to see the different affairs I have ( haha.).
She wants to be the boss of my life.
She's quick to judge me.
She thinks I'm a lazy good for nothing.
She asked me if I draw draw draw and become a artist, how to earn money, will be poor one.
So, at least I'm doing something I love, unlike you, you don't even like teaching your students.
They should really only let people teach in ITE if they want to inspire the students or something.
She's trying to make some sort of statement by sitting in front of the computer 24/7, to show how hard working she is and of course for her own benefit (hopefully there's a benefit.)

But I know after all this, I still love my mom.
I was thinking just now, on how I should react when she disaproves of my piercings.
I should go get inked! And write mom!
Wow, a great way for a great tattoo.
If she says it's not an original tattoo, I'm gonna get her initially inked too, KM!

I'm lazy to check any grammar mistakes, so that's that.

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I lived till(:

Monday, August 21, 2006
It was quite fun again, because my form teacher did not come to school plus my math teacher.
So we had 2 hours worth of free period!
Left earlier cos the english teachers werent in class, but only 5 minutes earlier.
Amu got caught, she really doesnt know how to avoid teachers.
Headed for Prata with Ann, except I got roti john and she got a prata BOMB! ( powpow whee!-flies!)
Headed home, slept and stuff, took photos of a few of my art pieces.
Now I'm here, a little moody.

A little reminder to those who read my blog and for myself of course.
To those who want to get krunk tickets from me ( I shall name you guys, but yeah not sure if u guys wanna get from me but what the heck anyway )
Please pass me cash by wednesday latest, or i'll fuck your mom.. Okay I'm kidding.

Siewhwee ( and siewhwee's friends, cal, xue er blahblah! ), Muriz, Ann, E, Dory, Jerome and co ( I've yet to call him. mm ), Chng, Tania, Eme, wah so little people. - shootz self.
Oh well.

Stacy already paid today so please get ready your cash.

Hi mehrisk!

7:21 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, August 20, 2006
I want to post cool posts just like Muriz' because hers are so cool.
Had the usual church, my piercing bled because I lost my stud two days ago and the hole kinda closed.
When I forced my found-stud in, it bled.
Then this morning it came out while I was sleeping and when I poked it back in, it bled again.
But now it's quite okay.
So had the usual church, then home.
Had lunch with the usual people.
Slept then Ann and Clare came by the pool to break my lock.
It was hilarious really.
I'm too lazy to explain
Basically they broke my kitchen knife and tried burning/heating the lock of my bike, hammering it, picking the lock.
It was damn funny.
Especially when E came along and then Ann was trying to cut the wire while E hammered the lock like a dumbass.
After 45 minutes, T came down passed us some tools and shit and she left.
We gave up, so Clare went out with her parents, E went riding on Ann's bike alone wile Ann and I went to eat ( see lah only grow fat.)

Never ask me to buy stuff at a coffeeshop for you.
I speak in english.
I asked for more yoi cha quay or whatever for Anns rojak in the end, they only gave her Yoi Cha quay and Taogay only.-_-
When I went to buy my Ban mian, I can't remember what the guy said so I called my brother and asked him where the stall was at. Apparently I got the correct stall then I said " But the guy say dont have such food there"
"What did he say exactly?"
"I dunno he pointed at a bunch of dry noodles and said some shit"
" He's asking what noodles you want lah dumbass."
-_- see what I mean.
Okay so now the lock of my bike is still locked to my bike and that stand thing, but it looks like it got bitten by some wild animal, on top of that, the broken blade from my kitchen knife still sits beside the bike.

You must read the below. T and I quarelling over who should be Patrick the Starfish.

V says:
I'M PATRICK cos I'm pink and I'm shaped of a star lah
V says:
You're just yellow and downsyndromish =D
V says:
You're not red
V says:
I'm pink
T says:
youre not
youre black and curly
youre my armpit hair
T says:
V says:
and I'm shaped of a star! >:0(
wah lao
V says:
I'm not your armpit hair!!!
T says:
youre not!
T says:
youre a shaped of a mushroom
T says:
you can be my pubic hair then
V says:
you can be my ear hair
T says:
you can be my toe hair
V says:
V says:
you're so gross.
T says:
toe hair's better than ear hair
no ear shit for starters.
V says:
yeah so you're trying to say I shld be grateful being yr fcking toe hair -_-
T says:
T says:
feel honoured :D:D:D:D
V says:


9:24 PM

The stench of hamster and Click playing on the dvd was never this good. Éclairs were fucking tasty.
Thankzzz Ann and Eme :D
( Yeah I watched click in both the theater today and on Ann’s dvd player. Went to Grapevine too )
Ann’s dad is hilarious, go see him when he’s tipsy man.While he watered the plants, he tripped over the hose, it was quite funny.
“ sorry uncle a bit groggy already. Don’t think I can walk in a straight line”

12:19 AM