I lived till(:

Friday, October 27, 2006
You know I've not taken a neoprint in 2 years, yeah serious.
Okay except for the time when I went to Japan with my parents.
So one neoprint in 2 years and now I feel like taking an obscene neoprint WHOO!!!!
Yeah, I was browsing MOT and came across some guy who took his shirt off in the booth.
Mmm.... he is gross BUT the "MMM" is what I'm thinking about doing.

-- Please get your ass down to Youtube now and type "ouran high school host club episode 22"
and watch episode 23 too, its bloooooddddyyyy funny I've never laughed so hard at a cartoon ever.

10:22 PM

I did not go to school yesterday and Ann told me that she couldn't get my report book becos I've not paid the library 150 bucks. Yeah my library fine is really something... Mmm, with 150 bucks I can buy 1500 fishballs?
So had dinner at C's place, yeah she just moved.
So checked out her place and met her room mates, Dawn and Candy.
I like the name Candy, it reminds me of those really cool porno dancers, in a cool way.
Anyway, Candy's kindergarden teacher, haha I know..
Zoe, Eme, L, T and M came over to my place.
L and T were being so bloody annoying, they keep making these really weird sounds, and M kept watching Ninja some shit on Youtube and Emo rangers.
The volume was soooo louddddd that I could even hear what the ninjas were saying from the living room.
We danced like retards and screamed.
They had dinner at my place, chinese food.
Yeah and I've been spending my time drawing and painting this particular black and white piece which I'm gonna give to a good friend of mine soon.
It's still not done but I'm sooo excited to see the final product.
Its quite upsetting that I dont have steady hands or rather I dont concentrate hard enough, there are so many mistakes in the painting once again but it's not as if I can click undo and the line dissapears.
T_T So maybe it looked much better in pencil? I dunno.. it's still purtty nonetheless and I hope she likes it.
Ugh, my mom and dad apparently took the day off and are coming home right now.
There's something about my dad that I really dont understand.
Sometimes he just doesn't make any sense, T_T I can see why my sis moved out.
He asks me why I paint such "things". What in the world. T_T I painted a girl in black and white and she's not crying or anything.. he's really.. odd.
Okay I'm gonna complete this painting by today, toodles noodles!

