I lived till(:

Saturday, November 11, 2006
T is fumbling with the scv thing now.
I'm at her place using her computer while she fixes the thing.
Now her house phone cant work cos there's no battery and just now the internet was down too.
I will only get my internet back on monday, so life is pretty much.. boring without the internet.
The internet is my social life since I don't go out that much. ( well not as much as many of my other friends).
It's raining now.
I read finish Death Note Book 4 today, very exiciting.
Cant wait for book 8 in english to be released.
uh... shit I'm so bored... i feel like farting.
I spent my sunday sleeping, eating ALOT, watching ALOT of television ( its no good children), reading and uh.. walking in the rain to Ts place.

Lemme just say that L and her are mad.
They went to bathe in the swimming pool at 2am, with shampoo.
Then they went for prata.
After that they took a bus all the way to harbour front to visit Jenny(?).
Ate free ice cream and slept the whole of saturday's afternoon away.

There's a girl who looks like Katherine Moennig, can you believe it!

6:47 PM

So I spent my afternoon vegetating and spending lotsa time with M.
She is seriously fucking funny, even the way she cleans her room is so fucking funny.
She wanted me to paint designs on some board which she's gonna stick on her wall once she gets everything in her room in place.
She's re doing her room.
Casting demons stickered and vadalized filled cupboards, BE GONE CUPBOARD! SHOO! GO AWAY.
Yeah she literallt said that.
And throwing like a whole TON of junk away.
There was SO much junk that I had to help her carry it out.
She put all her junk in this huge Art Friend plastic bag.
Just moving it from her room to her living room, probably 3 meters, the bag received 5 holes.
Then the worst part was the main door.
It could not squeeze outta her door and we were laughing like mad, so that made it even worse cos we barely had any strength to even stand the laughter we had in our big bellies.
Had a great time.

Got home, disturbed my mom and my brother.
Just arrived at T's place at 11pm.
Drank and ate, watched television.
Yeah they, L and her threw a dinner party.
Not bad food, spaghetti and salad.
L keeps running to the balcony to fart, it's pretty funny.
Now the kitchen tv cant work cos some one tripped over the wire.
They're trying to fix it.

L " Wah lau.. so many fucking things to wash"

12:07 AM

I lived till(:

Friday, November 10, 2006
I'm currently at M's place, she's still sleeping and it's 2:35 in the afternoon.
I know, what the fuck right HAHAHA.
Anyway gonna paint her wall soon.
I really cannot stand ex girlfriends who are so fucking cocky.
Go and get a fucking life and stop bothering other people.
( Uh you guys don't know her so don't jump to conclusions)
Attractive but no brains... SUCH A PITY?

Lol M's aunty Emily is bloody funny. She comes outta her room with mad hair in this HUGE shirt and went " Wow. u going out. U look sexier already "

2:42 PM

I lived till(:

Thursday, November 09, 2006
I'm currently at T's.
L and her were busy making salad for tomorrows dinner party.
It's quite funny becos they only have one carrot and ALOTTA lettuce.
Pretty gross.
I probably wont eat their food.. Lol they cough they sneeze... they cum..
Haha, okay kidding.
They're gonna paste a sign Lilly Tombers outside tomorrow.

Anyway went for lessons in the morning, outta 28 girls, only 7 girls turned up for chemistry.
The chapter which she covered was pretty difficult, hopefully others will catch up.
And hopefully she'll be our chemistry teacher next year, she told us that the admin staff won't really listen to students and teachers requests but they will listen to parents requests.
Hint hint? :D
Went for Math.
After that cabbed home and went for the exhibition at the Supreme Court.
Spent about 3 hours there, the art work was really good.
C and Al was with me.
After that went to Raffles city to get some lunch/dinner.
Then home with C.

Had an awful nightmare.
My brothers guy friends and his tuitor laughing at me with nothing on.
I was miserably crying.
LOL I think I'd probably be laughing if it ever happened, and others will probably feel so embarrassed.
And another dream about being a witch of some sort and some sorta wolf wanna eat me, very very scary.
And ANOTHER of me and C fighting, literally.

ANYWAY, it's already 11:27pm.
I wanna catch Phantom of the Opra play.
The two geeks are watching chinese shows, wtf.
They cant get any weirder..

