I lived till(:

Saturday, October 07, 2006
In the afternoon, Paddy told me that the PSI was 128.
Now it's 9pm and it's PSI143.
I'm not sure if they're trying to burn down the trees or trying to kill us..
Well, I took care of the mess in my room.
Yeah it's been MONTHS since I've cleaned my room, so I had 2 huge bags of garbage.
So yeah that was about it, and um yeah I slept at around 5am.
Sometimes, I really hate my imagination, too much of it leaves me sleepless and tired.
I've got a feeling we wouldn't have to go to school on tuesday.
Mmm.. I guess when I'm not occupied, I feel depressed and bored.
So school does help ALOT with those emotions.

Oh yeah you guys have to read about Ravi who got charged into Mental hospital man.
I really hope that you guys will read it, pass the word around, tsk the goverment.

9:12 PM

I must stop watching CSI at night, it scares me and now it's 4am, I'm suffering from insomnia and am alone.
Gee, what a nice cup of tea.
My nose is driving me up the wall #)(*#()@*#@(*@()#*@

3:56 AM

The exam was very easy today.
The haze is thick as cum man.
Anyway, I had the most horrible dream in the world this afternoon and I could not wake up for some reason.
And when I did, I felt lonely and depressed.
It was only 2:30 in the afternoon and I felt depressed, what a time to feel depressed.
I guess, the feelings of accomplishing everything in life, which is in my case during this period is to get over my exams, and once I'm done with it, it's almost like I've got no one in my life I can share my free time with, or basically, I've no life at all besides studying for exams.
I guess art takes up alot of my time, but I guess it'd be really nice to fall inlove again.
I doubt that'll happen anytime soon for I'm surrounded by stupid people.
And all the smart people are my friends.
It was a horrible feeling and its just the realization that suddenly occured that really .. shocked me?
Well whatever, becos I went out in the afternoon to meet T.
I missed her like Fck.
So we walked around in the horrible haze, I really hope they'll call it a holiday for the next 2 weeks ! :D
Fat hope really.
We went to watch little Miss Sunshine, beautiful show.
5 stars out of 5 stars.
I got in anyway, and there was no porno or whatever, just explicit language by the grandfather ( yeah of all people, the GRAND FATHER )
Bumped into M and the rest, said hello.
Ate, walked around, took a bus to Esplanade.
Esplanade's lantern walk festival is THE BEST man.
Seriously, there was this 5 metre long banner hung up high which said " Welcome to Sg's 2006 Lantern festival.This is your starting point for your lantern walk " ( Okay something like that )
And guess what, it was just this not even that Large piece of rectangular land, WITH NO LANTERNS.
Best you know. -_-
Took a bus home with her.
I swore like hell over the phone to Ann, telling her no cab would stop for me.
Bloody hell, I was never so pissed in the past couple of days.
Celebrated Lantern festival at her place.
Hanging lanterns, burning them, contributing to the haze, placing "pow pow"s on the road, laughing like hell at cars running over the pow-pows.
It was fun, drank a bit, then home.
Watched CSI.
Uh, I'm so tired (#*@!()#*@)(#*).

Oh yea I realise that I fall for the weirdest people on earth, or basically highly unlikely person I'd actually fall for.


12:34 AM

I lived till(:

Thursday, October 05, 2006
I feel very sorry for these few sites which I'm about to show you.
Alright, there are Many more sites which sells clothes.
Okay firstly, the first shop has a really ugly and not-friendly user page.
For goodness sakes you've to keep scrolling many different scroll bars just to look at the earrings.
And the pictures of the earrings are BLURRED, talk about knowing how the product You wanna buy looks like.
I guess the back ground for Shop at lalaland is not too bad, well becos it's blurred and you cant see the back ground and earrings take very little back ground anyway.
So the second shop is a shop which I came across while browsing my brother's friend's blog.
I guess it ain't that bad, wait who am I kidding, it's hiddeous.
The back ground and the lighting of the products are hiddeous.
I've to admit that the products aren't that bad, but seriously, if you've to actually circle this TINY authentic of the cap, it shows how un eye catching it is.
Well, someone did buy the cap in the end anyway ( scroll ALL the way down of the latter blog to see the cap with the tiny "authentic" label)
The back ground is hiddeous, you can see her cupboard and it's not as if she lives in a mansion with beautiful furniture.
On top of that, she sells bullshit like quote from her blog ( second last post " #060-ZA beauty school eye brow shaping voucher ($2.50)"
Wtf and she takes a photo of this Ugly looking crumpled up two dollar and fifty cents voucher.
She doesn't state the sizes of her clothes.
The blogskin is quite pleasing to the eye, but the pictures are hiddeous.
I mean yeah you wanna sell your stuff away but selling junk away and putting it on your blogf rom uh..september 7th until now and yet no buyers, then Please lah, take it down.
It makes your shop look bad and people will refer to you clearing out your closet rather than selling overseas goods.

