I lived till(:

Saturday, October 14, 2006
I'm feeling quite pissed and was really angry just 10 seconds ago but my anger has died down, becos I've managed to see this whole situation in a thirds person view.
But seriously, is it that hard to return a call or to give a call.
Yeah you were sleeping and emotional, I mean the least you can do is to call us when you realise that we've given you dunno how many missed calls.
Everyone oversleeps and miss out on stuff, but at least return the call.
We didnt have to give you gazillion missed calls but we did anyway and don't come up with crap that " I never ask you to what.."
Its just being polite you know, informing a friend about the time to meet etc etc.
It just sucks, cause I havent seen you in such a long time and then when I can finally talk to you in person rather than MSN and see your new piercings and tattoos in 3d, you fall sick,which I dont blame you for its just rotten luck, and decide that you're too sick to return a call to Muriz or I.
It's so rude.
Anyway, I hope You get well soon.

With that piece of shit essay aside, I'll like to add that I've finally spent time with Muriz and Jism Head (more like rooster head, he has red orange and yellow hair, not streaks though)
Bummed around with Muriz.
Bummed around with Jism and Muriz.
Spent 10 bucks on a cab fare which took us back to Muriz place in the end cos Farrer Park's irritating inconsiderate traffic jammed depavali-ed streets were pissing all of us off, especially me since Sam had already finished his presentation at some underground thing.
Didn't get to see my photo, but I guess it didn't really matter, really looked forward to it though.
Akira's lucky that he overslept or else he'd have to chip in at least 2 bucks to the fucking expansive cab fare which I paid half for, so did Jism in the end.
I saw some indian/bungla man scratching his balls at the side of the road and his fucking sarong was slipping off and coming undone, it was horrifying.
Went back to M's place with JH to chill in the haze filled room with a fucking stupid dvd, forgot the title.
I'll tell you about the title soon, so that you won't make a mistake by watching the stupid show.
The haze is slowly killing me and I've been coughing like crazy.
I'm coughing, my eyes are shrivelling and the Psi is bloody high for sure.

I played a tune and she listened.

11:41 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Oh, I received my results today.
( I wanted to type out the specific score of each of my subjects, but i've decided not to.)
I've got 2 As, science and art. 2 Bs, Humans and English, D7 for Chinese and an unexpected yet still expected F9 for Math.
The subjects which gave me a huge surprise were both chem and biology, Geography and chinese.
And another one which gave me a big surprise too, in a not so good way is my math.
Moving on to more important things!

I've read finished my first death note comic, volume 1.
And watched Episode one on Youtube too!
It's so exciting.
I used to hate anime.
( I think hate is a very strong word.. but that was what I felt.. i guess..)
But there's only one person I've to thank for introducing the comic to me.

Oh yeah I'm still having a fever and bad flu, and threw up this morning.
So I'm not gonna go to school tomorrow.
And after sleeping and dreaming about Shinigamis flying around with L and Light, i woke up and guess who I ran into while walking to the toilet.
Some lady who looks like a Shinigami, who was about to go to the toilet.
She stared at me for a while and I stared at her for a while ( C'mon man, I just woke up, so I'm entitled to stare at her but she's not entitled to stare at me! ) and she quickly apologised and gave me this really scared look.
Lol, After pissing, I went to look at myself in the mirror, yeah I look pretty scary too.
I've no idea why that lady was about to use my toilet and why she's still in my house.
She really looks like Ryuk though, Lol.. imagine that, a woman who looks like a death god.

7:29 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Lazy to talk about my day.
So umm, I got back english and chinese results, not too bad.
Went to Bugis to check out Theodore's tattoo/piercing shop, mm, i've no idea how to spell his name.
Was out with Siewhwee ( Lol I thought she was meiying at first. HAWHAW ), Cal, Ann, C, Al and my imaginary friend
Met mom, bought The first volume of Deathnote.
I'm running a slight temperature and there's a cup of Manuka (?) honey mixed with water sitting right beside my food ( which is on the table beside the keyboard)

Bye world and hello Death note!