11:26 PM

I lived till(:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
This woman is an insult to Christians all around the world.
I just feel like throwing a dagger at her and digging out her eye balls which constantly pops out during the interview


Sorry I cant upload the stuff becos there's something wrong with my computer or something.
The woman is mad, she called the newscaster a BIMBO.
She held up signs like " God hates you".
The whole story is that a soldier who fought in Iraq died and he's gay *If I'm not wrong, not too sure*
And while everyone is crying over the dead brave soldier who fought for his country, she's having some dumbass protest?!
Just watch it, she's SO mad.

It is 7:35, I'm gonna go to Grapevine soon.
I seem to have some sort of art block or whatever you call it. My brain feels very.. clogged.
I feel so uncomfortable, I'll keep off DA for a day.

11:37 AM

I lived till(:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Girl for sale.

I'm a girl with short jet black hair, my head currently has barely any fringe.
I enjoy My chemical Romance, Muse, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Latin lounge, Peahces and anything with a sexy voice and carnival like music.
I have a soft spot for cute twisted things and animations.
I enjoy painting especially on hot lazy afternoons with the aircon on.
I absolutely adore pretty gay boys with fragile bodies and pretty girls who dress like boys who don't believe in labels.
My eyes pop outta my head when I see Johnny Depp, Katherine Moennig, BellZ or Zui ( from suicide girls) on websites or whereever.
I love watching people getting pissed off, it makes me laugh. :D
I barely have a social life, the only person which I've been talking to for the past few days is T.
She entertains me with movies on Youtube, yes that's how I burn my morning away.
Most of the time, I think that people around me are idiots, to a certain extend it's very true.
People who questions life and everything around them, captivates me ( Haha, is that the right word?).
I absolutely love people who are mysterious. ( Not in a stalker kinda way.)
I love Deathnote and Sandman ( Omg, I almost spelt Sandwich.).
I'm not a busy person but I keep myself busy becos I can't stand being bored.
Right now I'm bored.
Right now I'm sitting on the fence about religion still a part of me believes that God is real, maybe that's becos I've been brought up that way since I was young and yet it gives me some comfort.
I like talking about how idiotic people are, More like discuss about their stupidity and how it doesn't make sense.
I don't know if that makes me more of an idiot, or maybe it makes me feel better, I dunno, not like it really matters.
Now I'm in need of a friend, a fling, a love, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a fuck, a sexyback ( pls dont ask where that came from), so call me if you're interested.
What I said above, is basically a summary of me, and I'm a very funny person yet someone who has alotta pride. If you find that attractive, please call me at 93383450.
If you look fragile and pretty, I'll talk to you, if you're ugly then there's not point unless you're able to attract me to your personality.
Like I said, a new fuck, a new toy, a new fling, something.. I'm bored.

I want an adrenaline rush.
This fling will be confidential and not be shared with any of my friends.
It's not gonna last forever!

V the bored.

11:19 PM

Here's a french boy who'll show off his pretty face and cute bare butt to you DA users.
I'm not sure if those without an account is able to view it though.

A fucking good animater with original and brilliant ideas
I really love this guys stuff. :)

Anyway, besides drawing and painting today, I went out with T to catch Flush away.
While I was waiting for her at Gelare, I bought a huge waffle with ice cream for myself, sucha waste of 6 bucks.
It tasted good, but damn I didn't know it was THAT huge.
I thought that it was the small.
I'm once again talking about stupid silly things.
Flushed away is a very good movie, the characters and jokes are so funny.
The charactershave very different personalities and I love the slugs and the white lab rat, who's burly and white :D called Pinky cos he has got Pink eyes.
The slugs were SOOO funny.
After the movie, we went to FOX to try on some clothes.
Ate at Carls JR.
So there are a couple of things T and I are gonna do next week.
Haha, hopefully we'll do them, I'll try to remember.
Just expect something obscene, that's all.


Spinning;Sleep- My Chemical Romance.

10:06 PM

I lived till(:

Monday, November 06, 2006
I'm so pissed after what I just heard.
It's not just self denial or delusion, but she has no self respect for herself at all.
If it's so obvious to people who don't know you that she's using you for her benefit, then why cant you see it.
It's not why cant you see it, more like you don't want to face the music.
If you're able to face the music then self abuse is never an option.
It's dejavu like she said, history repeating itself.
If history is gonna repeat itself for a few more times, then you can just say byebye to your self respect and basically your life.
Without self respect there's no point in living.
It's self denial, you're trying to convince yourself who she is when the facts are so fucking clear that she aint your dream woman.
She's more worried over money than the relationship.
Yah everyone thinks that she's the "bad guy", who wouldn't, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to you. Your decision is what that decides your future and who you are.
She's doesn't respect you at all, who would if you don't even respect yourself, so this is just an abusive relationship.
Only one person benefits and just make a guess who loses out T_T.
In the end, even if she leaves you for good or you leave her, you'll still be the one who loses out.
She'll just remember you as an ex and she'll be richer.

