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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Well well well, yesterday was Krunk at sentosa.
I found it quite boring.
The flea market thing didn't turn out as cool as I imagined, but the fountains and all made the place look really good, especially the garden.
Bumped into a bunch of people, Su, Mark, Alicia. T and I can't remember.
I saw the angmoh butch which I saw in sec1, yes big shocker for me, kinda made my day even though it turns out she's not angmoh nor is she butch, but still cute.
Danced on the fucking grass, which was a major turn off, they should've really done something about the fucking dance floor cos I came home with brown toes and dirty toe nails.
Sold light sticks and earned 12 bucks.
Took a cab back and it costed 28 bucks!!!

In the afternoon, I went out with my mom and her students for lunch.
Then went out with Akira, Joey, Marcus and Jeremy(?).
Basically we did nothing but talk, they're funny people, and very stonned too.
With long hair.
Left Krunk at around 2.
Smashed pies into Su's face, poor girl.
The fashion show was crap, you can tell the models aren't sure where to walk and all.
The male models were better than the female models.
You should've seen the damn cool Lesbian model with a full sleeve tattoo.
>:0) very cool.

Went out with Ann and her Dad for breakfast at around 12,then homed.

Btw, there was no ID check.

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I lived till(:

Friday, September 01, 2006
A very disturbed Wong
She's pissed cause I kept taking pictures while Tokyo Drift was playing. My room was hell dark, thus the flash blinded her gorillaed puny eyes.

I know that they're irresitable. Posted by Picasa

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I lived till(:

Thursday, August 31, 2006
I was really tired and I still am.
My contact lenses are drying up and my eyes feel like they're gonna turn into dried prunes anytime soon.
So I'll make this a quickie, even though I love to exaggerate about things and talk about shit.
I'm about to watch Pimp my ride soon, I wanted to go out with Akira cause I decided not to go to Reecha's chalet.
Greatest apologies, not only do I have a bad stomach ache but it's so damn far and I know at most 5 people over there.
Well Mr. A was uncontactable once again, no surprise and it slipped my mind to call him back, so that's that and I'm home.

Teachers day was quite enjoyable because I got to spend about 3 hours with Muriz.
She really is still the same, irritating Nana with waterbottles ( I know what the fuck right.), laughing at Veggiemountains stupidity ( well everyone does that, she believed that there's a teacher who is a transsexual in our school.) and making ALOT of noise together.
Okay fucking Akira just sent me one of those voice thingies on MSN and he shouted "V Sucks!"
Stupid idiot.
Korean drama was happening at the back of the hall. Ann and I hummed the Funeral song/Song to ward off evil spirits when certain teachers came on stage. Made a Hell of alotta noise, well I really did enjoy it.
Every bit of sitting down on the hall floor for about 3 hours.
Fucking cramps lah.

After school, ( Clearly Im not making this short so fuck that idea) the cabs were being the BIGGEST BIATCHES IN TOWN!!!! There were NO FUCKING CAB, both at the front and back gate. ZEEELCH, NONE, NUH-UH-ARN! NUARN! ( shout it out loud, it sounds like none).
I really wanted to go back to the Primary school but due to the bad weather and pissed off mood, Ann and I settled for Prata instead.
I felt pretty sickly, cause it was cold, my feet were freezing ( Yeah great day to wear LEATHER sandals) wet, dirtied by sand and mud, I was carrying back SO many books ( last day of term 3.), felt like crap.
Took a bus home.
Had tuition ( I dont know where I got the energy from, but it was enjoyable).
T and Gorilla came over, Gorilla's vanilla Latte is still beside me.
Watched Tokyo drift in my room, watched tv, watched more tv, Laid on the bed and took pictures and did nothing much.
Oh yes they ate my very tasteless/breakfasty dinner at my place.
Gorilla was complaining like goodness knows what and once my maid cooked bacon, she stuffed the WHOLE piece into her MOUTH MAN!
She said my food tasted like those post war period.