2:13 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
I guess the Rifle must really think I'm mad, well who can blame her.
After today's incident, even I myself would think that I'm mad, but seriously, using the words "Mad woman" on me, just proves what a wide vocab you really have my Mushroomness (Highness..you know but mushroomness cos of her features and stoutness in a way).
And these words coming from a 40 year old lady, just makes me wanna laugh.
You see, this just proves that the phrase : Ah yah when you grow up and more MATURE (please...) you'll understand.
I guess she took it way too personal.
The christmas service which we had to attend during school hours was such a pain in the ass.
It's not only stupid to celebrate christmas but soooo annoying.
I guess the service wasn't all too bad since the old folks and blind folks were able to visit our school, it's good for them to get some fresh air and yes, did the hall reeked of Hospital/old people smell when we entered.
(They really have to change the shampoos in the hospital and use some other soap and not Detol all the time.)
C was busy reading Death Note and I was busy drawing and I really didnt see a point for us being there especially since the teachers and folks have left.
Alot of stupid shit happened. The teacher kept asking us to stand up and join in with the singing of christmas songs in FREAKING OCTOBER?!?!?! and scolded us yada yada when there were about 10 other girls sitting down a few metres away from us.
Got pretty pissed off and seriously, the christian music and horrible voices blasting from the speakers was giving me a headache and I felt like I was in Hell.
So C and I left instantly with a bunch of booklets and told the prefect that we had to place the books in class.
We had to leave after lazing around the classroom for 15 minutes waiting for a friend to finish "shitting".
So headed back to the haell.
When C saw Rifle at the door she immediately ran away.
I had to remain calm and just walked into the hall as if nothing odd has happened.
Rifle asked who that was and I shrugged with a I dunno..
She asked me to get outta the hall and see her, so I did.
She yelled at me asking why I was in the toilet for so long. My answer was simple, waiting for my friend to shit finish. She asked why I had to be in the same stall or some shit and I told her that I was in class waiting and also cos I had to put some books down.
After realising that she had no more ammo to fire at me, she yelled furiously at me, not like a question way but more like a "YOU'RE A RUDE STUDENT! DIEEEEE".
She screamed at me, asking why I did not respond when she asked me to get outta the hall to see her.
I remained a bit calm at first and told her everything that happened, from the time I shrugged to the time she asked me to get outta the hall and I did not hesitate but really did leave the hall to see her immediately.
She said I was rude and had no respect.
I told her off " You were raising your voice first" "How can I have respect for someone who doesnt even respect me. You think raising your voice will gain authority over me? You know it doesnt work. " And I started repeating the situation again. " When you asked me who that was I told you I didnt know..blahblah... And now what do you want me to do?!"
Her, smiling to herself with this evil grin, as if she's talking to a ridiculous person, "haha..haha.. why dont you carry on being a mad woman"
wth... T_T
I seriously feel sorry for her.
She asked my drama teacher, whom I personally hate, to "come here".
Obviously to me she was ganging up " Oh yeah thats right, gang up. Two against one, I guess thats right."
She said she wanted an eye witness to this situation. ( I guess it was something my mom did the last time. its a long story, another time. Something about her bursting into her office and pointing at the HODS around yelling "those are the eyewitnesses! whats your name?! I'm gonna report this to the principal" It was hilarious. Adults shouting at each other makes me laugh So extremely hard. Its like watching two kids fighting over a toy, except they're big tall and "sophisticated." Dont get me wrong, that situation just made me love my mom even more)
I changed my look into a young innocent school girl immediately.
Rifle: Why dont you carry on. Tell Mrs Horse about what you were about to tell me.
V: I was about to tell Ms Rifle.. that I'm sorry.
Mrs Horse: Why are you sorry?
V: Becos it makes me look good ( yes first mistake I know..T_T )
V: nono, I mean.. I'm humiliated, embarrassed, shy, wrong, and you're right, I've no morals, no respect for anyone, not even myself. I'm dirt. You can make me into anything you want me to be.
I really sounded very.. mad and depressed.
She was obviously busy smirking her big ass off, well not like I cared, it just made her look bad since I looked so innocent ( I'm pretty sure Horse face didnt buy it, but it doesnt matter, since I did not raise my voice at that time and used a pretty SICKLY (literally, pretty irritating too) sweet voice. And looking at her with big Fake eyes, obviously.) and she was obviously playing the big bad wolf.
I carried on saying that I'm shit and I'm nothing but a worthless piece of shit " Unlike you, you're right, you're everything, you're respectable you're GOD. "
( Ridiculous, but seriously, I was PMSing and I really needed entertainment or a challenge? I guess.. )
And I told her that she could mould me into anything she wants me to be.
She said "Just be yourself"
"How can I be myself when you keep yelling at me? And like you said, I have no morals, I've no respect and I'm bad yadayada"
She said she Yelled at me becos the door opened ( thus the horrible singing was so loud that she had to yell even louder)
And I told her " Same for me.. I had to raise my voice cos the door OPENED."
Seriously... man.... -_-
So I guess she had nothing else to say, since she started to pick on my socks and my non symetrical earrings T_T one fell out, so yeah..
I apologised for that.
Gave her this HUGE fake smile and walked off.

Mmm, wasnt that a long story, it was pretty funny and I could feel my lips trembling and my whole body shaking as my blood boiled.
She really makes me so mad sometimes.
I told my mom about it, she smirked and laughed, I guess it's a pretty smart tatic to not raise your voice and act so pathetic and depressed.
Anyway, met T headed down to Marina SQ to watch a movie.
We ate 5 packets of long johns fries, can you imagine! And she had a fish wrap too!
Watched Prestige, not a bad show, it's pretty weird..
Ate at New York New York!, not a good place, sucky desserts.
I hated it and it was a total rip off.
We've both realised something, that everything all these bad shit happens we always go through it together.
For example, being stuck in HORRIBLE traffic jams ( when I mean horrible, I mean short distances but yet the cab fare's like 15 bucks..), taking wrong buses ( this is always her fault), Watching bad movies ( Benchwarmers.. Oh goddd...), eating horrible food which is horrifically expansive.
Its pretty funny come to think of it.
And we've also both concluded that we're both a bit autistic (?). I dunno about me, but she definitely is a bit autistic ( I REALLY think I've spelt that word wrongly.).
I told her that Ann thinks that I like her and you know what, she thinks that I like Ann.
I guess people think that I like T becos I hang out with her but seriously, if I'm able to talk about them so openly then definitely, I dont like them in THAT sorta way.
Its just.. funny.
Got caught in the rain.

