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Saturday, September 09, 2006
My sexy girlfriend

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9:29 PM

You know, I've realised that every time I've got this writing mojo going, is when I'm walking to my destination.
For example, this morning, I was thinking about why people divorce or basically have an affair.
And one of the reasons is that, people become too practical.
For women, they decide that keeping long hair will just waste more shampoo, risk it catching on fire during the making of dinner and very mahfun and hot lor.
So they get practical and go to the 3 dollar barber to get a horrible short hair cut, which makes them look like an old butch.
When a woman starts to get practical in a relationship, that is when things are gonna fall apart.
It's like forcing two boys who hate each other to take it out with violence.
Afterall, sending flowers to your wife with no reason is not practical, so is long hair, make up and everything fancy pansy.
I'm not saying, we need superficial things to satisfy one's hunger for attention or something.
I'm just saying that when people get too comfortable well not comfortable, more like practical.
The love will just die out, especially when one doesn't put any effort into it, like making yourself look nice at a dinner party. Or the updation of wardrobe in 2 years.
It's like having a relationship without the sex, or physical attraction.
It's quite sad really.
Especially when a beautiful woman who decides to marry a man turns into this ugly monster, with a habit to nag, with only horrible yellowish huge shirts and huge blue pants because those are the only things which can fit her and a child or two.
It's important to always captivates one partner both, sexually, emotionally and mentally.

Besides being practical, and not accepting the flowers from your husband or boyfriend or partner like a lady, with a sweet thank you no matter how ugly the present might be, another reason is also how women ( tend to be women) would keep giving chances.
One must set her foot down and say enough is enough.
Life goes on, heart aches are just part and parcle of life.
Saying that you must always have that particular her in your life, or else you'd die, is plain stupid.
How did you live when you were 6 without her or him in your life, you were still fine, going on with life, having your little crushes.
Not knowing what you exactly want, puts you in a difficult position, making you the most vulnerable.
Getting over someone, is going to take time, tears, yada yada, but life goes on.
Lingering on with a relationship, which isn't really a relationship, is not only stupid, not only a waste of money and effort but always a waste of precious time.
After all, I'm sure many of you have experienced some sort of "love at first sight" or "Love at first time talking and knowing the personality" before.
And have missed so many tuitions and missed so many things, just to meet one person to do what? To do nothing, but laze around.
Follow him around the arcade while he talk to his friends, leaving you out.
When you could've been at home, studying, sleeping, watching tv, basically something which you'd enjoy.
I say, when something sucks, just get out of it.
You gain some and you lose some, you might regret but it's better now than later.

Anyway, I woke up at 830am, met Zoe and Chev at Harbour front Macs.
Ate, then headed to siloso, tanned.
Bumped into Reecha, Paddy and her friend.
Reecha is so fucking funny I tell you.
She accidently threw her frisbe at this 20 something year old guy with a tattoo on his arm.
He picked it up and threw it back to her, and she shouted " THANK YOU UNCLE!"
And when the irritating boys were running around, throwing sand, splashing water, she'll shout " Can you please dont throw sand, it's getting on us" He still continued cos he's dumb, then she'd keep shouting " UNCLE. STUPID UNCLE"
HAHAHA, she made this fucking funny song about this old over weight angmoh woman who was wearing a lepord skin printed swim suit.
" everytime you come around, my lepard lepard wants to go down, like lepard lepard lepard lepard lepard, lepard lepard lepard lepard lepard!"
Bathed, then headed to town.
Met Akira at Dhoby station, Chev left to meet her friend.
Zoe and I met Akira's friend, Mei Yin(g?) at Sommerset MRT.
Headed to Akira's Malaysian Eurasian friend, Joe at Youth Park, cause his girlfriend's, who is also Zoe's senior, band was playing.
Ate at Longjohns.
Walked around, Zoe left.
Walked around, talked alot of cock and bullzzz.
I thought the live size buddha was coming, turns out he wasn't, instead Akira's rockstar gay buddy, Marcus came down.
Met Joey and his girlfriend for a while and Marcus then I left for home.

Where's my 2nd month present baby?

7:01 PM

My friend, Ann is wonderful
While I was talking to her online telling her how she cant just decide not to go to the beach last minute

A says:
i haveing mense (note her horrible spelling. havEing. )
A says:
so uncomfortable
Tori says:
cannot get drunk then say " oh oh. i got hangover Sorli cannort go cos I think you guys suck"
Tori says:
Nvm not like u gonna wear bikini
A says:
A says:
A says:
but stuill uncomfortable
I help u lick your pussy confirm wont be uncomfortable already right
A. says:
unless you bring 101pads for me
A. says:
Tori says:
Uh okay
Tori says:
I bring tampon

101 pads?! siao?!

12:29 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, September 08, 2006

I spent my day doing art once again, yes for those who think I'm super smart ( which I am) dont be surprised if you do better than me this term because I've not really been working hard, which is BAD.
Yeah I'm pretty much all about the grades, art, friends and family.
There's nothing else my life revolves around besides those things.

I doubt you'd wanna hear about my day at home.
Moving on, I went out with my Woman in the afternoon for a movie, Monster house. ( thus the picture in the blogpost, duh dumbass.)
The movie is BRILLIANT, it was actually quite shocking, not Scary but more like shocking.
The possessed house, bunch of kids and an old man for a neighbour, on a halloween day, spells disaster in a way.
Steve Speilberg is brilliant, I'm not very sure if Tim Burton did this film or not.
But yeah, its very cool.
Its not advisable to bring kids under 8 or 7 to watch this movie, especially those who can't stand the scaries, like me when I was younger.
So anyway, had dinner with my mom and sister at TCC then went home.
That's about it.
2 days till school.
2 weeks till term4 exams start?!
about a month plus till exams end
About 2 months till holiday
4 months till next year
10 months till my birthday
14 months till O levels
15 months till I'm out of school
About 20 months till I start JC
35 months till I get my drivers liscence
41 months till my A levels
89 months till I move out of my house
And yada yada, yes I'm quite bored.