Then the greatest thing happened in Tanny W's life, JOAKIMS OUT OF THE COMPETITION.
I'll upload pictures soon, you must see her face when she realised Joakim was outta the competition.
They left for home and I'm still here typing this bunch of crap while MTV is showing PIMP MUH RIDE RIGHT NOW!
I'll blog later, if I feel emo, about my life from p6-now.

I really wanted to see Ms Serene Thio.

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I lived till(:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Name twenty people you can think of right now.
Don't read the question(s)
until you've named the 20 people.
At the end of this, choose five people to do this.
16. Zoe
How did you meet #14? In church
What would you do if you didn't meet #1? I wouldn't have to tolerate her good mood and bad moods and go on with life knowing that I dont have Ann na in my life, and probably spending most days alone.
What if #9 and #20 dated? That'll just be fucking weird cos 9 is scared of 20
Would #6 and #17? My goodness..
Describe #3 She's a monkey and she cracks bad jokes. :)
#8 attractive?if you like young artist's with split tongues and tattoos then he's your guy.
Describe #7 She's a gorilla ( My god, first monkey now gorilla.) And she is funny and flirty.
#12 family members? Her mom is a bit mad but very talented, she hangs out with her cool granny, She loves her cousins in Sengkang like mad and she doesnt hate nor love her dad.
What would you do if #18 confesses to you that he likes you? I'll tell him I'm not as self absorbed as Bella ( Yeah that joke has been done on my sister before and she fell for it HAHA)
What language does #15 speak? English
Who is #9 going out with? His computer games.
how old is #16? 15
When is the last time you spoke to #13? at around 2pm today.
Who is #2's favourite band/singer? No idea, probably 5566, cause she's wang ren fu. HAHAHA!
Would you ever date #4? No
Would you ever date #1 ? NO!~?
Is #19 single? not sure
What's #10's last name? Oly
Would you ever be in a relationship with #11? NO!!!!
School of #3? PL
Where does #6 live? Yellow Condom
What's your fave thing about #5? She's comfortable with who she is and doesn't try to be someone else nor does she conform to the world.
Have you seen #2 naked? Sports bra and shorts
Okay, here are five UNLUCKY people to do this survey,
1. Bird
2. Ann
5.My mom ( kidding dont know who lah.)

11:42 PM

Ann is riding a horsey!
For Ann.
I Like eating her passport photo, she looks cute huh.

Oh god, we're expected to bring pots and pans to fucking Aces day tomorrow.
I know, " What in the world.. Pots and fucking pa-...?!"

I spent the day with Babe T.
She came in a cab, cause it was raining as if a tsunami was coming.
The usual spassing, she is still the same.
Big headed, ego, skinny, board-shaped, spastic and just hornier.
She claims that I'm at her nipples.
That means her nipples are at her shoulder and she says I can bite her nipples off or suck them cause I'm a good height and blahblah.
She's really very funny, she even demonstrated how to bite her nipples off without me asking.
Had fastfood at Burger King.
Then headed for the Break-up.
Very nice movie.
Jen Aniston was SHMOKEEN man!
She's really very hot.

Walked around, bought a top, then headed home with her. ( Well duh, cause she lives just 2 minutes away from me.)
Gorilla came down to pass us some umbrellas, thanks.
My shoes are now officially very black ( the rain water enhances the dirt colours on it) and soggy.

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I lived till(:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Meet Victor, he owns an island.
(c) Barfer

I hate my mother.
I have a fucking MC but I'm still planning on going to school tomorrow.
Just want to leave earlier.
Tell me, why the fuck would I wanna stay in school for chinese, math, geography and fucking Chapel.
I think it's a waste of time.
Because they're not teaching anything new either that or the students have no interest in learning.
Fuck man the fucking holidays are in a few days time.

I'm glad she's happy that I'm down with stomach flu and have been living with it since monday.
I'm irresponsible, you're right, because I'm still going to meet T tomorrow, no matter what she says.