The whole situation is like this, to cut the long story short.
It's simple and it's STUPID ( there's no better word), it doesn't make any sense and you're just trying to make things fit so that you'll be able to understand it.
She's just like this brattish kid who want candy, so everyday you give this kid candy.
Soon the kid grows fat and big and now the kid wants more candy.
And more..
And more..
And more..
And the kid refuses to share.
Becos of what you've done.

It seriously doesn't make any sense.
It's not love, it's not even hate, it's just fucking stupidity.
The situation has become so complicated and stupid, that both of you can't even understand it, thus the arguements.
However, she's able to cope with it better than you, in fact she uses it to her benefit and gains.
However you lose.

Shit like " It's okay I'll give in" isn't gonna make you more like a hero, it just makes you a push over.
Such a pretty face with no self respect nor fucking common sense. ( Please prove me wrong.)
You live in self denial that maybe one day, it'll get better.
But what's the point, it's not as if she shares the same blood as you that it's so important for you to work it out.
I'd rather you work things out with your mom than with someone who only cares for your money.
Yah she may care for you, especially since she's been together with you for quite long. But just THINK about it, and I'm sure you'll get my point.

I jump to conclusions, so what, everyone does. This is just how I see the situation.
Two people bickering about what is better.
Get out of it before it's too late.
I've been there and done that, it's difficult but You know that you have to end it.
Becos it's getting outta control.

I'm so pissed with all the idiots around me. Yes I'm harsh blahblah, but I don't believe in self abuse and self pity and all those stupid Stunts. So don't expect me to pat your back and say everything is gonna be better, becos it ain't gonna be better until YOU do something about it.
People go through break ups all the time, it's just how you are able to handle it and how you see it.
If I said that you're a worthless piece of shit, would you believe me? Of course not, becos you know what you are. Just stop the madness.
We've all lost count on whether you're back together with her or not, becos we know it doesnt make a difference becos you'll still be suffering either ways.
Just leave for good and the madness will end.
People change but sometimes their bad habits will Never change.

By the way, You're paying her to have an affair, it's Stupid really.

Evanescence puts me at ease

7:39 PM

I lived till(:

Sunday, November 05, 2006
Please watch this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ8_bIji7gQ.
The Root of All Evil, The God Delusion.
I’m not an atheist but it’s a good documentary.
Some Professors in universities are said to be Satan’s incarnate for teaching evolution.
It’s pretty silly but it’s true that religion and science can’t live together because both are opposites. Right now I’m still trying to absorb everything. Despite the fact that I’m a Christian, but the documentary makes alotta sense.
I dunno why these Christians are so afraid of atheist or get so aggressive, I mean if the religion really does make sense then why don’t they fight for it with evidence instead of just saying “ That’s that, Get off my land before I call the cops!”
All these wars always start out becos of religion. Just becos someone doesnt have the same religion as the other, hatred is being built and then a war.
LOL watch the last part, the guy with the bushy beard, he's so mad. He talks about how the Jews destroyed arab villages and muslim places and that's why they wont sit back and drink tea but get into the whole september 11. And he believes that Muslims will take over the world and to make everyone conform to their religion. Just watch the video okay.

Anyway, my dad scolded me this morning when he found The Black Parade beside my computer. He asked why I was listening to stuff which was labeled with a Parental Advisory. T_T All his freaking albums are labeled with Parental Advisory too, I dunno man… sometimes he just doesn’t make any sense. He’s afraid I’d grow up to be just like my sister, and I hate it when people talk about her like she’s someone who turned out bad. It’s not as if she’s a lazy sonnafabitch.
Plus my dad listens to stuff which considered “satanic” in a way, with lyrics “ We Don’t need no education!” ( LOVE that song though.).
And he asks me to say “ I love school”.

Oh MY..

HAHA I dunno but I found this video so funny, the guy video taping himself smoking pot and teaches how to smoke pot.
Lol animated bubbles and "Boom" wtf. He's good looking though, my sis said he kinda reminds her of lucifer. HAHA, yeah a little :D

9:13 PM