I hate periods.

8:31 PM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
I'll post the painting sometime soon, its on A3 paper, So I cant scan it it.
T_T yeah I used Ink and not photoshop, so there are many mistakes but it seriously looks sooooo good.
It's gonna be thursday soon.
This only means two things!
I'm gonna get my report book soon and I'm going to watch Prestige with T the sexy mama in about 16 hours time or so.

Anyway, after watching so much emotionally heart warming Ouran High school Host club.
I dunno why but I felt pretty moved by freaking anime characters falling inlove.
And damn do the twins look so incestrally( new word) good together!!!!!!!!! )(#&*)(#*@()
I've been thinking about you twnety four seven, do you have any idea how that feels?
No matter where I am and no matter what I do, I only see you.
You have me under your spell, you win. I feel like I'm on E everytime I'm with you, basically, I get so high that it seems all so surreal.
You're flawless and beautiful. You've no idea how your breath leaves me speachless, making me look so silly as I laugh. Your kisses, ah, that, I cant never forget.
As your lips press against mine, I blush, letting your tongue slide in. Surprisingly, you seem to be enjoying it too, making me feel so comfortable as I fall into your trap of LORV EEEEEEE
And I thoguht it'd be fun to fool you guys.. You know to think that I'm inlvoe again.
SERIOUSLY, all those posts about " I cant live without you."
"Do you have any idea how much I wanna see you?"
And all those drama mama, love posts have really got into me.
Yeah this is all for the fun. If there's anyone that I really wanna fall inlove with, thats uh... Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Moennig, Jude Law!, L ( I know that he's fictional to you guys, but he's very real to me).


This is a very random and stupid post.
Okay 3 minutes till midnight and I've to wake up at 6:25am.
T_T Oh yeah when I drew( is tt the right word) my curtains in this morning, the whole thing came crashing down, it was so funny.

11:52 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, October 23, 2006
^^> Kawaii! (HAHAHA, thats the ahlian sign which bird and I use while msning)

Well, there's nothing much to talk about.
Went out with V, Eme and M.
Today was suppose to be "lesson day".
Yeah at 8:00am, I learnt that Ms Giant is leaving the school.
at 8:40am, Class starts. I've learnt how to play more and more tai di.
At 10:50am, Mrs B came into class and handed out the class photos.
At 11am, I'm still playing tai di and reading Death note Vol 7.
At 12pm, there's a change, I actually went down for lunch and went back up to play more cards.
At 2:15pm, V, Eme and I leave school to Heartland aka Ahlian town for lunch and I had to purchase a lip stud.
At 2:45pm, M shows up at the chicken rice stall, Akira was absent.
Excuse? Reason? Too tired.
Could have told me first hand but yeah, I should've figured it out myself.
Spassed blahblah, I dont feel like blogging.

I heard that the Cocolatte party is gonna be big, so if you want tickets, get from me. mm hmm.
I'm off to watch more Ouran High school Host club, I'm leading a pretty meaningless life right now.
Watching Anime, reading Manga and eating chips.
Don't worry, I'll still stay sexy.
You know some people say I'm flabby, well even if I am, I don't have as much flab as Ms Ting. On top of that, I love my body and I'd rather have my petite body rather than a body builder, its.. Disgusting.
Healthy and muscular, so what, so big and when you stop exercising all thoseeee muscles will turn into flab.
Imagine that, you'd be like.. Barney?
I've never planned on dieting, it's bad for health.

8:41 PM