I'm extremely angry, I want to tear my hair out and bang my head against the wall.

Hear me scream
Look at me bleed
Feel my hate
You've brewed in me.

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I lived till(:

Monday, August 28, 2006
I received a friendster message just now cause today is Rui's birthday.
Happy birthday!
And to Ju Ju too!
hahaha, this photo is damn ()*#@!()#*()!@ funny.

While G, Kong, E and I were waiting for cabs to go to school, I started cramping up.
I had the worst stomach ache and I really had to take a dump.
E finally made the move to say since we were gonna be late might as well be extremely late.
So went to her place and took a dump, watched Pleasantville till 8 plus then cabbed it to school.
I still had a tummy ache throughout the day, dont know why.
(Oh yay akira is gonna sing over the phone now.)
Anyway, dropped by for prata.
Left quite soon cos my tummy was working up again.
Ann came over.
She's damn fucking funny.
(ok Akira can sing man...O_O)
V: eh I tell you something
Ann: What?
V: I don't know if I should tell you
Ann: I know you like me right?

I found that damn FUCKING funny.

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I lived till(:

Sunday, August 27, 2006
You know I've not read E's blog in quite a long time, and I forgot what the reason was that her blog never really caught my attention and made me wanna read somemore.
Then just now, I clicked on her link and read about 5 posts, and that reminded me why it didn't really captivate me.
Number one, Kate beckindunnowhatishername is all over the blog.
start of the post"Kate, Kate, Kate. You're everywhere. :)"
end of the post"Hm. Whatever it is, Kate Beckinsale. You make me melt. *.* ( includes a picture of kate in a hot bikini holding a can of coke."
Number two, she talks about durian, once she came to school smelling of durian because her dad imported durians from johor all the way to singapore, talk about gg to the extreme of getting cheap and good durians.
Evidence"Who says durians makes you fat uh! (dated:20060824)"
another"Clare said my post are always abt durians.So I can imagine her going "not again.." when I type the next sentence. (dated:20060826)"
Another "And yes, I've found yet another durian place! (dated:20060818)" doesnt she sound excited when she said she found yet ANOTHER durian place. HAHA.

Okay that was random. Anyway, I was extremely tired last night, that was why I did not blog.
Headed to the beach with E, Ann and Z.
They came over first.
Cabbed it down to East coast.
Z and I cycled.
They were all complaining about how slow I was, sorry lah, i dont exercise one what. knn. Its like asking Drapes to exercise.
I cycled pass this tree which I really liked, if I'm going back to East Coast, I'll make a mental note to take a picture of it.
It had huge thick vines dangling down from its thick old branches.
The pines trees ( I think they're pine trees) made it seem like I was in another country, it was almost surreal.
Very relaxing.
I'm a wuss, but my muscles hurt ( dont laugh. I'll become muscular one day and punch you )
Ate at the food court.
Then sat with Z by the beach and talked and talked.
While Ann and E roller bladed to the other end of East Coast. ( we rented bikes thus cannot cycle somemore)
Ann came and joined us.
E had to leave for dinner with her familia.
Talked from about 6 plus all the way to 9 plus.
Some angmoh boy named Nisha talked to us.
He was quite annoying, I hate kids.
We talked to him about Lesbianism.
Ann told him that she was gonna marry Zoe next year and asked him to their wedding, hahaha.
He didnt believe that Ann is a girl.
Played with Sparklers and lightsticks ( I love anything that glows except for dicks, because dicks suck. )
Cabbed it home at 9 plus.

Today I had church, was messaging E during church, bloody funny.
She wants to marry me in a cemetry tomorrow.
" I'm not your first lao gong?! Dear!!!!!"
HAHAHAHA! wah lao wtf, she's damn funny.
Had lunch with the usual family and mark.

I'm meeting Cia tomorrow so tomorrow is your last day to purchase Krunk tickets yah.

Spinning; Tangitos by Gothan Project

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