Her style of clothes and shitz doesn't appeal to me at all.
I just felt like critisizing these blogs infact, I've wanted to do that for quite sometime but I keep forgetting.

Anyway Cal and Ann are at my place, I'm gonna paint now.
Guess what I found in my dads "secret" cupboard?
black, brown, white, yellow, blue and (I think) green fabric paint.
Hmpf. he didn't even tell me.

I wouldnt really consider it porn.

2:51 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
There once lived 4 people in a sad little town called HellHole, it's slogan was simple and catchy and lesbians tend to lodge there for it was well known for.. well.. good lesbians.
Even it's little slogan says so: Pure Lesbians Make Good Sex Slaves.
Everyone who lived in that little town either turned gay or bisexual, it was very common to see girls either crazy over ugly butches, or girls crazy over boys or girls crazy over fucking pretty girls.
I, the author, of this story, find Boy/Butch crazy girls irritatingly stupid.
It was rare to find a completely straight female in that town.
Yes the towns ratio of males is to females is probably around 3:3000.
(Note the statistics.)
So without further-a-do (uh i think I spelt that wrongly..)! I bring you my four main characters.

Ann Noo
& LAST but not LEAST, Dorysoo!

They all share common chinese names too!
Charisoo goes by the name of Charisoo Lee Siao Hua, and Dorysoo goes by the name of Dorysoo Lee Siao Ting, Well you get the point.
Refer to link http://yourbittersweetsmile-.blogspot.com/
For further descriptions of the first 3 characters.
For now, I'll be telling you more about Dorysoo.

Dorysoo is a sweet little girl with short hair, she's gorgeous and skinny and she falls hard for the prettiest girls in the world ( Besides Birdoo's Kate BeckIns9uejdqwjkdnw (dunno how to spell her name)). She also enjoys checking out pretty boys and her major eyecandy who's 2 years older than us. But beware of her! For I must warn you that, even though she may come across as a butch girl next door, BUT SHE IS NOT! Her voice is disgustingly high, she mimicks Miss Swan and irritates 27 other souls who live near her in HellHole like HELL. (No wonder the town is named HellHole. She's the Hell.. and Big Bird's the hole?) She screams like a mad cow and she loves shouting My name, my chinese name to be specific.
But under that.. umm.. horrible, screechiest(?) exterior.. she's pretty nice and very sweet.
Her hobbies are, playing Shoe Basketball ( Using Ann Noo's shoes) and irritating the living HELL out of Ann Noo.

Moving on to the story..

One rainy afternoon in HellHole, Charisoo, Ann Noo and Dorysoo decided to go to the local Kopitiam to indulge in nasi brani and all kinds of food which you can think of.
After indulging themselves with good food and a whole load of Milo (Charisoo's drink) and Orange Juice with Jelly (The other dumbasses drinks), they thought that it'd be fun to play in the rain.
So happily, while walking back to their nice hut prison cell, which lived 25 other girls (exclud. them), they dumped their wallets and valuables with Charisoo and ran into the rain.
Oh how they ran and ran and ran, and OH how the rain water splattered all over their faces, causing them to shiver and laugh.
They became as soggy as Vickoo's shoes when it's in urine.
Oh how, I was lying once again, Sorry, they did not run, but yes the "rain water" did splatter all over them.
Well.. Basically they stood under the "drainage" thing which collects all the rain water and dead insects and what not from the roof and it all gets drained down that "pipe" like thing.
So basically they were bathing in Silso Beach's water; Urine water; Dirty water; sex water (teehee, insects and birds probably had sex on that roof. )
Oh how They laughed and laughed.
Finally when they felt that there was enough Sex water on them, they carried on their journey back to the hut.
Oh how they climbed over 3 small hills and turned Right once they saw the Sewage System shitz.
They burst into the Prison cell, filling the room with all sorts of smells, bursting out of their armpits and clothings!
They have spotted Vickoo sitting innocently by her table sleeping and well.. I wouldn't consider Birdoo innocent becos she was drooling all over.
Oh how they ran!
And gave Vickoo the biggest most wettest most sex watered hug in her life.
Everyone in the house went mad!
They gave huge embraces to different girls in the house and chasing the leader of the house, Anna and her hubby, Candy ( Both girls of course) out of the house into the Sewage System Shitz and then chasing them back into the house.
Anna and her hubby gave up.. Sadly both got hugged and got drenched in Sex Juice.
When the sun rose and the dark clouds cleared, The whole Prison Cell Stank of Sex!