9:32 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I am so tired!
Do you have any idea how tired I am?
I'm so tired that I'm not gonna type anything after this.
I'm kind well.. that's not the word, more like, I'd really love to share my experience with T and Sexy Gorilla with you guys today!

Oh yeah lemme start off by saying that I slept at 12am and woke up at 3am.
Sat infront of the computer, watched one episode of queer as folk.
Read half of the Virgin Suicides, I LOVE THE BOOK.
Took a long hot shower before heading to school.
Bullied the fucking prefects again, cos it's really our job to toughen them up or you know, make them quit!
Ogre prefect(my class prefect) at 7:15am " Please go down now. "
Me " No."
7:16am Ogre " Please wear your name tag"
Me "No."
7:20am at assembly grounds " Please wear your name tag "
Me " No"
Then the fucking ANNOYING stick shithead who is 'taking care ( More like go fuck yr mother )" of Kongs class then came up to me while I was talking to The Cool about Wade Robson and his concert thingie.
Stick shit " Can you please wear yr name tag" ( Plants her skinny ass body inbetween The cool and I )
Me " Wtf is your problem. Can you not see I'm having a conversation and you're damn rude"
The unmovable stick still stands there.
Me " What is wrong with you ?!"
Stickshit " where is your name tag "
Me" Of course it's not with me right, I mean if it's with me I would've wore it BUT I'm not wearing it. "
Then the stick says somemore bullshit about buying a name tag.
She then moved her twig legs out of my sight.
During Silent reading she approached me and asked me to purchase a name tag .
Stick ' Please go and buy a name tag now."
Me " No."
Stick stands there for a while as I carry on reading and Ann budges in and says " She already have a name tag, it's in class lah. like wtf is wrong w you. "
Stick " Oh she never tell me. Why u never tell me."
Me " Tell you for what."

I mean, some of you might not understand why my friends and I find it highly entertaining just by bullying them little shittwits. Well.. it's simple. If they can't cope with us Sec3s then they should not be a prefect in the first place. And Stickshit should just remain as a tree beside the Bald tree of Pussy Lickers.

Okay anyway basically I had 3 hours of sleep and WASTED MY FUCKING TIME IN SCHOOL FOR 6 HOURS.

Well.. I wouldn't say my day is that bad becos I met T and L at Ser station around 2 plus?
Headed down to the new mall at Harbour front, Vivo or something.
Here are my comments about the mall.
It's not well planned out AT ALL, I wouldn't say it's very well structured, there are WAY too many shops compared to restaurants, GV's screen is WAY too big for your beady eyes to capture. ( You know if it's such a big screen all the more your seats have to be considerably far away in a way), It has a very nice roof garden and out door thingie going on, there are Alot of famous clothing brands.
It takes My Daddies and I half an hour to reach from one end of Vivo to the other end.
Seriously, it's so NOT well planned out.
Example, Taka, Basement is where all the food is and yet there's also Crystal jade and like small cafes here and there right.
Vivo's is HORRIBLE.
There's a HUGE CHUNK of clothing shops and what shitz and after walking for 20 minutes, then you finally find a restaurant.
Seriously damn suckoo.
Lol I'm damn lazy to elaborate on my day.
Watched You me and Dupree, they checked for IDS but as long as L and T had their Ids I could go in.
Quite funny I guess, not really my type?
Yeah My daddies and I keep wanting to take family photos T_T oh my goodness, my daddies are shit funny.
And they're more childish then me.
I was the one who suggested to go into Toys R us and you know who were the ones who got so high and left gasping for air and sweating?
Yeah my daddies.
Becos they were playing fucking foam swords shit with a 5 year old kid for 20 minutes, running here running there.
And then admiring their hair ever so often.

First, before the movie started, we went hunting for food, but to no avail, the food all sucked.
So went back to GV, ( basically walked around for 40 minutes and ended up at the same place) and got popcorn and icecream and a drink.
After the movie, we had Sushi teh.
After Sushi teh and spassing around and before we went home, we went to Hagen Diaz to eat ice cream.
Bumped into E and her sister, heh.

Refer to Drake's blog for pictures and all the details.