Wah lau wtf, my fucking neighbour is playing " I'm never gonna get you outta my mind! somethign something I bet you would! " irritating assholezz.

Hi sexy Tim Burton, I got your photo off google and I hope this is you. Recognise you with yur mad hair filled with the most brilliant ideas in the WORLDDD WHOOOO.

9:51 PM

Charis fed her homeless friend today.

Spent my day at esplanade, forced my ass to wake up at 11 even though I slept at 3 in the morning.
Met C there.
Ate, talked, drew alot.
I wasted so much time, I'm so frustrated with myself.
There are only 3 days left till term 4 starts, yes I've not been studying.
So how now!

Siao leh, I still want to do my art.
Okay I'm tired and a bit pist off right now because I hate to be the fucking middle man 247 of some one's relationship.

12:03 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, September 07, 2006
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2:38 AM

Lemme start this post off with a Joke(s)
Yo mama so stupid that she arranges her M&Ms in alphabethical order
Yo mama so fat, she wake up in sections
Yo mama so old, she sat behind Jesus in 3rd grade
Yo mama so fat, she's in both sides of the family
Yo mama so ugly, she braids her hair on her upper lip

Got all those off http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1529955&launchedFrom=/ontv/dyn/yo_momma/series.jhtml#/overdrive/?id=1529955&launchedFrom=/ontv/dyn/yo_momma/series.jhtml
So go check it out if you're a fan of Yo Mama Jokes.
Anyway I slept half the day away, yes I was very upset when I woke up.
Because waking up and realising that it's 12 in the afternoon is not a very good thing.
The thought of the whole morning gone, just scared the living daylights outta me, so I sat on my bed and cried and cried.
Just kidding.
From the really great and intense dream which I had, really shook me and made me realise that I've to purchase the artbook which Drapes have immediately.
Because I actually dreamt of going to this mystical book fair just to find for that book.
Ooh, that book shop on the 5th level of Bras Basah here I come!
Drapes, if you're reading, please leave the name of the book on the tagboard (again, sorry! :$)
Okay I'm sweating now even though the ceiling fan and aircon is on. Whoo time to remove all my clothes and show the monks what I've got besides hair on my head (Okay I was kidding)
Anyway, spent my day with Tanny.
She came over and I still walked around unbathed and hungry.
Played Civcity like an addict, she said I sucked at the game, wait till you see her play okay. You'll just wanna hit her with a pot and crack her huge head up like some kinda egg.

I finished painting a pair of fucking old shoes.
I sew the ribbon on 4 times. >:0( But I'm very pleased with the end result.
Well because it has my initials on it, Tori Tease.
Uh, painted, photoshopped.
C and her family dropped by my place for an hour or two, cause they might be renting the condo in my condo. Whoo more neighbours, doesnt this life get any better.
( But she'll be moving to LA in a years time, and Tanny you better not move to Melbourne.)
Went to Grapevine, met C and her family there, ate.
M, Eme Baby and Ann joined us.
Played a bit of pool.
Headed to my house's nearby coffeeshop to eat.
Then they came over.
Eme and Ann left while watching CSI.
M stayed, and we watched CSI Season 2's episode one and two till 1:30 in the morning.
So she went home.
I'm here, still pretty scared to go to bed just cause I saw a fake corpse in the show, which was squashed in the mids of rubbish.

Yes, one of the emotions which I utterly hate if fear.
Okay I'm gonna sleep soon, I want to go to Clark Quay to draw soon, I doubt N will read this but if she does call me.

1:54 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Our very own statue of liberty
Ann's mama hamoo and babies
Siao Lang who looks like a peacock in front view.
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11:29 AM

I've not blogged since sunday or rather about saturday and sunday.
I can't really remember what I did on saturday, probably just stayed at home, slept and the usual stuff.
On sunday I had church, with the usual people at Great World.
And yesterday, I woke up late, did my very first sketch which included cotton buds. Well I sketched a frigging Merlion, so I don't know if it's correctly proportionate and if it's nice at all. ( I find merlions ugly, but I've to do it for my art finals.)
Went out with my mom, had a massage which was not that good. ( she's right, I shouldn't go for massages withher, not worth it cause they tend to poke either too hard to poke my ticklishsensitive area)
After that, got some stuff from Spotlight.
Headed to cartle for dinner.
Then bought some hamster cage's stuff.

And today, I plan to study, draw and draw. T_T I have to do something about my other subjects besides Art.

A few things I must do by the end of this week!
-Read through Lit's Macbeth
-Practice Math questions from textbook
-Read through Biology and Chemistry self made notes
-File up all my term3 notes
- finish 3/4 of art prep work
-Visit Clark Quay if I've time to photograph and draw out clark Quay for Art prep work T_T

If I've more things to update I will.

11:12 AM

I lived till(:

Sunday, September 03, 2006
Tapeesprings;hamoo;hamster when he is well

Now he is dead skinny for some reason, just because I stayed out for one night.
And his left eye can't open. :( WAH LAO ANN NA MUST BE YR HAMSTER BULLY MY HAMSTER!

:(:( i'm gonna bring him to the vet soon! Posted by Picasa

12:42 AM