The End

Now Birdoo, it's your turn to continue!

HAHAHA, wasn't that entertaining, I spent 15 minutes figuring out what to type.
Anyway, Art exam did not went as well as planned.
The teacher said we start at 8:30, when we went into class at 8:35 on top of that, we still had to set up our stuff.
Really, If I had 10 minutes extra, It would've been perfect.
Once again, it is a "would have been".
Anyway, my mom picked me up in a cab with C.
We headed to Plaza.
Bought the tickets for our movies.
Hung around at spotlight then ate sushi.
C and I watched John Tucker must die, he's hot.
Seriously, hot.
My mom went to watch My little Sunshine ( a very very good movie! which is NC16)
I went to cut my hair then lim-ko-pi!
That's all folks!
So tired and hungry!

Tannu tannu bo banoo
Banana fana foe fanoo
Fee Fy foe fanoo!

I bought JT's Future sex love sound and Evanescence's latest album! Whoohoo!

7:20 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 02, 2006

The haze is killing my eyes and nose.
I'm shrivelling up like a prune, the water in my skin is evaporating and I'm gonna turn into a piece of shrivelled up crispy human soon!
I guess the Biology and Math paper was quite okay, for the first time I'm actually gonna say that I'm not very sure I'll score high.
T_T I guess I studied the wrong stuffs?
Math was do-able except I didnt have enough time.
Anyway at the end of the day, marks are just numbers.
And as long as I am able to get promoted I shouldn't complain.
Afterall, it's the Os which will decide my fate!
Okay So I've figured out that the chapters that did not come out for Biology exam today is probably gonna come out on Friday's science MCQ.
I'm now rushing through Chemistry, I guess it ain't that difficult.
But anyway, QA can suck ballz man, I keep memorising the same BS over and over again.
Go and die QA, no one wants to be your friend.

This is suicide, I've no idea what I'm gonna do for the back ground of my final layout.
And art exam is on wednesday.
Mm, I should be more concerned about chemistry though.

I can see the haze from here.. mm.
Is Singapore going to be the next Shanghai?

6:05 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, October 01, 2006
Being cool is not the fad.

This is quite upsetting, for the first time I find studying biology a bit.. difficult? tiring?
I've always loved biology, but Everything and Anything sucks when you've to squeeze Everything into your brain within a short period of time.
I'm so tired, going to bed soon and my lips feel like they own millions of ulcers, have no idea why.
Maybe the lack of water.
Tuition was just.. well just like any other tuition, just tuitionified.
I did study for math though, and by God's grace I shall pass!
It's already 10:58pm. I should really head to bed.
Ann's dad is gonna pick me up from my place to get prata at 4:45am.
That means I've only got 5 hours and fifteen minutes of sleep.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but fuck it, I'm still gonna go ahead with whatever is planned.
BellZ is insane and he's the only living thing with a dick which I'd like to fuckmarry.
Even though, he wore a bra and fishnets for one of his photos.
It's I guess very comforting to know that people will actually go to that extend for Art.
And to know that, you're still sane cos other people also does weird things.
So I guess I can understand why girls do artistic nude photographs.
It's 11:02, I've only got 5 hours and ten minutes of sleep left.

Good night, I'm wearing a free red coloured shirt which says A heart for life!
:0) CIP..

11:01 PM