My gay daddies are seriously, Fucking gay, I never knew that they were THAT gay until today.
:D And I understand the Anime Death Note, thanks to Lucine M of course. :) Yes the death note advert was very VERY exciting and I'm already so excited for Al or whatever that guys name is.

9:32 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 09, 2006
Now how can anyone hate John Mayers music, he produces such good music and I love his drug addict face.
I guess he kinda makes me happy.
Yeah, I guess for the first time I actually feel like an ogre inside and for my face ..well that's for you to judge, and I really don't care.
I spent my day with my family, it felt like sunday once again.
It's really nice to spend time with Daddy especially since he's usually in another country.
Pity that we have nothing in common, or rather, I've really got nothing to talk to him about.
But there's still a rope of love that binds both of us together, in a quiet sort of way.
I bumped into Kelly and Alicia in town.
So yeah I was in town.
Watched too much television today, and in about 8 minutes time, ANTM will be on Channel 5 and you'll see me sitting on the couch once again.

I don't know how to explain it, but it's the people which I have not talked to for a really long time that gives me a sense of comfort.
As if we speak the same language, I mean yeah we all speak english but as in.. never mind.
I've no idea why I feel so fucked up when I this is supposedly my happy period of time.
Maybe one can't find or understand happiness unless one experiences great sadness?
I feel happy studying and I actually love the pressure.. I think.
And maybe it's becos I had something to look forward to which is the "after exam feeling" that really brought me happiness.
But now I've sorta reached the ultimate happiness, which is basically my goal, but yet I feel like I've reached a dead end.
Ironic ainnit?
You can't understand happiness unless you feel sad or whatever.
Now I've no idea how I feel, maybe it's this "boring" feeling which I'm getting, some sort of emptiness, something like depression but not so much so, and alot of hatred and anger but to no one in particular.. maybe to everyone. So I'm feeling sadness or whatever but yet how come I'm left with no happiness or joy or whatever shit fuck.
Could it be PMS? Mmm...

Dear Jesus, I take back those words about falling inlove, because now you've reminded me why I don't fall inlove.
Because I cant handle it and I'm too much of a coward.
Ah.. Please..

9:54 PM

Can someone please get me out of here, I'm having feelings which don't belong.

I hate everyone.
Fuck off (x 1000)

1:23 AM

I was looking at my blog a few minutes ago, and realised what bad posts I've been posting for the past couple of days.
So here is a post.. which is just as bad but hopefully with better grammar.
Oh yeah I sat beside Jacintha from Singapore Idol during church today.
I found it quite funny becos when she first sat down beside me, I thought ' Man wtf. Fucking strong perfume lah.'
And of course got further annoyed ( C probably knows what kinda ogreish face I'd be giving ) when she started to sing really loudly.
After 10 minutes, I realised that she could sing really well, so it wasn't that bad.
Then when I sat down to pass the Bread and Grape juice down the row, I looked at her and thought " Mmm.. is that Jacintha from Sg Idol.. Nah cant be "
She looks much thinner in person, she has wrinkly hands and has huge scars on her legs which you wont be able to see in SG idol since there's a huge table blocking all them scars.
Anyway, after passing the stuff to her and after she had smiled at me, I realised it was really her.
You know, she has this kinda weird smile, like she pauses, then Smiles really wide.
Yeah so I was 30cm away from a celebrity but still acted like a child with my brother, disturbing my mom.
T_T Only Kris and anyone who has attended church with me and my family will understand how childish we can be.
What is even funnier is how my Daddy always insults her on tv.
No, not the kind of really demoralising insults.
More like " She so fat.. " Or " What kinda stupid comment is that." Okay.. maybe that's kinda demoralising..
Anyway, had lunch with Mark the fart and Bella.
Bought new shoes and a grey coloured singlet.
Uh, I really didn't do much, so yeah...

Just watched finished Miami Ink, lol, Darren ( I'm not sure if that's even his name) looks like a teddy bear. Heh heh.
Guess what, I lost Ms Ang on my msn list once again. -_-!!!

So now, I'll end my post, it's 12:12am.
There's no school today.
I'm tired, wearing my specs, a shirt which says Active lifestyle with freshly stained Toothpaste and a pair of grey and red striped knickers and Am about to go to bed!

12:07 AM